LEO won´t see the New Year unless we help him

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LEO won´t see the New Year because he will be blind… 

First thing I thought when I saw his picture was, HOW??? How does a friendly kitty like Leo, that approaches everyone to play and rub himself against his legs get to be in this position?

Chlamydia is a bacteria that, if left unchecked can destroy a cat´s eyes, but it doesn´t act overnight. It usually starts with mild symptoms that get progressively worst, its very easily treatable if caught early, but once damage spreads the results are devastating.

Hundreds of people saw Leo on the streets, they witnessed the progressive deterioration in his eyes, a little three month old kitty, totally friendly and harmless.. but NOONE DID ANYTHING.

This is the condition in which we´ve found him… he´s anaemic and extremely weak, still, under that terribly hurt body you can see there is a lion waiting to come out.

Leo is being stabilised at the moment and we will operate him as long as he is able to resist the procedure.

UPDATE January 2nd

My name is Leo, HEAR ME ROAR!!!!

What can I say.. he´s a true Lionheart!!!


You REALLY need to see this video…


Please help us continue Leo´s treatment and his journey home by donating towards his rescue fund. He needs us today…

After Leo has been stabilised and operated he´s going to need a wonderful home that gives him love and safety for life. If you would like to adopt Leo please write to me on viktor@myletsadopt.com telling me as much as you can about you and your animals. 

Many thanks!!!




  1. Lourdes Millan

    Just donation a little to help little sweet Leo to get better soon, please update us on him progress, god bless this angel, :)

  2. Danielle

    Shared on Twitter – Donated – All the best little Leo – keep your pretty head up – be strong – may the New Year bring only happiness, security and a loving new home to your life <3 Meow <3

  3. Clare Earl

    How on earth can any human being look the other way and ignore this beautiful baby’s suffering??? I am so glad that someone has brought Leo into your care Viktor. Please make sure he is loved and cared for and shown that not all humans are as callous as those who walked by and ignored his needs. This was totally preventable and there was no need for Leo to be suffering in this way. I have donated $20 towards this sweet baby’s care. I am so sorry it is not more but hopefully if enough of us can donate it will soon mount up. Please give Leo plenty of love and he is in my prayers xxxx

  4. AndreaWeishoff

    god bless him <3 lovely little cat :*

  5. Michael

    It seriously pains me to know that such a friendly kitty is ignored by people. Bless the people or person that brought him to your attention, Viktor. Leo, hang in there. Donated.

  6. Karina Eaves

    Have sent a donation towards Leo’s surgery. Keeping everything crossed for him. Be brave Leo, you’re not alone any more and you’ll never be alone again <3

  7. Will share Leo’s story. Please give Leo lots of hugs and kisses for me.

  8. Cindy

    wish I had some money to be able to send for him so the only thing I can send him is all the love in my heart & warm wishes for him to recover. I only work part time so it doesn’t leave much for anything. I would love to have him but already have 4 cats now. Much Love to you lil one. shared

  9. Barbara Krawczyk

    My sentiments exactly Clare. I could not have ignored this sweet little baby.
    I am appalled. But sweet Leo is now safe in your hands. Thank you so much for caring for him. You are an angel. I have posted the link on facebook, publicly. And pleaded with the people. Please keep us updated.

  10. Barbara Krawczyk

    I mean sweet Leo is in your care Victor. You are an angel. Maybe some more people will help support his surgery. Thank You for all you do. God Bless.

  11. Elaine

    The hardheartedness and selfishness of humans continues to disappoint me. Hang in Leo, you are with Viktor now and everything will go well from now on. Be strong for your surgery!

  12. Lee

    Porfavor ayudenlo

  13. Arvina Copeland

    Shared. Donated small amount. Terrible!

  14. lorraine sakli

    Just sent a donation. Wish it could be a thousands. No one cared or saw this poor kitten in horrible condition and pain. Then you came along and give him a new least on life.

    I try to live by this quote as you do. A million blessings to all help the precious abandoned animals.

    “Always hold firmly to the thought that each one of us can do something to bring some portion of misery to an end.”

  15. joanna

    My bank card still not arrived but sending very best wishes for sweet Leo’s recovery and future life …….. will donate asap xxx

  16. Laurie

    Donated and wishing all the best for this little baby.

  17. Beryl E. Sanders

    My good God, how could anyone pass by a poor ittle baby with such a sad little face…A kitten that is so full of love that even when he is suffering, he want to rub against humans to show his vourage and love. Leo is such a fitting name for this little tyke and I pray that you viktor and your wonderful staff can help him become strong and healthy. I would guess that his owners saw how sik little Leo was and just set him out on his own….these people should be charged with criminal felony animal abuse…..Little Leo doesn’t know how lucky he is to be in your care and I pray with all my heart that you are able to help this little sweetheart…I will definitely share Leo’s story with everyone…Please post all updates of this little one and believe me, if I lived cloe to you, i would be the first in line to adopt this little soul. I live in Saskatoon Saskatchewan Canada….a world away from this little one…God Bless you Leo , Viktor and you and all your associates.

  18. Patricia

    Poor kitty, I hope treatment can cure him… for sure he will loose his eye, but hope he can recover and have a good life… too much suffering very early, being so little… lots of cuddles for him!

  19. Malene Drost Rasmussen

    I found a kitten in the street years ago with the same problem.The thing sticking out,was bigger and the kitten was so small…in the middle of the street Ifound him and an old woman,was feeding him and she wouldnt let me take him to the vet even I promised to give him back to her when he was ready..so I stoled him ! he was blind ofcourse but we fixed the thing.Just with antibiotic and eyedrops.He got a home in Holland later !

    Iwill find a little donation,dont have much for the time being..

  20. Julie

    Thank you for helping him!! I am donating. But I have to say, in a case this heart-wrenching, I cannot imagine a vet would charge a regular fee to help. Bless this sweet baby.

  21. Sue Fry

    Donated & shared awwwww poor little chap. Go team LAG!

  22. Beverley Covert

    Dear Viktor, Please help Leo all you can! I have donated.

  23. Verena Ki

    Looking at my warm and save three legged kitty next to me… Had to donate a little amount for Leo!

  24. LINDA


  25. St.Evan

    Thank you for doing all those things for the little ones, for raising awareness of what we have become and for showing us what we should be.

    Nothing more to be said about it.
    Donated, no additional message.

  26. Kerry

    My God, I wasn’t prepared for that picture! Scrolled down & bout lost it……How people can just walk on by & not even TRY to do something…….its truly appalling.

  27. Janelle Stromiloff

    Thankyou for helping Leo Viktor, sending a little something to help…..Get well soon little Leo (hugs)

  28. Raciel Fernandez

    This is an incredible rescue. Not sure we’ll be able to save the eye, but it’s more important that Leo doesn’t succumb to infections so we’ll do everything we can.

  29. Totally incredible!

  30. carmen jochum

    donation is on the way, all the best for little kittycat and for Team Viktor , Carmen, Germany

  31. christine

    I just gave a little. He has the same name as my cat. I hope he will be cured as soon as possible

  32. Maritza Sahlin

    Oh my gud! Poor little kitty. I wish all the best for Leo and I hope he will be better. The cruelst animals we have on the earth are the people. But not everybody as lycky are. And I hope I was rich and have the biggest garden to all the animals as need peace and love. But my heart cry because I haven’t the biggest garden or money. But I can hope little Leo be strong again and get an new peaceful home.
    //Maritza in Sweden

  33. Glen Gee

    Donated and thanks again to all at LAG for saving little Leo. I know he will still have 1 good eye and I’m sure he’ll find a great home. Wish I wasn’t in Japan but thank God for LAG.

  34. Nancy Robison

    sent him $20 dollars. I am on a fixed income each month. will he be in danger of getting this in his other eye? he is such a tiny fellow! beautiful.
    loves and kisses to him.

  35. Nancy Robison

    updates please!!! thanks

  36. Mah

    Donated, and thanks for helping him.

  37. Diana

    Poor, sweet boy! Thank you for takng him in and doing everything you can to help him! Donated.

  38. Sue

    Please help this beautiful little animal. He deserves a good life without pain. I donated to help him. Please keep me updated.

  39. Terri

    Donated. Thank you for saving all of these animals. We are behind you!

  40. Becky

    Viktor, my husband and I have decided to stay in, with our 3 cats this new years eve and have given $50 to help save little angels like Leo.

    Please keep us updated on how he is doing, sending you all the best from a very cold England.

    Becky & David Kelly

  41. Isabelle Bernhardt

    Hope everything goes good with that poor baby!
    Please Viktor keep us posted my friend.

  42. Beverly

    I cannot imagine how much pain he must be in. Sent in a small donation for Leo.

  43. Sylvie Auger

    I have donated and shared on Facebook. Thanks to care care of him.

  44. stacey

    Viktor and staff thank you for all you do for the animals! I live in the United States. I have 3 dogs of my own, two of them are rescues. I would be willing to open my heart and home to this baby. Only thing is my dog’s have never been around a cat or kitten. But I would try.

  45. I am trying to buy a dog house for the dog I sponsor in Sarajevo, but I am a cat lover and I had to help some, I gave 10.00usd. It is not much but it grows as every one gives a little..

    Need a online store that delivers to Sarajevo… My dog Vasko is in a non heated shelter and although in a covered area, it is really cold. Anyone know where I can buy one and have it delivered??

  46. Viktor Larkhill

    Dear Becky…
    Many thanks for doing this… your gesture is very touching..
    Now.. please… open the blog again and see how he´s doing today :-)

  47. Viktor Larkhill

    Dear Nelda, Viktor here..
    In the past we had a number of dog houses made for a sanctuary in Turkey. If you want I can send you the blueprint, you would just have to give it to a carpenter there and he would make it at a very low cost..
    let me know..

  48. Yes Please and thank you…

    nelda _percival@hotmail.com

  49. Carol Alaire

    Yes, I know Doctor Viktor, and he does wonders for the many animals he touches..I have Donated so I can send my Love for his recovery..It’s a shame how people just walked by him without doing nothing to save him..How much longer did he have to suffer, especially when Help was there to give him?? Now that he has had the operation, all can see just what good progress it had made..If we trust the Lord to give people to help him, we have had the problem solved..Thank You Viktor, for showing that you do care about animals..I hope God gives you all the strength you need to give to all animals what they deserve..God Bless you for understanding what must be done..God will give you what everyone else is missing..Now Leo, here is my Kiss for all the love I can give you, and I am happy you will be okay..Lots of Love for a Good Little Kitty named Leo..

  50. At least the sweet lil Leo is alive and well

  51. stacey s

    Lord i would LOVE to have Leo the brave…only issue is my current cat seems to have turned into Sauron…one cat to rule EVERYTHING…she’s such a diva now that Fuzzy’s gone across rainbow bridge year or two ago…she doesnt want to share her human.

  52. Lisa Shaw

    I made a small donation on Tuesday. I am wishing for the best for Leo!
    Best wishes for a wonderful New Year for all of us – humans and animals.

  53. Robin Kerns

    Thank you for saving this sweet baby! Praying he finds a loving home. If I could, I’d take him. He’s so adorable! ♥

  54. Terry O

    Donated to little Leo, he is welcome to come live with me and my 5 other cats. What a cutie pie! Thank you for all you do.

  55. Delores

    Natural vitamin e (no acetate) can help with his pain and to heal.

  56. LINDA


  57. lisa pozega

    Donated, and will still adopt Leo if you can get him to san Diego!!

  58. Marge P

    Gave what I could. Hugs to you sweetheart <3

  59. Jae

    God bless Leo and Viktor! Donated and will share! <3 All my love for the purr-babies! Please send updates!


    Viktor, how many animals do you have that need a home? How many cats and how many dogs? God bless little Leo. I will send a donation to help you out. I hope and pray that 2014 will be a very good year for all at LAG. Sending love and best wishes from Wales, in UK.

  61. Viktor Larkhill

    Hi Sue..
    Right now we have about 20 animals in all looking for homes. We are promoting one a day heavily, I´m confident everything will be ok..

  62. Where are you located. To adopt him. ???

  63. kim gordon

    Just donated again. Leo is amazing and very strong of heart. Pls keep updating all the animals please I am so happy Leo is on the road to recovery. Thank you and bless you for what you are doing for all the animals who have no voices . Where is Leo located

  64. sandy medina

    i’m so thrilled to see our lil Leo doing so much better,my eyes are filled with tears at all the love and concern everyone has for this precious lil guy,i send money when i can ,i have helped you all in the past,God bless you Viktor and all the people in your staff of miracle workers,i’ve no doubt that Leo will find a purrfect home…please as always keep us updated, huggggsssss and kissssses for Lil King Leo!!! Roar baby Roar!!!!

  65. Norma Jones

    Can never thank you & your team enough for giving us hope for the human race, I do a regular DD monthly & will increase when able, We have 4xrescue cats & 4x rescue dogs & as much as would love & willingly give Leo a loving home, I do feel after what he has been through deserves to have a home & humans with not so many other pets to share with so gets lots & lots of TLC. Have shared on facebook.

  66. Lin Somers

    Hi Viktor, I am appalled that people would just turn away from such a horrible situation like Loe’s. I often wonder what has happened to the human race. Then, along comes Viktor, savior to the sick and weak, and my faith returns because of you! Thank you for saving this precious little cat’s life.

  67. Jenny Cutforth

    Wow you never seize to amaze me Viktor & the team, what a wonderful job you have done on Leo, he looks so proud now, Thanks a million for saving this little kitten he’s gorgeous, donating a small amount, but like someone said even this amount from so many would make a huge big difference….Keep up the good work you do, because all our praises are given with so much love for all who try their best to save all these wonderful animals….Please give big hugs to Leo & all the animals in your care <3 <3 <3

  68. Patricia

    Unemployed right now, but Shared on our For Pets Sake Page! Best Wishes…

  69. Kelly

    Viktor, what is Leo’s location and has someone stepped up to adopt him?

  70. Jeanne Marie Rourke

    I could only donate 10.00 ,how I wish I could give more for sweet little Leo. God bless you little one and may you recover completely and have a very loving forever home where you’ll be pampered alot,as you deserve.

  71. Pam Fitzpatrick

    Thank you for everything you do for these animals.

  72. Joni

    I gave a little and wish it could be more, but at least it will help in some small way.
    Bless you and everyone who helps these tender babies!

  73. Patti Bilinkas

    Just donated $25.00 again for Leo. Wish I could adopt him.

  74. Viktor Larkhill

    Dear Kelly… Leo is in Indonesia and has been adopted in Florida…

  75. Lynne

    What the heck is this share bar that appears on this page. It is right in the middle of page so you can’t read the text or see the picture and I can’t get it to go away. Please don’t put these share bars up to block your good stories.

  76. Viktor Larkhill

    Hi Lynne, I don´t see any share bar in the middle of the page. It may have to do with your browser. Well check it out

  77. Tim Dawson

    Hi Viktor

    Wanted to know how Angel’s progress was? Is he still alive? Someone said that he was not, but I hadnt seen anything saying so. Also I didnt see a comment section available on that link anymore.

    PS: I Also, noticed a nice video of a cat named Biscuit from a year ago, who seemed to be in pain and couldnt move well. What was wrong with him and What happened to the poor little guy?? I tried finding a blog so I could learn more but was unsuccessful.


  78. Patti Bilinkas

    Today is my birthday. Hearing Leo has been adopted is my best gift!!!! I have been donating for his care. Thank God for you.

  79. Viktor Larkhill

    Happy Birthday Patty!!! and yes!! Leo is doing great!!!

  80. Viktor Larkhill

    Dear Tim,
    Angel is alive.. we operated him and he lost all teeth. We fixed the injuries in his leg as well..
    There will be an update soon.. don´t fret.
    Biscuit left us.. his loss was the hardest blow to all of us, I´m still trying to come to terms with that over a year ago.
    Please read his eulogy: http://blog.myletsadopt.com/2012/10/23/biscuit-on-the-shores-of-eternity/

  81. Patti Bilinkas

    How is Rudolph? I donated to him as well. Also will contribute to Angel.. You do amazing work. As for Leo, I hope he gets spoiled for the rest of his life, the little doll.

  82. R Gensel

    Hooray for Leo! You are going to love chasing the small lizards in Florida! I wish you a long, healthy, happy life sweet boy.
    LAG Team, You have saved another innocent soul. THANK YOU & GOD BLESS ALL OF YOU!

  83. I did not see PayPal for donations please let me know if you can use PayPal for it I’d love to be able to use mine its my only way for donations thank you very much

  84. Nikkita

    Thank the lord and lady you came to his rescue , such a sweet looking little boy

  85. Viktor Larkhill

    Dear Scarlett, if you press the DONATE button at the end of the post you will see how to. In any case our paypal address is donate@letsadoptusa.org Many many thanks for your help…

  86. Viktor Larkhill

    Dear Patty, Rudolph is doing great.. recovered and should be out of the clinic early next week and move to a foster home until it´s time for him to fly to the USA. He has been adopted in Texas! :-) . Lovely family… hell be spoiled rotten.. they all are.

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