Help us SAVE PENNY… she has lived through the worst nightmare a dog can live

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IMG_4187 3


Penny was a family dog until the day she was given away… what happened to her is the stuff your dog´s nightmares are made of.

Pray he or she never has to go through them.

She appeared one day, trying to find cover from the winds and the rain. She was so kind and loving, people felt pity and started bringing her food and water. Noone took her home, or to a vet. She lived next to that wall for nearly two years… until someone called us.

There is no doubt Penny lived in a home. She has the manners of a dog that has experienced the love of a human. She is calm, polite, housebroken, loving… What happened to her is something we can see by the marks it has left on her body. Literally. 


IMG_4298 3


At some point Penny was given away, and her nightmare began. Time and Time again Penny was forced to have sex with other dogs and was used for breeding. The condition of her nipples as well and an ultrasound confirmed she was forced to carry multiple litters. But that was nothing compared to what happened next.


IMG_4294 2


Due to her submissive and wonderfully calm character they decided Penny would be a good BAIT DOG and was used for fighting dogs to practice on.  Her teeth were filed up right up to the gums. She was rendered completely helpless.
And so it began, fighting dogs were unleashed on her. When she wasn´t mounted she was being torn to pieces. All she could do was to stand there and withstand the pain.


photo-64 copy 6


The day she became useless she was thrown away.

The moment she arrived to us we knew we would have a long and complicated road ahead of us. The condition of her skin is terrible. In some areas the scabs and scar tissue are inches thick, and everywhere else the skin is just raw, all hair has fallen, she itches constantly, and as she scratches, she tears her skin further.


Penny has arrived to us in the condition you see, completely dehydrated and barely able to keep her head up. Penny´s blood results show she is completely anaemic. During the time on the streets she contracted Leishmania (a disease transmitted by a mosquito) and Erlichia, a tick born disease.

You HAVE to see this video…

We are currently working on stabilising her and make her comfortable. She is receiving fluid therapy and beginning her treatments for Mange, Leishmania and Erlichia. All those diseases by themselves are manageable, but when you combine all of them in an animal as weakened as Penny you have a very complicated challenge in front of you.

WE NEED YOUR HELP TO SAVE PENNY´S LIFE. Please, if you are not in a position to contribute please help us save Penny by SHARING her blog on Facebook, Twitter and other social media.

Please Help us End Penny´s Nightmare Forever.

Please help us give Penny the life she deserved. The life she was meant to live… Please DONATE, HELP US SAVE PENNY.

Once she is completely recovered Penny is going to need the most extraordinary home. I believe her character shows perfectly in the video… Fall in love with her and please write to me on telling me all about you and your family…

Please follow Penny´s updates by Liking our Facebook Page:

Let´s Adopt! Global

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Por favor, Ayuda.. Candy ha aparecido con la cara llena de agujeros!

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Alguien nos envio un mensaje urgente, sola, en la oscuridad, tratando de alimentarse como podía había una gatita malherida intentando sobrevivir. Dado su estado parecía estar perdiendo la batalla. Una chica le daba de comer pero se encontraba cada vez peor…

Acompañando a esa carta venia una foto… La calidad de la imagen era pésima pero podíamos apreciar su sufrimiento.
Decidimos rescatarla…


Candy esta por fin con nosotros y su estado es, sencillamente, terrible. La verdad es que no podíamos imaginarnos que iba estar en este estado…

Este video describe con todo tipo de detalles el estado de Candy y nuestros esfuerzos por salvarla…. Por favor, miradlo…

Por el momento no podemos asegurar con certeza que le ha pasado y porque su cara esta llena de agujeros. Podría ser un numero de mordiscos que se han infectado, podría ser otra cosa. No lo sabemos. Pero lo que si sabemos es que la única oportunidad de Candy está en que la ayudemos a luchar contra la infección generalizada que amenaza con matarla.

Candy esta en estos momentos en cuidados intensivos y bajo constante observacion, está comiendo, lo que es buena señal. Lo que pase a partir de ahora va a depender de ella y de la ayuda que le podamos prestar.

photo-64 copy

No sabemos que es lo que va a pasar, pero una vez que vimos a Candy sabíamos que no podíamos dejarla en esas condiciones y que debíamos, al menos, intentar salvarle la vida.

Candy esta luchando como la gata fuerte y valiente que es, y  vamos a estar a su lado en todo momento..

Por favor, miradla bien, y después, si podéis, DONAD y ayudadnos a salvar la vida de Candy…

Muchas gracias!



Viernes 29 Agosto

Esta mañana he pasado más de una hora delante de nuestro equipo veterinario observando el desgarrador proceso de limpieza y cuidado de las heridas de Candy.

Tras todos estos años mis niveles de tolerancia son muy superiores al del público en general, pero he de reconocer que se me saltaban las lagrimas.

En Let´s Adopt! hacemos todo, lo damos todo por todos y cada uno de nuestros rescates, pero algunos de nuestros animales, sea por su historia personal, su carácter, o como en el caso de Candy, por su estado de extrema fragilidad nos pegan más duro.

Permitidme que os lleve a donde he ido esta mañana…

Su estado continúa siendo grave, no obstante apreciamos que se está produciendo una evolución positiva…




Gracias por estar al lado de Candy en estos momentos tan complicados. Por favor, si podéis, DONAD y ayudadnos a salvarle la vida …

Muchas gracias!

P.S. Cuando Candy se recupere va a necesitar un hogar maravilloso. Por favor, escribidme a si os considerais preparados para abrir vuestro hogar a Candy para siempre.

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Help us Save Candy: Found with her face full of HOLES

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Someone sent an urgent message, alone, in the dark, struggling to eat with her injured mouth, there was a female kitty barely managing to stay alive. The letter said she was emaciated, a group of people had been feeding her but she was injured on the head and she was getting much worst.

Accompanying those words there was a picture…. the picture had terribly quality but it spoke volumes.

We had to do something… We organised her rescue.

She was terrified, hissing and puffing, trying to look big and strong when her skin was hanging all around her due to her extreme emaciation and dehydration and she could barely stand upright. It took some gentle convincing but in the end we managed to catch her and rushed her to our clinic.

What we found was far more that we had bargained for…

This video describes in all detail Candy´s condition and our efforts to save her.


At this stage we don´t know what has happened to her and why her face is riddled with holes. It could be a number of bad bites that have turned into an infectious nightmare, it could be something else.. we don´t know. But what we know Candy´s only chance is to fight this massive infection that is threatening to shut down her entire system.

photo-64 copy
Candy is currently in intensive care under 24 x 7 observation.

She is eating very well, which is always a very good sign. What happens from here it´s unknown, it will mostly depend on her and wether her system reacts to all the help we are going to give her.

Once we looked into Candy´s eyes there was no way we could walk out on her.

Candy is putting up a massive fight, and we are going to be right by her side at all times..

PLEASE join us in this mission…. we can´t do it without you… Please HELP US SAVE CANDY!!!


Many thanks!!



Today I spent over an hour at our clinic, standing in front of our vets, watching the heartbreaking process of cleaning Candy´s wounds.

After all this years my levels of tolerance are not beyond those of “normal” people… still… I was tearing up most of the times.

We, at Let´s Adopt! Global do our absolute best for each one of our rescues, but some, because of their personal story, personalities, or, as in Candy´s case, extreme frailty, really get to us.

Allow me to share these emotions. Please Watch through to the end…

Her condition remains grave, but I feel this comparison picture shows that progress is being made in her treatment…



Thank you for standing by our side in this critical times…

Thank you for supporting our efforts to save Candy.  I´m taking you as close as I can…  Please HELP US SAVE CANDY!!!


Many thanks!!


P.S. Once Candy recovers she is going to need an amazing home, one that never fails her like others did. Please if you are that family write to me on

Please follow Candy´s update by Liking our Facebook Page: Let´s Adopt! Global


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Hace poco mas de tres meses desde que volamos al otro lado del mundo, a la India, para rescatar a Tara, una perrita que fue atacada por unos desalmados y abandonada en las calles con dos fracturas abiertas.

Ese día subía al avión sabiendo que ni Tara ni yo estábamos solos en esto, que tendríamos vuestro apoyo.

Han sido estos tres meses increíbles para Tara, sus progresos han sido extraordinarios pero hoy nos necesita mas que nunca. Os explico…


Nada más llegar lo primero que observamos fué el elevado grado de infección de sus huesos. Ese era el principal desafio, reparar las dos fracturas y al mismo tiempo tratar la infeccion. Desde el punto de vista quirúrgico eso implicaba tomar ciertas decisiones. La inserción de platas metálicas de bloqueo hubiera fracasado debido a la infección, todo hubiese saltado así que optamos por colocar dos fijadores externos que mantuvieran los huesos en su sitio, dando a Tara la suficiente estabilidad para apoyar y al mismo tiempo permitir el tratamiento de la infección.


La estrategia ha sido tratar esa infección y las heridas externas y una vez estuviera la situación bajo control operar de nuevo y colocar placas metálicas que proporcionaran total estabilidad necesaria para la reparación de las fracturas.

Por favor mirad esta foto y entendereis el efecto devastador de la infeccion en los huesos de Tara.


Ha llegado el momento de operar a Tara de nuevo y de proporcionar a esas patas la estabilidad que necesitan. Para ello vamos a instalar placas especiales de bloqueo que sujeten el hueso perfectamente. Asímismo llevaremos a cabo un injerto de materia ósea para acelerar la regeneración del hueso.

Debido al delicado estado de sus huesos sería contraindicado operar las dos patas al mismo tiempo, ya que complicaría el proceso de recuperación así que tendremos que operar una pata primero y después la otra.

Como en todos nuestros casos mas complicados estaré allí personalmente para documentar la operación y mostrar los medios que ponemos al servicio de todos nuestros rescates.



Tara nos necesita de nuevo…
La operación de Tara se llevara a cabo mañana al mediodía. Es decir, tenemos menos de 24 horas.

Por ello, me gustaría contar con vosotros una vez mas. Si nos ayudasteis a ir a la India a buscarla y habéis ayudado en los últimos tres meses de tratamiento por favor, apoyad a Tara en este ultimo tramo para que podamos completar su tratamiento.

Tara ha pasado por mucho y este es el ultimo tramo, el sprint final hasta que sea capaz de caminar libremente, como hacen nuestros perros, como todo perro debería.


21 de Agosto.. 

Creo que esta imagen habla por si sola y sin duda debe ser la primera vez que un perro rescatado de un lugar como la India tiene a su disposición semejante despliegue de medios. Más que esto no se puede hacer.


En la operación de hoy había seis personas, dos cirujanos, dos asistentes y dos anestesiólogos… y yo .


Esta es la primera de dos operaciones que, devolverán a Tara el uso de sus patas.




photo-63 copy 4

Unas horas más tarde…

photo-63 copy 5

Tara se despierta.. y tiene hambre!!! 


photo-63 copy 6



La primera operación ha sido un éxito.. ahora queda la segunda.. Tara nos necesita. Por favor ayúdala, dona para que podamos operarla de su segunda pata y podamos acabar de devolverle la vida que le robaron…


Muchas gracias!
Cuando todo eso termine Tara necesitara un hogar maravilloso. Por favor si sois vosotros esa familia escribidme a

Ayúdanos a salvar a Tara… por favor, COMPARTIR…

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Help us Save Lives.. SHARE!Share on FacebookTweet about this on TwitterShare on RedditPin on PinterestEmail this to someone


This is a personal appeal. Please read on…

It´s been close to three months since I flew across the world, to India, to rescue Tara, a dog that had been attacked by a monster and left on the streets with two broken legs to fend for herself.
It was a daring rescue but I jumped on that plane knowing that we were not alone, that the Let´s Adopt! community would have our back.

It´s been three incredible months for Tara, and her progress has been extraordinary but she needs us now more than ever. Let me explain.



Upon arrival the first thing we noticed was that her bones were terribly infected. This was the biggest challenge, to fix both fractures while at the same time treating the infection. Surgically, this meant making certain choices. Inserting metal plates would have failed as infection wouldn’t have allowed the plates to keep the bone stable, so instead we opted for applying two external fixations that would keep the bones in place, giving Tara enough stability to step on those legs while at the same time allowing infection to be treated.


The strategy was to stop bone infection and heal the external injuries and then, once all of this was under control we would operate again and this time instal metal plates that would provide the legs with the necessary stability to enable the total healing of the bone.

Please look at this picture and you will understand the ravaging effects of infection on Tara´s bone.


So, if we want Tara to ever walk again, the time has come to operate her again and give her legs the stability they need. To do this we are going to instal specially designed blockage plates using nine, possibly ten screws to provide maximum stability. We will also do an insertion of bone matter to accelerate the healing process.

Due to the very poor condition of the bone operating both legs at the same time would put too much stress on her legs, so we are going to operate one leg at a time to improve recovery.

As in all our most critical cases I will be there to document the surgery and to show you how we put cutting edge medical technology at the service of our rescues.

Tara needs us once again.

We have scheduled her first operation for Thursday morning. That is, in less than 48 hours.

And so, I need your help once again so that we can complete her treatment.


UPDATE 21 of August

This is AMAZING AND INSPIRATIONAL AND WORTH SHARING. This image speaks 1000 words as it´s probably the first time a rescued indian street dog has this kind of facilities at her disposal.
There were SIX PEOPLE assisting on Tara´s surgery today. Two surgeons, two anaesthesiologists, and two vet techs…
Without a doubt we are giving Tara the best modern medicine can afford. All of this thanks to YOU… 




photo-63 copy 4

 A few hours later… Tara wakes up!

photo-63 copy 5

So… the first leg has been fixed… now we need to operate the second one!!!

photo-63 copy 6

Please help us operate Tara´s second leg.. She has gone through so much, WE MUST FINISH WHAT WE STARTED…. this is the last stretch, the last sprint until she is finally able to walk freely, like your dogs do, like any dog should…

Tara needs us once again… Please DONATE TODAY so that we can perform her second surgery and give her back her life…


P.S. I believe you are going to be amazed at the kind of surgery we are about to perform. I will be updating this post with pictures of Tara´s operation next Thursday…

Please help us save Tara… SHARE!!!

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Help us save Baby Bambino!!!

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And there was, standing in front of me in all his magnificent blind glory: Bambino!!

Since he arrived to us this little kitty has completely stolen the hearts of our medical team…  Please help Bambino reach as many people as possible by sharing his story here on Facebook… 

His is a story of survival, and above all, Luck. Bambino was pulled out of a garbage bag. The collection team had already hauled the bag inside the garbage truck and was ready to press the “COMPRESSION” button when they saw his little paw coming out of the black bag. Tiny nails worked hard to get him out of there,  finally the little head emerged from that smelly mess. 

A second later and Bambino´s body would have been crushed. Instead they stopped the truck, and asked a girl passing by to take care of the struggling kitty.

The first thing she noticed was the atrocious condition of his eyes. In fact, at first she couldn´t see any eyes at all!!

The girl took the kitty home and was told by her parents that they didn´t have any money for vets and that this kitty was not their problem. But she refused to abandon him again and hid Bambino in a box in their garden.

For two weeks she cleaned Bambino´s eyes every day and gave him a simple collirium but obviously it was not enough. Bambino´s eyes have got worst, the virus affecting his eyes is progressively hardening his eyelids and affecting his corneas.

Right now Bambino is practically blind. His only chance of ever seen again is for us to control virus affecting his eyes and to somehow stop the damage becoming worst. If we manage to do so maybe there is a chance that we will be able to revert his situation and save BOTH eyes.

The moment Baby Bambino arrived to our clinic he practically collapsed. He was exhausted, hungry, riddled with fleas and completely dehydrated. He has now been put on IV fluids to counter his anemia a cocktail of antiviral drugs and several eye treatments to stop the progression of the virus in his eyes. He will remain in hospital for as long as his treatment continues.


Look at him.. he is Bambino, a tiny kitty with a BIG heart struggling to get ahead in life… and who better than us to help him?


Please help us save Bambino´s eyes … We think we arrived in time, but we need help … Please Donate to enable us to continue his treatment…


P.S. After he is fully recovered Bambino is going to need an AMAZING home … Are you that home? If so, write to me on . Please tell me all about you and your animals….

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Simba tried to survive, alone, until he couldn´t go on… Help us save him!

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Simba’s case has gone viral. So much outpouring of love for him has crashed our server.  But here’s Simba’s story and how to help while we fix it.

We have called him Simba, Lion in Swahili in the hope that his name gives him all the power and strength that he is going to need to win this fight.

What do you think when one sees an image like this one? Some feel anger, other hopelessness, sadness… I wonder about everything that Simba must have gone through to get to this point. We are sure Simba wasn´t born on the streets, the way he comes asking for love tells us he experienced the love of a human family. In Simba I see abandonment, days, weeks, months of hunger, thirst, rejection.

His condition got worst and worst with time, as days passed, rejection increased, until he became invisible, a ghost stumbling on the fields until he couldn´t resist any longer, and he collapsed.

And this is how we found him. What you see here are the first images taken by those that found him on the fields and asked us for help. Images that tell a story better that we could ever do.


Simba was picked up immediately and taken urgently to our clinic where he is in Intensive Care. After getting rid of the million fleas and ticks that were feasting on his blood we have done the necessary tests that confirm his already obvious extreme weakness.

Simba has advanced Leishmania and Ricketsia, a disease transmitted by the dreaded ticks.

He also has a malformation on his elbow, possibly of traumatic origin that makes his walking difficult. He can walk, but it hurts

photo-63 copy 23

His eyes…

Both eyes are terribly infected, and even if we are going to try to save one of there is a possibility that both of them are too damaged and he will be blind forever. We are doing absolutely everything that can be done to save him.

Simba deserves all the help we can give him. He deserves it because it was us, humans, with our cruelty and our rejection the ones that did this to him. He wasn´t meant to be suffering this way. He deserved so much more…

At first sight he appears dead but on Friday night Simba is very much alive. Simba is putting the fight of his life. He continues fighting infection and fever but little by little his blood levels are stabilising. His eyes remain in real danger, his left eye is lost but we are trying to save it. His right eye is in a better condition and it fills us with hope that in the end he won´t be blind.IMG_3769UPDATE 2nd AugustMy name is Simba, and I am a miracle!I am still not well but little by little I can sense my strength is coming back. My eyes are in terrible condition and one of them hurts a lot, but I can see something and I have HOPE.  I have hope that one day all of this will be just a memory and that I will once again have a family that will love me as much as I will love them.—IMG_3870

UPDATE 5 August


Simba´s most damaged eye is lost. There is nothing that we, or anyone can do to save it. The challenge here is to save the eye that hasn´t been totally damaged. Leishmania is being treated and is slowly receding but we don´t know yet if we´ll be able to save his last remaining eye.
Some days it looks like there is some improvement. Others it feels like the shadows will engulf Simba in the end.
His treatment continues, our medical team understands how critical is to save his eye. Saving the eye will mean the difference between total darkness and the light.


In the meantime, Simba remains the most affectionate dog we´ve ever rescued. He lives to give love to those around him… his capacity to love is simply, extraordinary…



Please help us save Simba. We know times are difficult, for all of us, but there is always something we can do without. Please, if you can, Donate today, help us save Simba.

Many thanks!


PLEASE HELP US SPREAD SIMBA´S STORY BY SHARING THIS BLOG ON FACEBOOK AND TWITTER. Please Follow Simba´s recovery by joining and Like our page: Let´s Adopt! Global.

As Simba´s treatment progresses he will need to find a wonderful home. If you are that family, please write to me on telling me everything about you and your family.

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Simba: un alma rota abandonada en el campo Valenciano

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SimbaLe hemos llamado Simba, Leon en Swahilli, con la esperanza de que consiga reunir la fuerza y el poder que va a necesitar para salir adelante.

Que pensar cuando uno ve una imagen como esta? Algunos sentimos rabia, impotencia, tristeza… yo me pregunto por todo aquello que Simba ha debido pasar hasta llegar a este punto. Estamos seguros de que Simba no nació en la calle, el modo se acerca a nosotros pidiendo cariño nos dice que ha experimentado el calor humano. En Simba veo el abandono, los dias, semanas, meses de hambre, la sed y rechazo. Así lo encontramos, las que veis son las primeras imágenes que le tomaron y nos enviaron pidiendo ayuda. Imagenes duras, imágenes que destrozan, imágenes que cuentan una historia mejor de lo que jamás podríamos hacer nosotros.

photo-63 copy 23

Su situación se fue agravando con el tiempo, y conforme pasaban los días la gente incrementaba el rechazo hasta que paso a ser invisible, un fantasma deambulando por los campos valencianos hasta que no pudo más y cayó derrumbado.

Simba fué rescatado inmediatamente y llevado a nuestra clínica donde se encuentra en cuidados intensivos. Tras aligerarle del millón de pulgas y garrapatas que se estaban pegando un festín con su sangre le hemos hecho análisis que confirman su estado de debilidad extrema. Simba tiene una Leishmania avanzadísima y Ricketsia, una enfermedad transmitida por las malditas garrapatas.

Además tiene una malformación en el codo posiblemente de origen traumático que le complica el andar.Aguanta, sí, pero sin duda le duele.

Y sus ojos…

Ambos ojos están terriblemente infectados y si bien es posible que tan solo pierda uno cabe la posibilidad de que pierda ambos y quede ciego para siempre. Estamos luchando y haciendo todo lo posible por salvarlo.

Simba merece toda la ayuda que le podamos dar. Se la merece porque hemos sido nosotros, las personas, con nuestra crueldad y nuestro desprecio los que le hemos hecho esto. Simba se merecía muchísimo mas..


Actualización 1 Agosto..

Simba continua luchando. Sus niveles sanguineos se están estabilizando lo cual nos llena de esperanza. Continua con terapia de fluidos y antibióticos para luchar contra sus múltiples infecciones.
Sus ojos continúan tremendamente infectados, estamos casi seguros de que uno lo perderá pero que conseguiremos salvar el otro.
Muchisimas gracias por el apoyo que estáis dando a Simba. Anoche nuestro servidor colapsó completamente y hemos tenido que movernos a un blog provisional.



La lucha por salvarle los ojos de Simba continua. Estamos utilizando tres tipos diferentes de gotas casa dos/tres horas. Su ojo izquierdo esta practicamente perdido pero estamos intentando reducir la inflamación para que no haya necesidad de amputar. Su ojo derecho esta mejor pero aun así se encuentra en riesgo de perderse para siempre.

Estamos haciendo todo lo posible para salvar su vision mientras al mismo tiempo continuamos tratándole de sus otras enfermedades, Leishmania y Rickettsia.
La evolución de Simba es positiva pero a pesar de su aparente sonrisa se encuentra en una situación crítica.


5 de Agosto…


El ojo izquierdo de Simba está perdido. No hay nada que nosotros ni nadie pueda hacer para salvarlo. El desafío consiste en salvar el ojo que no ha sido totalmente destrozado por la Leishmania. La enfermedad continúa siendo tratada y poco a poco va mejorando pero aún no sabemos si podremos salvarle el ojo.
Algunos días parece que mejora, otros parece que al final Simba sera engullido por las sombras.
Su tratamiento continúa. Nuestro equipo medico entiende lo crítico que es para Simba que consigamos salvar su ojo. Salvarlo significaría la diferencia entre la oscuridad total y la luz…

Mientras tanto Simba continúa siendo el perro más afectuoso que jamás hemos rescatado. A pesar de encontrarse en esta situación no hay un momento del diá en que no este intentando establecer contacto con nosotros. Es absolutamente maravilloso.



Por favor, ayudadnos a salvar a Simba… Sabemos que los tiempos estan difíciles, para todos, pero siempre hay algo de lo que podemos prescindir. Por favor ayúdanos a salvarlo…

Muchas gracias


A medida que avance su tratamiento habremos de encontrar una casa de acogida y una maravillosa familia para Simba. Si sois la familia que el merece por favor escribidme a


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Monty´s Last Journey

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Let me tell you a secret… I do have moments when I look around me and I see nothing but problems waiting to be solved. I see pressing demands and commitments. I see mounting obligations. I see pain no matter where I look. But when this happens I look at a picture I treasure. It is my screen saver.

This is the picture that helps me get through these days.. 


This, above all others, it´s the image I hold on when times are bad and when I need some motivation.
This, my friends, is Monty.


I will never forget the day I saw Monty for the first time. We had driven across the country to pick him up from where he laid for three months, dejected and forgotten, with his frame shattered, unable to move, unable to pee or poo without assistance, unable to stand, battling internal infections and the most horrible pain caused by untreated injuries… There he was, being held in front of me, reeking of dried and recent pee, poo… unable to stand but staring at me with penetrating gaze.

Save me, he said with his eyes…

The message to our vets was clear. If Monty has survived for so long on his own, if he has arrived to us after all this pain and despair, it is our obligation to save him, to go the extra mile for him, to try things that weren´t tried before, to seek alternative approaches using technology out of the reach for most dogs.


photo-63 copy 5

The message was simple: We had to save Monty´s life.

It´s been close to two years since Monty was rescued and these images are nothing but a tribute to the indomitable spirit of this incredible dog.



It took us two years to find Monty a home. No matter how incredible his recovery has been he remains a special needs dog, needs that not everyone would be able to fullfill. But after all this time, the perfect family has been found, and it´s time to send him home…. to the most developed society in the world.. NORWAY!!!


It works both ways… Monty must surely be grateful to us (in a doggie-dog kind of way), as much as we are thankful to him for giving us the inspiration and strength we so hardly need to carry on with our mission.


It´s time for Monty to leave our protection and to find his new path in life, with his new family… PLEASE, let´s, together, do one last thing for Monty. We saved his life… now let´s send him home.
If you have reached this far, you must have been one of the ones that have cried and rejoiced with every update of Monty during these two years..

It´s time to do one last thing for him.. Please help us send Monty home..  Please DONATE towards Monty´s journey to his Northern Paradise…

Many thanks!

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Princess: the kitty that lived inside a rabbit box

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Princess… she lived her entire life inside a rabbit box…

When you read my blog you usually read my own words, telling you our rescue stories, as they happen. Not today.

Today I´m going to use the precise words I read on Facebook that morning, words that made me leave everything I was doing and hit the road to rescue…



“Shortly after being born someone found me and offered me as a present to their daughter. They wanted me to “teach the little girl responsibility”, she wanted to have a puppy, or a kitty. They chose me.
During the first few days everything was perfect, but shortly after I arrived to the home they put me inside a cage used for rabbits, and there, in the darkness, I have spent all my life.
What was happening? I couldn´t understand anything. What did I do wrong? They stopped taking me out and letting me move around the house. The cage became smaller and smaller, I could barely move. Then they took me down to the garage, a room without windows, and they left me there.
I have lived all my life in a closed cage inside a closed garage. In the darkness. I could only move around in circles inside the cage. I don´t wish that hell to anyone. I never lost my hope that one day, after school, that little girl would come to the garage to open the cage and let me walk around… “

By the time I was finished reading Tears were flowing down my cheeks. I dropped everything I was doing, made a couple of calls, found out the exact location of the kitty and rushed to get her from where she was.

The family, after much begging and negotiating had agreed to give her up.

What you see here is precisely the moment when I arrived with her to our clinic. Words cannot fully describe the emotions we both went through during those moments…

I´ve named her Princess… for a reason. I want her life to be pampered for the rest of her life, to know no hunger, no fear, no stress, no darkness, only the most ideal life a cat like her can live.

Princess was just fed and watered during her long torture. She was deprived of any other contact, with humans and animals. We want all that for her now. 


She has been checked for FIV and FELV.. she is negative. She is totally healthy. I neutered her a couple of days after I rescued her. She is a lovely little cat that just never experienced any of the pleasures of life.

Are you capable of provide the perfect life to Princess? Please write to me on

Help us continue rescuing animals in the same desperate situation Princess was in. Please, if you can, contribute to our rescue fund…


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