Second chances.. locally and abroad.

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Lets Adopt, the Facebook Adoption Group started as an effort to increase the awareness of adoption and the stray dog problem in Turkey.

The Group has quickly managed to cross the boundaries of virtuality and to turn into one of the most active animal welfare groups in Turkey. Today we are a group of over 1500 people, but this numbers multiply exponentially when counting on friends and sympathizers.

Since the beginning our biggest concern has been how to access the scores of Turkish animal lovers that, until now, never really got involved in animal welfare matters for one single reason, they could not identify with any of the existing associations, in its vast majority totally ineffective and in most cases populated by a motley crew of internet trolls with no special affinity to animals and whose only purpose seems to be to engage in ridiculous conspiracy theories and internet slander.

One of the most celebrated rumors is the one that says that some animal rescuers send dogs overseas, for experimentation in evil German laboratories and for consumption in Chinese restaurants and fur factories.

Only an idiot would believe such rumors and nonsense but  well.. there seem to be a lot of idiots around us.

Today we are starting this blog to showcase our work.

We rehome animals locally and internationally. Yes.. for years we have been sending dogs to Germany and Holland, but not to genetic experimentation factories like some of those sociopaths accuse us of. We have been sending dogs to wonderful European families that years ago stopped considering the dog a status symbol only of value if the dog is a pure breed, and instead,m consider the animal as a sentient being with exactly the same rights as a human being.. rights and needs.

Europe is years ahead of Turkey in animal matters. Those idiotic people that blindly belief that this country has nothing to learn from abroad should stop looking at their bellybutton and see the way is done elsewhere.

Anyway… it is pointless elaborating further. Those who understand understand.. and the others.. well…

This blog will showcase our work.. here you will find amazing stories of compassion, courage, resistance to adversity and above all, lots.. lots of love. Feel free to subscribe to this blog.. and if you are one of those stupid nationalists that believe ‘Turkey is dog heaven and there is no better place for a Turkish dog than a set of chains in a Turkish shelter please feel free to write to me privately on and in two words I will tell you exactly what I think of you and your ideas..

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