Why Let's Adopt Feeds RAW

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Sushi eating Raw Chicken
Sushi eating Raw Chicken

Dear Friends,

I know most of you don’t agree with me on this issue but once again I need to tell you about why I feed my animals raw and why it is one of the three conditions for adoption of our animals to feed them raw.

There are many reasons why, after a lifetime spent in company of dogs I have come to this conclusion but I will summarize them in one:

Dog s and cats are carnivores, and carnivores evolved to eat meat. Raw meat. No man-made diet can hope to compare to fresh natural whole food.

The rest is pure logic… better dental health, improved inmune system, no more allergy issues, improved muscle tone, and in the long run, a fuller and happier life.

Contrary to pet shops and veterinary generic xanax no insurance clinics I have nothing to sell you. My only interest is the health of our animals. And even if none of you ever decided to do the right thing and switch to raw I couldn’t really care less.. but I do care about the kind of life the animals that fall under the responsibility of this group will have  for the rest of their life.. and this is why Raw Feeding is an essential condition to fulfill if you want to adopt (or foster) one of our animals.

I suggest you have a look at this sites and continue your research from here.




Note: I will answer any questions you may have, but I wont engage in lengthy discussions about issues that are clearly explained in those two amazing websites.

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  1. short nd sweet…’i agree’…nature is my guide’ nature i follow…’nature doesnt provide pots nd pans…’often i spend my time looking at animals ‘thou we r al animals just rational’…’wonder sumtimes who is more rational:) a beauty of a tree ‘they al ask 4nothing but the opposite ‘they keep giving’

  2. Grace Waszkiewicz says:

    I totally agree on health benefits related to carnivores eating raw meat. However, I strongly believe that the raw food should come from ethically treated animals – raised and killed in a humane way. And no hormones or antibiotics. Also, cats and dogs are domesticated for thousands of years and there is no harm if they eat some non-meat product as treats. My Lakita LOVES organic Spartan apples, and she gets them for a snack.