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Lisa Vanderpump



An Open Letter to Ms. Lisa Vanderpump and all the Four Monkeys of the Wonderland Elite

“Life in Beverly Hills is a game, and I make the rules.”

-Lisa Vanderpump

“They are always top Pick of the Litter puppies that we select just for you. All puppies come with 1 year health guarantee.”

-Ms. Puppy Connection

Dear Mrs. Vanderpump,

I am writing to you on behalf of “The Invisible Puppy Mill Co.” It has recently come to our attention that you were to receive a Tiny Ice White Female Pomerian puppy from an obscure company called Boutique Teacup Puppies. Let me begin by expressing our devastation on the face of such news. Our admiration for you and the likes of you urged us to interfere at this point and introduce you to one of our Invisible Ice Pomerians. Our invisible puppies are produced in North Pacific Ocean on the Marshall Islands for a change. How refreshing, isn’t it? Far from those Korean breeders who fail to create perfection time and time again and get stuck on the teacup size. But after many arduous trials, after having to drown many tiny but still visible puppies in the drain, we are proud to inform you that we finally reached perfection. Our puppies are invisible to the naked and the dressed eye! Can you imagine Mrs. Vanderpump, our puppies simply do not exist but still come with the breeding rights, of course for no extra cost to you.

Here is one of our highest quality, gorgeous female Pomerians on a walk with her new family.

As long as humanitarian members of high society like you exist Ms. Vanderpump, who accept teacup or invisible puppies from greedy lowlives like ourselves, the kill shelters in the United States will be able to kill perfectly healthy adoptable puppies with a clear conscience. In our mission statement it is clearly asserted: “We have set up this business to ensure that the community comes to understand that all mixbreeds and puppies who pee on the carpet and consequently are dumped in kill shelters deserve nothing more than the sweet smell of Halothan and Carbondioxide.” This society has gone through enough guilt tripping Ms. Vanderpump. We shall breed on a mass scale, you shall be given one of those invisible puppies and set a perfect example for the society showing them the true colors of people who adopt from shelters rather than shop. What softies! But the current state of the world does not have such luxury for compassion as you very well know. Keep the humanitarian business on an extracurricular level.

Have you heard of Royal Teacup Puppies Mrs. Vanderpump?

Please accept our gift of invisible puppy, who unfortunately does not exist but still comes with a 2 year health guarantee just like the Pomerian from Ms. Puppy Connection (they seem to be confused about whether it is 1 or 2 years). This is as long as a washing machine, and frankly, who needs a healthy puppy after 2 years anyway? The only downside of our deal is, our puppies unlike Ms. Puppy’s do not come “Top Pick of the Litter.” We cannot quite see which one we are picking as they are all invisible. And we also work with an obscure Dr. Choi of our own, and to top their deal, our Dr. Choi does not exist, either! In two years time, when the guarantee of your invisible puppy is up, we surely will come up with something more evil. We will clone an invisible version of yourself, so you don’t have to appear in The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills anymore. Instead of “philantropic” we can produce a “zoophiliac” version of yourself and move you to our mill in Marshall Islands. The possibilities are infinite Mrs. Vanderpump. Imagine yourself crossbreeding with invisible puppies! Who would ever adopt a single dog from a shelter after that?

Let’s all pretend Ms. Vanderpump, let’s all pretend to be philantropic and cause more deaths. Pump up the evil!

With kind regards,

The Invisible Puppy Mill Co.

You can visit our website at:


“Our puppies are covered for 2 years for congenital/genetic defects which render the general health of the puppy are covered up the landed cost of the puppy or pursuit to the Hereditary Conditional Clause of this Guaranty for two (2) years. You will find the conditional clause listed below.

Our warranty covers the conditions below with up to a maximum cost benefit.

Luxating Patella maximum up to$1000

Stenotic Snares maximum up to $500

Hernia Repair maximum up to $150

Entropian/Cherry Eye maximum up to $150 per eye

Localized Demodetic Mange covered only upon Initial Examination maximum benefit is $150

(Monorchid/Cryptorchid) Undescended Testes maximum benefit up to $150”

-from Ms. Puppy Connection



What do we do about the Vanderpumps, Mimis, Ms. Puppys of the world?

We ask them! We ask them until we get a satisfactory answer!

Write to Ms. Puppy Connection at:

And ask her:

Who the hell is Dr. Choi, the “good friend” who breeds those teacup puppies for Ms. Puppy Connection in South Korea?

How are those teacup puppies shipped to the USA?

What are the conditions of the breeding facilities? Can we see any visual proof as to the well-being of the mothers who are bred?

How many litters do the mothers have in their lifetime?

What happens to the teacups who are not the “Top Pick of the Litter”?

Isn’t she at all ashamed to breed and sell and contribute to the deaths of many healthy puppies all around the United States?

And lastly, how much is her worth? Is she “best of the best”? If we order two of her, would one be shipped for free?

Write to Vanderpump’s agent at: or leave a message at her Facebook Page

And ask her:

Does she have any idea about the breeding conditions in South Korea where her gift Pomerian is coming from?

Is she at all ashamed to support and endorse the breeding of teacup puppies on a mass scale by accepting this gift from shameless producers of teacup puppies with high health risks?

Has she spared her valuable time to look through the official web page of Ms. Puppy Connection Does she condone the treatment of living beings as merchandise?

Is that the example she would like to set in the society as well as in Fake Housewives of Beverly Hills?

And lastly, does she have a conscience? Is it bigger than a pack of cigarettes?

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Update December 12. Conversation with Justin Anderson, Ms. Puppy Connection, broker of ill and premature puppies of South Korean breeders.

Read this… this is the kind of scum selling you teacup puppies. Ready? go…

  • Justin AndersonI don’t mind. I will answer every question and accusation no matter how ludicrous it might be. I am here to get low down and dirty with these people so Ashley doesn’t have to stoop to their level. I will not only defend but attack on a personal level if need be.

    6 hours ago ·  ·  1
  • Viktor Larkhill Hi Justin, Viktor Larkhill, Founder, Let’s Adopt! Global… I don’t know if you have read my blog, but no personal attacks have been made. In any case, I would like to take you up your word and ask a few questions.. are you sure you want to do this?

    5 hours ago ·  ·  1
  • Justin AndersonAbsolutely.

    5 hours ago · 
  • Viktor LarkhillThere will be very simple questions… just 6. Very simple…

    5 hours ago ·  ·  1
  • Justin AndersonSure, only if I can ask you 6 questions in return.

    4 hours ago · 
  • Viktor Larkhill As you may have realized we started our campaign focusing on your “competitor”, Royal Teacup, but obviously the issues apply equally to you. Sadly, they were not able to answer, probably due to a language bareer. So, just a few questions:
    1. Who is that Dr. Choi in South Korea that seems to be producing those poor dogs for you? Do you realize that the way he his achieving those sizes is by late fertilization of the egg on the female bitch period, and that, de facto, those pups are just premature puppies of very small breeds? What they do then is to keep some of those and continue the process.. the unfortunate result is, most of the time, animals that are not viable.. but please.. tel me more about Dr. Choi.

    4 hours ago · 
  • Viktor LarkhillAbsolutely… you will be able to.. having said that, you offered to answer any questions we may ask you first. In any case, sure.. quid pro quo…

    4 hours ago ·  ·  1
  • Justin AndersonDr. Choi is a veterinarian in South Korea for whom we sell dogs. My question is, since you don’t know him, how do you know how he achieves these sizes? Please read the extensive post from earlier on why these dogs are smaller than the standard.

    4 hours ago · 
  • Viktor LarkhillThat’s it? that’s your answer?

    4 hours ago ·  ·  1
  • Justin AndersonWhat sort of answer were you looking for?

    4 hours ago ·  ·  1
  • Justin AndersonPlease feel free to answer your own question for me.

    4 hours ago ·  ·  1
  • Justin AndersonStill waiting… Here’s your window, fire away..

    4 hours ago · 
  • Viktor LarkhillI read your long and verbose explanation about the nature of dog breeding in South Korea, about the size of the apartments, etc… my question is not why.. my question is how?

    4 hours ago ·  ·  2
  • Viktor Larkhill Anyway…. it seems the cat got your tongue.. so let me ask you a second question
    2. How are those teacup puppies shipped to the USA?

    4 hours ago ·  ·  1
  • Justin AndersonIn an airplane. Perhaps they have them where your from?

    4 hours ago ·  ·  2
  • Viktor Larkhill

    ‎3. What are the conditions of the breeding facilities? Can we see any visual proof as to the well-being of the mothers who are bred?4. How many litters do the mothers have in their lifetime?5. What happens to the teacups who are not the “Top Pick of the Litter”?6. Can I have a list of veterinarians whom you consult with to make sure the puppies do not carry any genetic diseases and will not experience terrible pain because of arrested development?Notice none of the questions are about you, your wife or what you do in your spare time. I couldn’t care less.. As you can see I’m more concerned about the health of the puppies and the conditions of their parents, I don’t care about AKC standards, my concern is the viability of the animals in the medium and long run.

    4 hours ago ·  ·  8
  • Justin AndersonWait. Your asking me how the breeding takes place? Most people learn about this at a very young age… But I guess I can try to explain it without offending anyone’s delicate sensibilities. First the male dog gets on top of the female dog. They…copulate. Then around 63 days later…puppies are born!!

    4 hours ago ·  ·  1
  • Viktor LarkhillYes, we have airplanes where I’m from. But seriously… I thought I was going to have a proper conversation with someone. I suggest you go home, take a shower, relax, and whenever you feel like having a proper talk get in touch with me. With that kind of answers you are not doing a favor to your business, wife, company, whatever you want to call it.

    4 hours ago ·  ·  2
  • Viktor LarkhillThanks Justin… I heard in South Korea bitches go on top. Anyway.. no man… in a normal pregnancy yes.. it would be around 63 days.. the pregnancies of your dogs are about 1 week shorter, bordering on the non-viable.. pls answer the rest of your questions. And believe me, if you want to reduce this to a competition to see who has the biggest dick or who is the biggest jerk please don’t make me waste my time.

    4 hours ago ·  ·  5
  • Justin AndersonI’m not trying to be a dick. I’m answering stupid questions with stupid responses. And since you know so much, why bother asking the questions in the first place.

    4 hours ago · 
  • Viktor Larkhill

    Stupid questions? What is stupid about asking for the breeding conditions and about the number of litters a mother can have. What is stupid about asking what happens to the pups that fall short of viable? Do you really feel those questions…See More
    4 hours ago ·  ·  9
  • Justin AndersonNow. #3 Please post pics of where you were conceived and I will post pics of the breeding facilities. Can you provide me pics of your mother to ensure her well-being?

    4 hours ago · 
  • Justin Anderson‎#4 how many litters should they have in their lifetime ?

    4 hours ago · 
  • Justin Anderson‎#5 Puppies that are unfit for sale are spayed/neutered and offered for adoption.

    4 hours ago · 
  • Viktor Larkhillyep… you took the stupid answer approach quite seriously..

    4 hours ago ·  ·  1
  • Dorothy Furney WatkinsViktor, I can’t help but step in here. How is it you KNOW these babies are born a week early? Are you present at the time of impregnating and birth to monitor the actual length of pregnancy? And if you ARE present, then you already have all the answers. If you are not present, then keep your opinions to yourself!!!!

    4 hours ago ·  ·  3
  • Justin Anderson‎#6 when anyone and i mean anyone can say that a dog or a human for that matter is 100% guarenteed not to have a genetic defect…well that will be a joyous day indeed!

    4 hours ago · 
  • Justin AndersonIf your only care is truly for the puppies, then rest assured. Our puppies receive the best care they possibly can. My suggestion is to make sure your pets are taken care of and to stay out of other peoples business. I mean really. What right do you have to question me?

    3 hours ago · 
  • Viktor LarkhillJustin.. you gave me that right. You offered to answer my questions.. remember?

    3 hours ago ·  ·  2
  • Justin AndersonI guess I did offer to answer your questions but you haven’t answered all of mine.

    3 hours ago · 
  • Justin AndersonYou don’t understand that it already IS personal. By attacking our business for no real reason other than the fact that you don’t like it seems like an attack on us personally. This business is who we are and what we love and to have someone to imply that it wrong in some way just irks me.

    3 hours ago · 
  • Viktor LarkhillJustin… true… as I said, you are small fry… but no… this is not going to go away. I may not be directly involved in dealing with this campaign but I assure you I will be watching and behind everything. Get ready for a very very bumpy ride. Thanks …

    3 hours ago ·  ·  4
  • Justin AndersonOf course some of these are valid questions. And we will gladly answer them to any of our prospective customers. But obviously Viktor will not be purchasing a puppy from us anyway so what’s it hurt to jab at him a little since as you can see by the questions and answers he’s supplying that he is merely trying to cause a stir.

    3 hours ago · 
  • Justin AndersonNow are you willing to answer a few of my questions?

    3 hours ago · 
  • Justin AndersonIlim, Viktor hasn’t actually stated anything. He’s only asked some common questions that every buyer should ask when purchasing a puppy. The only reason he is even posting here is to get a response and to add his assumptions in for good measure.

    3 hours ago · 
  • Justin AndersonI’m probably talking to myself now but oh well. Thats what im here for. To go back and forth with these people until they get tired of it and go away.

    3 hours ago ·  ·  1
  • Gary Gardiner

    ‎” I don’t mind. I will answer every question and accusation no matter how ludicrous it might be. I am here to get low down and dirty with these people so Ashley doesn’t have to stoop to their level. I will not only defend but attack on a p…See More
    3 hours ago ·  ·  3
  • Justin AndersonI don’t know how many times I have to say it! Our puppies come from South Korea! Here is the deal Gary, if a prospective customer asks for these things we will be happy to provide them. No one is hiding here. I have answered every question asked exactly the way I said I would. What business are you in Gary?

    3 hours ago · 
  • Justin AndersonWhy do these people feel they can question with impunity and not be rebuffed or questioned themselves?

    3 hours ago · 
  • Justin Anderson

    It’s obvious your a shepherd lover Gary. Do you have pictures of where your dogs were bred? Do you have proof of the well being of the dam? How many litters did the dam have? What happened to the other puppies from their litters?
    2 hours ago · 
  • Alexandra Stuart

    Justin Yes! to your questions.. I know the vet’s contact info that saw the pup I got 3 times before point of purchase. Yes the dog was baer, cerf, echo tested and penn hip. On my other dog, again yes.. patella check and trachea collapses X-…See More
    2 hours ago ·  ·  4
  • Justin AndersonFeel free to post all of the above. And KC’s don’t judge on health or temperament but solely on conformation. Have you ever heard anyone at a dog show say to a judge “but he’s the sweetest dam pit you’ll ever find”?

    2 hours ago · 
  • Maura O’Donoghuejustin sarcasm screams volumes about him, volumes.

    2 hours ago · 
  • Maura O’Donoghuepeople who buy these dogs dont care where they come from, as if…status symbols.

    2 hours ago ·  ·  1
  • Jessyca HorstI agree with you viktor…..not to memtion there r so many homelss pets that need homes. The last thing we need is more breeding.

    2 hours ago ·  ·  1
  • Justin AndersonThese two previous posters are perfect example of the different groups we deal with. Alexandra is obviously a domestic breeder that is threatened by our business and Maura is a left leaning animal activist that thinks no one should buy dogs… What a pair…

    about an hour ago · 
  • Justin AndersonMaybe you two should get together over a cocktail and hash out someway to combine your hate…

    about an hour ago · 
  • Justin AndersonThat sounds great Jessyca, how many adopted pets do you have?

    about an hour ago · 
  • Jessyca Horst‎3

    about an hour ago · 
  • Justin Andersongood for you now go get 3 more

    about an hour ago · 
  • Jessyca HorstGreat idea

    about an hour ago · 
  • Justin AndersonIt is isn’t it! If every person that thinks the way you do would just go out and adopt 3 more dogs there wouldn’t be any left in the shelters!

    about an hour ago · 
  • Jessyca Horsttoo bad everyone isnt as smart as me. i dont sit on fb all day justin. im too tired and dont argue with less intelligent individuals. goodbye.

    37 minutes ago ·  ·  1
  • Justin AndersonGoodbye Jessyca.

    35 minutes ago · 
  • Viktor Larkhill I tell you Justin… I have no idea what you intended by taking over the PR of the company, but let me tell you, you are going to run the whole thing through the ground. Sarcasm is seldom the answer when you are a tiny mum and pup business trying to scrap a living by selling premature born puppies from South Korea to uneducated people that wouldn’t know where to put the country in a map. Sarcasm is good when you run a comedy program and people appreciate the tone, or when you apply it intelligently. But what you are doing is so boring and lame that it really defeats its own purpose.

    Consumer complaints and reviews about MS PUPPY CONNECTION in Vaiden, Madison, Pelehatchie, , Mississippi. Unethical puppy broker. Dog Breeders

Sometimes, the freshly skinned animal blinks..

People avoid thinking

People don’t wish to think about difficult issues. They are aware in a distant way that not everything is right with the world. But life is too fast and most people have no time to ask abstract questions such as:


Who is the first owner of the fluffy coat

The huge Chinese fur industry supplies the world with skins from stray and often owned animals. In China cats and dogs are specially bread as well as a variety of exotic animals. Animals are kept in tiny filthy cages and those wild by natire slowly go mad. Minks are territorial animals who roam free accross areas of a few kilometers. Bread in a cage they circle round and round, hour after hour, day and night until their feet are bloody and raw to the bone. Many animal species share the same fate – all those who have had the misfortune to own a fur coat highly valued by humans.

How does it all work

When the day comes the animals are transported to the slaughter house in small wire cages, about 50cm tall in which 5-6 animals are squashed together. Many of them die on the way. Upon arrival the cages are thrown from the trucks to the ground, breaking fragile bones. Animals are taken out of the cages with sharp metal rods. Humane euthanasia methods are expensive so the animals are most often killed by being beaten or kicked to death, or they are skinned alive. Sometimes, the freshly skinned animal, thrown on the pile of dead bodies, blinks…

And a beautiful coat is born

After similar horrors for many more animals His Magesty Man, the sentient boss of the planet, gets soft leather shoes, bags, wallets, coats, hoods, pet toys! “Hey, is this real fur?” – asks a friend. “Yes, authentic!” – boasts the owner. Amen to the first soul who lived in the fluffy coat.

What you can do

1. Check this page out, this is the oficial page of the protest where you can find details about the event in your country, then join the protest in front of your Chinese Embassy on the 16th of September. The protest is organized in association with, an Australian organization, dedicated to ending the Chinese fur trade. The organization has already sent over 1’000’000 petitions to the Chinese government, signed by people from the whole world and this protest is part of a worldwide effort to put an end to this barbarian industry.

2. Send an email to the Chinese embassy in your country. Look online for their contact details. Create your own text or just write: “Stop skinning animals alive.” They will figure out what you mean.

3. Share with friends. Ask them to do as you do.

It is acceptable not to know.
It is understandable not to want to hear.
It is a crime to see and remain silent.