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Have you no sense of decency sir, at long last? Have you left no sense of decency?

-Joseph N. Welch, The Army-McCarthy Hearings


How much are you? Or rather, how much is a miniature version of you? I would like to carry you around in a custom made haute couture bag. It is designed by Kikki Hamann. You don’t know who that is? How despicable is the common folks’ ignorance. Mimi, tell her please.”

Kiki Hamann is the well known celebrity! Do your homework! Serious Buyer only…”

“Oh, I’m sorry Mimi. I just came into inheritance and have a lot to learn yet. But I’m very serious indeed. If there is no miniature version of her, I would like to get one made. Would $5000 suffice? Mimi, will you be having mini Chihuahuas?”

“Yes we will, email me so that I can put you on the waiting list. I’m 50 days along, I will be having them myself, on a handmade pink fluffy cushion with faux beaver fur. I copulated with a Chihuahua so small, I could barely see him. On a royal honeymoon bed covered in rabbit and mountain lion fur. Faux, of course.”

“Do they shed?”

“They are no shed guaranteed, if they shed, you can ship them back to us, we have a special rainbow room for the shedders where they can…erm…shed to their heart’s content.”

“Do they have any health issues?”

“They are made with love. Sometimes when we forget to adorn the room with enough colorful ornaments, hydrocephalus, hypoglycemia, cardiac problems, seizures, portosystemic shunts, open fontanels, Leggs Calves Perthes disease and the like might occur. But love conquers all sweetheart. Plus, if your teacup jumps down the bed and breaks all of her legs because her bones are underdeveloped or if you wake up to find your teacup dead after a cardiac arrest or screaming in pain because her tiny skull size is no match for the growth of her brain, please e-mail me. But ONLY SERIOUS BUYERS!!! Oh sorry, I get carried away sometimes. Honey, you do not need to worry, the ones with the health issues never make it to the front page. We locate them in our concentrated royal affection room, where they get spoiled to death! And you’ll never guess who decorated the room!

“But some folks say you are a money craving, selfish bitch Mimi…”

“It’s because they are JEALOUS! They cannot afford our bundles of joy and end up with some obscure mix breed, which let me tell you, does not even fit into a suitcase let alone a handbag!”

“Mimi, you are an angel! So precious, you look like a stuffed animal! I mean that as a compliment.”

“Proceed to the dark room, nothing to be afraid of. It’s standard procedure. Turn around. You will stay here until you copulate. There is the water and food bowl. Oh there isn’t? Well, it’s not dinner time yet! I will check back on you tomorrow. Too cold? That shouldn’t stop the forced nature from taking its course. What are you looking at me for? Noone is going to make your picture! This is your third litter anyway, noone expects you to survive this one. So, you’d better produce as many as you can.”

An insight into a generic puppy mill

Ignorance is bliss. Not knowing what is going on behind closed doors, not witnessing a miserable existence which serves a single purpose –to breed so that someone can cash in her lifesource- is a bliss. A bliss so precious that an average pretentious, fashion-crazed, botoxed new money is proud to carry around the offspring of that miserable existence. Royal Teacup Puppies and Boutique Teacup Puppies are only two of many teacup puppy breeders who shamelessly produce minibreed puppies, a breed that originally does not and should not under any ethical or humane pretext be forced to exist to begin with. The fact that there is a chance the teacup puppy one purchases will be healthy, can hardly justify massproducing miniature puppies when thousands of perfectly healthy puppies are gassed or injected to death every single day in the United States.

But there is no point in addressing the 2553 (as of 06.12.2011) members of this shameless factory which hides its callous disregard for the lives of these puppies and their parents under the cloak of alleged faux fur and celebrity culture. Those members are probably too deep in royal sleep. But it is our duty not only as animal rescuers but as human beings who have looked into the eyes of a dog waiting to be killed because noone adopted him, dying of a curable disease in a shelter, dumped on the streets after giving birth to enough “cash”, those eyes that unmistakably tell you the world without an utterance, it is our duty to put an end to this. Because be assured, if we do not, NOONE will.

Newton is one of the many Chihuahuas that day DAILY in shelters across the USA because at least 2553 people are not interested in a puppy who will not weigh more than 2 pounds.


Write to Mimi and to Ashley Anderson, the founders of this brutal business on the Royal Teacup Puppies Pageand Boutique Teacup Puppies and on their e-mails at RoyalTeacupPuppies@gmail.com andboutiqueteacuppuppies@gmail.com and  urge them to share the pictures of the breeding facilities as well as the mothers of the puppies.

Ask them why they are not interested in saving lives of puppies in kill shelters being the bundle of love they are.

Ask them how much of each $5000 is spent on improving the living conditions of the teacup mothers.

Ask them for the list of veterinarians she consults with to make sure the puppies do not carry any genetic diseases and will not experience terrible pain because of arrested development.

Ask them how long the teacup mothers live, how many litters they produce.

Ask them about the fate of the teacups who do not turn out “perfect.

And most importantly ask them if they have any decency left to give straight answers to these questions.

DO IT NOW! Help us introduce them to a basic sense of decency. This is one of those cases where silence is a crime.

And ask yourselves, and ask Royal Teacup Puppies Factory: Can life be measured by one’s index finger? And if it can, how much is it REALLY worth?. Let’s put these monsters out of Business… LEAVE A COMMENT in the blog and please SHARE this post across your social networks.. . SHARE!!!



Following our blog, we have just received an absolutely hilarious email. It was obviously written under duress and stress… It comes from Alex Freire, Kiki Hamman “Career Manager”… are you ready? it’s kind of nasty…

Alex Freire via myletsadopt.com
21:48 (27 minutes ago)
to Viktor

Dear Mr. Viktor,

Consider this a one time advise.

Kiki Hamann Group is a corporation in the business of Luxury Eccentric item with a division manufacturing products for ALL kinds of dogs.

Kiki Hamann Group gives thousands of dollars to Dog charity year around.

Kiki Hamann group provide shelter for rescued dogs, cats, rabbits, ferrets, birds etc…

Kiki Hamann Group it is not in the business of breeding animals of any kind, selling animals of any kind and as we do not support animal cruelty or puppy millers!

Kiki Hamann group is a decent profitable corporation that loves animals in a health not fanatic or radical way.

Kiki Hamann Group does not use real animal fur never did and never will. (they only use leather, but that’s ok )

Kiki Hamann group is very much concerned with its integrity, name and reputation and will save no money to keep it real.

Kiki Hamann Group is located around the globe including Turkey, Venezuela and Colombia (and here he makes it sound really scary!)

Kiki Hamann Group’s legal department is directed by Kiki Hamann’s Brother in Law, a very famous, wealth, vicious and determined lawyer (how come everyone has a rich lawyer in the family lately?), who coordinate cases around the globe and will be quite happy to help her to protect her name from being slandered for any reason and any one.

Kiki Hamann group Will not tolerate you, your organization, your followers to create criminal anarchy, criminal slander, chaos, inflammation (??) and false image in its daily life and will respond with full power.

Kiki Hamann as a person is a big time dog lover, full of great deeds!

We/She feels that you are misjudging her/us very much and by using her to hurt RTC you will buy yourself a war with a powerful group and we think that you can use that much money that you will spend in the court of law defending yourself in several countries into helping more animals! Be wise and be real.

RTC has no associations with the Kiki Hamann Group other than being a customer.

We will and cannot afford to have any association with her due to the nature of your accusations!

But we cannot refuse her business based only on your war with her.

We ask you kindly to remove all possible criminal references to Kiki Hamann as a person and as a business immediately as we will ask RTC to also do the same.

You have above all the facts about kiki Hamann and I honestly hope it will clear your precipitated attack and serve you as an eye opener to the truth.

As I write you this friendly email (yes.. that was friendly indeed!) I have a team of professional investigators with lots of incentive preparing me a report for Ms Hamann on your life since the day you were born!

So lets keep it easy and do the right thing which is what I am telling you to!

Please govern yourself aaccordingly

Alex Zapparolli Freire
KHCC Corp. VP-Director of Operations &
Celebrity Designer Kiki Hamann’s career Manager
Press Kit: http://www.kikihamann.com/press.htm
Press: http://www.kikihamann.com/published.htm
USA 305 321-0697 / 305-764-4095
Manufacture at 2050NW Southriver Dr Miami Fl 33125 USA
Flagship Store at Coco Walk #236 Coconut Grove Fl 33133

Ouch!… Well.. I agree, being associated with the Royal Teacup Breeders in such a public manner is extremely embarrassing, but nothing written in our blog is criminal or false… so I sent him a quick reply…






Viktor .Larkhill via googlemail.com
22:10 (31 minutes ago)
to Alex

Estimado Alex…

I’m glad you are enjoying my blog.
I suggest you read it again, and understand that I am in no way attacking Ms. Hamann.. Could you please tell me in which part of the blog do you see ANY criminal accusations on my part?
The fact that KH donates to charity is completely irrelevant in this case, as her very public association with such an embarrassing outfit raises many questions.
One thing is to make ballerina tutus for dogs, the other is to allow her image and reputation to be tarnished by her public association to such a cruel and hideous business.
Now Alex, please stop puffing your chest and relax. I understand the whole thing must be quite embarrassing to you but think about it.. by choosing to associate yourself with the lowest kind of irresponsible breeders this was meant to happen at some point or another. You were just lucky that you live in a totally hypocritical society that didn’t bother pointing out the association.
You make coats for dogs and sell them at extortionate prices. I am an animal activist, ready to expose animal cruelty, wherever it is.
That’s what we do.
I suggest you take a hard-line stance against Teacup breeders, encourage Spay and Neuter, responsible breeding AND adoptions from the Florida shelters.
Do the right thing… whether is me the one that tells you to do it or
not… just do the right thing.


Viktor Larkhill


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  1. karen lyons kalmenson says:

    humans with teacup brains and ravenous wallets:(

    and the scariest part…people are going to BUY these little creation, keeping the misery going

  2. “Can life be measured by one’s index finger?” perfectly said !
    gona send them msg now!!!!!!!

  3. Shared via FB and on my anti-teacup animal blog…. This business must be stopped. Horrendous.

  4. Why don’t they just get guinea pigs? They are small and under 2 lbs, mine loved to be pet, very docile….

  5. LIZ SPINA says:

    How can life be measured in that way. This is evil and greedy people will keep it going. Stop it think of their lives

  6. Only stupid ignorant retarded creatures accept to buy these dogs!
    What about the breeders?!!! They are ugly oxygen thieves who should be spayed to stop them from breeding morons like them! We keep neutering the wrong species!

  7. these breeders should be arrested. And please please we need more education about this issue so people stop buying teacup pets. A bigger pet can still be happy in a small flat, even in a caravan, if someone will spend time with the animal and care for them. space means very little to a dog, they want to be with their human whether you have a 24-room-mansion or a bedsit. they need care, exercise (outdoors with the human!!) and love. not necessarily a big house.

  8. Judie Wong says:

    There is no cure for stupidity.( buyers)

  9. jt waldie says:

    On my letter writing campaign now! doG, how I hate these “people” who arent really people at all. They are demons covered in human skin-masquerading as human wannabees!

  10. Haha.. “teacup brains”.. Only morons who known nothing but to show off their wealths are interested in this kind of horror. What?!.. Having a bag made of fur can make you famous??.. Or petting dogs in your palms can make them cool??.. Or are they just seeking for attentions?!.. Those guys might be suffering from ADHD..

  11. There are plenty of mice and hamsters that need homes, why not just adopt one, they are the same size and also need a home. This is totally digusting.

  12. Raciel Fernandez says:

    What a revolting human being – if one could still call her that. She is a monster covered in rhinestones and bad karma. I knew the whole operation was disgusting, but reading her comments lowers it to sub-human standards. Slaughter houses at least produce a product to feed people, albeit a gruesome one. But this witch is purposely producing disposable accessories of living, tiny, breathing, feeling, hurting creatures…..for money.

    And if they don’t meet your standards she makes a tongue and cheek comment of killing them in the “rainbow room”. She needs to go down! She needs to be put right out of business. I mean who wants a Mimi puppy with this kind of bad PR? “What do you say, you got a Mimi? Oh, you know those are those bad karma doggies.” Bye, bye, Mimi. Hope you’re next business venture is making minuture burgers.

  13. Raciel Fernandez says:

    I think this needs to be sent to Ellen DeGenerous to show on her daytime show.

    These animals are full of genetic disease caused from breeding them small. They will have a life full of pain and suffering because of this ‘genetic engineering’. DON’T BUY THESE DOGS!!! Adopt from a shelter and save a life! Don’t support these breeders who deal in CRUELTY and have no concern for the life or health of these animals – to them they’re just another commidity.

  15. Dr.Sandeep K Jain says:

    No ! to Teacup Puppies….

  16. Dr.Sandeep K Jain says:

    N to teacup puppies!!!

  17. Anna Templer says:

    Well look at them! Pinch faced losers with no life clearly! Everything about them is created, including their faces.

  18. Liss Markussen says:

    OMG , of course it should be the next for the VERY EGOIST AND SPOILED people :-(

  19. the two comment below were left on Royal teacup puppies site….

    C****** B***** ~ OMG your babies are so cute! My husband says when we win the lottery I can have one, I’ll keep buying the tickets :) I do have 2 chihuahuas but they aren’t tiny like yours. Love looking at your pics, they look like teddies xxx
    Sunday at 22:57 · 3

    C****** B***** ~ The comment above led to an email being sent to the cat charity where I volunteer most of waking day to, and night when people decide to call me at 12.30 am to tell me they have found a kitten! xxx
    18 hours ago · 1

    this lady is a cat protection officer?? i emailed her to inform her what this business was really about and this was my reply……..

    Thank you for your email via southampton cats protection. I am homing officer for cats protection, I also foster, take calls, pick up cats coming into care, and put the welfare of the cats before my husband and my 3 children 99% of the time voluntarily!
    As you saw in my post I do think they are gorgeous, you would have also seen that I said that when we win the lottery my husband said he will buy me one, that is after we have bought a farm and put in 20 pens to house cats protection foster cats.
    I have no intention of buying one of those puppies as I haven’t got $5000, but if I did it would have nothing to do with cats protection to be honest. They get more that 40 hours of my time a week voluntarily, each of our branches are run by volunteers, I know exactly what happens to the ones that aren’t small enough, right colour, age etc as I deal with it every day, we take them in, look after them and find homes for them.
    If I wasn’t an animal lover I wouldn’t do what I do.
    You didn’t want to seem too invasive but you thought it was ok to email my branch, I also help with the emails! I’ve copied in our co-ordinator as she didn’t know what you were talking about.
    Thanks again for your concern but I won’t be buying a puppy in the near future

    AND THIS IS THEIR LATEST STUNT ~~~ Royal Teacup Puppies ~ I have a special album call “Enter to win Free Puppy…Photo Contest” from there you will see most of their puppy contest photo…
    18 hours ago · 1


  20. and if you’re in facebook, please join this group https://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/BAN-Royal-Teacup-Puppies/206568856088479 where we can discuss and find ways to reach the general media (such as local newspapers in Houston, where this particular business is located) and generate attention for this teacup puppy breeding which goes against anything that can be considered civil, wise and animal friendly. There are more companies run from within Facebook, check the group page above for more info. thank you, let’s all help raise awareness and let people know…

  21. Claudia S says:

    These buyers and sellers are both terrible , dogs are living creatures like us.We should respect them instead of messing with their genes and nature.I think that dogs are not just toys, you can’t simply claims that you’re a dog lover if you love dogs just simply from their level of cuteness and size. Do you think that the smaller the dog the cutest the dog’s?? i would simply call these people pathetic for having such simple minded thinking .What if in the future dogs wouldn’t be able to reproduce anymore??? why human can be so heartless???

  22. Mutlu Jones says:

    Thank you Viktor,

    I have been waiting for this blog. Great blog, well said. I am waiting for the day that her “BUSINESS” is down for good! I am sending them an email as well……

  23. candy rene says:

    Im not into judging but this is ….beyond normal , first off yes Leigh what you said , and then how can you do this to these dogs overbreed them inbreed them underbreed them and everything inbetween ,why??? Just why???? Dont you know dogs get killed by the thousaunds stuck in the heart and and and , they also starve to death get beaten they are neglected an you have the mindeset of a very ignorant spoiled and rotten business woman these are animals not damn toys if you like toys go to the store and get one and dress it up in those ridicolous bags and clothes you have.Or better yet feed some kids and get them clothes and food who cares about someone named KIKI i never heard that name before shes not so famous . Im disgusted ,this is going to give me nightmares ….Kudos to you and yours!
    8 minutes ago · Like.

    Candy Rene Oh and I got my dogs at the pound for 10 dollars and you couldnt buy them off me for any money ,its not a designer mini do but Pit bulls and Pit bull mixes and a beagle imagine that?! When I could have had a micro baby what a fool i must be , maybe I will buy one of your bags and carry my 85 pound dog around since dogs dont have legs and they have to be carried and not walked ….this really hits a raw nerve!

  24. these monstrous people with monstrous hearts and brains… this is fascism… hedonistic disgusting people… hope you become one another’s leather bag someday. you fucking idiotic teacup humans. sorry for my language.

  25. Jennifer S. says:

    DO NOT be bashing Kiki Hamann – she does not promote the sale of sick puppies. She is a wonderful person who does A LOT of work for charities and raising money for dog rescue / adoptions / humane societies.
    Yes her pieces are couture but there are those out there that can afford her items and her items do not just cater to teacup dogs. That doesn’t meant that the people that buy them ONLY purchase their puppies as teacups nor does it mean that they support the sale of teacup puppies.
    I have a rescue yorkie that I adopted from the Humane Society and if I had the money I would LOVE to buy something from Kiki Hamann for him.

    I don’t agree with the creation of tiny tiny teacup puppies because like your blog states they are often too fragile and with health issues. Breeders do have to consider what is best for the health of the animals and I know there are a lot out there that don’t. They just see $$ signs. Breeders and puppy mills need to be cracked down on and laws need to be tougher.

  26. These puppies are usually ‘created’ through inducing premature labor in the mother dogs. No vet would condone this behavior, not a real one anyway. It’s fairly simple to tell which puppies were at full term when delivered and which were not. ESPECIALLY if you have ever seen a child who was born prematurely. They will exhibit a lot of the same physical signs and symptoms. One example, the size difference between the head and body will not be proportionate. This is highly illegal and is punishable by law as a class of animal abuse. You cannot legally force labor onto a dog prematurely unless it is absolutely pertinent to the survival of either the mother or her offspring, and this must be performed by an ACTUAL veterinarian. Not some quack in a basement. Honestly, I would turn her in as a hoarder and let law enforcement take it from there. =)

  27. people who do this to other living things need to go out back and put a bullet in there stupid heads…..end this act now…..assholes…

  28. Lisa Kuehl says:

    Shared on Facebook..again. Time for a national investigative report…anyone with connections?

  29. This is really sad. All the animals out there that go through so much and then this! Its makes me sick to know that there are people out there who are willing to spend money on these poor little things only to help the breeder continue to do what she does. VERY SAD! people need to wake the F up!

  30. candy rene says:

    Nobody bashed KIKI I said shes not THAT famous I have NEVER heard her name before and Its freedom of speech I can have a opinion.

  31. candy rene says:

    What ?! YOU dont know KIKI damn you common folk…….lol thats the only funny part about this ….oh and the part where MIMI has puppys on pink faux fur 😉

  32. Can I post this to her walls??? 😀 She would freak out!!

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      she has freaked out already… :-)

  33. what the fuck is that ? omg they are not even fucking dogs !

  34. Just like the woman who helps out at the Cat Protection shelter in Southampton, I too work with rescue cats, running a charity branch (NOT Cat Protection). I can hardly believe that ANYONE who has witnessed the neglect and cruelty inflicted on animals can fail to condemn, let alone wish to encourage by buying (if only she could afford to…) an animal bred in this dispicable way. You bring discredit to a very good institution, CP volunteer.

  35. Sick in New Jersey says:


  36. WOW, I mean Wow.

    Victor, it takes a lot of guts to keep doing what you are doing, and keep going, as much as i care about animals and try to help them myself as much as i can – i would hide behind my mommy’s skirt if someone so ignorant started verbally attacking me. I’m no leader, but i am a follower – and we will follow you and support you for those without a voice, you can count on us! I hope i speak for everyone when i say we.

  37. I think that this is a matter of preference, Some men like skinny women, others like big women. Some people like big dogs, others like small dogs. The angst displayed here is nothing more than personal preference.You don’t like them, don’t buy them. What is difficult about that? In the end, just face that fact . What concerns me is the harassment that has apparently resulted as a result of the person’s personal preference. It is a shame that the anonimity created by the internet permits people to say things on the net that they would never say to your face.

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Robert… I assure you I would say the same things to anyone’s face if necessary.

  38. Mary-Anne Van Den Hoek says:

    They’re NOT women!.. look at them!… I’m with Nick.. take THEM to the ‘Rainbow Room’.. and feed them lead!!!!… Beware the brainless, money grubbing twats…. what a pair!.. and the imbeciles that support them.. (How do you spell vomiting noises)…

  39. I’m really disappointed in some of the comments I see….seems like you feel the need to start trouble where it shouldn’t be started. I have purchased one of the puppies from RTP and she is happy with NO health issues what so every and she is NOT a FREAK of Nature. Small size puppies shouldn’t be bought just to be an accessory so they can be stuffed in someone’s purse or bag just to show off and if someone is doing just that, it isn’t right. Teacups,Toys, Standards are all living, breathing animals! It doesn’t matter the size of the animal…I have owned Yorkies for the last 12 years and my male had seizures from the time he was 3 months old until he passed at the age of 9 year old (he weighed 10 lbs), which he also ended up blind because of the damage the medication did to his body. For the first 4 months of his life he was given Nutri-Cal everyday for hypoglycemic and he was NOT a TEACUP size. It is up to you weather you want a small weight animal or a larger one. I have them ranging from under 1 lb to 12 lbs now and they are all as healthy as a 150 lb animal…..so you are just trying to start trouble where nothing has been done wrong. I checked other sites which I won’t mention, but RTP is doing nothing wrong, and when we are ready to purchase another Yorkie it will come from RTP. How dare you speak of this business in this way….if you had purchased one of the puppies from them and you had problems that they wouldn’t stand behind, I could see you being upset, but you have no right if you have never owned a “Teacup” to judge and slander their name. I will continue to support RTP!!!!!

  40. The size is not only issue. I personally do believe that any size of the dogs can be not healthy, althought what those breeders create is just NOT normal and unethical. Teacup is marketing word for RUNT. They breed RUNTs to get MORE runts….and charge for runts the highest prices? what a scam !!!

    I am very surprised – are you people who support something like RTP really that stupid?

    Seems like yes, you do have a teacup brain as someone told already.

    You just do NOT care about parents of these puppies, you do NOt care where they come from. And you pretend to be an animal lovers? What a joke!!!! Don’t embarrass yourself, you don”t deserve to be called an animal lovers.

  41. Robert – me too – to your face!

    and for everyone else i.e Brenda, Robert etc…. Please re-read as most people here are not saying we like bigger dogs?? we are actually concerned over the health and abnormalities of these man made ‘teacups’ do you know what happens to the ones that are too big? not cute enough, too old to sell? small dogs are cute…ur right….. but cruel. do you also have any idea how many die in the man made making of your ONE little yorkie?

  42. Defending these people is cruelty, defending the fur they sell is ignorance…
    Well ignorance is a bitch!

  43. the cat protection officer has removed her comments – hopefully she has realised the cruelty? Viktor- I am delighted ‘Mimi’ is stupid enough to be giving you publicity on her site! lol!! Keep up the good work!! :)

  44. Brenda, if you’re such a loyal client of RTP, she should be able to give straight answers to these questions, so if you could ask them and share Mimi’s answers with us….?

    How much of each $5000 is spent on improving the living conditions of the teacup mothers? From what addresses in South Korea are they obtained?

    Can you provide a list of veterinarians you consult with to make sure the puppies do not carry any genetic diseases and will not experience terrible pain because of arrested development?

    How long do the teacup mothers live, how many litters do they have to produce?

    What about the teacups who do not turn out “perfect.” what happens to them?

  45. Im totally shocked! Ive heard about teacup pigs, but never this! Thank you for your work and for the continued effort to stop this horrible breeding practice.

  46. I am officially banned from both of their facebooks all because I asked for them to show pictures of the living conditions and I asked what happens to the puppies that don’t turn out perfect. If that doesn’t show something wrong is going on then I don’t know what will. Sad =/

  47. Why don’t they just go for hamsters or gerbils. They’re automatically teacup size – in fact, 2 or 3 per teacup. Then again, I wouldn’t wish the unintelligent human who would support breeding or terrible life of “teacup” souls upon any animal at all.

  48. WTF! Sick people. They are a waste of oxygen. What about animals rights?

  49. Lisa Johnson says:

    When you first made me aware, I wrote on thier fb page that lasted a second, so I went right to thier email. Thank for making us aware of this brutality.

  50. This what happens when some immigrant from backward county where people love to eat dogs meet local rednecks with mullets hairstyle. One pretends to be something, another is too narrow minded because doesn’t want to know what is behind the cuteness. Those pretenders still don’t have ANY intelligence. Agree, these fake people are a waste of oxygen. And btw, i wouldn’t trust Kiki either. I am pretty sure, she does know the true. she just doesn’t care.

  51. That is unbeleiveably cruel and inhumane!. I am disgusted at the human waste responsible, who are driven only by greed!

  52. maisie smillie says:

    Oh for the love of animals I posted all questions you asked I await answers Keep going Viktor :)

  53. Simon Pearson says:

    Only someone with a totally impoverished personality could seek to manipulate animals for their petty vanity and self-esteem..

    People like this make one realize that, far from being the superior species, many of the human race are indeed simplistic organisms.

    One thing is for sure, these people like small. It is obviously in keeping with their brains.

  54. ok…. along with the cat protection officer from Southampton that wanted a teacup – NOW!!! a lady ‘Andrea’ who runs an animal rescue is inquiring into getting one???? http://rattiemommysallcarerescue.webs.com/
    RACR is a rescue site for rescuing dogs, cats, rabbit, ferrets,Chinchillas, hamsters, birds, rats, mice and reptiles.
    I have reported to WSPCA and Huston animal rescue – surely you cant legally give pups away in a raffle / xmas contest??
    Does anyone know how to get the facebook page closed? and then the website? and then her!

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Not everybody in animal rescue is in it for the same reasons…

  55. Sabine Nowack says:

    Ms.Mimi :
    Why does report her not the death of baby Gracie on your page http://www.facebook.com/RoyalTeacupPuppies?sk=wall ?
    Our critical comments are simply deleted …But this does not matter …we have yes our blog …I hope you will the comments here read…her are for me, only money horny and perverse animal abusers …!!!

  56. Courtney jane says:

    Thats fucking disgusting…i hate some humans!! what a fucked up race!!! (excuse my language but it makes me wild!! and no offence to us who live to do goode…the bad need gasing.)

  57. the above is no my website but i think it has some great info. as a master groomer i’ve always had to break the news to my clients that there is no such thing as a teacup and that they have purchased substandard animal. “but we paid $5000 for her” it doesnt matter, breed standards are put in place to protect the integrity of the said breed. you’ll never here a teacup winning best in show because they do NOT meet the standard. much like a dalmatian with a bi-colored nose they cannot be shown and should never be bred. i’ve read RTP’s descriptions of their Pomeranian’s, claiming they have a triple coat, the AKC standard for a coat for a pom is:
    The Pomeranian is a double-coated breed. The body should be well covered with a short, dense undercoat with long harsh-textured guard hair growing through, forming the longer abundant outer coat which stands off from the body. The coat should form a ruff around the neck, framing the head, extending over the shoulders and chest. Head and leg coat is tightly packed and shorter in length than that of the body. Forelegs are well-feathered. Thighs and hind legs are heavily coated to the hock forming a skirt. Tail is profusely covered with long, harsh spreading straight hair forming a plume. Females may not carry as thick or long a coat as a male. Puppy coat may be dense and shorter overall and may or may not show guard hair. A cotton type coat is undesirable in an adult. Coat should be in good and healthy condition especially the skirt, tail, and undercarriage. Trimming for neatness and a clean outline is permissible. Major Fault – soft, flat or open coat.

    You are being duped people! many of these dogs are from PBB LLC which is a network of puppy mills. if you want a good dog go to a reputable breeder, that being a breeder who breed one or two breeds, not 7 or 8, one that is endorsed by the AKC and adheres to their standards and practices.

  58. cravenacres says:

    BROKERS are no different then drug dealers, they are in it for profit and are purposely doing harm to others and death on dogs, this is why Tracy Murai from bulliepupsrus and puppyelite.com is shutting down when I told her i was going to get justice on the TWO dogs she sold me that were dead on arrival the other had a death sentence with a liver shunt and had to be humanely euthanized. He was my replacement for the one that flew in dead! You can read my factual story with all the legal info on my website, I don’t come on here anonymously like the Broker drug dealer Tracy Murai and post lie after lie to try to make herself look better. I had posted here before she had sent me change on what I was out…that’s right change! 2k from 10k that was lost! Due to diagnosis, prognosis, treatments, necropsy, shipping and a huge heartache!and after I had recieved the money promised I had it erased off complaints board. But it will be back up soon after her defamation towards me. As far as Ashley Anderson(nightingale bullies) I have never dealt with her but her very friend(Tracy Murai from bulliepupsrus and puppyelite) reported her as shipping in puppies illegally as they must be 6 months to import! good friend? now she wants to come on here and testify shes a human being too? More like monster drug dealer! We victims are human and the dogs are living breathing creatures. My first dog(Neutron) shipped had stenotic nares(pinched nostrils) and they shipped him anyway just to find him suffocated on his own vomit because he couldn’t breath while transported. This dog also came from Vortigern show kennel and bulldogs who sells to brokers like these.Here is the very woman that calls herself human so you can put a face to her comments.

  59. Boutique Teacup Puppies or Ms Puppy Connection vanished from Facebook, nowhere to be found, only some older pages turn up where the anti-teacup people also managed to find their way to, months ago and now. What is still in the air, is her Twitter account: http://twitter.com/#!/BoutiquePuppies

    Keep monitoring!

  60. Victor, I am surprised too why. I personally send the link to many animal lovers, theirs response was that it is discusting, but I haven’t seen them on page, either “like”. But a good news, since very active animal right activists have a long list to work on, they will take care on this one too. They already scheduled it. No worries, maybe sometimes they, for some reasons, don’t want show up.
    Also, Victor, I recognized a blind dog from Turkey on your page, I believe we know each other..(met in a park with our furbabies)-)))) Thanks for doing a great job !!!! I totally support you !!!!! You are a great people with a good heart !!!

  61. Hi everyone…..yes I”m the one who purchased a teacup from RTP…..she is the light of my life…..you want to know why….here it is ….I have a chronic illness (Multiple Sclerosis) so the smaller the dog the better for me….with her being so small I can take her with me wherever I go and her size makes it easier for me to care for her….she is not a fashion trend like some think…..she is my companion that helps keep me sane by loving me undconditionally and helps keep my mind of my illness….if you don’t understand my situation then don’t judge me. Why isn’t this group putting all your energy towards childhood cancer, breast cancer, heart disease……. some deadly human illness or hell why not MS…..I’m sure someone in this group has a friend or relative who is ill or dying.

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Sorry to hear about your ailments.
      Why aren’t we fighting cancer? Because we are animal activists. That’s who we are and what we do.
      Good luck in fighting your terrible disease. I wish you nothing but the best. Let me see if I can find you a puppy that is the size of a condom, maybe you can take this one around too.

  62. Brenda, common. I have a small baby, who is 7 pounds. She is my life, I have her EVERYWHERE – work, vacation, HIKING. When she is tired I can put her in my front pack, or, depends on situation, even stroller if I shopping (it is more comfortable for both of us). She is like my third hand. MANY people ask if she is a teacup, and it is irritates me so badly. There is NO a such a thing as teacup. Don’t you understand, that 7 pounds dog is STILL look small, “teacup” to some people, you can take it EVERYWHERE.

    WHY you need to support EXTREME BREEDING???!!!!!

    My dog is a NORMAL dog in her 7 pouds, she can jump from couch, she can hike for HOURS, yet, she can sit in my bag. But she is not accessory !!!!! She is happy healthy dog !!!!!

    Shame on you for not wanting to know what is behind the cuteness.
    Don’t try to make excuses.
    What you do is just supporting unethical extreme breeding, nothing else.

    Oh, as you might notice, I DO like small breeds, but NOT EXTREME SMALL.

    Yorkie should be at least 4 pounds and standard go to 7. And again…
    You mentioned that you had a 10 sick pounds yorkie.
    It is because you supported another puppy miller or backyard breeder.
    Some genetic diseases will show up at adult age, like 5-7 yo.
    So don’t be be happy that you ave a healthy runt. It is too early, sorry.

  63. Nicole Parker says:

    i also have MS, relapsing remitting MS to be specific. I foster dobermans, i own a dalmatian, doberman, and pekingese. i run a pet-sitting/boarding/grooming business, work from home so i can take care of my 20 month old son. Volunteer the large dogs for pet therapy at the local nursing home on the days my husband is actually home, help coordinate rescue transports, transport said rescues to their forever homes, add in all the chores or being a housewife, all the headaches of running a business, everything that goes with being the mother of a toddler. MS is not an excuse, if you were going to have trouble taking care of something you should have adopted a cat, they’re pretty self sufficient, they might not enjoy being closed up in a handbag but who cares what an animal thinks, as long as you’re ok with it, right?

  64. Rose Carter says:

    Disgusting practice geared towards stupid people! BUT, buy they will!!!! Is there no oversight, or is this the USDA just as in puppy mills! Only in America!

  65. I never knew this was going on till I was looking for a smaller breed dog (from a rescue shelter) since we can’t have a big dog due to yard issues (my last dog was German Shepherd)
    Thank you for posting this!

    I see some of these places selling dogs for $10k! Crazy!

    The e-mail from that person is disturbing. These people are public figures, and this is the USA.
    Please keep doing what you’re doing!

  66. Victor u need to get yourself on to some type of media outlet to expose this cruelty. You are inspiring.

  67. Dear me i I knew there were evil sick people in the world but these poor animals need love, they have feelings just like we do. Would these sickos treat their kids like these poor animals what a bunch of tits x

  68. Everyone loves what you guys tend to be up too.
    This kind of clever work and coverage! Keep up the very good works guys
    I’ve added you guys to my own blogroll.

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  69. I am so hurt by the fact that a higher power gave us the responsibility to care for and love the less fortunate, which we fail to do. The love of money is the ROOT of all evil. Liars are from the synagogue of Satan. I didn’t say it. It came from the words of God. Believe it or not. You will have to be the ones to pay for causing these mothers and babies to suffer. God loves them like He loves our human families. God is a God of judgement yet with true love. Our discipline will come through His power for what we do not for what others say and do. That is why Jesus took our sins for our past, present, and future. I know you have a heart. You have to, otherwise you would not have written the response you did. I believe in the love of God. There are so many important issues going on in this country that I believe that God is calling you for a purpose of. I will be seeking His guidance as I work on my purpose. You will be in my heart as He shows you and equip you with your purpose. My daughter and grandson were premature yet God gave them a purpose in life. How blessed I am. Don’t you know your blessings and favor is waiting for you? “FAVOR”? Please at least give these puppies a chance, like we’ve been given. “A GOOD BEGINNING THROUGH THE GRACE OF GOD, WHICH WE HAVE BEEN GIVEN FREELY.”

  70. Thank You Victor for writing this !
    As founder , head volunteer and Chi Mama I am sick amd tired of folks asking our rescue for xx- small dogs! I am sick amd tired of folks surrendering heir chihuahua, Yorkie or mix because they are to big at 6,7,8 pounds because the pimple faced brat in the Petland told them they were buying a teacup dog!
    I shared this to all Chihuahua lovers that follow us and will share it in our facebook page tomorrow it is that important !
    By the way a show chi should be 4-6 pounds – that is only 1 half the percentage of he chis out there – pet chis are normally about 6-10 pounds. A side note – mill breeders breed chis larger – up to 20 pounds so they can produce more pups without assistance – just as cruel !
    Again Thank You – find us at http://www.limbochihuahus.org or on facebook – Limbo chihuahuas – Chi/mix rescue – ADOPT don’t Shop!!!!!!!!

  71. Thanks for the work and effort you are using to protect these dogs.

  72. This is the most horrible thing I have ever heard.. I will never look at a cute little cog again the same… I just don’t understand how we humans can do this to one of Gods creations… I really hope they listen to all the outraged people here. JUST STOP TORTURING THESE POOR HELPLEES ANIMAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  73. Not all tea-cup breeders are like those you mentioned. I’ve worked for one (though not specialised tea-cup breeder). We have a few rooms and the canines are divided according to breed. My ex-boss takes in those rejected puppies because they are too small though perfectly healthy and somehow they just mate and their offsprings stay small too (it’s weird).

    The dogs in their facility are free to mate, but we observe, if it’s heading towards Incest, we seperate the siblings from one another and their parents so inbreeding is not an option. It’s just wrong.

    But from those little dogs, we do get normal sized dog too. Tea-cup puppies in the facility I worked came from the fact that those rescued small puppies produce small or even smaller puppies.

    But if you do really notice dog behaviour, they tend to mate with one similar to sized to them. So we keep getting smaller puppies. Their are occasions where a normal dog and a mini dog wants to mate, possible, but sometimes, it just can’t work (like a mini female and a normal male? Unless you want to kill the mom during birthing).

    How others breed, I don’t know. But the couple I worked for, they don’t puppy mill. Teacups should be giving big pens to stay in. And they have to be confined. Cause they are too small. They need a SPECIALISED vet. Normal vets will probably kill them faster than you killing a cockroach.

    This is something people fail to understand when adopting a tea-cup. They can’t see a normal vet. Only a very very very specialised vet, that yes, will cost sky high.

    Tea-cups also have very strict diet, because of their size. But I adopted one from a shelter, it was abandoned because he was not eating, but under my care, he lived a good life for 16 yrs. He was a poodle breed. Of course, if you count the vet and grooming specialised cost, it is almost $2000 a month. I bring him for monthly checks and weekly grooming. His tea-cup canine tinies specialised spa cost me another $1000. All these are monthly.

    So if taken proper precaution, they can live to a rip old age like normal sized dogs.

    Another thing I have to inform tea-cup owners are….they CANNOT jump from a place to a place they will break their bones! They can only walk for a short distance! So if you want a tea-cup, you have to constantly carry them. Keep an eye on them, don’t let them jump.

    Of course, health issues are present in every canine regardless of size. So seek specialised tinies vet. I can’t bring my poddle’s off-spring to where I live because in my country, we do not have specialised vets.

    P.S.: our tea-cup parents do live about 12-15 yrs, depending on the breed.
    This is just sharing. I stayed in the States and worked for this couple for 20 yrs before I came back to my birth country because of my ailing parents.