Sacrifice Holiday: The Yearly Shame

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So here we are again… The Sacrifice Holiday in Turkey.

I will abstain from giving my own commentary here.. it would be too harsh for many to hear.

Instead I leave you with order xanax paypal these images.. and this video.

Blood on the streets.

Turkey… 2009… There is little else to say…

Viktor Larkhill

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  1. lynda chabane says:

    Nooooooooooooooooooo!!!! I cant take much more of this sickening cruelty to animals. Bastards

  2. Sabine Nowack says:

    Monster !
    Bastard !
    Devil !

  3. My goodness, this has sickened me to the core. My heart aches for the poor animal suffering in this video. This man is truly depraved. Who is the real animal here, I certainly know the answer and I hope the rest of you do too.

  4. Modern Turkey..waiting to go into the EU
    The smell was everywhere today.
    Did Abraham really want this kind of thing ..I doubt it.

  5. An utter god damn shame!!!! That poor soul!!!!! Man is evil!!!!!!!

  6. No other species kills another for “sport” or “entertainment” or out of hate or rage … None. Humans kill because they can, and it is repulsive and disgusting. Go vegan!

  7. Lisa Shaw says:

    What on earth possesses people to do unspeakably cruel and sadistic acts and derive pleasure from it? I get off on good deeds and kindness. I enjoy movies and games. I like snuggling with my kids and four-legged family members. It would never occur to me to torture and kill something, nevermind enjoy doing it. Satan is alive and well in the corrupted souls of these heartless individuals.

  8. Mutlu Jones says:

    This video f..d up my day :(((((

  9. Sheila White says:

    What an utter waste! And it has nothing to do with it being in Turkey. Animals are abused in these ways all over the world. I did not know there was such a ‘holiday’ in Turkey, but we manage to kill animals here for entertainment and other ‘reasons’. I don’t understand how people can do the things they do to animals. We can only continue to speak out and try to educate too.

  10. Does this coward realise that he looks like a monster to the rest of the world? This fat ass is everything that is wrong with the world. Now I can put a face on it.

  11. How horrible can men be??????What is wrong with the men from Turkey???What joy do they get out of this??? …Bunch of sick Mother Fu@#rs…
    What kind of sacrifice is this??? Maybe it should happen to one of them…Why do decent people put up with this kind of abuse…

  12. Jasmine Banks says:

    ok you guys take it easy just because this happened in Turkey does not mean it doesnt happen anywhere else the Eid Holiday is celebrated everywhere in the world, in the muslim cuntries… I understand to watch this is horrific but you should understand that these animals at least were brought up in farms and taken well care of until the holiday yes they have to be sacrificed. Yes it is suffrance but its nothing compared to american mass produced animals where they dont even get a chance to see day light, forced to eat chemical based foods so they grow faster, their legs and bones gets broken during process where they cant even walk correctly during their very short lived “life” and they get killed brutally. Pay attention to that rather than accusing Turkey for following their tradition that is practiced for so many years. I love what Victor Larkhill does to spread awareness but yet he doesnt realise that he is shedding negative image to Turkey and to its people when its sad because he is well respected in Turkey. But he turns his back on them accusing them of practicing their religion.

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Jasmine.. you are missing the point somewhere…

  13. Misha Dee says:

    what joy do men (some women too) get out of hunting, gutting, skinning animals? It’s that feeling of superiority, some sadistic motives too.
    I don’t understand why animals need to be sacrificed for any ‘holiday’.
    This is not any God’s will – this is sadistic hokus pokus…
    I’m so sorry for the anguish these creatures have to endure because of us :((

  14. this is absolute outrages!!!!! I have only one thing to say…..RETARDS!!!!!! All this in the name of Allah…….

    oh go to HELL…..thats the only place where you will go and most defenently belong!

  15. Ljiljana Miletic says:

    O Jasmine, here is nothing about “accusing them of practicing their religion”, just the way they do that.
    Many world religions use likewise bloody acts, but we live in 21 century, it’s time to stop with that.It’s time stop abusing and torture animals anyway and anywhere.
    Nothing is wrong to use symbolic ways, without real killing, to practice religion.
    Comparing cruelty amount to acquit this animal treatment is out of mind!You just can’t acquit any suffering, abusing and killing.

  16. Margaret Sweeny says:

    This is horrendous horrific cruelty,why is this always happening to bulls and other animals…what the hell is wrong with you people or shuold i say whats right with you…stop treating animals like this…for these acts of cruelty…i wish in someway that horrible things will happen to these people…you deserve it!!!!

  17. I’m weeping. I’m weeping for this tortured animal, I’m weeping for our world. I’m weeping for the souls who can do something like this and still smile, still defend their right to a bloody, torturing ‘thanksgiving. Horrors like this happen around the world – here is just a graphic example to shake us out of our apathy.

    If God was next to this man, which God surely is, God is weeping too. Oh the horror, the unspeakable horror. I cannot begin to imagine what kind of human being could do this. The glee and self-righteousness…. When one’s planted seed on earth is only blackness and inflicting unspeakable horror upon others, be it animal or human, it would have been better to never have been born.

    Evil perpetuates evil. It grows and grows, until a blackness covers mankind. Pray for these monsters, pray for them – may they see the light one day, and may their remorse be so great that their hearts stop from pain.

    Oh Woe, our animals!

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Dear Eureka, thanks for your comment and thanks for spreading this post amongst your network…

      Very very appreciated.

  18. Anne Thompson says:

    Yet more sadistic cruelty towards bulls in more sickening rituals!
    The abuse, torture and cruelty these poor innocent animals endure, in the world, is endless!!

  19. no wonder you don’t comment it – it’s so f.. sick !!!!!!!!!!!!
    those people have their brains so f.. up..
    it has NOTHING to do with culture/entertainment/tradition etc.

  20. Eleni Michaels says:

    I cannot watch this video, the little that I saw was from the lowest depths of hell. These are demons who are committing this sadistic crime. Is this our modern new world where demons roam the streets and torture innocent animals. Go back to hell where you belong, burn for eternity and leave our planet. I have never commented like this before in my life but at this very moment if you could all hear me I would be screaming. Dam you all who commit these atrocities.

  21. wwhat i want for christmas is for mankind to stop treating animals in this way as its only evil sick monsters who harm or kill stop this now

  22. Deana Hart says:

    I cannot put into words anymore how these evil, mad people from hell itself, nake me feel, no way can they say this is for religious reasons, no where in the bible does it say you should cause suffering to animals, those people have personality disorders, a normal human would never be so cruel.I want them to get their punishment in this life as well as the next, i would personally machine gun the lot of them, and at least free the world from some of its vermin

  23. I do not accept the bull torture in Turkey & if people do this cruelty & barbarism , they should be certified insane & stopped from the wrongful actions.

  24. Zoiets breekt mijn hart,daarom wil ik zo fel reageren.Zo’n dieren geeft je onvoorwaardelijke liefde,dat krijg je nooit!!! van een mens.,ik ben een zachtaardig persoon maar weg met zo’n crapuul dat niet op deze wereld hoord..Een hele fanatieke dierenliefhebster.

  25. Well the question is: How can this be called a feast, and more called a religious custom?
    Of course it happens everywhere in the world, with more or less cruelty this is killing in a religious spirit, and as a Vegan I’m against it, but it is so weird…If we all are God’s children, they are too, so how can we humans kill them and make them suffer like this, in the name of God whatever we can call him is beyond my comprehension.
    I will pray for our souls until this terrible mistake finds its end.
    My pupils said yesterday it’s the Eid, that’s why some are missing, I couldn’t help telling to myself ‘There we go, the killing has begun.” and when I saw their faces, I understood that they can understand, but society leads us, and the question is: “Is it really me when I witness and tell nothing?” If not, just quit!!!

  26. Mary Ann Clark says:

    How any government or religious organization can do nothing to stop this is beyond my comprehension. You will all meet up with whatever diety who worship and punishment will be meted out. Shame on everyone who is too cowardly to stop this horror.


  28. What is the POINT of this?
    To prove what? That you are a YELLOW BELLY COWARD!!???
    OOOHHH Big man on campus! You got to kill a creature!!!
    Cant take on a MAN! That would require BALLS and you dont have enough!!!
    Come see me. I will do unto YOU what you have done to that creature!
    O Yeah! That’s right! You wont show up… unlike the BULL… you HAVE NO BALLS!
    Yellow Bellied COWARD WUZZY!


  30. Rhonda Maness says:

    This sadistic and barbaric practice has nothig to do with God and everything to do with cruelty. It is an ancient and vicious practice filled with sadism; it should be done away with in the name of Allah.

  31. Jasmine–
    That’s not practicing religion. This is just plain ignorance and uneducated people doing whatever they want bc they feel that it is the right thing to do-why?- bc everyone else is doing it. That’s retarded. And you defending it, or not admitting that is as bad as it is by using other examples makes you just as backwards as them.

    I understand you;re not defending what the man did in the video BUT COME ON…

    Are you really gonna pull the ‘poor Turkey is being attacked’ card? Get over it.

    This oh-so-innocent Turkey you talk about and speak for DIDNT EVEN CONDEM THIS MAN FOR HIS SHAMELESS AND CRUEL ACT. Was this a factor at all in your mind when you were writing your comment?

    Why don’t you start by being an example, and stop being so fucking nationalistic- bc it gets a country nowhere, as we can see firsthand.

    If you stop thinking in a nationalistic way, then you’ll see the bigger picture, the real problem at hand, realize it’s a problem, and then find ways to fix it.

    AND this has nothing to do with American meat factories. Taking something which is worse, does not make this more acceptable.

    Maybe my message is harsh, but I just can’t believe someone would make this into something about Turkey when it really only has to do with Animal rights. Rights that this animal had, which were ignored. Now the animal is dead, was someone’s dinner. Afiyet Olsun.

    Put that in your pipe and smoke it.

  32. Heather Park says:

    Whatever your religion, whoever is your God, this is not his will!!

  33. This is not God’s doings these are men torturing. Evil in two legs. This must be prohibited right away. Breaks your heart and leaves you in tears. Sick idiots.

  34. Heather Park says:

    In a statement released ahead of this year’s Eid al-Adha, Religious Affairs Directorate head Ali Bardakoğlu reminded the public that correct procedure had to be followed when sacrificing animals, and that sacrifices should take place in proper, sanitary facilities and be carried out by authorized butchers.

  35. Viktor Larkhill says:

    Ann.. your comment is out of line.. Deleted.

  36. OMG !!!!!!!!!!! and he was so proud of his actions, what is wrong with the brains of those who can do such horrible things to another living creature ?? and be proud of it ?? DO UNTO OTHERS AS WE WOULD WANT DONE UNTO OURSELVES* will he be punished accordingly ??? What goes around Comes around ??? Animal Rights Can Be Conquered, If We Pledge our Support to get them Freed from such MONSTERS.

  37. Tammy Cameron says:

    The torture man conducts is pure EVIL. Dam them all back to where they come from HELL!!!!!

  38. Beryl Jones says:


  39. Gary Kennedy-Gibbs says:

    All I can say is why – what does it prove – the guy is a complete and totally w*nker. I sure would like to meet him and introduce him to some of the pain he has cause for no reason at all.

  40. May these murderers, butchers rot in hell – I wish them the most despicable slow death – the same they inflicted on this helpless animal. How in God’s name, anyone’s name can decent people behave this way. I am so disgusted in these people – may they all rot

  41. Marie Gilman says:

    I dare not watch this video because I know I will pass out from sickness and pain. Everyone above has said everything, but again, words are inadequate. All religious festivals involving animals should be banned. We have gained some ground by stopping bullfighting in Spain at long last, now Turkey is showing up as from the same mould. They have applied to join the EU but I DO NOT WANT THEM IN!!!

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Marie… unfortunately Bullfigthing has not been stopped in Spain… yet…

  42. This is consequence of wrong position that nonhuman animal is property.But ALL sentient beings: as human as nonhuman animals ARE persons- active or passive justice subjects.No one person cannot be slave or property or object of abuse of any other person.No one person have the right to kill or abuse any other person without punishment.This is right way for help all sentient beings:human and nonhuman animals – to make them free of abuse by any way.In Third Millennium may NOT egzist slaves .

  43. And, is Alah who learn this people???
    Where is the love in the Coran….? Is terrible!!!

  44. Sandra Newell says:

    I am so fucking sick of hearing how these scumbags are doing this in the name of religion! and that is has been happening for centuries, so what? I can’t believe there is any sane, compassionate individual who would want to worship a god that demands this!!!It is time for this shit to be retired to history books! Although I can’t say I would want my grandchildren to read about it. I would love to know why doing this in sanitary facilities makes it OK? There is no excuse for this anywhere, yes I know it happens all over the world, that’s because there are sick bastards all over the world, once again, so what?

  45. Turkey again… I’m so disgusted about these barbaric criminals!

  46. Viktor Larkhill says:

    Sorry Layla.. I cant approve your comment.

  47. Berchem Marie-Ange says:

    What a brutish bestial people, it’s horrible. Stop This massacres!

  48. There are no comment for so STUPID AND IDIOTS PEOPLES, the human race will pay all the evil that has done in the millenniums to all the animals and to the nature, that will be a day happy day!! !.

  49. Maria Núñez says:


  50. Thank you so much for spreading….Shame on them! if there is any action against it, please let us know and we can organize a worldwide protest of mails

  51. Gillian M says:

    The evil that men do lives after them; the good is oft interred with their bones.

  52. What barbaric “men”, to brutalize these animals like this! It’s time for these people and this country to join the civilized world of today and leave this horror of animal abuse behind. If the government backs this kind of animal abuse it too should be held up for the world to see.

    Stop this killing and public buchery, and join the civilized people who inhait the earth.

  53. MarieTherese Hanulak says:

    I have no works for the horror I feel. My heart goes out to these poor innocent animals….I would like to do the same to these heartless males (can,t call them men)

  54. These people should be put against the wall and shot to death for what they did!!!!! Bloody disgusting!!!!!!

  55. OMG – WHY?????
    What is wrong with these so called humans??????

  56. 1st – that poor poor cow, with it’s broken legs no less. 2nd- can someone tell what this is all about? What religious “festival”, why on the street, what was the argument about, etc.

  57. lisa rees says:


  58. Deborah "Dusty" Debandi says:

    You think it make you a man because you can slaughter a defenceless beautiful bull as though you think that you own the right to do so. Who gave you that right to slaughter that bull. You are butcherers, not men – as you walk around with you chest throwed out all cocky as if you’ve really done something. You are NOT barbarrians…you are just barbarric and that’s all. This act of cruelity should and MUST BE STOPPED and ANY GOVERNMENT that would allow this to continue to go it diffinately not a Country that I would ever visit and bring my dollars into on a Vacation. I abhor you sadistic Country. Each and everyone that partakes of this type of violance against any type of animal as well as those that watch should be arrested.

  59. This is sad that animal was suffering.Breaks my heart,that man is a jerk.I hope he gets arrested

  60. hilke van hove says:

    this world is going to pieces, I am anyhow, god if any what about it?

  61. Shirley Strang says:


  62. Graciela Downey says:

    What cruel ignorant people! They deserve to be treated just like that innocent helples animal. What cowards, there are not enough words to express the outrage that they inspire!!

  63. I wish I knew what that sadistic bastard was saying to justify such horrific cruelty. Makes me sick to be part of the human race who are the only mammals who kill for sacrifice, tradition and for sport. We are supposed to be the most evolved of the animals but seeing disgusting acts like this makes me think, who are really the animals?

  64. This is sick!! to bad they didn’t get ramend right through!! This must stop!!


  66. Marion Lovell says:

    May these cruel stupid people rot in hell

  67. animal lover says:

    I really hope this fucker will pay.

  68. Cheryl Ulrich says:

    These people make me SICK !! I can only hope that what goes around comes around for these waste-of-air
    bastards ! EVOLVE for CHRIST SAKE !!
    Governments that condone this are as responsible as the Satans spawn that commit these acts of evil .. Thouroughly DISGUSTED and ANGERED …..

  69. Samantha Pulsford says:

    We just have to do everything we can every day of our lives to stop the torture of all animals, and to be their voice. We can never give up fighting for them!

  70. The world is a frightening place for many animals. There have been many animal sacrifices in the last week. The one in Nepal was horrific (sword wielding men shopped the heads off of 250,000 animals). The festival of sacrifice (Eid al-Adha) was this weekend. Many, many animals were sacrificed just like what we see here. We should also remember that we kill millions of farm animals in slaughter houses, which are almost as bad as street killing in some cases. Being the same species as the people who commit such atrocities, I keep apologizing to the animals. I hope humans can evolve and become kinder and gentler to our fellow earthlings. Please do all you can to be the voice for the voiceless and fight for them. They need our help.

  71. Sarah Jessica Lee says:

    The butcher seems to be healthy and definitely with a fat belly to linger around. Hopefully the meat from the decapitated bull will cause him some excruciating pain of colon death. Its amazing, how we humans believe we are the supreme beings. We have none of the slightest respect for our bigger sized and majestic sentient beings on earth. We look at them as nothing. And they look us with fear. When they should be trampling all over us. If the world should end, let it happen in a way where all the animals trample over ghastly disrespectful humans. God willing.

  72. This is horrible,humans are the worst of all creatures on this earth.They love giving pain to others, and call it as sacrifice.This is barbaric act.

  73. Whatever one believes in there is NO GOD of any kind that would justify or tolerate such cruelty, only SATAN himself. Only such evil and cruel minds do such acts using the name of religion & may they people burn ( and I am sure they will ) for it ! One of the most dangerous things that can happen in our society is to allow anyone to kill or torture an animal and get away with it.

  74. I hope that coward big-bellied guy faces a Saltwater Crocodile and tries to do the same (poor one)! Saltwater Crocodile is the largest off all!

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Jan, we dont have Saltwater crocodiles here but I ll look into importing a couple.. :-)



  76. Jocelyn Koopmann says:

    Its called a Holiday Sacrifice. To what? How does this do anything but give your country a BAD name. To torture this poor bull in this way, is totally disgusting. In front of children as well. This guy should have been arrested. Its a disgrace.

  77. Marianna Doğu says:

    yep. horrible. but thats not smth normal.this cow escaped from that guy. and he was trying to catch it few hours . smth like that. he caught the animal aftewards. and was so angry with it that cut its legs. to not catch it anymore if it again decides to escape. public here didnt like this too.i am not sure but i think in turkish law there is no imprisonment for animal cruelty. he was obliged to pay a fine. the religios holiday itself its scary for people who didnt get used to work as butcherers or who is not a traditional muslim. normaly the meaning is to sacrifice animal and kill it as much fast and painless for it as it possible.

  78. I believe that every human being shall end up in Hell, good or bad. Why? because we loaded so much guilt on our shoulders by torturing all those 1000nds of Billions of animals in the timespan we exist we can never pay back the loss we caused to other Earthly creatures, never! Go Veg and save the planet or the massacre never stops.

  79. joyce waldie says:

    any miscreant who hides behind religion is not worth the air to breathe. I hope this “man” and I use the term loosely as this is no man, it is a maggot, loses his life in the most horrific way…..I hope a missile misses its mark and finds it way onto his house and kills everything in it, including “it”

  80. A horrible and painful DEATH to all who participate in such evil brutality!

  81. I can’t describe my feelings inEnglish so let me use your word,please.>>

  82. Josephine says:

    This monster(s) that carry out these horrific torturing
    absene acts, are condemining their own lives to end the same way, but only 100,000 times worse!!!!

  83. Kat Hammond says:

    Stupid little men with stupid little dicks
    as usual…trying to be a ‘man.’ What they really are are coward, asses and mother#$%$%%fuxerkers..
    Turkey was a nice country when I visited, but they are known for their cruelity in war, and I see why now. Damn Hitthites.

  84. Kat Hammond says:

    Victor, what can we do??? Please contact Care2 and we can start a petition to stop this, and send it to the government.

    This is NOT Islam! The animals are supposed to be mercifully slaughtered (If such a damn thing is possible) I am a strict vegetiarian and this makes me ill.

  85. This is sick and inhumane. This cruelty must be STOPPED.

  86. Patricia Campbell says:

    This is sickening beyond belief; how could ANYONE think this is okay?! This “holiday” event would appeal to and bring out only the basest of human emotions (obviously). I don’t understand… We need to expose this barbaric behaviour to the rest of the world as much as we can; thank you Mr Larkhill and Eureka. Can we send letters to the government expressing our horror and disgust? It brings such sorrow to be reminded of how evil man can be, and to imagine the suffering of that poor, poor animal.

  87. Absolute savages – may these morons rot in hell – how anyone can cause such unspeakable cruelty and suffering and call it a religious practice needs to be institutionalized


    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Emi.. en efecto.. le han puesto una multa… 969 liras.. 400 euros.. si soy yo le corto los huevos.. :-)

  89. Aimee Osmulski says:

    Its sickening 2 see what people think they’re allowed 2 do. An eye for an eye in this case.

  90. Cecilia Bowerman says:

    This is just horrible, how much cruelty, what is going in on with humans? what can we do to stop the uncontroled slaughter?

  91. freaking cretins,your country is backward and needs to update your so called civilized society.If there is a hell,its waiting for you.

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      David… if you decide to leave a meaningful comment I will be happy to approve it next time..

  92. Stupid, stupid people that are capable of doing this to another animal… I wish you went through this kind of suffering someday. I wouldn’t pity you a bit… You should not be in this world spreading suffering, you should have an extremelly painful death!

  93. Lori Meitzen says:

    I am far beyond HORRIFIED at this senseless and extremely cruel act against a gentle, innocent animal and how these human monsters say it is a “religious sacrifice”…

    Surely God is NOT happy that humans do such EVIL and BARBARIC TORTURE to one of His creations and then have the audacity to call it a “religious sacrifice”

    I am crying for the pure TERROR and PAIN this precious animal endured at the hands of this heartless bastard!!! This must be stopped and together, WE all must publicly oppose this brutal torture and do whatever we can to prevent another innocetn animal from being tortured like this!

  94. my blood is boiling with rage. I would like to take that knife and quite simply, hack his feet off and then cut his hands off so he would bleed to death. To add to this indignity i would like to do it in the middle of crowded street, so a lot of stupid morons would watch and get some sort of ?enjoyment? out of it. This type of bloodletting has been going on too long to these bulls, but to break his back legs… words fail me, i am sooo soooo angry.

  95. Barbaric.
    The only thing good about this video is that there were other Turkish men who were giving the barbarian knife weilding psychopath a hard time. Clearly not all people in Turkey adhere to this disgusting barbaric practice.
    O, I feel so sorry for animals, be it in Turkey, or at so called civilized abbatoirs. Some humans are lacking in empathy and compassion and these humans are what I consisder subhuman.

  96. Only the most ignorant, barbaric and uncivilized of people would be capable of such unconscionable acts of cruelty. There is no benevolent, all-powerful God/diety that would be appeased or look favorably on such hideous acts…which is why these miserable bastards continue to wallow in the poverty, ignorance and suffering they create and perpetuate all around themselves. The governments in these countries (Turkey, Spain, Nepal, etc) exploit these primitive religious beliefs for their own purposes and refuse to forbid such “unholy” and “diabolic” acts because they prefer to keep the rabble under control and distracted from the reality of their own self-inflicted misery.

    In the “civilized” countries of the West, we have “butchers” who perform these horrific acts for us in slaughter houses; factory farms imprison billions of innocent, sentient creatures (sheep, cows, pigs, turkeys, geese, rabbits, chickens) who suffer in silence and never see the light of day. This allows us to sleep well at night, go to Church on Sunday and proclaim our compassion and civility.

  97. Grace Waszkiewicz says:

    Nothing will change – never – if children are watching. They become desensitized and it all continues into the next generation. Education is the only way out of this vicious cycle.

  98. Louise Odams says:

    This is absolutely disgusting. It is time for this brutality to be stopped. How can people be such evil things and just stand there and do this to a sentient being? Eye for an eye, what comes around goes around, these people will get their come uppence. it’s called Karma.

  99. Si te tuviera frente a mi te haria lo mismo que le has hecho tu y todos los imbeciles de alrededor al pobre toro y seria mucho más cruel te cortaria a rodajitas dia tras dia un poquito para que supieras lo que es sufrir. Eres un hijo de puta asqueroso ignorante y todos los que festejais estas mierdas. HIJOS DE PUTA

  100. Hijo de puta, porque no te cortan a ti el pito y los huevos y los cuelgan en la plaza pública.

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Isabel, les paso el mensaje.. :-)

  101. Melissa Webber says:

    Cruelty on animals is not acceptable,how come people can find the suffering of an animal entertaining !

  102. MPANTI NTORA says:


  103. Aida Herrera says:

    Hijos de puta, yo os cortaba el pito.
    Against the bad treatment to animals.

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Aida, vente para aca con unas buenas tijeras.. te necesitamos.. :-)

  104. Sharon Hopkins says:

    Plato said “We will exploit that which we have power over”
    “All beings tremble before violence. All fear death. All love life. See yourself in others. Then whom can you hurt? What harm can you do? ~Buddha”

  105. Isabelle Caron says:

    It is simply horrible to make animals suffer like this.


  107. Maria Papadopoulou says:

    I couln’t believe it if I didn’t see it with my eyes. These people are not humans. Poor animal, poor humanity…

  108. Adrian Appley says:

    This is just what I would expect from a typical Muslim nation. How sick and evil they are.

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Adrian… you are missing the point..

  109. maria jose duran says:

    Hay que ser hijo de puta y salvaje insensible de mierda, esta gentuza dege desaparecer YA de la tierra son escoria, la verguenza .
    No son hombres no son nada.

  110. These people who carry out such sadistic torture to an innocent animal are complete morons and the same should be done to them in the name of a so called ‘Festival’. Absolutely disgusting in this modern age.

  111. annmarie devine says:

    how can these people think they have the right to be so barbaric and torture animals

  112. Ma. Angeles Guasp says:

    That assassin is a stupid one, does not have to torture, is not the guilty the bull, in addition he is a human like we, that assassin are a sickly one of the mental head, the police must catch that assassin to put the jail, that stupid…. I have desire to kill that assassin…. That killer man must learn that ” The animal are alive beings, who they feel and they suffer in the same way that we human them! HE WAS OUTSIDE KILLER TO PUT IT TO THE JAIL… IT IS ENOUGH IS ENOUGH TO KILL THE ANIMAL NEITHER TO TORTURE NOR CRUEL IS ENOUGH

  113. Ma. Angeles Guasp says:

    My opinion is that it does not have to torture the bull, the bull is not the guilty nothing, did not do damage to him for anything, because that killer very ugly torture to the bull, I I have desire to torture that assassin to see as it feels, in addition the bull this undergoing, if it feels pain, you you must learn that the animal are alive beings who they feel and they suffer in the same way that we human them!

  114. Victoria Peña Loredo says:

    I find appaling to see the savagery of these bloody Turks! I think it is a mistake to even consider taking them into them into the EU.
    They are absolute savages!!

    I hope people take the hint and refuse to visit a country of such cruelty and disregard for the animal suffering! They are worse than the animals themselves!!! They may call themselves ‘men’…but they are only cowards because they would not attempt such horrific deed if the poor animal had been loose!!! I hope they rot in hell sons of bitches!!!

  115. Denise Bennett says:

    I can’t watch this because I shall breakdown. To animals we must be the devil. Cruelty is in every country – China skins animals alive for fur, Spain has bullfighting, Most countries poison street dogs, Norway hunts whales and kills the few remaining wolves. The so called civilized nations have vast laboratories where animals are experimnented upon. Let us not forget Christmas when billions of turkeys are brutally slaughter to celebrate this time of “peace”.

  116. Who’s that bastard?, How come nobody has done anything to stop it, and which had been standing there watching this man murdered the bull !!!!!, nobody did anything!! stupid, fucking idiot, but pays with blood as he did, and it will die from their own blood and will pay dearly for the damage done! will pay!

  117. Antonella says:

    There’s no word to expalin my pain on watching this images. I have been suffering for all these pour animals…. My dream? No more human beings in the world. They are a shame for all the world.
    They have to pay for it.

  118. Dear friends! Don’t think that every act done with a religious title is a religious act. If we are to look at people’s act and label them as Islamic, Jewish, Christian or any other than we could see no good faith in the world. Because you will always find horrible and cruel pepole among the followers of any religion, faith or doctrine. Don’t forget that humanity comes from faith. If you say that this is horrible to sacrifice animals and call it a religious act then you have to name all non-vegetarians as horrible. Aren’t you one of them? If humanity is being vegetarian then you will suffer much to be able to keep your health. It is our nature to get the necessary nourishment from meat of animals.
    If anybody would like to learn the history of sacrifice for God they should look for history. Before Islamic fashion had come to world pepole were sacrificing humans. Their own son or daughter. One other issue is that Islam says you have to obey some rules to eat animals. You can’t sacrifice some very young animal. Go to places where they cut animals for food. Compare it with Islamic doctrine. Then call it barbaric if you feel ok inside.

  119. Meanwhile I am Muslim as well. I also see it a wicked act. It is also taught me by my book that I can’t even kill any little fly or ant if they are harmless to me. I can’t make them feel pain by any means. So am I horrible because I share this faith with the man in this video. If you do, you probably have some kind of fascism and prejudice inside. If we are to call any member of any faith by a title because of the act of another follower of that faith then we are prejudiced. I suggest that if you feel so please learn tolerance. This will help you live in peace with any kind of people. For a source to learn it you may start with Mevlana, one of the best known model of tolerance for the human being.

  120. There is something wrong with these people. “Civilised,” society my eye. Backward barbarians. Sick.

  121. Fulya Ulusoy says:

    To all those who have decided to judge a whole nation by the actions of a man and the bull he kills in the most terrifying way; you have missed the point. The post is not about Turkey and Turkish people and how horrible and barbaric we are. It is about what humanity is capable of doing to what it considers lesser form of life.
    Visit your neighborhood slaughter house and the spectacle is pretty similar if not worse. In all the modern and civilized countries around the world, every minute of the day, millions of cows, sheep, goats, rams, baby lambs and calves, deer, rabbits, ducks and chickens, pigs and little piglets, not to mention millions of tons of fish are being slaughtered. And none of that is pretty.
    It is very easy to hide behind your made-in-China monitors and swear and curse at an entire nation, then go back to your veal chops.
    But reflect a little and tell me what YOU do to put an end to the cruelty around you.
    This blog is produced in Turkey for an animal rights organization with over 27000 members, 95% of whom are Turkish. we work hard to change things, we refuse cruelty towards animals and humans alike and we are proud of our achievements. We look within ourselves in the hope that we can change what is wrong. We try, everyday.
    That man is a brute, a murderer and a butcher. This is the only time you’ll ever see him perform his disgusting job of taking lives.
    Now, walk down to the nearest butcher and ask him to let you see how he kills his animals. Let’s see if you’ll be having any steak dinners after that.
    Criticism? I am all for it. There is no progress without that.
    All that can be said about this incident has already been said. Now, it is time to do something, so that this animal and many others like him will not have lost their lives in vain.

  122. Esther Hernández says:

    Como se puede ser tan sumamente hijo de puta y salvaje y permitir tal tortura, atrocidad y crueldad.Solo el ser humano es capaz de algo así. Estas imágenes lo dicen todo de nosotros.A ellos les sajaba en canal!

  123. ana teresa says:

    cabrones , indeseados, no son dignos de vivir, se deberia castigar con la misma tortura y que lo vea la gente

  124. Sometimes I wish that all the animals would simply disapear from this earth .. away from us humans !!
    Does that man ..that murderer even realize how stupid he looks .. I would gladly smack that grin off his face.
    Anyone who thinks eating animals is ok needs to rethink .. NO ANIMAL FREELY GIVES ITS LIFE TO US TO BE EATEN !!!
    I am so angry right now, and ashamed of the so called human race : (

  125. Posted and distributed all over my spanish and latin american contacts in FB :) I have to words to describe the rage I feel to see these monsters torturing mercilessly an innocent animal

  126. irene barry says:

    i posted the video , it made so many people really feeling devestated , just made me feel sick , just wished there something i could do , xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  127. This is disgusting and evil this world is full of suffering when is man ever going to wake up and realise what there doing to this planet as well all the animals I believe in Karma what goes around comes around and these son of bitches suffer in hell when its there time to come hope they rot for eternity.

  128. Deana Hart says:

    The only thing i can add is those mental so called sub humans need to have their throats cut, they do not deserve life, evil beyond words, i really hope and pray they get what the deserve, and it won’t be a place in heaven, those low life uneducated demons are somebodies sons, husbands, brothers, what must the parents be to have brought such evil into this world

  129. This ugly ceremony similar to execution, it is difficult to stop. Looking at them, including women and children, it is impossible to present that they will change something in the life. They do not consider themselves as fleecers. For them it to be the man and the person. Horror. Will struggle difficult. But it is possible.

  130. I was and am still shocked beyond belief to what I’ve just seen. It has left me with nightmares of what people are capable of doing to innocent poor animals. My heart bleeds at the suffering or the poor animal. I pray that there will be judgement for those people who inflict pain on others. Let the animal be in a better place now where he knows no suffering or pain. I feel so sad & sorry for the bull. Tears cannot express the sorrow that I am feeling.

  131. what is wrong with people or should I say sub humans who could do such evil things to innocent creatures of GOD??!! GOD will punish those evil doers and bless the animals. WE must stop the evil as best we can!

  132. Roggemans Ghislaine says:

    Une telle barbarie est inadmissible dans un pays tel que la Turquie qui veut rentrer dans l’union européenne!
    Enfin, c’est inadmissible tout court, comment peut-on traiter les animaux de cette façon?????
    Pauvre bête, qu’a-t-elle fait pour mériter pareil traitement….
    Monstrueuse humanité…..

  133. Rose Harries says:

    This must have been one of the worse videos I have seen in awhile. I dont mind admitting I cried not just for the poor animal whose terror was easy to see but with anger that in this day and age these scum are allowed to get away with doing this. How and why can this barbaric practise be allowed to continue? and in the so called name of God! If this is what religion does to you I am glad I dont have one!!! I for one will never ever visit Turkey after seeing the attrocities that are allowed to go on. Rest in Peace all the murdered animals or Turkey. Rot in hell all of you who commit such acts.

  134. YOU dont say that the the people around him tried to stop him .. and that this is not the way the muslims offer meat.

    Misleading people is easy but when you tell the whole story its different…now people are thinking that because one idiot did it this way, that all the muslims do it that way.

  135. Caroline Passey says:

    “Until we have the courage to recognize cruelty for what it is–whether its victim is human or animal–we cannot expect things to be much better in this world… We cannot have peace among men whose hearts delight in killing any living creature. By every act that glorifies or even tolerates such moronic delight in killing we set back the progress of humanity.”
    — Rachel Carson

  136. Humans are the most destroying bastards in this world. Most of us has no feelings at all, no respect 4 nature and animals. And it's so useless and boring to do these kind of stupid actions. We humans don't need to eat animals we can live healthy and longer without eating animalproducts. Think and live a new live again. Save Our Planet, Be Veg, Be Green!

  137. its about as exciting the idiot who is making millions from Mc Fat burgers, which we cant get a grip on yet. because they do it humanely.(is it? )is it justifiable? no. I am in no way defending this monstrosity. I am born Muslim and Turkish(former almost vexed to say latter slightly uncomfortable). imagine how embarrassed I feel. to think I am lumped with this shit. and laughed at. I realize this is not a personal attack on some of us, but every country is responsible for this, because they promote meat in many ways. Just because it is well concealed in your cultures it does not make it right. So lets get to working on changing our immediate environments, and keeping an eye on those corporates getting away with masses of this daily, and more than likely putting loads of cash in the economies that we are trying to save and work within!

  138. I take that this cruel activity was in conjunction with this one ?… In my eyes and the eyes of most normal minded human beings, this is nothing but bullies who use religion as an excuse to be violent, torture and kill, legally – I see nothing but absolute anger and violence towards these animals. Religion teaches love and compassion towards all living things. No where can it be read that it is acceptable to run down and mutilate, slowly killing an animal in the name of 'God' This is done by the hands of man, woman and child – it is their man made rule which allows this to go on !

  139. Fu#*in ROT IN HELL

  140. no words :(
    this is horrible.

  141. when stupidity meet testosteron
    shame on humans

  142. Merry Loscalzo says:

    Thanks for posting this, but it was so upsetting, I couldn't watch it for more than a few seconds. It is unbelievable to me how anyone could call this "fun". I could cry.

  143. That was not a man, performing that act of unspeakable sadism – that was a subhuman organism from the depths of the most disgusting slime on the earth – vile and detestable! I’m filled with hatred and despair, that this world can contain such obscenity.

  144. The human race, "gifted" with brains, the so called "thinking persons" but só incompetent to a righteous life where respect, compassion and dignity should be the most important BASE in their lives, showing true civilization and humanity….
    These dispicable cruelties towards our fellow species the animals, also sentient beings just like us, every day and every where is a proof of the incompetence of the human race!
    We humans are NOT superior at all, but lower then the lowest dirt of the entire world.
    And when humans do this with the excuse of their "religion", then they are worshipping a "god of evil!
    Humans who behave like this, are less than animals.

  145. Lizann Hope says:

    Wasn’t this barbarian prosecuted?
    Who’s bull was it?
    This is a holiday?
    What a country. They should be ashamed to the world!

  146. BARKO KNINE says:

    WTF…..can I do that to the men???? I would just to let them feel the pain of an innocent.

  147. alejandra says:

    es horrible este señor deberia tener un castigo por la autoridades que feo q ese pais permita eso.donde esta la ley?

  148. They should be ashamed of themselves, only us humans do this sort of twisted & sick stuff for pleasure…! Shared on Facebook…! xx

  149. Suzanne O'Connor says:

    I could not watch this video. Jesus it is sick, These people call themselves human. Jesus they are still living in the dark ages. Get the men in the video and do to them what they did to the bull. Does Turkey think that the likes of this recreation is going to endear them to our heart’s.
    Animals is too good a word for them. The Turkish government should ashamed that the likes of this is promoting their country. I always wanted to go there always told my friends that it was a good place to holiday and I know a good few people who go for the summer. I will be advising any of my friends who think of traveling to this country NOT TO GO TO FIND ANOTHER DESTINATION.
    Sick just Sick

  150. I am ashamed as a Turk. dishonest, immoral, does not recognize any rules, barbaric and brutal. this guy does not deserve to breathe! damned jerk!

  151. What the hell they were doing with the legs? Torturing that legal in Turkey?
    Some humans are just seems they enjoy it

  152. Lizann! Please be fair and please do not generalize… There are such men in all countries… not only in Turkey!..

  153. i don’t know what purpose this could possibly serve, and i don’t understand its significance, beyond knowing it is a religious ritual sacrifice.

    this is so dreadfully sad. and as far as i can tell, yet another instance where the human race commits horrific acts, all in the name of contradictory religious teachings. on the one hand, a religious text is supposed to teach love and reverence for all creation, yet that same book directs men to perpetuate unspeakable cruelty on the innocent souls of a divine creation.

    i fail to see how one can have it both ways, and that i think is the real reason behind such barbarity as this. why on earth one can think that a diety representing love can in the same breath demand such cruelty as this i simply do not know. human beings seem to forget about the injunctions present in both eastern and western religious teachings that specifically forbid cruelty to animals when it suits them.

    i hope the day will come when we as human beings evolve past this outrageous need for bloodlust and to commit such acts of cruelty upon those who cannot defend themselves. that is no cause for celebration, it is nothing to be proud of. it should be cause for profound shame, and the desire to enlighten oneself and others in such a manner to move beyond it.

    my heart breaks for these poor animals, and the ones who will continue to suffer after them as long as man insists on ritualizing his failures in this manner. no genuine celebration can or should ever involve suffering.

    i will end this comment with a quotation from dostoevsky, which should put to rest the question of whether or not something like this is justifiable, no matter where it occurs:

    “Imagine that you are creating a fabric of human destiny with the object of making men happy in the end, giving them peace and rest at last. Imagine that you are doing this but that it is essential and inevitable to torture to death only one tiny creature… in order to found that edifice on its unavenged tears. Would you consent to be the architect on those conditions? Tell me. Tell the truth.”

    “And can you accept the idea that the men for whom you are building would agree to receive their happiness from the unatoned blood of a little victim? And accepting it would remain happy forever?”

    To all of these questions, Alyosha replies “No.”

    —-Ivan Karamazov to his brother Alyosha, in The Brothers Karamazov, by Fyodor Dostoyevsky.

    if you too cannot answer ‘no’ to the questions asked, there is much soul searching to be done on your part.

  154. Hello,
    I do not think I can bear to watch the video. However as much as I understand how people – we are mad- angry- sad about it. I do not think it gives anyone rights to ” Bash Muslims or Turks”.

    People already mentioned bullfights and also if you go to Czech Republic or Slovakia you would see around the Christmas people sell Fish on the streets. Alive in tanks! then when customers pick one up, the vendor takes it out of hte tank and uses a wooden bat (like a baseball bat) to smash the head of the fish – right there in the middle of the street – infront of kids people and everyone. and those fish vendors were on every single street. Therefore it really is nobodys business to use (religious) traditions to bash anyone here.

    As much as I hate this scenes – and eat meat rarely(also coming from a non religious family) I do understand one of the facts of this Bayram. This is one of the only time some poor people get to eat meat. My family (ateists and deists) sacrifices animals only because the people around expect it. They turned down the offer we made them which was basically buying the best part of the cow from a butcher and giving them as a part of Eid. But they think it is charity and dont accept it. These are people who cant afford to buy meat any time of the year. Therefore as much as I hate these scenes and am not a Muslim/believer I understand the traditional needs to keep it going up – YES in a civilized manner and without such idiots.

    Another known fact of this holiday is that lots of idiots also cut themselves while in process too. Overall it is a horrible time of the year for many people – either cruelty to animals or self-damaging. (Also for people like me who dont like meat much).

    I do hope with the regulations and all + the increased fines each year we will see less idiots on the streets and less animals tortured. I read that the fines were raised by 5 already. (not sure bout the exact numbers) now lets hope they actually fine people like that bastard.

  155. Christine Dierckx says:

    I can’t watch this video. Terrible. Unfortunately it happens every year again. Those who do this to these animals, they must get the same. Those who can’t love animals, can’t love people !!!!

  156. please, don’t try to use other acts of brutality towards animals to justify or excuse another. trying to point to another act of cruelty as worse in an effort to deflect attention away from another is not debate, it is attempting to excuse the inexcusable.

    cruelty is cruelty. the reasons why do not matter. not one bit. all that matters is that it stop, no matter where it is.

  157. to Debra:
    if your msg is directed at me. I was not trying to justify anything. I am just pointing out some facts because there are some people who come here and bash / insult Turks and/or Muslims.

    Cruelty is not only in Turkey. It happens everywhere. In EU there are plenty of cruelty / brutality towards animals.

    I hate these stuff myself.

  158. Gerard Kellett says:

    This is purely disgusting. Evil bast@@d. This can not be done in the name of religion. THis is done in teh name of ignorance and savagery. Give me the knife and put him in front of me and we shall see if it is in the name of religion. These sorts of images are feulling the hatred of other cultures and religions in the world and doing nothing only increasing the hatred of others that have nothing to do with these practices. Please people cop yourselves on. WE do not live back in the dark ages, the world is supposed to be a civilised place.

  159. It amazes me to no end, that people and Countries have yet to evolve in so many ways. This is a sickening practice, unnecessary and useless. Anyone who wants to call this “tradition” needs to check themselves, their religion and their Country. Sorry to say. For what it’s worth, I am not pointing my finger only at Turkey with these comments. I am pointing at the world and each and every one of use that see these travesties and do nothing.

    Just my 0.02

  160. Yesim Ozok Saucedo says:

    This is horrible:( I am speachless….
    Ugly,mean,evil people all over the world,not just Turkey.
    And Eli,I agree with you,you are right about everything you wrote,thank you….

  161. what about spain?

    you all go spain for holiday dont you?

    this bustard idiot does this because he thinks this is right?

    you people go to spain because you think things are normal there.

  162. And all in the name of religion. What a truly fucked up world we live in…

  163. Jodie York says:

    @Fulya, thank you very much for your comment. I am vegan, so I align with what you wrote.

    @Frank B, “It is our nature to get the necessary nourishment from meat of animals.” This is not true. You may want to believe this as justification, but that does not make it true.

    @Keiko, thank you for your words sister.

    @UranieL, right on.

    @Zizi, right on.

    @Vexed, right on.

    @Epar, right on.

  164. Jodie York says:

    P.S. Check out this mind job on Google news this morning:

    Fruits and veggies: Good for diets, bad for developing economies?

    “We are not suggesting people not eat a healthy diet,” said Richard Smith, a professor of health system economics at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. “We’re just trying to point out that healthier eating can have unintended consequences.”

    They are getting nervous about the growing awareness and trend towards veganism.

    When you have people like billionaire Steve Wynn make the connection and start proactively spreading the word, this is MAJOR.

    Steve Wynn: Viva Las Vegan

    Steve Wynn admits that he’s changed his will — but why?—-why/

  165. Lets pray this kind of abuse stops now in Turkey, America, and throughout the world.

  166. Arzu Adakan says:

    Another reason to become vegan. Killing of animals for human consumption is unacceptable weather it’s done by sadistic bastards out on the streets or in factory farms.

  167. Ben bir Türk olarak bu acımasız olayı kınamak. Türkiye’de bazı caniler var.Siz yabancılar sanmayın ki Türklerin Hepsi cani Allaha şükür müslümanız acıma duygumuz var Biz yaratılanı yaratandan ötürü severiz.Turk olmaktan gurur duyuyorum , müslüman olmaktan gurur duyuyorum Bizim buradaki vialanda her gün onlarca ,ingiliz,fransız,u.s.a, insanlar geliyor biz Türkler onlara saygılıyız.

  168. I am a Turkish condos, this cruel event. Do not assume that all criminal aliens Turks in Turkey, some thugs var.Siz Thank God the Creator who created are Muslims because we got our sense of pity severiz.Turk am proud to be Muslim, vialanda am proud to be here every day, dozens of us, british, french, usa, people coming we respect them Turks.