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Stop the killings
Stop the killings


Dear friends,

We were in Hasdal today. Members of Let’s Adopt, Animal Liberation Initiative, Haykur and many citizens couldn’t bring themselves to spend their Saturday’s at popular “breakfast” places, reading their newspapers. Instead, they arrived from their houses miles away, to gather on top of the methane gas collection facility, under the high voltage lines, the middle of nowhere, to protest against the Hasdal Istanbul Cosmopolitan Municipality Rehabilitation Center.

From Kavacık, Bostancı, Levent, Fatih, Ataköy…

We were excited when we gathered together. We started meeting friends from other groups, got talking. Some had rescued a puppy who they had wrapped in blankets, trying to save another life. Another group of friends were feeding the dogs around.

Jandarma met us at the top of the road. They were very polite. We were not afraid. As citizens of this country we were aware of our rights and freedoms as well as the evil and the murders committed in this “Center”. We were right. In that case what we were doing was correct.

The press was with us throughout. Our releases have found them, they believed in the importance of our cause. ATV, DHA, NTV and Show TV were with us. There were journalists from printed press and international agencies as well.

From where we stood we could see the Jandarma barricade. We could see, but couldn’t exactly understand the reason behind it. We were here to defend the rights of 55 brutally murdered little babies. We had come here to commemorate their deaths, to tell everyone that they were not forgotten. No matter how kind and well mannered they were, what were they doing here?

Could it be that the Shelter Management was afraid of us, like the guilty would be?

Face Off
Face Off

First, we chose 12 amongst us and were chained to one another, then we started walking behind the banner of another group. When we reached the barricade we asked the commander to let us pass. An understand gentleman with a big smile, he allowed us to go through but said that they’ll accompany us.

Shelter workers, their managers had arrived previously and secured themselves in the shelter, watching us whilst smiling under their moustaches. What a good idea it was to call the Jandarma. Maybe the animal lovers might even get beaten up a little and they could satisfy their sadistic desires, observing with a big grin on their faces.

But what they wished for didn’t happen. The Jandarma allowed us to read the press release, throw red paint all over the entrance to symbolise the blood that is spilt here, to leave the pictures of dogs massacred by municipalities, even for some volunteers to go inside and leave food for the dogs. They have approached us with kindness. They understood who was who and what was what.

The first leg of Hasdal Protests is successfully completed. I say the first leg because this is only the beginning…

Now, it is time to put forward our demands…

We demand..
We demand..

1. That Hasan Gençdal (Istanbul Greater Municipality Veterinary Department Manager), Ahmet Bölükbaşı (Hasdal Rehabilitation Center Manager) and Recep Zafer (IGM Veterinary Department Ass. Manager) to be removed as with every single move they prove themselves to be totally unsuccessful over and over again;
2. That dropping of thousands of animals in the surrounding forests by İstanbul Shelters be stopped;
3. That the neutering and abandoning to death of underage animals be ended;
4. That the hygienic and health care conditions of shelters be improved;
5. That the death-camp style shelters be abolished real and concerted effort to be provided to home all animals.

With these in mind, we will be in Hasdal, with even a larger group on 21 th November and we will not stop until we achieve our goals.

We will continue to be the voice of the animals imprisoned in shelters, dumped in forests to die, murdered in broad daylight by the municipalities and to protect their rights to live.

Like I said, this is just the beginning…

Viktor Larkhill


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  1. lynda chabane says:

    I am so proud of you all for making this stand for the murdered babies who never had a chance. I wish I could have joined you!!!
    As you say Viktor, this is just the start, and knowing you as I do now, you will not give up until we get results for those innocent lives and for all in the future too!!!!
    A huge well done to all those who attended, you are all saviours and may God bless you for speaking up in defence of our lost souls.
    You all have my utmost support and respect. FANTASTIC xx
    Do you think you can possibly get a link to the TV coverage when it goes live???

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Thanks Linda… it was all over TV tonight and surely there will be others tomorrow.
      We will get the footage and upload it on our blog on Sunday.
      Thanks for your kind words… we do all we can (and more!)

  2. maeshelle west-davies says:

    thank you for being there. were i not in another country, i would have been there too!

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Thanks Maeshelle, hopefully next week those who are not in another country but barely minutes away will decide to join us for an even stronger action.

  3. You are all amazing.. Thank you so much for being the voice of the voiceless in Turkey , You will see changes with your determination .
    Well done .

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Thanks Avril… thanks… this is just the beginning..

  4. Thank you for speaking out for those who can not speak for themselves. You are right in your goals and need to stay united.
    You have the power. We are rooting for you guys !!!

  5. Great show. I too am anxious to see it on T.V. Will be looking forward to your blog post. As you say, this is just the beginning. I’m sure what you are doing will wake a lot of people up. I hope you have a lot more people on the 21st. Would love to have been there. Too bad one of the idiots inside didn’t open the door as the paint was being thrown!! Would have been funny. Good luck on the next one and in all you do for the animals.

  6. Sheila White says:

    BRAVO to you all! And well done to the police and media as well. You are all amazing! Things WILL change! You are all very brave, and you have many people standing with you in spirit.

  7. anne jacoby says:

    I love you all, incredible people doing things that are making a difference for the animals,God Bless you all!

  8. Sheila White says:

    Viktor, please convey to everyone involved what beautiful, wonderful people they are. I cried when I saw the pictures. Such good people!

  9. su maloney says:

    Thank you Viktor …and Thank you Maeshelle for being my friend and showing keen concern about what is going on in my country in terms of animal abuse.

  10. Laurie Satter says:

    You people are just wonderful!!!

  11. Ursula Süss says:

    Wonderful people, God bless you
    The Animals thank you

  12. Joanna Siokou says:

    Bravo to all of you. I wish your determination will make the difference for poor Turkish strays.

  13. Robert De Roy says:

    In the name of the animals that you defend, many, many thanks to you all for being there in front of the police and the “camp” leaders. I know how nasty some people can become when we, as powerful citizens, are marching in a peaceful demonstration (as I did often in my country). God bless you all !!

  14. Henry Fabienne says:

    Il faut vraiment continuer sur votre Lancée… Il faudrait instituer vraiment accéder à des Droits pour la Protection des Animaux, sensibilier la Population pour que des stérilisations en masse se fassent, par le biais des grandes Associations… Les chiennes peuvent faire 10 chiots & les chattes de 3 à 6 châtons… Sans Refuges Animaliers & stérilisations, tout recommencera… C’est une Belle & Grande Réussite votre Hommage… Un premier pas, je l’espère, qui va porter ses fruits… Merci à tous…

  15. leslie petit vinson says:

    awesome! keep your spirits up! you are these poor animals only hope and you are pioneers! sending you support and a huge thank you from the USA!!!!

  16. Yes I see you all standing up for what you believe in & making a positive change for the better. So happy to hear the poor animals will be safe in future & have people who love them & take care of them. Keep up the good work!

  17. God bless all the animals and save them and grant their lovers and fighters for justice with supreme victory, thank you .

  18. Maria Arias says:

    Great!!!!!! well done!

  19. ana maria says:

    THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. thanks to all people who take care and help animal to live life without violence or suffering with everybody we can change their world !

  21. You have our support from Canada! Please keep up the pressure, you will succeed. God bless!

  22. Julie StaffySi says:

    Bless you all, wonderful people!! you will succeed!!

  23. Sheila White says:

    I completely agree Viktor. There are no borders for animal rights and environmentalism. “Foreigner”, indeed. Open your minds and embrace the people who are on the side of right, no matter who they are or where they are from. We are all in this together.

    I hope even you will be surprised by the massive support you get this weekend! We will all be awaiting the outcome. Good luck, you good people!

  24. I take my hat off for you guys anyday keep up the good work It for the animals you are the voices

  25. God Bless you for helping these animals. I am with you all, in spirit,with my prayers, from the USA.

  26. Thank you so much for all you do to help!! You are all angels for animals!!

  27. joyce waldie says:

    you all are to be commended and hopefully your courageous acts will be emulated all over the world!!!!

  28. WELL DONE!! Thank you so much!!
    I’m spreading the info!

  29. Viktor and all your fellow supporters, this was a powerful slide show. I did not understand the signage but the photos alone tell the story. Extremely moving at the end with the red paint and photos. I salute you for the work that you do with bringing public attention to these atrocities being commited in Turkey against our beloved animals. How on earth can they truly believe that this is OK to do is just beyond my comprehension. Continue to show the world what is happening there and we will continue to support you from all the corners of the world. I salute you.