Our Christmas Wish… help us save Coco

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Coco was born in a city in the South of Turkey.

A Labrador mix that was never given the chance to experience the warmth and love of a human home. Instead, she did her best to survive on the streets, eating whatever food was given to her. Moving from one dump to another until she finally found a corner where she would be left in peace, a corner in a rubbish dump she could call her own.

That´s where we found her. Sitting in the crumbling remains of an old couch, barely able to move due to the severe malformation in her legs.

We were moved beyond words. There was an ill, handicapped and rejected girl that was still able to wag her tail and ask for cuddles.

There was no time to wait, she needed to be rescued. We flew and got her out of that hell she was living.

Coco has been treated for the many small conditions of a lifetime on the streets, a parasitic infestation, eye and skin infections, Erlichiosis. She went through it and recovered greatly. She finally discovered food, and oh boy, she loves that!

But now we must deal with the biggest problem of all… her legs.

Both of Coco´s legs present deformities due to a life of malnutrition on the streets. Her bones are twisted and force her to walk in a position that impacts her wrist and causes her enormous pain. She barely gets around and needs help to stand on firm ground. She´s only comfortable when she is standing on grass. It hurts less.

Coco is our Christmas rescue this year.

These are days of reflection and time spent with our families and friends. Days of remembrance of those that left us. Days where let the spirit of Christmas take over and change the world, one family, one animal at a time.

Today we would like to give Coco the biggest Christmas gift of them all. A new set of legs and a new life. There are very few communities in the world that would dare taking a case as complicated as this one. Dogs like Coco usually never get a chance and die frozen and forgotten.

Today with your help, Coco will have a second chance at living.

Please Donate so that Coco can have her life-changing surgeryit´s now or never.

Please help us tell the world about Coco´s Christmas rescue by SHARING her story on your social networks. Many thanks!!

Viktor Larkhill

P.S. As ever, we will be publishing updates on Coco´s rescue both here and in our Facebook Page, Let´s Adopt! Global



  1. Conor McEvoy

    What a rescue!
    Please make sure you get her out of there, I can´t believe how you made us all cry here.

  2. sheila

    So touching rescue, THANK you for that wonderfull christmas gift to us all.

  3. Chantal

    Definitely made me cry, it’s so heartbreaking that she was living like this! Thank you for all you do, you really bring out the best in people. Kudos and best wishes! Donated!

  4. Anonymous

    Bless her …

  5. Lee

    Viktor loq ue mas te puedo dar es la bendicion por ser tan noble tan lindo con todos estos bebes, y le pidoa mi dios que me ayudepara ayudarte a que sigas ayudando a estas hermosas creatura, que dios te bendiga y porfavor danos siempre una buena noticia de un final feliz para ellos. Salva a Coco tambien dale un beso de mi parte porfavor. Feliz Navidad y Prospero 2014. Nuevamente Dios te benidga

  6. malcolm

    Have just donated yesterday for Rudy will send some for Coco when I get paid next week. Forgot to ask if Rudy is in Spain as I move there in January and would be very interested in giving a home. Have a good Christmas and New year would be great if next year there was less cases for you to deal with but not much chance of that.

  7. Joanne

    Donated! Coco I wish you a speedy operation. Sending lots of love your way. Xxxxxxxxxxx

  8. Isabelle Bernhardt

    Dear Viktor
    I just donated !
    Keep us posted please!

  9. lisa

    She is so beautyful! I will definitely donate and I agree: Bless her. ♥

  10. Deb West

    oh my…she is just like my labmix Goldy, ex-street dog…donated what I could, thank you for finding this beauty and look forward to updates of her walking and running, pain free, well fed and adopted…Merry Christmas LAG…you guys rock!

  11. Tari Spitalny

    Such a sad horrible ordeal for this poor sweet soul to go thru – It breaks my heart that there are unspeakable things day after day happening to pets around the world- I just dont understand.
    Thank God for people like you, xo

  12. what a sad but a happy story at the end. I havent been in this for very long, but all the stories of these poor souls I never get tired of them. God bless the people to help him, you are angels on earth. Thank you. Coco is brave, independent and likes his food hahahah that is great, I m sure he will make it at the end.

  13. Patricia

    Wonderful Coco, just wishing your video touches all good hearts in the world to help you and wish you a great recovery and happy Christmas. Big hug Coco

  14. Michael

    Thank you, Viktor. What a beautiful dog. Donated.

  15. jean

    thank you for saving Coco! how wonderful to think that soon she will be able to walk normally!! DONATED

  16. chris harrison

    omg so sad ,made me cry please help her Viktor , donated 10 dollars hope she gets better , please giver her a cuddle from me

  17. tina

    hope you get a forever home for her soon.

  18. shelly

    Shared & donated

  19. Cheryl Robbins

    I wept tears of sadness for this beautiful girl, and now they are joyous tears, as she’s been taken out of hell, and is in a place where people will take care of her, love her, pet her, and talk to her. She has found her Nirvana. Blessings, and Joy to all, who saved this sweet baby. Helped by donating, and sharing/ Thank-you, Viktor for you awesome caring spirit.


    Poor little soul. Hope you can do a great job on her legs. Thank you all at LAG. Donated.

  21. Anonymous

    I feel so sad that poor little Coco had to endure such pain, loneliness and starvation….who in their right mind would leave a beautiful little girl like Coco to the wolves to die….I am so very happy that you found her and I know she will be well taken care of and receive the necessary operations to correct her poor little legs…I am so angry that because of neglect, abuse and abandonment….I would appreciate every update on this little darling girl ….I know if anyone can help her to become strong and healthy once again, I know you Viktor and your wonderful associates can do this for dear Coco.

  22. Jeanne Schlesinger

    Donated and shared. Thank you for helping this sweet, sweet baby. I cannot think of a more important Christmas wish than to see Coco happy and healthy. Bless you and yours for the amazing work that you do.

  23. Maritza Sahlin

    I wish I was an miljonaire and have so much money to give the every case of injured animals you get. If my tears were coins I have been an miljonaire every time you get an new injured animals and I read about it even when you write then the animals get a new home, but then are the lucky tears are comming. I love and live for the animals but I haven’t the money’s I will give you and that hurts in the bottom of my heart.
    You do a very great works.
    Many great hugs from me to the animals.

  24. Claire Travers

    I have donated. Thank you for helping Coco & a Merry Christmas to all at Let’s Adopt Global!!

  25. Merry Christmas Coco, you are safe now <3

  26. Ana Chavez

    bless you LAG and sweet Coco

  27. I did ask in your page how much will the operation cost. I need to know, thx.

  28. Michelle Heft

    I am in tears, here in Pittsburgh, PA! I hope and pray that she gets the help she so very much needs. I love her, and will think of her quite often! God bless all who have helped! <3

  29. Henriette

    So pleased she will receive the surgery so Coco can have a normal life & hopefully find her forever loving home & be able to be a normal puppy! I sent a small donatiom for Coco. She is such a beautiful & happy dog! God Bless your kind heats for taking Coco into your care!

  30. Dana Hardin


  31. Kevin Inkster

    Donated, such a sad story but a heart warming happy ending that restores a bit of faith in humanity.

  32. Sue

    This will be the second time I donate to Coco. Please take care of her and give her the life she deserves. What a beautiful girl. Please give me updates.

  33. Rick

    shared on FB and donation made

  34. Ana

    Donated! Thank You Viktor for helping Coco and I hope he will recuperates very fast. Keep doing the great work by helping homeless dogs and cats.

  35. Susan

    can we all get more information, please? where is coco? what sort or surgery will be performed to try to correct her legs? where will she be for recovery? how can we follow her progress? I’m sure we all would like to continue to follow her-

  36. Paul Stone

    Make this happen, Donated a shared.Make this happen

  37. Sue Swartz

    Donated and was deeply moved by her story and her strong spirit! Is there a way we can find out how much you are trying to raise for her medical care? On some FB Rescue pages, when you go to donate, there is an amount that are trying to raise at the end of a rectangular box. They update it with the percentage they have already raised helping us to know where they are in their fund raising. I believe it helps in encouraging people to donate…no matter what the amount is. I also believe this helps some people who may be a bit skeptical to give, not having much information (these would be people who are new to your incredible rescue.) THANK YOU VIKTOR for all that you do. God has indeed blessed you with an awesome caring spirit as Cheryl
    Robbins stated above.

  38. Ana Hering

    Donated and praying she finally finds the love and happiness she deserves :)

  39. Paul

    Hi Viktor:
    I will send something tomorrow morning. What kind of surgery will Coco need?

  40. Ann Ross

    Thank you for saving Coco. Sweet sadness for this girl and all street dogs in a country who enjoy hurting them. Donated and shared

  41. Patricia

    donated. What touch me the most is that animals have the power to smile in the hardest time of their life.People will never have this power,the man is too selfish…I hope she ll be ok,and then she ll find her furever home.xx

  42. Cat

    Oh my god, what a little miracle Coco is! The fact that she is such a loving and happy dog despite her terrible situation and medical condition is truly remarkable. I’m so happy that she has been rescued and is now able to know what it’s like to be loved and cared for and that she is being treated. I hope something can be done to improve the condition of her legs. Whatever happens now though at least she will have a vastly improved life, happiness, love and the chance of a bright New Year and more to come! I’m donating and sharing this on Facebook so I hope many others will be as moved as I am by Coco … I cried my eyes out!

  43. Carolyn Hughes

    Get well soon Coco. Hopefully you will find happiness .

  44. Simone

    Made a small donation. Hope she can be saved. Thank you LAG.
    Actually I think she is Pointer mix. Sending all my love.

  45. Elaine White

    Viktor,thank you for all of the amazing work you do,Coco is a sweet dog and please god,she will be able to walk comfortably soon.I have made a donation,I am only sorry it isnt more,but every little helps.Wishing dear Coco all the very best for the future,may she find a loving forever home soon .

  46. Sue Fry

    Awwwwww I’ve donated for a brilliant cause. Well done Viktor & all the team at LAG. Give coco a new start. Poor little doggie ♥

  47. Diana

    Beautiful Coco,I wish I could take her :(
    Viktor,I would like an update on Katy,a dog you featured some time ago,I don’t recall the date…anyway I cannot find the link anymore,does that mean she was finally adopted,or that she didn’t make it?

  48. Deborah

    Victor You are a modern day St Francis of Assi. Thank you for finding the broken ones and giving all them all the help they need for a healthy and safe life. This is another animal I was inspired to donate towards.

  49. R Gensel

    Oh dear Lord, please give the LAG team the knowledge & the surgeons, the steady hands to fix this innocent being. Allow her to heal and experience love from a great forever family. Amen.

  50. Definitely donated for Coco. Thank you So Much for helping her. She has survived so far for reasons; to teach us and show us how to be merciful. God bless her and keep her safe and sound. Bless you all who are helping these needy animals. I had a bad car wreck and both my legs and ankles were broken so I know how hard it can be. Coco is just so amazing; she is pure heart and soul and I truly admire her beautiful spirit. Please let us know how she is doing and will she have a loving and secure home for the rest of her life? Love and kisses to Coco.

  51. Chloe

    Donated! Good luck to her and to all the others. And thanks for saving /changing forever so many lives.

  52. Dear Sue, thank you for your help and encouragement. Let me try to answer most of your question about how much we are trying to raise. We are different from other rescues in that we immediately move in and begin treatment. We don’t ask for estimates for care because we never really know what will be needed. Only until we are deep into diagnostics and treatment plans do we get an idea. By then, believe it or not, people hardly donate. So we ask people to give what they can up front and then we handle the rest — All medical treatment, foster care costs, rehabilitation, long term care, transportation, and on and on. We try to raise what we can in a few days and hope it’s enough for all that’s needed. It works well most of the time. To give you a better sense, please read this. Thanks again!!: http://blog.myletsadopt.com/donate/

  53. Dear Luz Maria Booth, we just don’t know exactly. As you can imagine, the reconstruction here is immense and complicated. Costs also won’t end with just the operation. Coco will need months of rehabilitation and recovery and then will need to go to a special medical foster to continue recovery. OUr surgeons are working on the best approach with the best prognosis. They are amazing so we know that Coco will have a full life after this is all over.

  54. Kristine Blanco-Hallman

    I love love love love love you guys. Thank you for giving us a small way to help these treasures!

  55. Renee Dagostino

    Viktor,I would like to send a donation and know of someone who might make a larger contribution to help this sweet beautiful dog Coco but we all need information -an update and info on what type of operations/treatment she is receiving.All these good people who have been affected by this story-theyre sickened and saddened by the cruelty of man but YOU have restored our faith in the human race.If all of us kind hearted,compassionate people who are like angels on earth-God’s protectors of the animals- come together, we can help one innocent sentient being escape hell and know the joys of love, care and human companionship.Please Viktor-we understand you are busy,but an update is GREATLY needed,would certainly be apprieciated and is overdue.People such as myself have been so greatly moved, and since money is involved (and greatly needed to help Coco)it would be in everyone’s best interest if you update us ASAP so people will continue to donate.Please hurry,Coco is counting on you.Blessings and Happy New Year.

  56. Renee Dagostino

    By the way,Viktor,I have the UTMOST admiration and respect for you and your wonderful organization.I by no means meant to say I dont trust that you are legitimate, but such sad stories of these animals that tug at the heart strings make us All want to do more and we feel a little helpless not hearing about their progress or where they are in their journeys to recovery.Moneyand kind words are our only means of helping these sweet ,innocent souls and when we dont see a reply we worry theres been some problem/ or setback.Keep fighting for these animals,Viktor.We,Your army of animal lovers will stay by your side to support you as you are amazing and you truly posess a gift.your calling if you will.I hope God showers you with many kindnesses <3Please respond soon~

  57. Renee Dagostino

    My apologies,Viktor!I please dont botherto post the other two Comments from me on this Coco thread.I did notrealize you answered questions about what operations may be needed but maybe you can just send a general update to all of us as to what operation/ procedures will be first-i see that there will be operations,rehab ,care,etc- so when people ask up front how much you will need thats not yet known,but if you cn tell us all whats happening at this point and what surgery you know shes had or will need first perhaps that would be great.At the one week people want to be sure somethings being done and it will satisfy peoples need to know while putting us at ease so we will feel free to help more or even procure more contributors to your cause.Thanks!Much love and gratitude from the US.

  58. Theresa Dufore

    Just wondered how that beautiful dog Coco is doing who has the crooked legs. I have never seen anything like that and I hope you were able to help that poor beautiful baby.

  59. Jo Agosto

    Hi Viktor, I watch the miracles you make happen every day and donate as much as possible. Thank you for all that you do to save each sweet soul.How is Coco doing?

  60. Viktor Larkhill

    Dear Theresa, Coco is still in Turkey, we are dealing with her paperwork in order to get her out of the country. Everything is waiting for her here..

  61. Viktor Larkhill

    Coco is still in Turkey, we are dealing with her paperwork in order to get her out of the country. Everything is waiting for her here… She should be here within a few weeks. Bureaucracy can be a big enemy

  62. Sue

    Victor please give me an update on Coco. I am waiting to find out if she is being helped as of yet as far as her legs. She is beautiful and deserves a good healthy life. I will wait for your update. I donated to her and am in hopes you can help her.

  63. Viktor Larkhill

    Dear Sue,
    Coco is still in Turkey waiting for her papers to be ready and travel here for her surgery. Everything is ready, we are waiting for her travel permission to be ready. Bureaucracy.. :-(

  64. Sue T

    Victor I know you are very busy but have you been able to get her out of the country so you can help her yet? Your posting do not show what date you update us. Please let me know.

  65. Viktor Larkhill

    Dear use it’s organized. She’ll be arriving this week..:-)

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