Rescued animals: Expiry date

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48 hours, that’s the life expectancy of a rescued kitty in the hands of your average turkish animal lover.

If after 48 hours a solution is not found, the only alternative for a great number of animal lovers in this country is to dump their rescues in a park in the middle of night.

You see all those Facebook posts by animal lovers in need of finding an urgent home for their rescues. Now, think about it… where do those animals end up?

I know where… they end up in parks, in forests, in factories… they end up dead.

Here he is, his name is Magnus… he is blind and he is looking for a home.

The difference between this case and the other ones you see is that Magnus doesn’t come with a expiry date.

Do you have what it takes to be Magnus’s family? Write to me…

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  1. It breaks my heart to see and hear things like this.There is nothing worse than a luke warm person,either you are some thing or you are not,as we say here in Greece,you can’t be a little bit pregnant,either you are or you are not,so either you are an animal lover or you are not,if you are you will act accordingly and responsibly if you are not at least admit it and avoid contact with the animals,what do you prove by saying you will help only to discard the animal like a piece of garbage when you become inconvenienced?where is your love and respect you say that you have for the animals?I wish that I could adopt that poor little mite,but I already have 2 indoor cats which I rescued from the streets here .

  2. Julia Leyva Augier says:

    Hope, lil Magnus will be adopted in a loving and caring home:-)

  3. Grrr…this pisses me off SO much…why do people bring home animals if they know they are gonna just abandon the poor guys???

    There should be laws against that sort of thing, and strictly enforced; unfortunately, governments care less about animals, and care more about their pocket books, etc etc…

  4. Arzu Adakan says:

    Viktor, any news about a new home for Magnus? If you can’t find a good home for him and if you can send him here, I’ll be his new mommy. Please, keep me posted.
    How can I thank you for saving so many lives?

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Arzu.. Magnus found a home in Seattle.. Melissa Keenan..
      she is one of our closest members..

  5. Arzu Adakan says:

    Viktor, I’m so happy for Magnus and jealous of Melissa. :))
    You can always count on me, especially on these difficult cases.

  6. Judy Watson says:

    Who were all those people demonstrating about the cat someone killed, Where the HELL are they? or were they there just because it was they place to be.
    maybe we don’t have the same numbers here, but the ones that are out, are animal lover, and end up with many in their home.
    And someone who returns a dog or cat because it pooped on the floor, How amazing is that????, they should never have an animal, let alone a child>
    if a animals poops or pees on the floor, clean it up and get over it for God’s sake,They obviously were not animal loving people to begin, with, all these rescued animals aren’t the perfect cats and dogs from from TV commercials, give them a chance. Where is the compassion and kindness????????????O yeah I forgot PATIENCE!