Carpi, an old cocker in need of an urgent operation and a home

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I saw him on my first visit to the refuge three months ago.
We had gone that day to cover some medical emergencies that just couldn’t wait. Open fractures. Exposed bones.
And there he was, an old black Cocker tied to the wall in a dark wet corridor. I asked how long he had been there, noone seemed to know. His leg was broken, it was a bad fracture.
Even in the direst of conditions the dog was happy, there was no sign of depression in that dog. His tail wagged so hard that I remember thinking it would dislocate!.
And so we left… leaving him behind rushing to deal with the emergencies we had waiting in the back of the van…

And then, as it often happens, life took over and hoping that some other rescue group would help him I forgot about him..

Until today…

There he was, tied with the same chain to the same wall where I left him that day three months ago. The fracture was still there, and the leg, having been carried and dragged for months along the dirty floors was now ulcerated and infected.

I called him CARPI right there and then… it was his time to leave.

There is no easy solution for Carpi’s fracture. His Carpal bones are shattered, and it will be impossible to reconstruct. There are only two solutions to his problem:

1. An arthrodesis. Implanting two plates that will completely immobilise the joint, blocking all motion but stopping the leg from injuring itself and deteriorating further, stopping infection. It will take Carpi a while to get used to the limited range of motion of his leg but he will be fine.

2. Amputation: It’s far more traumatic for the dog, but it’s cheaper, and because of it that would be the solution of choice for most vets and rescue groups. Carpi would do well on three legs, in time…

We are going to go with the first option. There will always be time to amputate if needed. Amputation is a procedure of last resort, a salvage procedure only to be performed where life is at risk of where there is no chance of a good outcome.

Please Help us Help him… Help us offer this old black Cocker a new life. As it is, it is not worth living plus there is the constant pain. We can end this terrible injustice, together.

This is the kind of effort that day after day Let’s Adopt! Global has become renown for. Anonymous people from all over the world pulling together resources and helping transform the lives of ONE ANIMAL AT A TIME.

Today it’s Carpi’s turn… Any contribution, no matter how small, will help. Please look again at his video and ask yourself whether is worthy of your help..

I think he is..




UPDATE 1st of May

The operation was a total success… Carpi is an amazing dog with an incredible zest for life!.. Here is a short video of him in the fields around his foster home in Valencia..

Don’t worry Carpi, you will be travelling home soon… :-)

Update August 5

Mad dogs and Englishmen get out in the midday sun….

Carpi is still looking for a GREAT home, but in the meantime he’s making the most of out life! :-)



  1. sharon

    he is such a beautiful dog how much would it be to bring him over to the uk, could you let me know. thanks

  2. Joëlle, from Brussels

    Hi Viktor, thanks for trying save this little guy and give him a new and happy life! Just donated, as usual… Cross fingers for his operation! Bless you all!

  3. Nina Davies

    You left him for THREE MONTHS ?

    WHY ? WHY ? WHY ? WHY ? WHY ? WHY ? WHY ? WHY ?

  4. jane preston

    to who this may concern, if there s anyway i can help, I could give Carpi a home, and care for him, I have two dogs at the moment, but would accept him,he would have hs own garden, and a clean loveing home.

  5. Viktor Larkhill

    Because he was in a shelter and because we can’t take every single animal we see. You are free to come to Spain with a truckload and pick up a few.

  6. Viktor Larkhill

    Come on.. come over… we are waiting for you well help you load that truck.

  7. Pat mcGaw

    Hope you can help him, love Spaniels

  8. Jen Gillibrand

    He is getting the best help now and that is all that matters. If you are willing to re-home to the UK please let me know as I would love to give this lovely guy a forever home xxx

  9. Viktor Larkhill

    Hi Jen, yes… it would definitely be a possibility. Could you please drop me a mail on let’s talk about it.

  10. Viktor Larkhill

    Hi Jane, could you please drop me an email on telling me all about you and your animals ? Lets take it from there..

  11. Elsie Foster

    I have rescue dogs so cannot help in that respect but I have donated towards helping this lovely boy to recover from his terrible ordeal. I would love to know how he is getting on after his surgery. Thank you to all the kind people who are helping, however they are doing so xx.

  12. Viktor Larkhill

    Many thanks Elsie… well keep you posted, operation scheduled for Friday, may even do it tomorrow if we manage

  13. Christine V

    Viktor, how could you leave Carpi when you saw that he needed help? Because of the 3 month negligence, his foot/leg may never be correctly fixed. WHY DID YOU WAIT SO LONG?

  14. jane preston

    please keep me posted I have already sent you a email , jane preston.

  15. sonny Rodriguez

    God Bless u for saving Capri… Praying for a speedy recovery. Sharing his story n i will donate as well. Best wishes xo

  16. joy

    Thank God 4 all u people who help those who can’t help themselves!

  17. Viktor Larkhill

    Please read the blog. I explained. We are not the only rescue in town. WE can’t take all cases we see. Please feel free to come to Spain and take a few of those dogs, or adopt one.. that would be a way to help.

  18. barbara atling

    the people who are bitching about the poor dog being left behind, dont you think it was hard for them to choose which dogs to take , but capri is now being taken care of, so if you have nothing to say nice dont comment they are doing their best, i dont see u doing rescue just using u finger on the keyboard instead of getting u finger out and doing the rescue so shut tf up

  19. Anonymous

    the people who are making comments about the poor dog being left behind, dont you think it was hard for them to choose which dogs to take , but capri is now being taken care of, so if you have nothing to say nice dont comment they are doing their best, i dont see u doing rescue just using u finger on the keyboard instead of getting u finger out and doing the rescue

  20. barbara atling

    the people who are commenting about the poor dog being left behind, dont you think it was hard for them to choose which dogs to take , but capri is now being taken care of, so if you have nothing to say nice dont comment they are doing their best, i dont see u doing rescue just using u finger on the keyboard instead of getting u finger out and doing the rescue

  21. Marlene Horn

    Please advise whereabouts in Spain are you speaking of!
    Is there an area in particular that there are many stray/ abandoned dogs…or are they just everywhere ??? As i believe that Spain has not really any charity for dogs like the u.k

  22. jude

    keep up the good work so many need your help, just donated my birthday money hope it helps x

  23. Frances Pawley

    I hope he gets the urgent treatment that he needs. I can’t imagine what pain this poor animal went through. Could you please advise how Benji is? I sent a donation.

  24. Viktor Larkhill

    Hi Jude.. just seen this… donated your birthday money?
    Many thanks for this.. I will be updating with new pics today… he’s doing amazing..

  25. Viktor Larkhill

    Dear Jude.. pls watch the last update on this blog… it will make you proud.. xxxx

  26. Gwosdz

    Merci Viktor pour tous ces sauvetages désespérés que vous avez réaliser avec votre équipe ,je vous suis depuis Tidus qui hélas maigres tous vos efforts n’a pas survécu ,vous est formidable .god bless you

  27. Rebecca Blubaugh

    Capri I knew you could do it, especially with Viktor’s help! Another small miracle that will be marked by your name in God’s Book of Saints!

    Capri looks really great, did see he still favors that leg a little, but he does stand on it and it will continue to get better as he gets more exercise. Looks like he will have a wonderful new home as well and filled with all the love he deserves!

    Thank you, Viktor, for one more precious life saved and restored!

  28. what a happy ending thank you Barbara P

  29. Joëlle, from Brussels

    YESSSS… dear Carpi will at last get what he deserves – what they all do: a loving home and nice companions (Viktor, the picture with the other, gold cocker, is it one of Carpi before the rescue, could you get hold of it?)

  30. Joëlle, from Brussels

    … or did the future German “parents” come along with the other doggie to say hello?

  31. Viktor Larkhill

    Hi Joelle… no.. that pic with the golden is of Carpi’s new brother waiting for him in Germany.. xxx

  32. sandra aexton

    i cry tears of joy to see him like this and tears of sadness to think that someone let that happen to him . Keep up the good work

  33. Joëlle, from Brussels

    Hi Viktor, thanks! So they’ll be 3 cockers after all, hey what a family! The other dark one’s really his twin brother ;-) anxious to see new pics after arrival in Germany!

  34. Ronda Borel

    He’s so beautiful.


    @ Marlene Horn, ‘Kim’s Animal Rescue’ is in Fuengirola. She doesn’t do the work that Viktor and his team do, but she takes animals that have been left behind when the ex pats go home, the dogs people dump at her gate and injured and abused dogs. She is desperate for help.
    Thank you Viktor for mending Carpi. He looks so good now. Pleased to see a few people interested from the UK.

  36. Leah Jones

    Hello Viktor – thank you so very much for all you’ve done for this lovely Cocker. Such great dogs, they stay young forever, lol. So, Carpi has a HOME now, how wonderful, and with other Cockers, too. What a lovely life he’s going to have, all thanks to you.
    I can well imagine that you could forget a dog you’d only seen for a minute or so, when you were in the middle of helping others. If you’d seen to Carpi then, you might not have been able to get to other animals that needed you so badly. You saw this lovely boy again at just the right time, thank Heavens. I’m not at all religious . . . . I have faith, but not in the God that many of us believe in, it’s an older, more personal faith, and I pray for all the animals I see on your site, and in your posts, and thank them for you, and the amazing things that you do.
    I live in Australia, and wish I could do more for you from here, but I send on your marvellous posts, and donate when I can, which isn’t very often at all, I’m afraid. Bless you, and all the animals you come across.
    With love to you all, always, and Bright Blessings. Leah xxx

  37. Viktor Larkhill

    Thank you Leah… we have many friends in Australia, I wished your quarantine restrictions were a bit less.. well.. restrictive, so many of our animals in south east asia could find homes there… In any case thank you for being there, thank you for being you.
    You have the right kind of faith..

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