Amala Akkineni must go

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You Either Die a Hero, or Live Long Enough To See Yourself Become the Villain

What follows is likely to shock many of our Indian readers but it it won’t be a surprise to anyone involved in international animal welfare, a cause that shares a common sets of heroes and villains all around the world.
Today we are going to pay a close look at someone that through her position in her own organization and her dealings with the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation is indirectly responsible for the torture and death of thousands of animals in Hyderabad. That person is no other than Amala Akkineni and her organization, the Blue Cross of Hyderabad.

Many of you have asked us, what is the Blue Cross position in the GHMC pound scandal? Why haven’t they made any statement or taken any measures to improve the situation there? The Blue Cross of Hyderabad has known about the atrocities at the pounds the whole time and never, not once, has said or done anything about it.
The answer is simple. Amala Akkineni is no longer the Hero she used to be. Amala and her organization have switched sides.
Amala Akkineni is the head of the Blue Cross of Hyderabad, unfortunately the only animal welfare organization with Animal
Wellfare Board of India (AWBI) approval in Hyderabad to deal with dogs. They have a contract with the GHMC to sterilize 6000 dogs.
Amala Akineni is also an executive member of the AWBI, someone part of the inner circle.
Why didn’t Amala Akkineni stand up for the dogs when she has known all along that this was going on?
Amala, a former movie star herself is married to Nagarjuna, an ageing but still popular idol. Amala, a  rubber doll with a
perfect smile stamped across a beautifully made up face is the darling of the AWBI.
A charming puppet that hates activists and anyone that tries to push for any real improvement on the lives of the stray dogs of India. Someone that, like Faust, has sold her soul to the devil, in the hope that, by nor ruffling any feathers she will be able to help a few dogs, whilst tens of thousands live a dire existence of appalling cruelty.
Amala Akkineni will go as far as sabotaging any efforts by volunteers to improve the situations at the pounds and will never raise her voice against any of the atrocities commited by the GHMC for fear of loosing her favored position and her existing contract.
What is the use of such a person in a Monitoring Commitee designed to keep check and balances and stop the atrocities commited on the dogs of Hyderabad?
Mayor Banda Karthika Chandra Reddy has been exposed for what she is, an inefficient, corrupt and rambling fool that from her shabby offices at the GHMC will prefer to issue ridiculous denials instead of taking any real steps to improve a situation that brings shame and embarrassment not only to her city, but the country as a whole. It is now time for Amala Kineni to leave the monitoring commission and her position at the AWBI.
The solution to all of this torture and death is simple. The correct implementation of ABC. It is obvious that the current set of players is too corrupt and complacent to take any concrete steps. So we must force those players to step down.

Please Sign the petition and demand the resignation of Amala Akkineni from her position at the Animal Welfare Board of India.
Alternatively, you can drop her an email on leave a message at their Facebook Page or, even better, send a quick SMS to her personal mobile: +91 9989 944 106 and politely ask her to resign from her position at the AWBI and leave her place to someone possessed of the integrity and character necessary for this very important job.

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  1. Indeed…!!

  2. Elke Winkler says:

    What a shame. This affair becomes more and more dirty – it is like walking in the mud !!! She has a high position in an organisation which should exist to help the animals – what a hypocrisy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. özhan andac says:

    just :(

  4. jt waldie says:

    Banda Reddy has been reported to Ambassador Prabhu Dayal, WPSA, Peta Norfolk Virginia Office, IFAW and others to name a few.

  5. I worked for BCH and SPCA Hyd. previuosly. Since years Amala is sitting on AWBI board and is a member in ABC monitoring Committee, she knows lots of “in and out’s” of things work and not work, USING her expertise and Commitment, MAKE her the responsible person to DEAL with GHMC, because, now THERE IS POUPLAR SUPPORT, and GHMC, cannot IGNORE, hundred THOUSANDS VOICES,
    I KNOW she is fighting with other groups, but they are all small when U COMPARE GHMC and GOVT. together.
    Now, I will not ask for Amala to QUIT, instead, showing the huge public response from all over the world, SHOW her this is the time for her to ACT and BRING the change needed, not only GHMC, IT’S GOVT. that needs to ACT with all your help.

    WE [Jeff and I] Visited India, Hyderabad in Sept 2010. and helped train the vets in Pre-Puberty Spay/Neuter. we also met AMALA, she asked us about functioning of GHMC, we said, we are not happy, AMALA, asked us to put in writing the long story of how things are bad, and how things can be improved with minimal efforts and same available resources and all our observations, so that ‘She’ can take up the issue with GHMC or any concerned authority. In the end, we did not write anything because, we were lost in our busy schedule and left India, to our next major campaign in Mexico.

    Anyways, you can’t PUT all the blame on one person.
    My recommendation if you want: Give her a chance to PROVE with all the Popular support, now you generated , if she FAILS, ask her to STEP-DOWN.

    INDIA acheived Independence through Gandhi, but Gandhi alone did not bring Independence.

    Dr. Raj Gaddam

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Dr. Raj…
      I believe she has had enough chances over the years. Furthermore she has a massive popular reach that she has squandered.
      I really believe it’s time for her to take a step back and resign honorably.

  6. This is a nightmare for these poor animals many will die before they are rescude, shame on India, :((

  7. Sheila White says:

    “You Either Die a Hero, or Live Long Enough To See Yourself Become the Villain” Is this a Viktor original? It is brilliant! : )

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      No.. it wasn’t me.. it a quote by Batman… :-)

  8. Whatever happened to those that have a heart? What will God think when you go to heaven? There is an old saying about taking care of the animals. The animals you harm on Earth, today, will stand as your judge, tomorrow.

  9. julie landmichael says:

    karma is going to get you and soon you need to be hang for the torture you are doing to animals you are going to be punish julie

  10. An another monster!!!
    An beauty???
    See her face, bllllhhhhh, see her eyes, she need glasses to!!!

  11. there were days when animals were dying on roads with accidents, rabies and scabies.. she was the only one who put up a place for them, has given up her film career to serve and treat these animals for free.. she is one of the very few who have rightly used her celebrity status for a good cause… being one single lady she has done much more than anyone from place like a Hyderabad that a man can do and she is still doing, sadly no-one recognizes her history in field of animal welfare, if it was’nt for her many animals would have died a hapless death on roads, and many of us volunteers in hyderabad would have had no clue where to take the suffering animal for free treatment… if a batsman scores a 99 runs and looses the 100th ..everyone is after the 100th and get cursed for it. its very disappointing that some one like her is going thru this and getting this for her service to mute beings..

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Rindha… this is very common. Many organizations start well but as they grow become political and loose track of their real goals and, very often, their souls.
      PETA is one of such organizations.
      We hope this campaign will help Amala regain perspective of the things that really matter.

  12. I agree with Viktor. If Amala wants, she could have brought a change using her popularity or the political connections she has.

  13. blackmonster says:

    i just hate amla . please go back let others come forward.

  14. Naresh Raghavan says:

    I am confused. What is the issue here? Is it about the sterilization? – “…They have a contract with the GHMC to sterilize 6000 dogs.” I wish the blogger was a little clear.
    If it is sterilization I dont see anything wrong in sterilizing stray dogs. When humans themselves opt to be ‘sterilized’ why not stray dogs which cant fend for themselves and become a nusiance and burden to society.

    But anyway whatever the issue, simply blaming Amala seems to be quite immature. Just because you can start a blog does not give you a right to write bad things about people. And to attack her personally with terms such as ‘Rubber doll” etc is really low. She has devoted her time and a lot of personal money to help improve the state of Animals in Hyd via Bluecross and does not deserve these kind of mean comments. I would suggest the author spend some time understanding the ‘grown up’ issues around animal welfare before passing judgement. Peace and wisdom.

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      This is not just a blog… feel free to get back on it.. it has been published for the last five years and it has uncovered and brought chance not to one but many many similar issues.
      The grown up issues around animal welfare are precisely those that we are trying to change.. Corruption, nepotism, conflict of interest. Maybe you should make an effort in understanding those issues and their effect on the life of the animals?
      Peace and Wisdom to you.

  15. sad to see that ppl are putting the blame on 1 person for the conditions of dogs in ghmc. whatever happened in those pounds is horrible but its wrong to put a person like amala in the spotlight for this

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Amala doesn’t bear the full responsibility, but she plays a part in this game of denial…

  16. Naresh Raghavan says:

    From your blog it appears that you live in Turkey so I am wondering how you can write about matters in Hyderabad with such conviction? I know Amala personally and she operates on a non profit basis. In fact she spends a lot of her personal money to help support the cause of animals in the world. One of the core goals in her life is to better the condition of animals in this world!
    Everything she does by serving on Government boards is to try and influence a better outcome for all stray animals in the city. If things in the Govt pound are bad DESPITE her influence and connections you can well imagine how it must have been before Bluecross and she existed! There is no one really who has done so much for animals in my state than her. To denounce her so easily is wrong and does not agree with your views as another animal lover. I think you must have been decieved into believing such stuff by someone with ulterior motives. I am a life member of Bluecross and keep abreast of Bluecross achivements annually. Check out her website and read up about her and I am sure you will realize her true identity!
    Naresh Raghavan

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      My geographical position is irrelevant. I assure you I am more up to speed with animal related events from here than 99.9% of the locals living blissfully unaware at spitting distance where atrocities are happening.
      Our work relies on our network of volunteers on the ground. They are the eyes and ears of this organization.
      I, contrary to you, have not been indoctrinated and don’t have to accept a website propaganda just because it says so… we have the luxury or digging deeper and looking into reasons why things are as they are.
      IF you are not happy about the situation of the dogs in India, do something to change it, but don’t come to me telling me to check yet another website.

  17. Naresh Raghavan says:

    Firstly, you are a brave man to have published some of my initial ‘sharp’ comments!
    Secondly, I live in Chicago and don’t really know the first hand details of this issue so let’s rest that point.
    But what got me riled up is the ‘personal’ manner of the attack. This is not really about the dogs is it? This is too vindictive. Dragging her personal attributes and husband into it all point to the fact that the person who has written it has a personal connection to the matter. There is too much malice in the words Viktor. And that is left for you alone to reflect or investigate…

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Sure… why wouldn’t I approve it? I have my views, you have yours.
      I wrote the article. I don’t have any particular grudge against that woman BUT, after investigating the matter this is what her current stance inspired me. Sorry… understand that this is not a newspaper, this is a personal blog and therefore my personal opinion and impressions.

  18. she has certainlystarted with the best of in tentions but has become indifferent and even callous or why else does she go with hammer and tongs at some of the animal activists who are spending their own money and time to help the animals in distress. On several occasions, she has rudely brushed aside the help sought by these good samaritans. She has even threatened to black list them from Blue Cross and refuses to admit animals brought to her shelter by these people, Does she feel insecure and that people want her post? Her behaviour has been disgusting . Surely her conscience pricks her! The devil take her.

  19. The recent tirade against Amala has been as alarming as it is distressing. I concede, on the one hand, that I do not have much insight into the intricacies of the issues raised by her critics like interntional AW campaigner Viktor Larkhill, Niva, Rana & Sheila White or, for that matter, Amala’s own defence if any so far.However,since both her critcs and
    apologists like Dr. Raj Gaddam,Amritha,Rindha & Naresh Raghavan have the commonality of animal interests at heart may I share certain of my own perspectives/perceptions which might be deemed pertinent with the entire group which has recently blogged on the issue?
    Animal exploitation/sufferings, like corruption, is a global problem with mammoth dimensions,complexities, ramifications and a long,demoralising history to it and
    well-meaning activists world over have been striving thru decades to optimally alleviate if not totally eradicate animal pain caused by mankind.Even in developed countries,
    relevant legislations to outlaw/curb animal abuse/torture in several areas could at all be brought about only thru protracted and convoluted campaigns spanning even decades thanks to colossal vested interests on the one hand and lack of awareness on the other. But the boon in advanced countries is that once relevant legislations are put in place, the effective implementation of same alongside suitable deterrants follow in a relatively smooth sequence thanks to stiff accountability standards and transparency
    requirements faced by the establishment itself. This is a far and dismal cry from the prevalent state of affairs in developing countries like India which also dubiously tops the
    global list (more or less) in matters such as populaton explosion, child labour,corruption, poverty,illiteracy,gender discrimination et al as well ! Herein, both by default and despite enlightened & perseverent activism, the govenmental machinery itself obdurately ends up being the core of the problem and not the solution even in enactment of its own good laws. In such a vicious and choking scenario, even dedicated individual campaigners holding supposedly powerful positions cannot be entirely and exclusively faulted for what is basically a failure/dereliction of the entire system.
    A dedicated anti-corruption crusader like Anna Hazare might eventually succeed in bringing in tough and efficacious anti-corruption laws thru mass movements, but several Anna Hazares -in -the making would have to valiantly keep up vigil and ensure their meaningful and effective enactment again with the backing of awakened masses ! In battling all long-standing & large-scale social evils,be it corruption or animal exploitation, the strength ,dynamic support and vigilance of the people’s power is an indispensable and vital asset.What dedicated crusaders like Ana Hazare actually accomplish/contribute to the traditionally neglected causes plagued with humungous vested interests is to galvanise the colossal people’s power that has been waiting to unleash itself and give it a clear direction. In the course of their endeavours such charismatic leaders would invariably & understandably encounter criticisms fair & foul, cynicisms, threats,subversive tactics and what not which only serve to harden their resolve. The involved public should also be discerning enough not to lose sight of the larger picture at stake and not be lost in subjective assessments which often amount to missing the wood for the trees.
    The very fact a celebrity of her profile and background has chosen to champion such a sensitive and unpopular cause as animal rights/welfare in a country like India, actually
    merits a temple built and dedicated to her as much as the likes of Khusbhoo or alternatively be at least hailed as a welcome development akin to the advent of Shri Anna Hazare on the anti-corruption battle-field.The notoriously neglected cause she(Amala) primarily represents would inevitably and almost by default benefit immensely by her eminent continuance in the arena. She has also strained every bit to walk the extra mile to proactively enhance awareness right from grass-root level for this thankless and daunting crusade as only a charismatic and dedicated activist like her can do-both on her own accord and in spontaneous response to humble suggestions from ‘lay comrades’ as well.
    Even granting there is considerable substance in the contentions of her detractors , I surmise that the criticisms at the most pertain to ineffective & unassertive functioning
    despite holding exalted positions or even indifferent responses to animal-exigencies contrary to her own alacrity & diligence of earlier times, I do not however discern any basic lack of integrity / commitment in the targeted activist.
    While not intending to take up cudgels for the much-maligned activist or downplay any of her genuine/perceived failures/derelictions in the official positions she holds, may I
    earnestly and humbly exhort one and all conferring on this issue to rerate the true nature and enormous potential of an asset that the likes of Amala actually personify in this
    marginalised sector of animal-neglect? For sheer emphasis, I would resort to the analogy of commercial propoganda for products like automobiles,two-wheelers,home
    appliances et al. Charismatic celebrities roped in to endorse various products thru electronic and other media do end up phenomenally promoting sales not by virtue of any
    expertise or insight they possess about the manufacturing process or even the research and development activities that precede it.It is good enough that the ‘advocates’ enjoy
    enough mass appeal and credibility (about promoting only genuine/qualitative products, notwithstanding quantum of pecuniary compensation). A conscientious animal activist
    like Amala might strongly believe and opt to serve the animal cause thru hands-on involvement and endeavours as she irrefutably makes thru the BCH and even strive to
    partcipate in governmental efforts and measures purported to protect and promote animal interests; but in the process if she ends up getting unwittingly embroiled in the
    unseemly intricacies that are indeed an integral and inevitable part of all major organised campaigns for any cause, the collateral damage is actually in terms of forefeiting or at least drastically undermining the special and unique contributions such stars with their glamorous connections can certainly make in the direction of mass awareness-a very vital and crucial aspect of the pro-animal Movement.
    Amala-bashers and sympathisers alike (self included) would therefore do well to rather prudently pool our thoughts,imagination,creativity & other resources to derive
    maximum mileage out of the special advantages such a gifted activist and the like alone could impart to this neglected and unpopular cause. Censuring her for failures and
    omissions in difficult areas in which even veteran crusaders have failed to aquit themselves and on such grounds seeking to unceremoniously evict such a genuine
    animal-lover would be tantamount to throwing the baby out with the bath-water. Genuine animal-lovers and level-headed comrades could do better than that – they could perhaps
    thru collective wisdom help redefine an apt and effective role and conserve the unique value-additions such players can bring to the movement.

  20. It’s a shame that animal welfare is also into politics n blame game. Every issue has two sides. I personally had only encouraging response from Blue Cross Of Hyderabad whenever I needed their help.

  21. people dnt simple dnt blame blue cross and amala

  22. Blaming someone who volunteers for animals that they are the problem is the laziest, shameful activism. if you want to do something for animals then DO IT. your vindictive words to a volunteer and founder is NOT a service to animals, it is an EXCUSE for you to do nothing but talk, talk, talk.

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      I invite you to read this blog and then rephrase your statement.

  23. Hi,

    Today I visited an exhibition at Kukatpalli area in Hyderabad and there was a pet show going on….A boy was holding two rabbits very unethically and even after my interference they did not bother at all. I did not enter the pet show but the way they are handling rabbits outside the pet show was not acceptable.

    Please take some necessary steps at the earliest.