Saving Troy, a dog destroyed by Leishmania and mange

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I am told Troy used to be a magnificent dog. She really was.
When she arrived to the shelter she had a spring in her walk, a beautiful boxer/dogo mix with a proud stance, calm, sociable, she was unbelieble, she was THE DOG.
That was just a few months ago..
I enter the shelter and I’m taken through a long corridor flanked by dogs barking desperately on both sides. I have promised to help but I shudder at the pain and suffering found in most shelters.
We arrive to a room in the back-end and there I see her. A magnificent animal turned into a broken toy. I’m told she’s depressed, that she misses her home and has let herself go. The shelter has done all kinds of tests but nothing has been found.
Noone really knows what is wrong with her, noone knows what to do. She’s about to fall through the cracks.

I take her with us. She’s extremely weak, can barely walk, I’m not sure if she hears me. She could be deaf, or maybe not, we need to do the necessary tests, I’m not sure yet.
Tests are performed, Leishmania and Mange… both in advanced stages. A lethal combination capable of creating havoc in the system of any dog, even one as strong as powerful as Troy.
This won’t be easy, Leishmania is a chronic condition and Mange has run wild in her depressed immune system. I’ve seen dogs going completely crazy literally eating themselves in desperation at the itches caused by mange, but we have arrived just in time.

Troy must have had a terrible life to end in this condition of neglect, but everything is about to change for her!!!!

She has no idea who we are, she doesn’t know the people that are feeding her, she doesn’t know any of you, the people that will fight for her to the end.

Let’s save this incredible dog, together... deep down there in that depressed soul there is a dog waiting to run and wag the tail again… exactly as she once did.

Many thanks…

Update December 23

Hello, how are you… I’m Troy!

Things are looking much better for me now… Although there is not a cure for my disease and I will need to take a pill for the rest of my life, my symptoms are improving, and so is my skin. It still itches a bit but I really feel much better now.

Many thanks to all of you that are helping with my treatment. I think I could safely say that today, I’m alive, because of you.

I love you… can’t wait to show you how beautiful I’m going to look when Let’s Adopt Global has finished its work on me….


Update February 14, Valentine’s Day

Troy looks like an entirely new dog. Everything has changed about her, her poise, her attitude, her muscle mass, her skin, fur, she is a completely new dog, and one of the most dramatic transformations we have ever seen among our rescues.

Look at this INCREDIBLE DOG…

Our job is done, now it’s time for Troy to get a final home. She’s absolutely unbelievable…

Our conditions for adoption:

1. MUST have another dog
2. Troy will live inside the home. Garden will be a plus but she will have family life.
3. Troy will be fed a raw diet (
4. No Smoking families..

Write to me on: and tell me everything about you and your family, I need to understand how Troy life would be.

TROY was treated and rehabilitated thanks to the amazing support of our incredible community to the Simba Fund. Please, should you wish to support our work so that we can continue saving animals like Troy, please contribute to our working Fund today…


Many thanks!…

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  1. Victoria C. says:

    Please help this poor dog…I will donate what I can on the 28th when I get my disablility ck…but in the mean time but something topical on her so she is not eating herself alive…what a beautiful dog….just the kind I would love to have…I will watching….keep us updated, please….

  2. Jill & Judy says:

    Dear Viktor, Thank you for caring and loving these creatures….chipping in and sharing! GOD BLESS YOU AND ALL THOSE CREATURES WE ALL LOVE!

  3. tracey jenkins says:

    Bless her!She is a fighter xx

  4. This dog is beautiful ! A dream dog. I will donate and help her survive. All she needs the most is love!

  5. Where is Troy located at present? Can we donate directly to your veterinarian? Need more info to post. THANKS!

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Hi Sheila..
      Troy is at a vet in Spain and sadly, they are not equipped to make micropayments using credit cards over the phone. I’m sorry but we will not be able to have your help this time. But please, follow this blog or our page and you will be able to see Troy’s progression and eventual healing.
      All the best


  6. Kathy Jones says:

    Would baking soda paste help stop some of her itching until she has a chance to get better? This is just a question and I don’t know the answer to it but that is why I ask. I hurt for her and would like to see her with a little relief from her misery as I think that it might take a bit to get her back where she is okay or better again… Though I don’t know that either…

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Katy, no idea, never thought of it..
      Her itches are going down though.. she’s been treated and little by little things are starting to look a bit better.



  7. Bethany Martinez says:

    Por favor, alguien por favor hagan algo por ella mientras que entra mas donaciones!!! PLEASE SOMEONE NEAR HER HELP HER, DO SOMETHING WHILE DONATONS COME IN. PLEASE POR FAVOR!!!!

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Bethany, she has been on treatment since the very first day..

  8. Mara Comitas says:

    My heart is breaking for this girl. I, too, have to wait for my disability check in the middle of January. I will donate what I can,

  9. KYChickaD says:

    I adopted a beagle with the same condition. We had to give her liquid Ivermectin for weeks to help control the mange. But, with patience and lots of love and baths, I am happy to say that Faith is a happy, healthy beagle! That was 4 years ago now!

    She is still shy around new people, but that has even improved over the years.

  10. Dee Costa says:

    I looked up Leishmaniasis in canines and was sad to find that there is no cure for this condition. Given the recent appearance of L. infantum in the United States and the absence of a known vector, the CDC recommends euthanasia of infected dogs due to their concerns of spreading the disease and its zoonotic nature. To date, no known cases of dog to human transmission have occurred in the United States though. I guess she should be quarantined during treatment.

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      The CDC recommends euthanasia far too often I’m afraid… :-(

  11. Can an antibiotic help help from bitting herself alive.How do we send a donation to help her.Please give us some kind of link or something to help him.God Bless him.Please save him.He’s so precious.

  12. Thank you for sharing this and for helping Troy! I will definitely send you something to help her via your chip in! please keep us posted i’d love to hear more stories about her! i’m passing this link on to others i know.

  13. I hope they catch them and punish to the full extent. This baby had a reasion to live by God and I pray he fully recovers thanks to god and evryone. The poor baby had a will to live and look at that face.Tidus we all love and are cheering for you. says:

    If you can give her medicine the same as omeone with allergies will stop her from itching and biting. My JRT has allergies and I give him benadryl and sometimes the same medicine I take for allergic reations to antibiotics as per my vet.

  14. Please send me a email or something or more pictures of this beutiful dog i would really love to see her
    I have lots of love and caring that i can share with any dog or animal!!

  15. THANK YOU VIKTOR, and everyone who saves, volunteers, rescues and helps all these little ones…they need US. DO SOMETHING!

  16. I don’t think he is a mix of boxer, as an owner of danes he is full on great dane. Alot of people will kill the whites when born because they usually are deaf and are hard to sell or get rid of. But he is a beautiful creature and god bless you Victor for all you do. That is why I continue to donate because we believe in you and your efforts. I pray Troy can live the full and beautiful life these gentle giants deserve! God Bless!

  17. Villa in San Francisco says:

    Great Dane makes sense! I was thinking perhaps a mix of American Bulldog, but it wouldn’t be likely in Europe. Now that Danielle makes the connection, I can see it.

  18. This is a wonderfull story of how determination, medicxal treatment and a lot of love can help all creatrures who are broken. Love love and yet more love. I am so pleased to see that Troy is well. Has he been adopted would love to hear that he has.

  19. What a wonderful dog. There’s a nice article on Leishmaniasis at the link below : – explaining that although not ” curable ” this is a very treatable condition .The usual treatment is with Allopurinol tablets, which are cheap and readily available as they are used for treatment of gout in humans. Vets in countries like Greece, Spain, Portugal, Turkey, routinely treat infected dogs rather than euthanise them & the dogs can live many happy & healthy years.

  20. What a lovely dog xo, I wish I lived closer, I would take him home in a heartbeat :-) re. his skin condition, is this still ongoing, if so homeopathic sulphur is a remarkable remedy which seems to clear most unexplained recurring skin conditions. It’s also relatively inexpensive. I would try him on a c potency, 30 or under, whatever you can get, maybe just a few doses spaced over a week, then check for improvements. If you have any trouble obtaining this. I would of course be happy to post some to you…….but then maybe he is all better now, the last post I read was dated a while ago.

  21. What an amazing transformation.Troy is a beautiful girl. True testament to her strength and will. well done to your amazing team for the miracles you work. I wish I could take on this majestic beautiful myself . I think Dogos are banned breeds in the uk sadly. I know Roxy , my Dogue du bordeux cross, a rescue in much the same condition as Troy was though not as chronic would love her to bits . I think Troy is such a fitting name for her too .

    Love her

  22. Would love to adopt her!!! Got three dogs myself, but, I live in Sri Lanka :(… What a beautiful dog! Can’t believe she is homeless

  23. Tommie Sue says:

    Tommie Sue Short Cruz She looks like a dog that was lost a year or two ago during a storm or hurricane. I want to say I think the lost dogs name was Stacey. I cant find the old add for her as a lost dog. I’m almost positive she is the same dog that was lost. Can anyone help figure this out. It would be awesome to get her back to her rightful people if it is her. Can anybody help search this info, Please?

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Troy is in Spain… it can’t be the same dog :(

  24. Lilia Andreeva says:

    Did you find a new home for her?

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      No… not yet…

  25. Jade Paasimaa says:

    How is she doing?Has she found a new home yet?
    Thank you for all that you do for these lovely dogs!
    Sending all my preys there.Give many hugs to all of the dogs there.

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      She is doing AMAZING but doesn’t have a home yet… we are working on it..
      Hugs will be delivered tomorrow :-)

  26. Troy is amazing..if wishes were reality all the creatures on this planet and beyond would be loved and respected. Our journey has not reached that level of attunement yet..but I believe it must! Want to thank you for all you do..blessings always. Kisses & hugs for the lovely and brave Troy♥

  27. Janice Crabbe says:

    You are probably already well aware but don’t let her be adopted in any country with BSL as she is part Dogo. She’s beautiful and they will have her PTS.

  28. You’re wonderful Viktor.. love you guys

  29. Ellen Burnett says:

    If she were closer, I would apply to adopt her immediately! What a gorgeous girl..

  30. You do amazing rescues. Thank you so much. Wish we could save them all!!! Send an update on this beautiful dog

  31. Ana Chavez says:

    She is Beautiful. Thank you for your rescue!