I AM MONKEY!!!! The Book

What you have just seen is the first video I ever took of Monkey, and at the time I had no idea that that little thing wriggling in my hands was going to become such an important part of my

Ayuda para salvar a Lady, le han disparado a bocajarro en la frente

Como se califica a alguien que es capaz de colocar una escopeta entre los ojos de una pobre perrita callejera y dispararle a bocajarro? Asesino. Hay un asesino suelto apenas a 24 kilometros de Valencia, en el pueblo de Cheste.

Help us save Lady, a young baby shot on the face

We have called her Lady. Everyone knew about her in that small village since the moment she appeared, about a month ago, with a bleeding, gaping hole, pieces of flesh hanging alongside her cheeks. Lady has been shot point blank

A cat´s ultimate betrayal. MUST SEE

Entering her house was like entering a cloud of ammonia. Never in my life I have experienced such pungent smell of urine and decay. The first thing we were told was not to seat in the couch as it was

You are never ready for something like this: Look what they did to Smokey

Many of you remember Smokey. She was rescued by this organisation last year. It was a beautiful rescue, a semi-paralized kitty with a severe injury was flown to Germany, operated successfully and placed in a foster home for recovery. We

Samson´s final journey

This is the bittersweet end of an otherwise happy story… Bittersweet for me, that is. He was barely 100 grams when I rescued him. 100 grams of bones, hair, fleas and infection. He was totally and absolutely distroyed…. but he

Mimi was living in this condition. PLEASE DON´T LOOK AWAY THIS TIME

Apologies for the graphic images, but this time they are needed. Mimi the kitty was living in this condition. Noone helped her… This is the way Mimi the kitty was trying to survive on the streets.With her intestines hanging out she was running

Leo needs your help to reach home…

There are stories that are too beautiful for words… Leo was rescued from the streets of Indonesia. He was going to die a miserable death… But Fate would have other plans for him… This is Leo Today…. He is a

You will never believe what the owners did to this baby cat… TAY.

TAY´s story is a textbook case of abuse and neglect. But it´s even more harrowing when you add a small detail. TAY was adopted from a shelter. Imagine, someone went to a shelter, adopted a beautiful baby cat, took her

They had the cats killed and bragged about it… but Karma is a cat!

The world loves cats. The internet loves cats. Cats have an undefinable quality that makes them irresistible to people. Lift your hand if you´ve never watched a cat video! Cats are, in fact, a marketer´s dream. Aware of their viral

MARGARITA ha sido torturada con unas gomas de plastico. Por favor ayudadnos a salvarla.

Margarita debió ser la típica gatita callejera, amable, cariñosa.. hasta que alguien decidió cambiarlo todo. Fué una víctima fácil. Lo que ves aqui es el estado en el que llego a nosotros. Se escondía tras las tiras de papel, su