Kelly was chained and left to die by… You will never believe who did this to him…

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When our team in Jakarta arrived to that place they were shocked. A 6 month old puppy named Kelly was living in the dirt, chained to a crate in a corner. His skin was red, infected with sores. He couldn´t stop scratching himself while crying desperately.

Who had done this to this sweet puppy?

Nuns… yes.. nuns!!!

Women who have given their lives to serve God did this to one of his creatures. They had taken him from their church to live with them as a sweet, fluffy puppy. But like all puppies do, Kelly grew. So the evil witches chained him up outside to live in a corner by himself. He got a few scraps of food, but that was all they did for him.

It kills us just to think of the loneliness Kelly has experienced his entire life. Loneliness and a burning sensation eating him from within.


When his condition worsened and his fur began to fall off, they decided they didn’t want him anymore. They were throwing him out on the streets.

We had to take action! Kelly was getting sicker by the day and would not survive on the streets. With every movement he made, his body wriggled in agony. He could not take a step without having to stop and scratch himself. His fur is half gone and he was getting more sores with each passing day.


We immediately freed him from his chains and took him straight to our clinic.

Kelly has a serious case of mange covering his entire body. He also has Babesia, a disease created by parasites infecting his blood. The nuns had left him out there to be eaten by flies, ticks and all kinds of parasites. They were just watching agonize slowly. 

Kelly is miserable right now. Every step he takes, he feels his skin crawling and the pain of the lesions.


Update 31st of May… 

This is Kelly, a dog that for the first time in his life has met love..

This is the most beautiful thing you will see today… 


Kelly remains on treatment. Please, if you can, help us Save Kelly´s life donating to his treatment. We must help him. We can help Kelly become that fluffy, carefree puppy that he used to be.

Please, if you can, help us, Donate to Save Kelly´s life… We will make sure he will never have to live like this again. Help us save him… 

Many thanks!

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P.S. After Kelly recovers, he is going to need a great family that will love him till the end of time. Are you that family? Please write to us at

UPDATE:  Kelly adopted and living the beautiful life in Canada!


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  1. Nina Furst says:

    That video just killed me. I can imagine the terrible loneliness and desperation. Those nuns should be expelled from their order. Please name and shame!. Please save this baby. You can count on our help.
    I´m donating, if every one does, even if just a little we will be able to change his life, and what a change it would be!

  2. Teresinha Pereira says:

    She’s so lovely :(

  3. .. They don't know anything about God to let this happen.. Beautiful creature is worth a thousand of those bitches... says:

    These women really are witches…They don’t know anything about God to let this happen.. This beautiful creature is worth a thousand of those bitches…

  4. Please please let us know when he is ready for adoption.
    He is beautiful.

  5. Diane Samons says:

    Nuns are human, and sadly, not all of them are good humans. In this case, it seems none of them had any compassion or feelings. They will have to answer to their Heavenly Father for their actions. They should be made to work in a vet clinic where they might learn how to be compassionate watching others treat God’s creatures they way they were created to be treated. It infuriates me that so many people fail to use common sense and do their due diligence when becoming a pet owner; in many cases they are similar to having children.
    Thank you for rescuing Kelly and all the others that you have. Prayers for Kelly’s recovery and a wonderful home. I gave to free Diego from his “bondage” and will give more when I am able.
    God bless all of you.

  6. Sharon Christian says:

    This is such a desperate situation!!! Poor Kelly!!! I can’t say I’m surprised though. These women are foreign, meaning that there are terrible cases here in the USA, but I’m afraid that overseas it is even worse. I had heard some extremely disturbing stories about nuns. A family member had told me a long time ago that these women often are not nearly as pure or charitable as they may seem. There is a lot more that I could say, but will refrain, for now. Please do all that you can for Kelly. I am praying for this dear one, and will donate as soon as possible.

  7. Poor sweet little boy….donating now. I know you will do all you can to stop the misery and get this baby back to health with all the love he deserves forever…. <3 <3

  8. What a excuse for human being!! I wish you could name this crazy woman so every one could know her!! She is not a Nun , she is an evil , wish you could leave her on chain for rest of get miserable life!!! Makes me sick !!!

  9. Dot Crabtree says:

    Donated. Thank you Viktor, and your team for doing what you do for all the defenceless animals. x

  10. susan johnson says:

    They should be charged with cruelty. They will get their real punishment from God.

  11. Very sad ….

  12. Deborah Sinclair says:

    What’s wrong people? Any other animal Viktor puts up here, hundreds of you cringe in horror and go to great lengths to say what should be done to the perpetrators of such atrocities upon an innocent animal but now, because it’s NUNS, no-one’s got anything to say? Unbelievable! You’re all so sucked in by the whole god story, that you can’t see the wood from the trees. These nuns are just as bigger arse holes as any other animal torturing p.o.s and should be brought to justice and punished just like everyone else but you’re all so brainwashed into thinking that if you say anything against the nuns, you’ll all go to hell… They’re just ordinary people more brainwashed than anyone else and clearly no better than anyone else. What other proof do you needf?? There’s no lower act than not giving an animal you’re supposed to care for, basic care! Have the balls to stand up and stick up for poor little Kelly and say what you would about a person in general society that would do this!!!

  13. That tells me just what the Hearts of the nuns are really like … COLD … SHAME ON YOU !!!

  14. Pat McKeon says:

    wow this video had me in tears…you could see his desperation as he tried to chew off his lease…
    I really really don’t get why someone would bring a pup home then do this
    to him…
    where is humanity going…
    Thanks Viktor and staff! …another baby to save!!
    Donating and Sharing!!

  15. marion crist says:

    Hi Viktor i have dotated hope it helps this little baby bless her she is georgeous i just dont understand people that inflict such cruelty on animlas it makes me really mad to see this kind of thing but its brillient you and your team go and get them and help you do so much for these beautiful animlas watching that video has me in tears poor Kelly i know you will make her better you make all the animlas better and you rehome them you and your team do an wonderful job god bless you all x

  16. Sue Griffiths says:

    What a miserable and lonely existence. He had nothing to do except sit on that slippery bench. The poor little mite. Didn’t those nuns think to take Kelly to a vet, or even to buy a special shampoo for his itchy skin. It’s not like they couldn’t afford it, they could afford bottles of wine. You can see the empty wine bottle poking out of the blue bag. If they think they are going to heaven when they die, they can think again. Sending a small donation and lots of love from Wales, UK. Shared too.

  17. This face brought me to tears. Donated a small amount to assist in her care. Please continue to help these angels in need. I pray for you and the animals you care for everyday.

  18. That’s because they were all snugly warm inside their convent eating each other’s boxes.

  19. Marsha Sumal says:

    May God issue the punishment they truly deserve and I pray he will recognize the devil within them despite pretending to uphold humanity, compassion, and respect for life. Gods curses on them for their sins.

  20. Carol Allaire says:

    As I am a Catholic, and was taught by the Nuns, I could hardly believe they could turn out like this..God’s own cannot be trusted, just like the Priests..How can the World be turning like this?? I know this has got to stop, because I see just how this Puppy is suffering, and I wish nothing but Badness to every Nun that is liable for this happening,,God will only take so much, than he will take and slide them to the Devil..I am going to Donate for Kelly, because I know just how she must be feeling..I could have saved a small puppy from this, but we couldn’t find the owner to give us the permission, and the Veternarian could not let us take it..I give my Love to Kelly, and I know she will find Love again with some very Good People..I would take her myself, but right now I have not the right time to put this in progression..I am so attatched to her, I Love her, but there is someone out there to give her that Love and Affection..Her Mange will be taken care of, she will be fed, and cuddled just like a new Baby..I will hope to hear about her as she get’s her strength, and be let know if she will have a new set of Parents..I Love you Kelly, and wish nothing but the Best for YOU..xxxx

  21. Susan Englebry says:

    According to the Catholic Church, only humans have souls. We are here to tell you this is not true! Kelly, things are going to be great from now on! Donating!


  22. Dear Kelly I’m writing you to say there is real Godly people but I know you know this now. May your journey to a real forever family be at God speed along with your healing both inside and out.

  23. Rafael Villafane says:

    Donated. I hope kelly makes it to a loving family.

  24. Kevin Inkster says:

    Nuns doing gods work……my arse. donated and I hopefully Kelly gets better soon. Healing thoughts.

  25. Molly Moriarty says:

    And these are supposed to be” compassionate” towards all creatures. Just another reason that justifies my leaving the Catholic church. Boy I’d love to get my hands on those witches. Disgraceful!!!

  26. Teresa Norman says:

    First off, these so called “nuns”, are nothing special, none of them are!! They do not have a direct connection to God through the pope. God does not speak through anyone, except His Son, Jesus Christ, and then only through His word.

    God says “A righteous man has regard for the life of his animal, But even the compassion of the wicked is cruel.” (Proverbs 12:10)

    The way I see it, the “wicked” will not inherit eternal life with God, but quite the opposite. God calls those who treat their animal with cruelty, “wicked”. “nuf said !!

    Viktor, God bless you and all rescuers, you are the heroes, to such as Kelly!

  27. Viktor, are you at liberty to tell us where the nunnery is in Jakarta? I sure would like to give those scumbags a piece of my mind!

  28. Why is it Nun’s can be so cruel? As children we had a NUN come to our school as a music teacher omg she used to hit us over the knuckles with a wooden ruler if we did not meet the top of the scale, so I believe every word of this article/ Why? Why the need to do it. x

  29. How did you found her?!! You must have heard the other dogs too, asking: “help me. Please!” Could you do anything for them too? I hope so very much.

  30. poor little soul.. I will donate you so that it will help you a little bit.
    On the video Kelly is a boy and no girl. How comes that such a mistake happens?

    All the best for you, little soul

  31. Julia Leyva says:

    Thank you for saving this poor little thing out of the hands of the wicked! Words fail me, but unfortunately I have learned, that many people who call themselves “Christians” have no or little compassion neither for people and even less for animals. I have seen more compassionate people towards animals among atheists. Sometimes I am ashamed to be Christian.

  32. Yes, this is a beautiful little dog and it is a bloody shame that these wicked witches and poor excuses if a religious Order of Nuns could let one of God’s creatures little itch like crazy from parasites. poor food and no water.. No medical care and total avoidance toward this sweet little dog… I am not surprised to see this gaggle of Nuns being so indifferent toward animals…

  33. Julie Howitt says:

    I agree with Nina, they need naming at the very least, but also prosecuting!

  34. Please save Kelly. I cannot imagine people are doing this to animal, it just makes me angry. I adopted my cat many yrs ago, at first I thought I saved her, but in fact she saved me, she gave me lots of joy and love, I still remember how she lied on my chest every single night and how she looked at me with her beautiful eyes. She passed away 5 yrs ago. I am now fostering 4 cats and every time I meet a new friend, even a salesman come to my door or office, I will ask them if they are interested to adopt a pet or to be a foster parents. Viktor, thanks for saving them. Donated, Hope it helps.

  35. So much for the church which I have never believed in anyway .
    Revolting behaviour , which in spirit by the way they mete out very often to children in their care also.
    I am so so glad you have found him xxxxxxx

  36. those things are not nuns!!!!!!!!!!they are BITCHES FOR SATAN!!!!!!!!

  37. Karen Jones says:

    Furious with these so called ‘christians’.

  38. Karen Jones says:

    What always amazes me with these abused animals, is the trust they still have even after being neglected and abused – even after all that neglect, he wags his tail and looks at his saviours with hope.

    I hope St Francis of Assisi is looking with disgust on these nuns.

  39. Cruel indifference to life seems to know no bounds.I hope this baby recovers. The ones that did this are heartless vile creatures that will answer for their crimes one day.

  40. Hazel pain says:

    Actions speak louder than words! Those nuns should be de-frocked and shamed!
    Some “Christians” or whatever religion they purport to be!

  41. Elton Clough says:

    A very poor example of animal treatment, I hope the nuns change their ways and start living a much more caring life.They are a disgrace to their vocation.

  42. Anonymous says:

    bloody disgusting, shame on them

  43. Poor baby :( What sad eyes. Nuns? Some of the cruelest, social misfits become nuns. Their cruelty isn’t limited to animals either. Many of my friends at school lived in a home run by nuns. The abuse they suffered was horrendous and resulted in a huge Court case a few years ago. The worst offender was let off on the grounds of ill health. She should have been imprisoned. I hope you can get this lovely little dog well again and find a LOVING, CARING home for Kelly.

  44. Patty Russell says:

    Why won’t you state which religious order the nuns belong ? Cathollics nuns rarely rarely have a pet. They are clean and neat not trashy like these photos show.

    Perhaps there are no nuns ….. Let’s Adopt Global is using a “shock factor” to make people upset to gain donations. You have not answer my questions ! Here’s my e-mail.

    You are not answering OTHERS’ questions either, instead blocked other people ! Why?


    Buddhist nuns do not believe in God nor Hell.

    The dog was not tortured.

    What are you talking about a “ burning sensation eating him from within ?”
    There is no veterinarian stating this.

    He is not “on the streets” but tied. He should not be. However, let’s be truthful, not emotion evoking.

    He is not an ” emergency.” Kelly will be in great shape in about 1 month. The mange and skin problem photos just make for sensationalism.

    What Let’s Adopt Global is doing is using “key words” to get money from people. LAG wants people upset. LAG wants money.
    They use words like ” terrified, tortured, it was nuns, starved, don’t have money to treat broken bones of cat, dumped, burning inside, itching to death, suffering, burning sensation eating him from within, crying, etc.)

    These Buddhist nuns have little or no money and 3 changes of clothes.
    They are to give everything they have away, leaving little for a poor dog.

    Again, these are Buddhist nuns, not Catholic nuns.

    They do not believe in God. So stop talking about God.

    Buddhists will harm themselves, as well.

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Patty, yesterday you posted 20 times the same text in our page.
      Seriously … Sounds like a bit obsessive don’t you think?

  45. Georgina Burns says:

    Thank you for saving Kelly. I am not at all surprised that Nuns did this, look at all the abuse by Priests towards children.
    I am sorry I am not able to send a donation, but I will share & hope someone sees it that is able to donate.

  46. God sees how they treated his precious baby he will take care of them so sorry sweetie that someone who says they are a person of God hurt you

  47. That is EXACTLY why I don’t believe in any man’s god. That poor wee soul and so many more atrocities done in the name of a “god”.

    A great poet said; a man does not possess two hearts; one for mankind and the other for animals. He either has a heart or he doesn’t.

    Clearly these so-called nuns have no heart at all.

  48. Lois Dora says:

    WTF is wrong with people? And nuns no less! I agree with Nina Furst – these “nuns” should be expelled from their order! Or better yet, how ’bout we chain THEM up outside?

  49. Cathy Murphy says:

    Nina, I agree. These women are cruel and un-godly. They need a lesson from St Francis of Assisi.

  50. So sad. Thank you to Let’s Adopt for helping these poor creatures. You could tell she was so hesitant yet starved for attention and love. The women who did this may be nuns, but in name only. I don’t believe anyone who truly seeks God and His will can deliberately mistreat another creature. God is against this and it makes Him angry. As it should all of us.

  51. NUNS OF THE DEVIL HIMSELF!…..I need to know where this is at..I wanna go to church! and take out the efin trash of the bitches…send this on to them. NUNS you POS humans…..

  52. animals are amazing creatures full of Love even when we humans are horrible and abusive…….look at her tail wagging :) just wants love like all living beings……my prayer daily is for this violence against animals to cease….

  53. wwwwwwwwhere is this?

  54. Sue Swartz says:

    Her tail is the first thing I noticed when you showed her in the clinic! She was eating up the touching as she was being examined! Thank you for rescuing her! I am disappointed in the nuns as we do hold them to a higher standard (that comes with their calling.) I think it would be good to expose the abuse/neglect as we would with any other neglectful owner. My heart ached as I watched her in her wretched living conditions and am so thankful she is there with you all. I can send a small donation. Wish I could send more at this time but I’ve been helping out other rescue situations with expensive medical needs. God Bless you all!!!

  55. Anonymous says:

    Make the nuns pay!!! Grrrrrr

  56. I imagine the staunch religious people who read this story, the ones who always thank God and not LAG for saving animals may finally accept GOD did not save this tortured, abused lil puppy Lets Adopt Global saved him!

    I used to respect Nuns! all of them, no matter what. But, after seeing what these EVIL wicked group of so called Nuns did to this puppy makes me physically ill, yes revolting.

    I thought only cruel evil twisted people would leave a six month old puppy; to live in dirt, chained to a crate in a corner. Huge empty big water bowl that have would taken days to empty, I imagine the NUNS filled his bowl once a week!!!

    Look at his skin- RED, infected with sores. Watch the video, poor pup could not stop scratching himself while crying desperately for help. His little teeth gnawing on his chain, the dirty old shelf left for him to hide on, how dare they do that to an innocent creature of God’s kingdom? These wicked witches yes they are, should not only be reported but shamed until they beg for mercy just like they left Kelly to do.

    Anyone who gives excuses for what this horrid women did, should be ashamed of themselves, no EXCUSE for this, NONE.

  57. wendy wallace says:

    This sickens me to my very soul. Where is God I ask myself.

    NUNS more like heathens Someone should name and shame them.

  58. those terrible hypocrite nuns.
    And they use the word GOD
    They don’t know what love is.

  59. Nina Blackburn says:

    Are these women not supposed to be women of god? Shame on each and every one of them! How could they leave that poor dog in that state and watch him writhing in pain.

    I hope and pray God has watched their every move, evil bitches.

    That poor little dog, lets hope a “good, loving, home” is found and Kelly understands at last what kindness really is.

    Absolutely disgusted and appalled.

  60. Anonymous says:

    Acide malvagie bastarde!!!!!!!

  61. Madeline Carroll says:

    Christians I think not
    Why chain am animal up ?

  62. I can believe it. I think about half of those people are phonies. There is no Godliness there.

  63. I immediately sent a donation to help Kelly. No puppy should ever live in social isolation. It is the height of cruelty. And then to deprive this pup of adequate food and medical care is simply atrocious. What God would condone such wicked cruelty to an innocent puppy? Find him a good home Victor. Please.

  64. Laurie McRae says:

    I can’t believe people who have (allegedly) devoted their lives to doing god’s work could be so absolutely cruel & heartless to a fur child! Thank goodness there are angels on earth, in the form of you & your team, who look out for & care for precious, innocent fur children, like Kelly. I don’t have any money to donate at this time, but will as soon as I am able to!

  65. Ellen baker says:

    These nuns should be charged and put before a court of law, why should they escape this procedure, they deserve to be held accountable for their treatment of this poor puppy, women of God don’t make me laugh, God would never wish for any living creature to be treated like this, I wonder if Karma makes a exception for nuns,I hope not. !!!!!!!

  66. Carrie Boelter says:

    I can’t believe NUNS did this to this baby! They will PAY for this on their judgment day!!! Oh yes they will..They are NOT women of God, this is clearly shown here, they are bitches from hell who live with that NASTY devil!!! They will ROT IN HELL for doing this to this dog!
    I PRAY that they get punished for what they have done to this fur baby.
    There is NO reason what so ever for doing this to ANY animal,& I pray they NEVER have another animal!!!!
    They best ask for MERCY, and and help pay for ALL medical, because GOD does NOT accept this behavior from people whom claim to be GODY!!!!!!!!!!!!

  67. Carrie Boelter says:


  68. lorraine winson says:

    Thank you for rescuing him Viktor.
    Would you like to share which nuns did this? I can feel a really strongly worded letter writing session coming on!
    I will donate on pay day.

  69. Pedro Carlos Alves says:

    Nuns? Where’s the proof?

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Pedro,OBVIOUSLY we were not going to be able to take a picture inside the chapel… come on…

  70. they should make the nuns or the order there from pay for kelly’s medical needs they should spend eternity with mange and parasites fucking penguins

  71. Lorretta Holmes says:

    These so called nuns and religious people are some of the worst abusers of both animals and children

  72. These so called nuns bitches should be chained up and burn so they can go to hell for doing this…

  73. Debbie Clyne says:

    Just downright shameful! Name n Shame!

  74. I am not surprised at all that nuns did this to Kelly

    terrible stories have emerged over the years about children being mistreated by nuns so if they hurt kids why not hurt animals as well

  75. Nuns? Really? Better trot their collective asses to confession. Also might want to rethink those vows. If they have no compassion, then maybe they should do something else. God might forgive, but I don’t. Sub humans.

  76. Brenda Robinson says:

    I agree, expel them. They know nothing about compassion!

  77. Edda Kenney says:

    Pllease make him well! Poor little puppy.He deserves a good life!
    Can’t believe that NUNS would possibly do such a monstrous thing
    to an innocent little puppy.
    Have donated $40.00
    What happened to the cat that you were going to rescue?
    And took a trip to Europe for? What happened? Did it survive?
    Where is the cat? Has it been taken care of? Please let me know !
    Many thanks again for all your great work !!!!!!!

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Dear Edda… Many thanks for your help.. Diego was rescued, he is with us, he is going to be operated on Monday. We delayed the surgery until he was totally able to go through it.

  78. Joewe Koh says:

    What is with u? Are u one of the nuns or in cahoot with them. The video and photos do not lie. They are hard core strong evidence. Nuns cannot do this to poor baby Kelly! Pay the medical bills. Do not keep any animals if not able to provide basic needs for them. Everything they did was so horrendously wrong!!! Amen, Amen and still Amen!!!

  79. I have heard of a lot of stories about nuns of how they have treated kids and how they can degrade people.I have taken care of some nuns that was down right NASTY. So hearing this story is really not surprising though. I still have never been able to figure out why people get a puppy or kitten and not realize that they do grow up just like kids do. We don’t throw our kids out on the streets when they are no longer “BABIES”, So why do we mistreat the animals. Thank you Viktor for rescuing Kelly.He is in great and safe hands.

  80. Im praying for this poor baby to be better! Thank u for saving him. Its unimaginable how nuns could do this to any dog!!! I’m sharing on my FB wall.

  81. Helga Schlichting says:

    Patty and most people are delusional. Bad people are everywhere. Has nothing to do with type of religion, it’s just most people who have no conscience.

  82. Star Merlin says:

    Poor little soul suffering like that yet still wagging her tail God Bless her ! As for the evil nuns the fucking hypocrites . My friend was fostered by nuns and they beat her mercilessly ! They are cruel bitches that use the cover of working for Hod for their love of abuse of others ! Sick twats

  83. Anonymous says:


  84. Anonymous says:

    what evil vile bast@rds the nuns are I hope they rot in HELL.

  85. Hilary Rhodes says:

    No suprise think how they treated the poor orphans and the young pregnant girls …no compassion whatsover.evil women

  86. Patty Are you a nun? is this you and your nun buddies that did this! Are you just an expert on nuns! I went to Catholic school and as a child i could see and feel just how violent some of these nuns were so i don’t for one minute think that they would be cruel and uncaring too! Why are you on here spewing bullshit Help the dog or STFU!

  87. Diane gibbs says:

    Those scanky bitches. There is a special kind of hell waiting for them

  88. Kim Parga says:

    These so-called, “women of God” need to be punished for what they did. I would hate to be in their shoes when they meet their Maker on Judgement day!

  89. tommie Ann Walker says:

    They should have been locked up for this , how coulde you look at one of Gods creatures and watch it suffer like this ?? The Bitches should go to jail and should be thrown out of any Church they were affiliated with ……. They have evil souls and God will judge them when the time comes, I am sure he has a nice warm place in Hell for them to burn !!!!!!

  90. Christine Fannon says:

    You should name the Order involved, and their location, not only to give them the kind of attention they deserve, but to avoid casting blame on all of the nuns who DIDN’T do it.

  91. Tina Goacher says:

    There is no excuse for this such a shame can’t these nuns be prosicuted like normal people why should they get away with it!!!!!!

  92. I am sorry but most religions dont take animals as creators with feelings and soul. most of religions people who serves God are very cruel to animals in name of GOD. Lucky boy that he was saved

  93. Victor please continue to ignore Patty. She is an attention seeking troll. We who have supported you for a long time believe in what you do. Thank you x

  94. Kim Gromow says:

    Please don’t get me started on man’s religion. No one should treat an animal like this. Will be donating and hope Kelly will recover soon and find a good home.

  95. Patty seriously …. no animal deserves this kind off treatment!
    it tells a lot about you..
    thank you Viktor, I try to support each time a bitt because I so respect your work.
    Animals are my life

  96. Val Orner says:

    These twisted women are frustrated creeps who think they live and teach about God when they do just the opposite! No loving god would allow the most loving among his creations to suffer so. This is just one of the many reasons that I abandoned any form of organized religion as soon as I became old enough to reason. Put a roof on it and man between you and God and you have man’s interpretation of what is good and evil. These bitches know nothing about God and love. From what I have seen Vicktor, you practice God’s Word every day with your work in helping the innocent animals that are victimized by the horrific behaviors of man. Thank you for saving this precious dog–who is worth far more than these ghastly excuses for human beings.

  97. They should spend time on their knees and cleaning animal shelters till they learn all God’s creatures feel pain and deserve care and respect. That would be the best punishment. I hope this poor baby will feel ok soon. Best Regards to You Viktor and Your team.

  98. Have donated, sorry it’s not more, but can send more next week. Thankyou for saving Kelly, he is adorable, how anyone can do that to him is beyond belief. Give him lots of love and cuddles, I know you care so much for all animals, I will follow his progress, grateful thanks for all you do.

  99. Deb JustDeb says:

    Actually, I would feel better about this entire thing, if we got the pup to the United States for treatment and adoption. Something about this just feels a little off to me.

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Deb.. please look at him.. not in a condition to travel. He is being treated in Indonesia, he will travel to his family once his treatment is over.

  100. Robin Jones says:

    oh – that poor sweet girl!!
    Sending HOPE and PRAYERS that she HEALS very Quickly!!
    God Bless you for the work that you do!
    Every time I see your posts – i tear up.

  101. ewa oscarsdotter says:

    In this “case” I say OMG -Oh MY GOD !!!! What have they done???
    I´m a Buddhist though, but believe that Jesus walked on this earth…AND JESUS would NEVER done something terrible like this !!!
    NUNS – WHAT ARE YOU BELIEVING IN ???? LOVE?? COMPASSION ??? …..of all people……………so sorry for this little dog, I hope she will get well……. <3

  102. Colin Parker says:

    We need to name and shame these nuns. Lets see what they look like & lets post it around the world so no matter where they go people will know who they are and how they treat Gods Creatures. I would take this dog anytime if I did not have too many dogs now. I am fighting Animal Services all the time keeping my dogs safe and out of their hands even though they have tried to kill 1 and fined us $1700. I hope he gets a loving home soon.

  103. Colin Parker says:

    Patty in answer to your post Nowhere does it mention Catholic Nuns. It just says Nuns. As for Buddhist Nuns or any other Nuns to me it makes no difference they are Human Beings who need dealing with severely. As for Catholics they are no different than any other religious groups there is good and bad amongst them all.

  104. Anne Albanese says:

    What country did this happen in? I don’t think it was the U.S., was it? Also, I think Kelly is a little boy, not a girl. I am disturbed that nuns would do this, as I am a practicing Catholic and one of the biggest bleeding hearts for animal welfare. Babesia is usually found in countries in Europe, isn’t it? Praying that Kelly has a complete recovery and find a wonderful forever home.

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Hi Anna… Kelly is in Jakarta.. Indonesia.

  105. Anonymous says:

    Evil witches…and I am a priest

  106. Patty Russell, you need to start taking your medications on time, seriously!

    Clearly you are mentally unstable and irrational in thoughts. You see, if LAG was doing all you claim in your *Mind* they would have deleted your post. They allowed it once, not twenty times of gibberish to flood their blog, realistically you have no common sense. I feel very sorry for you, really I do.

    The religious order was stated already, so please quit asking. Oddly, you have no clue to the life of a NUN, they usually have large breed dogs to protect their livelihood, whether growing grape for BOOZE, raising goats for milk and cheese, or crops of all sorts of plants. Maybe you are smoking a product of one of their *Crops of plants*.

    I have read they are clean, they are supposed to be, but unless you lived in a convent neither of us knows if they bid their following of * Cleanliness is next to holiness*

    You actually contradicted yourself many times over, one example being your championing of their cleanliness. So think about it, they are too CHEAP to take the pup to a Vet like all pet owners are expected to do, so Kelly contracted mange and other skin conditions from being forced to be chained to a dirty crate. Yes, he was abused and tortured by the Catholic nuns, you see, making one of God’s creatures live in a dirty tiny corner with no food and an empty water bowl would constitute abuse.

    I suppose you did not view the photos and video of Kelly??? Sharing with us loyal supporters is shocking yes, but LAG did not do this to Kelly, the evil cruel Catholic NUNS did. Oh, I was baptized Catholic, but growing up I made my own choices in life, including Religious beliefs.

    Patty, dear lost Patty, your email went answered due to the crazed manner you shared your *thoughts*. LAG is too busy saving neglected, abused, unloved, very sick animals like baby Kelly, to sit down and respond to mental unstable people such as yourself.

    You also appear to behold anger issues with decent, compassionate individuals like every member of LAG including Viktor. I have watched every video, read every blog since I was lucky to find this amazing, compassionate, loving, rescue group.

    Patty, those OTHER’S questions you refer to most likely are those voices you interact that only exist in your mind.

    Your comment ” The dog was not tortured.”

    Yes, Patty he was, in so many different ways, leaving an empty water dish just beyond his reach, that his chain tightly around his lil neck choking him as he tried to reach the dry empty bowl to lick whatever droplet the hot sun did not evaporate is PURE TORTURE.

    To leave a puppy out in a dirty dry hot corner, chained to a filthy old crate; with no love or medical attention is PURE TORTURE.

    The EVIL BITCHES of this CATHOLIC NUNNERY refused to seek medical care for Kelly’s parasites eating his flesh away, is not only extremely painful but PURE TORTURE.

    Patty, I could go on and on. but I think if you took your medications and viewed the photos and video you might be able to rationalize the difference between neglectful torture and someone letting a puppy outside to play, run free like GOD intended all his creatures great and small to enjoy.

    Please pray to St. Francis – The Patron Saint of Animals that GOD *might* forgive these evil vicious CATHOLIC NUNS for the cruelty, neglect, torture and evil they unleashed upon this innocent sweet lil boy pup, Kelly.

    Patty, a “ burning sensation eating him from within” is what happens to an animal when they are denied the basic necessities of a pet owner. The lil pup contracted several infectious, very painful skin disorders solely because this EVIL CATHOLIC NUNS on a whim adopted a tiny puppy and left him to rot in a disgusting tiny, dirty, lil area outside.

    He is not “on the streets” but tied. He should not be. However, let’s be truthful, not emotion evoking.

    He is not an ” emergency.” Kelly will be in great shape in about 1 month. The mange and skin problem photos just make for sensationalism.

    LAG used correct English words to describe correctly what the photos and Videos clearly portray. Only someone without vision would not able to see this. If you owned any common sense you would not need a Vet to tell you what is obviously visible. Patty, again I truly feel so very sorry for you.

    Nobody cares about The Buddhist nuns; nor choice they made when vowing to that Religion. You see Patty, it is all about choice. NUNS should have no empathy towards their choice of life.

    Mother Theresa, helped children, animals, the poor; never once asking for sympathy for the life she chose to live. She is the only Nun I have respect for, why? because she is the only Nun who actually was kind to all people and animals and kept her vow to GOD until her death.

    Patty, now please send LAG a fairly large donation to help with Kelly’s medical costs imposed upon him from the tortuous neglect he suffered in the hands of the disgusting evil bitches from that particular Catholic convent.

    Have a lovely day Patty Russell, wink wink, we all know you are just a online Troll using alias to *attempt* to cause drama. Go take your meds and Pray to whomever you choose.

  107. Taryl Shack says:

    Patty Russell obviously is NUTS!!! It sickens me how anyone can even defend the people that did this to him – regardless if they are nuns priests or even God himself – this is animal cruelty and YES HES WAS BEING TORTURED – People that can not realize that animals suffer greatly – need to shut the hell up and move on to something else to talk about that might actually make sense… this poor little guy – thank you Viktor for everything you do and the love and compassion you give on a daily basis.. Please do not let the likes of “Patty Russell” upset you – Shes allready pissed off enough people with her assinine comments..

  108. Anonymous says:

    The church and the nuns need to pay for his treatments after what they put him through…. And god will do the karma to them hopefully

  109. linda Swanson says:

    It makes me angry what these so called nuns did to this poor baby but it makes me even angrier when I see ignorant people post messages that
    My lets adopt global is just trying to get their money! Open your eyes idiot! can you not see the condition of that poor dog??? By nuns no less! to me your no better than them, thinking only of your pocket book and having no regard at all for the dog! RIH!

  110. Im hoping the worst of the worst for torturing this helpless beautiful creature, Ive heard some horror stories about nuns, I don’t think they are people of God, they are outcasts that no one else wants and shame on them, I hope they get something bad back. Bless this baby, Im hoping his life is now filled with happiness and love.

  111. Patty….Go troll another page, if you don’t like it here…go away and don’t come back! Knowbody here cares anything about YOUR crap! It’s about the animal, know matter how it gets in the situation or who has abused, tried to kill or left for dead….Viktor saves them, and we support him! So, go away, you are not welcome here!!!!!

  112. Anonymous says:

    my message to the nuns is we hope you enjoy HELL because thats where you are all going!! How dare you hurt or neglect one of Gods children!!

  113. Anyone who believes this is not an emergency case should really look up the definition of mange and Babesia, both debilitating and painful diseases that can lead to death. Then have a re-think about the meaning of compassion. Regardless if you are catholic, buddhist, atheist or agnostic, this is cruelty by neglect.
    Anthropomorphizing for such a good cause is fine with me..Great work guys.

  114. Annette. Astin says:

    This is disgusting and shocking. Don’t ever call yourselves people of GOD. You are stinking hypocrites. NUNS SUCK.

  115. Mary-Anne says:

    I am about helping animals, I do not care who did /let this happen to the innocent dog .

    Kelly clearly was neglected & inadvertently abused. So Patty, your questions & accusations about: which Nuns? and that adopt global is exaggerating the neglect to get donations, have no place here. If you want to help Kelly , then donate, , If not , then do not donate. It is your choice to believe adopt global or want to help.

    I get so tired of people telling me not to help, not to donate ( ie. you do not know where your money is going ) ….I would rather do something, than do nothing to help these precious souls. You have to believe that people are out there and choosing to help animals and not be so cynical..

    Patty Russell are you part of the problem? or part of the solution?

  116. Bless you for saving these wretched animals, so abused by humans. I have donated, tweeted, shared on facebook. I pray for Kelly’s recovery and re-homing.

  117. Barbara P. Turner says:

    You know, I’m a Christian law abiding woman but it seems like more and more those who are entrusted with God’s souls and creatures, the more frequent we hear of CRAP like this! ABSOLUTELY DEPLORABLE!!! All I have to say is: GOD DON’T LOVE UGLY! and they WILL get their’s in HELL! They may wear white but their souls have been blackened nasty! Lord PLEASE heal this baby and get him a whole new LOVING LIFE! AMEN!

  118. Jo Anderson says:

    I hope the witches rot in hell. And there is a hell. You sick,evil,inhuman,sorry pieces of crap. I hope God strikes you dead.

  119. Lillian Gomez says:

    Not all nuns are the same. Hard to believe that nuns that truly follow Jesus teachings which indeed are the best lessons I have ever learned throughout my life would do something like that (and I don’t go to church). In these times nothing takes me by surprise. However, there are many priests and nuns that hide behind a commitment… a sacrament to damage the image of one of the most WONDERFUL human beings of all times… JESUS.
    Please do not attempt to confuse people by what this nun did or by what this priest did. Why couldn’t you just said “look what a group of women did to this puppy” instead of “look what nuns did to this puppy” . What kind of message do you want to sent to the world?…. what the nuns did…? …or animal cruelty? Come on! Didn’t fool me… Sorry :)

  120. Please help kelly i would like to adopt him.

  121. You deserve so much better. donated!!!!! May your new life be filled with love and tenderness xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  122. There really is no God : (

  123. Nuns Catholic Church ha what to hell and ths is were they will burn in hell bitches

  124. This really is a dam Shame on these dumb ass NuNs. Post & Share in New Jersey for all to see. Thak God (Which by the)Abused,,, BarbieCaresInNJ on May 29,2014. Shamee on you

  125. I find it hard to apologize for my original remark but |My God, they are an order of Nuns. NUNS, who are supposed to feed and take care of poeple and animals because all humans and animals are God’s creatures and they are supposed to be good and kind to all God’s creatures. How can they find it in their “religious: order to be such horrible and vicious NUNs toward a puppy to let it starve to death and be in such horrible pain without finding someone to help this beautiful little dog..

  126. shayzzwayzz says:

    @Hazel pain Nuns are always CATHOLIC, Not Christians

  127. This is the most shameful act to be done by these nuns
    Poor dog has to suffer for there cruelty
    Do they the nuns remember we have to stand before God and face up for our sins
    And this is a big sin this dog is one of Gods creatures
    You are shameful you cruel wicked nuns

  128. Karen Naylor says:

    Patty Russell. Where are your links proving these were Buddhist nuns? You supplied a link to a totally unrelated story but no links to this story being Buddhists. Why?

  129. First off Patty Russell is an IDIOT she is as evil as the nuns for posting what she did saying that he was not an emergency. Did she watch the same video that we all watched. Hey I know lets chain Patty, and The Nuns all separate in the same condition that Kelly lived and then maybe the will realize that what they did is cruel and unforgivable/ That video brought tears to my eyes Good thing we don’t know the names of these evil women, because I am sure there would be a man hunt lynch mom ready to torture them like they did Kelly

  130. I’m surprised that so many people are surprised it was nuns. For decades they have been responsible for the most horrendous abuse and torture in the name of god. Children in schools, orphanages and young woman that were pregnant and sent to a home were given some of the vilest treatment at the hands of these women. I helped an old lady when her husband became senile. She wouldn’t let anyone into the house to help. Why? Because of nuns. As a young woman in Ireland she got pregnant out of marriage, they forced her to sign the adoption papers for her child which she wanted to keep by putting her in a straitjacket, locking her in her own filth in a darkened room for days. They told her she was unstable and couldn’t keep the child and that she would have to go into a mental home for ‘bad, wicked’ girls. She signed after many weeks of this but was broken. She never had more children in her marriage as she was scared the nuns would find her. How evil are many of these women when they can stand behind ‘their god’.

  131. zo zielig kreeg gewoon tranen in mijn ogen

  132. Stupid nuns one day they will get back how they treat Kelly

  133. Russi Taylor says:

    I’m so happy Kelly got rescued. These nuns should be put on the animal abuse registry.

  134. Where is this? Why isn’t anyone being prosecuted? I’ll call the Diocese and police myself!
    This is criminal, horrendous, sinfull behavior. Heartless whores! I hope their souls burn in hell while the dog drinks cold fresh water in heave.

  135. Patricia Wicker says:

    I agree Victor, Patty must not have a caring heart. I admire so much what you do for all Animals Victor, you have a wonderful heart. I will donate a little when I get paid. A little is all I have but will give what I can.
    Thank You again for all you do.

  136. Christina Conte says:

    I’m in tears! I am so thankful you were there to save her!! I am donating now and will follow her story…praying for happiness and good health for sweet Kelly!
    Charge those nuns! This is animal cruelty! :(

  137. Ana Chavez says:

    So happy you got this sweet pup. Bless you for what you do for the animals.

  138. Esther Sublett says:

    Those are no nuns , buddhists or whatever, I my eyes they are cruel BITCHES from hell. Not one human with a big loving heart would do this to a gods creature . So my dear patty don’t find excuses for those heartless BITCHES . Money or no money , this not right to treat an animal like this . So according to your post , it tells me that your are a heartless .. too.

  139. I always said I did not have to go to a church of any religion. That is just a. Money making business. God is with you know matter where you are. the nuns were evil ,had nothing to do with God .

  140. After reading all the comments and watching the video, all i can say i am shocked. But i must ask who has confirmed that it was nuns? No one is taking that responsibility. Where did this happen? even a country would help. Were the police involved if it is as bad as you claim. After seeing as many false claims on the web as i have, and as many people and organization have stretched the truth. Before i pass judgement on anyone i want to make sure i have heard the whole truth not just one side statement that seems rather biased to me. I hope the dog makes a full recovery.

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Mike… our team in Indonesia rescued Kelly from the back of the convent. You won´t read about this on CNN…

  141. Patty you need to know what torture is, lets not feed or water you for a week!!?? Nuns whatever, this is a crime and the ladies in Black need to be treated just as this poor trusting baby Kelly was treated!! Yes!!!

  142. faith collins says:


  143. They should be jailed for wat they did and hopes for him to get better

  144. Tannis Kokotilo says:

    UNuns are horrible cruel people for the most part…I hope the all rot in hell! Catholics are santanic religion and there ya go… shows what kind of people they are.. good christians would never treat a animal this way…

  145. Colin Le Cornu says:

    Can anyone tell me how an omnipotent God, who sees and hears everything, can ignore such cruelty from his devoted servants?

  146. Laurie Evans says:

    I am so sorry this happened to you sweet angel. Can’t stop crying!!

  147. julie landmichael says:

    iam not surprisedi run way from catholic shool because of a neasty nun so my folls at the pout mein private school

  148. I am disgusted that it is actual Nuns Who have done this to a INNOCENT DOG , They say they are married to God ……Ummmmm sorry My Mum was taught by Nuns and she said they had all the Pupils Petrified of them ! ! Theres No Sound Of Music Heres they are PURE EVIL TO DO THIS TO A GORGEOUS LOVING DOG ! ! It makes my Blood Boil GOD NEVER FORGIVE THEM

  149. When you think of what nuns do go children, are you surprised by this??

  150. Debbie flanagan says:

    Nasty bitches I hope they everyone die a slow agonizing death like they left this pup to.

  151. Please keep us updated. I donated for Diego and Mon coming up,6/2/14, I will donate for Kelly. Thank you Victor, your staff and team, for all you do. Can you please give an update on the puppy who shot in the face at a woman’s home by her landlord’s son? I donated then to. Kelly will be my 3rd donation ever and I will continue, as long as I have money, to donate to you all as long as you are rescuing.

  152. glenda rhodes says:

    This is horrible….GOD BLESS YOU FOR TAKING CARE HIM…..Where are these so called nuns? I pray GOD will punish them. Praying for a good home for Kelly.

  153. I think that Patty Russell must be part of the convent the dog was rescued from. Only a moron could make the accusations she is making. She even tried to contact me on my page with her rants. I think it may be time to charge her with harrassment. Keep up the good work Vicktor and LAG, we love you for what you do!!!!

  154. What a cutie !! !So glad to see him feeling better !

  155. Karen Saucedo says:

    WHY do people have trouble accepting that nuns did this? They choose to live their lives away from the rest of society, a life based on believe in something they can’t see. Supposedly mindful of “God’s love” but shopping in the dead flesh aisle at the supermarket just like many others. Churches have abused children, sent them to work homes and horrible orphanages, and more. People need to believe WHAT THEY SEE. Start there and move forward. Bless the people who saved this little dog. No words for the nuns….they will find their “blessing” in time.


  157. Elizabeth Lopes says:

    Patty Russell is your address the convent where this beautiful puppy Kelly was found? Ya i have a feeling
    Victor I’ve sent u a few emails regarding many of you miracle saving and how I would so love to adopt Kelly..I’m in Canada toronto so don’t know how possible that would be, but I’m comforted knowing that u will take same care when it’s time to find our beautiful Kelly a loving home!! Thank you so much for all u do

  158. Wow…I have done animal rescue for many years now and seen some awful things. I have read every comment on here. Patti you aren’t worth the time or effort it would take to reply to you. For it is obvious you don’t have a clue and you are off your meds.
    Those of you that writes where is God when this is going on..God has nothing to do with this period. He gave all of us freedom of choice, YOU choose to live your life anyway you want, for you are the only one that has to answer for what you have accomplished here during your lifetime, no one else. These Nuns choose to neglect this poor dog and trust me no one gets away with anything before God…they will answer to him and I don’t think it will be a pleasant interview. But I’m not here to judge them why they did what they did, or do I like what they did I find it appalling and discussing they would let a poor dog live as he did and not have some type of compassion for it..
    When I looked into the face of that wonderful sweet little dog my heart broke into a million pieces and all I wanted to do was take him in my arms and show him just how much he could be loved. I saw his pain just like I have seen it in many other dog’s I have rescued from horrendous situations, my home is full of them I run probably over a 100 dogs through here every year finding them wonderful homes, pull them off death row just in the nick of time.
    It doesn’t matter what country you come from there is animal abuse everywhere, I have seen then set on fire, shoot with guns acid poured on them, dragged behind a car until there is no skin left on them. Sitting in shelters just waiting for them to put them down. Until you are ready to help the problem you have no right to accuse anyone of being cruel, every time you walk by an abandoned animal or drive by a shelter and not go in to see if you can save just one dog. If every human being had to tour one shelter or spend one day in one you would have a whole new outlook on saving animals.
    Viktor…you are a saint for the work you do and if I didn’t already have so many older dogs on meds I have to care for I’d send you money but it takes everything I have to feed and care for what I have here.
    Those of you that are so fearful of sending money to a scam then don’t donate but leave the others alone it is their money and they can do what they damn well please with it.
    If I could take that little dog I would in a heart beat and he would never know what pain or fear was again and not being loved.
    If you want to do something to help..foster or adopt a animal that needs you. I promise you would never regret it.

  159. patty – you’re obsessive delusional

  160. Anonymous says:

    Thatswhy most of the nuns live seperated, they can’t look after someone else, because they don”t love themself!!

  161. I cried watching the first video and I loved watching the following ones!! Such a change! And after all Kelly’s been through, amazingly, he is full of joy and his tail says it all!!!! Such a great, innocent puppy. God, why is it so much pain and suffering in the world? God gave us animals to take care of them and protect them!! That is what the Bible says, not to own them and give them pain!!! No animal deserves such cruelty and we have so much to learn from them. But we are stubborn and evil sometimes… THANK YOU Viktor for all you and your team are doing for these little sweet souls! Thank you!

  162. Nuns or not if they can do that to a puppy what else are they capable of? They need a good beating regardless woman of god yeah right more like women of the devil evil bitches! !

  163. Watching poor Kelly living in such pain, filth, loneliness, literally going insane in his non-existence until someone finally came after close to six months truly shattered and stopped my heart.

    I am utterly disgusted and so so fed up with animal cruelty.

    I am happy that Kelly has been exposed to the world and he is finally getting help. I really want to know what authorities or anyone has done to those horrible nuns. Please tell us they have been fined heavily and are going to jail. Anything done to these nuns (the same suffering would be ice sorry to say) would be the right thing to do. Justice for sweet Kelly. My heart has started to beat again knowing that Kelly has been saved. I love you Kelly and I wish you no pain no more, no loneliness and that you receive all the love you deserve forever.


  165. Anonymous says:

    Put 1000000 ticks & fleas into the nuns’ robe & bedding! Let’s see them scratch & deny them treatment!

  166. Christina says:

    Let God try to save the guilty criminals from the Devil. As they should be sent to Hell. “Do unto others what you want done unto you. ” the guilty criminals who abused. …. and more. … The victim are telling society what they want done unto them. Starve, chain, force into significant risk to implement their death sentences! !!

  167. What is the order of nuns who abused this animal

  168. This makes me so sick. I don’t know how anyone could mistreat an animal!! I can’t donate but I can pray for for his quick recovery!! Prayers are my everything. What I don’t have in money, I do have In love, kindness, and prayers with the love of God in my heart!! I won’t forget Kelly. Get well sugar!! Prayers on the way!

  169. Those so called nuns should be sent to hell, and they will go to hell for sure!!!

  170. The nuns and/or the church they are associated with should be forced to pay every penny of that poor dog’s medical expenses!

  171. Emma Goodwin says:

    Wow, thank you Victor and your team for saving Kelly. I can’t believe people can be so cruel. Its so devastating that people who claim to be God’s servants could do such an evil crime. Never the less he is now safe and I hope he will never have to experience such a hideous and terrible experience again. Please do what you can to save him and thank you again. I will be donating to his cause. God bless beautiful Kelly. I am glad that she can play again and may God punish those evil people.

  172. Stephane abotbik says:

    Not very normal for catholic sisters

  173. Coco moon says:

    Sometimes I wonder if going into ‘service’ is just a way of opting out of life. Perhaps some people do it because they are lazy and want an easy life where they will be revered and looked upon as angels. They will have shelter, food, warmth simply because they are servants of God.
    Yes, many nuns are simply bitches, wicked, hateful.
    To torture a creature who lived to give them joy….well, I hope there is a hell. These nuns are surely going there.
    Bless this little guys soul. He will see happy days for the rest of his life. Thank you Viktor and your team.

  174. Barbara heath - hinkle says:

    These nuns are no better then theses other abusers they could have killed him they should be charged too they should be ashamed of themselves to torture God’s creature WHY aren’t their names being put on Facebook? Prayers for this poor boy

  175. Good for Patty, who has the guts to ask questions instead of simply going into overdrive when LAG publishes a few pictures and makes sensationalistic claims. Shame on the rest of you.

  176. Gloria Porter says:

    not all nuns are like that but these nuns I’d chain them up by their necks naked in a yard where they could not get free with out any shelter and beat them with a thick bamboo rod day after day because they should have known so much better shame on them all

  177. Lynn Wikane says:

    Prayers for Kelly!!! Thank You Viktor for saving this sweet boy. They are not nuns they are evil POS’s

  178. horrific! but at least this dog was saved!!!!!
    What heartless,evil witches – these fu…g nuns!!!
    I’ve posted a plea for justice for Kelly and all tortured animals on the Pope’s fb site to make him aware of it. As well as a suggestion that the catholic church should, at least in this case, pay for the medical treatment.
    I do hope I will get some sort of reply, as this is not the first develish act of animal cruelty committed by clergy and the Pope seems to like animals-(though sadly I don’t think he is vegan/vegetarian)
    Hopefully these nuns will get punished 10 fold for what they’ve done to him!!

  179. To “Patty Russell” and “Lillian Gomez” Eventhough most things were already said, I have to get this off my chest:
    It is NOT about a specific RELIGION, but don’t drag Buddhism through the mud! Especially when you don’t know what you’re talking about!!! Sick, evil, heartless HUMANS hurt animals – what you refer to is the self-sacrifice of Tibetans who try to get help against the oppression, torture and occupation of Tibet and its people by China!! They do this because for over 50 years the world has looked on and has done nothing to help!!!! They sacrifice their highest good! Their life. They don’t deserve to have the likes of YOU call them animal abusers or even capable of it!!! –> Educate yourself before you spew your xxxx !
    Secondly: Your claim he was not tortured, was also covered by others, except for the fact that he was left alone – a dog who NEEDS TO BE WITH OTHERS- that constitutes emotional torture! Even if you are too blind and dumb to see the obvious in the pictures and videos!
    Third: For anyone with but a bit of heart in their chest, the pictures are enough! The videos are enough! No decent person needs to be asked to donate, no words – whatever kind- are necessary! It is only natural to give. It is only money! Most likely many here rescue actively anyway and are just sick about not having enough money! That is the only problem decent people have!
    Aside being angry, I too feel sorry for you- both. (That Jesus freak Lillian has lost touch with reality and Patty is … confused and angry.) For both of you I hope you come to your senses!! Above all else though, let’s forget about the weirdos and put all our love and energy and money toward those who matter THE ANIMALS – <3 <3 <3