Taksim Protest 228-31

Turkish Activists stage the World’s largest No Kill Demonstration

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I write this in a New York Hotel room, it’s very early in the morning and I have tears in my eyes for what is happening in Turkey. Tears that for the first time in over a decade are not of anger and frustration but of hope and in in way, of joy.
Noone will ever forget what happened in Turkey yesterday.  
Across the country, tens of thousands of people listened to the call of God of Dogs and Cats, the God of Humans, and took to the streets to protest against the Government plans to eradicate the population of stray animals in what will be remembered as the World’s Largest No Kill Demonstration.

The solution proposed by the Government of the Prime Minister Tayip Erdogan was no other than the rounding up of all stray animals, dogs and cats alike and their deportation to they euphemistically named “Natural Life Parks”, fenced areas in isolated forests where they animals would die of starvation and disease. A complete U-Turn of policy, that would complete destroy the progress made over years of implementation of a nation wide program of Neuter and Return. A plan that would fail catastrophically, as it has been proved time and time again that the policy of Catch and Kill will never end the stray dog situation. It has never worked, in any country, if it did, millions of dogs and cats wouldn’t be killed in shelters around the world.

Killing Policies, no matter the method will be fought against by our people.
Yesterday the collective voice of Turkey’s national conscience was heard across the nation. Young crowds, the real face of today’s Turkey, People that know what is wrong and what is right, determined people that won’t submit to the wishes of a bigoted few and that will fight to protect the lives of the strays that live among us, animals that hurt noone and whose only wish is to live with dignity and in peace, animals that live every day in hope that one of us will extend our hands and take them home…

For the first time in history the animals of Turkey have a voice that will not be silenced by the killing instincts of a few.

A clear message has been sent.

The animals of Turkey are not alone any more. The massacres of the past don’t have a place in our country any longer.


For the Animals
Viktor Larkhill
Let’s Adopt!

P.S.   You MUST see the pictures taken yesterday. The most extraordinary fotoalbum we have ever put together. I invite you to click HERE  and to share for the world to see…



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