Someone made a shocking request: Kill Little Carlos… Help us save him!!

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Mother nature can be awfully cruel, we know that, but when you combine it with cruelty and callousness on the part of humans it can be completely devastating.

This is Little Carlos… He is just a tiny baby, not even 300 grams of skin and tiny bones. Loaded with a million fleas and worms he has been taken to the clinic by a self-professed “animal rescuer” with a clear goal in mind. She specifically requested, demanded, insisted on Little Carlos to be killed.

Carlos arrived to us in an absolutely terrible condition, his left eye has literally exploded and is perforated, he is totally anaemic and the fleas that have been drinking his blood since he was born have made him even weaker.

I honestly don´t understand where this poor baby found the strength to hold on to life for as long as he has.. 

How on earth can an animal lover turn into an animal killer at the merest sight of an unsightly injury? I don´t understand. Our first impulse is always to help the animal, to treat him, to heal him and to find him a forever home, but not everyone thinks that way, so faced with an injury such as Little Carlo´s some people´s reaction will be to kill the animal and get “the thing out of his misery”.

“The thing out of his misery…”. Those words should be banned.

There we were in front of someone that had gone from animal rescuer to angel of death. Full circle. Her soul is dead now.

The woman continued insisting that Little Carlos should be killed, and so that point we just took the kitty in our arms and (not so) politely asked her to leave.

Little Carlos´s life is, literally, in our hands now.

If you are reading this you have seen us transform the lives of hundreds and hundreds or animals and you know better than just rush to kill.

If you are reading this you understand the value of life, that every one of these babies is unique, full of potential and has as much right to life as you, or I, or own own sons and daughters do.


We have tried to wait a bit to reduce swelling and to improve Carlos overall condition but the eye has exploded and this can´t wait any longer.


Update 17 July… 

We waited to stabilize him but in the end we had to operate in a hurry. We HAD to take the risk… Carlos is fine now… We’ll have new pictures and an update tomorrow.


What a comeback!!! At some point during the operation things Looked VERY BAD but LOOK at HIM now!!!


Update 29 of July…

Here he is… one of the most beautiful Little Pirates that ever existed… look at him in ACTION!!!



Carlitos story should be remembered by those that when seeing an animal in need, instead of doing whatever it takes to save him rush to kill rationalising this decision on a vague: “He needs to be put out of his misery”… Well.. we did put him out of his misery but by saving his life, not by killing him. Two ways to go about this misery thing …

Please help us continue rescuing… we can´t do this without you

Many thanks!



P.S. After Little Carlos has been fully treated he is going to need the most extraordinary home. If you believe you are that home please write to me and tell me why you’ll be the perfect family for Little Carlos. My email:


  1. Nancy Pierce

    If anyone can save Little Carlos that is you, Viktor.
    Please take good care of him, I know your surgeons will save his life and he will surprise us all very soon.
    I have just donated 50 towards Little Carlos surgery. Please let us know how he gets on.
    My love to you and your team

  2. Fi Kidd

    Carlos will lose his left eye but I know he will make a full recovery. He looks a sweet little kitten who just needs some good vet care and LOTS of LOVE and kindness which he will get with Viktor and friends. I’m sure there will be lots of kind and loving people who will jump at the chance to give this lovely kitten a furever home. I wish I could but I already have several cats and a dog.

  3. Mel James

    He is gorgeous… Just adorable. How can anyone be so cruel. He melts my heart…. He is going to win many hearts. What a strong little man. Please look after him :) love him xxxx

  4. Tari Spitalny

    OMG.. such an adorable little boy – I have 13 cats now and could never imagine saying any of them should die – THANK GOD little Carlos is in your hands now.. I pray he is not in any pain – One thing for sure- he is a little love bug.

  5. norma jones

    Hope my monthly direct debit will help little Carlos. I know I would give him a home as would lots of other caring people. Have shared on facebook least said about that woman the better

  6. Jassmond

    Oh dear, what a shame that someone feels his only hope was to die.
    I suppose you have to thank her in one way that because she made that decision the little guy ended up with you Viktor and your team or she could have left him and he would have eventually died a very alone and horrible death. I know you will do your best for him, you always do but insisting on him to die. Whatever happend to second opinions. Well he is with you now and if he is a feisty little thing like you say then he should pull through to be a beautiful cat. I would love to take him but I have six rescues myself and that is my purse limit. I will donate tomorrow for Carlos. Thank you again.

  7. Shelley Ball

    Who wouldn’t want to try to help beautiful Little Carlos? Good luck, little one, you are in the best possible place now, with a wonderful future to look forward to. x


    Carlitos you are in good hands. Once healed you will be beautiful and homes will be fighting to adopt you. I would take you but I have a very jealous calico cat and chihuahua. Best of luck and thank you Viktor.

  9. David Young

    Donated what I could. Take care of the little fighter.

  10. Ted

    What an adorable little kitty! Carlos has so so much to live for…and that vile deplorable scumbag woman who said he should be killed…thank you for telling her that she needed to leave! Wish we could know her name so when can give her a piece of our minds…I know Viktor and his team will take amazing care of Carlos! He is so adorable. Carlos deserves a happy life and happy home…period!

  11. Emmanuel

    Just donated. Thank you Viktor and your crew for saving little Carlos. I am so happy you guys are doing what you do. A big hug from me to you all. Love you little Carlos. Hang on and you will have a great future ahead. :)

  12. jude mignacca

    Just donated a little, sooo wish I could give you more to help this little boy. Thank you so much for saving his life.

  13. He will be a beautiful little boy when all is said and done. God bless you Viktor.

  14. Liesl Feldman

    OH Victor, I understand your passion is to save but please let your heart also understand that not everyone is equipped financially to do that and most vets require treatment money up-front.

    The woman picked him up and carried him in with the thought at least of sparing him further pain. Most would have walked on by and let him die slowly in pain, either dying of thirst or hunger. She at least took the first step but may never take the next of actively supporting a rescue group if she is demonized for her faulty start. I’m sure she thought she WAS doing the right thing by this baby.

  15. ewa oscarsdotter

    I know you will do your very best to help Carlos, Viktor and friends….
    Donate what I can afford right now, not much, but I hope it will be to some help….Bless Carlos, bless LAG !! <3 xxx

  16. lisa

    Am so happy little Carlos Is with u! He kept going till you came for him!bless him thank you! Xx

  17. Lynette Elliott

    I’m going to be graphically angry here for a moment to get it out of my system, so fair warning. What the freaking hell?!? Who does that? EVIL, EVIL, EVIL person! That’s not a human–that’s a soulless, heartless waste of flesh and bones, and she will eventually get exactly what she deserves. That being said, sending money again. My sweet 15 year old Max cat had an osteocarcinoma in his skull that eventually burst his eyeball and fused his jaw shut, and it broke my heart to finally have to say goodbye to him. We did everything we could. Carlos is obviously a fighter, and he is in the best hands on earth. Your heart is bigger than this earth, Viktor, and if I may say so, I love you for it.

  18. Barbara Siegrist

    Every day dogs are taken to our local Emergency animal hospitals, and the clinics charge more than the people can afford to pay. They have “care Credit” but often people do not qualify. So they have the people take the dog and leave or offer to euthanize it for a higher than normal fee. People have their pets put to sleep because they know they can do nothing to save it. And the ER clinics are all about money!!!!!!
    She might have done what she thought was best, even if everyone does not see it the same way.
    I do not like to see animals suffering either!!!!!!! but I use vets who remember Why they got into vet medicine and work with me.
    I have no respect for clinics who turn people away because they have no money, but on the flip side, I know they can not treat every animal because they have expenses! A vicious circle with animals losing!!!!!!!!

  19. Carine Michiels

    When I look at the kitty’s one eye, there is so much life in it, that glow, he has a strong will to survive and with your help, Victor, he is gonna be a survivor! You have a heart of gold, Victor, you are a true savior of animals! Thank you for that!

  20. It has been published that this is a scam ? How can it be proved that animals are being helped ? And money is not taken for Viktors profit ?

  21. Catrina Anderson

    hugs, prayers and well wishes for little Carlos

  22. John

    Just doing what you do best…even with one good eye, Carlos is a handsome fella..thank you for giving him the chance to grow up to show it…and again, donated what I could…hope it helps…

  23. Judy G

    Carlos is so adorable…thank goodness this little sweetheart was brought to you. Now this little bitty baby will get to know how to enjoy life. I would love to adopt Carlos!
    With those colors is it possible that “Carlos” is really a “Carla”?
    I follow every one of your rescues and success stories and would love to be able to be a part of that success.


    Little Carlos is going to be so handsome when he is well. He is beautiful now. Thank you Viktor and team.

  25. sarah pratley

    Little Carlos’ fortunes changed for the better, the moment he came into contact with you Viktor and Adopt Global. If anyone can make him well again and get him the best home, it’s you.

  26. Vickie

    Agreed with the above comment Viktor. Your heart is bigger than the earth. Will donate tomorrow. It’s not much, but it is all I have.

  27. Dear Victor, I’m really happy to hear that little Carlos is with you and your extraordinary team of vets. But I think like Liesl, not everybody is cruel or less of soul and love who wants to take him out of his pain. I’m sure the woman wanted the best for Carlos and will be happy to hear that there is much more to do for him than put to sleep. Good luck, little Carlos, you’ll make it!

  28. Linda K..

    I am praying for his full recovery. He will heal because you helped him get better. Thank you Victor.

  29. Viktor Larkhill

    Only an idiot would believe what a puppy mill operator writes about a rescue group. In any case, I think the best answer I can give you is to ask you to please check this:
    If after this you think we are a scam what can I say..

  30. Dawn

    Awwe bless little Carlos, lets give him a huge chance, everything deserves love and a chance to survive, my thoughts and prayers are with you Baby Carlos, hang on in there PreciousOne.. I Love you <3 . . .

  31. Paul knowles

    I am in England and would love him. I have 3 cats two dogs and 2 parrots. He is absolutely beautiful and I would love to share my home with him. Kindest regards Paul.

  32. Denise Jansen prick

    Unbelieveble how they can go on!! There are so strong. Ik prat for him and you!!!!

  33. Rachel

    Stay strong Carlos. I just donated and I pray that you make a full recovery.
    Sending lots of love and healing thoughts to you <3

  34. Liesl Feldman

    I think the most OBVIOUS proof that this is NOT a scam is the photos and the videos. Yes, people can Photoshop and edit but this would soon be clear to those of us who really look at this. We SEE the changes as they happen. We also see the heartbreaking failures. All you need to do is follow along and you will see it too.

  35. ivey Brown

    I donated what I could. Such a sad yet touching story. I hope so much that this little guy gets the care he needs.

  36. marion crist

    oh please Viktor someone thinks your an scam ARE THEY BLIND i think they are blind we all know you arnt an scam that you just want to give these poor animls an second chance x

  37. gülçin

    I am so happy and hopeful that you’ve found Carlos. Thank you so much that you really care to save lives. If a creature fights for and holds on tightly to its own life even with no cure who are people to decide ending it? I believe in him and you! Can’t wait to see good news. Keep on Viktor!

  38. Lisa

    Poor angel! I donated to his cause! Thank you for saving him



  40. Kevin Inkster

    Donated, please do the best you and your team can for poir Carlos, he is just starting out in life. Thank you.

  41. Chuong H. Luong

    Kindly keep us updated on dear kitty’s progress. Can’t be any more happy to see that he’s in good hands now.
    and you’re right too. how hes held on to his life thus far is simply amazing its inspiring.

  42. shayla

    That poor baby needs a dang chance at a proper life don’t we all in some way or another he his a fighter and he will be a handsome adult cat if he gets the chance to shine

  43. Emmanuel

    Viktor, you are my hero. No need to waste time replying to people who project negative energy. Let’s focus on little Carlos as he needs you and us now. People, please donate and make Carlos’ future a great one. We love you little Carlos, and you will be ok soon.

  44. I don’t understand why he has not already been operated on. What are they waiting for? Sent a small donation. Please get that eye out, so he can heal.

  45. Terri

    I donated as always. Save little Carlos, Viktor! God bless!

  46. Sue Fry

    Shirley Baines – get off this site & do your research. Go team LAG & Viktor! Please save little Carlos. I’ve donated to save this beautiful little kitten! Your all doing a fab job at LAG!!

  47. Arlene Marie

    I just donated. I hope this helps. Please donate anything you can as well. God bless and I’ll be praying for carlos. Keep us updated on his health

  48. Janine Wright

    Dear Shirley Baines

  49. May

    Donated; he is so cute.

  50. how can anybody say kill a n animal its life is just as inportant as another animal his life should be saved he is only a kitten and has his life ahead of him god bless you carlos x

  51. Jillian

    Just donated. Wishing the best for this little guy and sending loving positive thoughts his way!

  52. Shahla

    Viktor you are the only one can save Carlos!! All he needs love and attention and he will blossom to a sweet kitty , and a happy one! God bless you for all you do!
    I hope my sam all donation can help Carlos!!!

  53. Kathleen Thompson

    shirley baines are you out of your mind! Victor posts updates and shows the animals going to a great home!! You are a very evil women, may the Lord save your soul along with the women that wanted the kitten put down.

  54. Glen Gee

    Chipped in for Carlos, bless the little guy & LAG & Viktor once again.

  55. sue

    What a precious little guy. Look at him cleaning himself in the video when he must be in so much misery. Well, animals are so resiliant. Which is why we they survive thru the worse. Thank you Viktor once again.

  56. ACE

    He will be OK– he is in the BEST of hands. My gratitude to al who had a hand in caring for him. We go thru great lengths (and rightly so) to help disfigured humans– adults and children– we definitely MUST extend the SAME care and concern to those (the animals) who depend solely on us — as WE are ALL they have.
    I can only hope and pray that those who wanted him killed examine their souls and realize they are here on earth to nurture, heal and help, not to destroy.

  57. Lisa

    Someone rescued this kitty thinking it was beyond hope with the goal of ending his misery. Shame on you for reviling her. I hope you have only the best of intentions because beyond saving little Carlos this article left a bad taste in my mouth.

  58. Anonymous

    Viktor. I love your commitment to the animals of the world. I love your blog and contribute when I can. You do an amazing work and you love it. It shows.

  59. Catrina Anderson


  60. ewa oscarsdotter

    OMG….saw this film seconds ago, of a playing little Carlos….I am so glad he made it with your help !!! Thank You, Viktor, and those who helped him ! Give Carlos a hug from Sweden….<3

  61. Lorraine Winson

    Brilliant to see Carlos playing. Well done LAG.

  62. silvia goldwasser

    the woman brought him to you saved his life, despite her ideas on what was “humane” not everyone knows what is possible.

  63. Anonymous

    There we were in front of someone that had gone from animal rescuer to angel of death. Full circle. Her soul is dead now.

  64. April Cruz

    I love this!

  65. Gerri D

    You all are wonderful miracle workers! Carlos looks absolutely beautiful~!!

  66. Sheila

    This little man has come on really well , I have 7 cats and if he needs a home I’d have him in a flash

  67. LEE


  68. RavenDjinn

    So wonderful to see Carlos so healthy and happy :)
    Viktor, you are a true saint.
    I think I speak for all animal lovers and compassionate human beings when I say ‘Thank you, thank you for caring and making a difference.

  69. Catrina Anderson

    I am so glad I donated to this cute little fellow, will donate again on Friday :)
    He is beautiful and deserves a beautiful life in a wonderful furrever home!!!

  70. Renate

    What a change. So nice to see the little guy full of life and playful, and much better. Worth every penny. He is beautiful too, and will grow up into a gorgeous cat anyone can be proud to have in their life. Great job.

  71. Fi Kidd

    Carlos is gorgeous. Looks like he’s quite fluffy too. He’s going to be just fine and what a lovely family member he’s going to make when he finds his furever home (which I don’t think will take too long). Well done Viktor and your team. Miracle workers are what you all are.

  72. fadya

    Thank you so much guys … I couldn’t hold my tears when I read his story ..GOD bless u

  73. Donna Joles

    I am so glad you were able to help this little guy!
    Thank you thank you! I love all animals – I hope this doesn’t make me seem like a bad person but I can understand the woman’s point. I am disabled and must survive on Social Security, which doesn’t stretch very far. In a similar situation, I would not be able to afford the surgery he so desperately needed. Too many of the vets I’ve known would turn him away because I couldn’t afford to help him. I would not want him to suffer. But I would NEVER call a living creature a “thing”!

  74. Arrista Pottle

    We had several kittens from a feral momma get the badly infected eyes when only a few days old. Most died. We had one survive..but no matter how clean we kept the eyes, giving antibiotics, and using antibiotic eye meds.both of his eyes ruptured. He is a big cat now…totally blind..but somehow he can jump up on chairs..and down– without falling. Sweetie Pie is 6+ years old..and no other problems other than a few dried crusts on his bottom lids have to be cleaned occasionally ..he is ‘normal’.

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