Rudy lives with both knees destroyed

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Rudy lives with both knees destroyed, until now…

Words cannot describe the conditions from which Rudy was rescued.

For the last years of his life Rudy has been living in a junkyard, with nothing more than four bare walls to cover himself from the rain. We don’t know how he became a possession of those people, they told us he was dumped in front of their gate, but who knows.

When we found him Rudy was barely able to stand, and every effort to do so made him whimper and cry. He was surrounded by steel scraps in a junkyard, rusty metal everywhere you looked, a totally inhospitable place where he was barely able to move. He was chained, and he had been chained for a long as everyone there could remember. 

It wasn’t easy to convince those people to give Rudy to us. They said they loved him. Yeah, right…

He didn’t enter our clinic on his own, unable to stand he was carried on top of a blanket and placed in a comfortable bed, probably for the first time in his life.

You need to look at the state of those knees to understand the extent of his condition. Both knees are out of their natural position, this has completely destroyed the knees head and cartilage, causing severe arthrosis in one of the most sensitive parts of a dog’s body. Joints are inflamed and there is widespread damage to the cartilage.

Excruciating pain is barely adequate to describe what Rudy has been experienced to get to this point.

Rudy’s condition is one of the most complicated we can face from a medical point of view, because it has been allowed to deteriorate to this point. Our only hope is to be able to realign the knees and fix them in place supporting the ligaments, and it’s going to require multiple operations until he is able to stand on his own again.

We really have no choice, we must do our best to fix those legs so that Rudy can have a proper life. Right now he doesn’t have any. Right now he just experiences pain and frustration, unable to move and stand..

At this very special time of the year, I would like you to please think of Rudy today and help him get on with his surgery he has a long road ahead of him, but every little bit will help..

Please help him, Donate towards Rudy’s surgery today…


Many many thanks!


Update 3rd January

It has been a very difficult month for Rudy. His first operation was successful but a couple of days later the fix broke due to a sudden movement. It was clear it wasn´t going to work so we operated him again providing additional reinforcement. And yes!! it has worked!!!

Here is a quick video, that shows you Rudy´s condition the day he was rescued and his condition today… amazing right?


And more good news… Rudy has been adopted by his fosters!!! They just could´t resist.

This makes us really happy, right now there is no way to know how the condition of his legs will evolve and it´s a great thing that he has been adopted so close to our clinic. We will be able to keep a close eye on him!

P.S. As usual, we will be keeping everyone updated on Rudy’s surgeries and condition not only here in this blog, but through our FB Page, Let’s Adopt! Global


  1. Vivien Prince

    God Bless Rudy – and WHY if people have seen him chained for so long did they not DO something about it sooner. Thank God you have him, and I pray he can be made well.

  2. debbie

    i have no money right now but i am sharing rudy and praying for his recovery.

  3. Lee

    please save him viktor, pobrecito

  4. Maša


  5. carmen jochum

    such a poor boy, I have also one bad knee, I can imagine what a painfull live he has. Its a shame, please help him, such a wonderfull Shar pei, hugs for this wrinkle face, all the best and thank you Viktor and your team
    hugs and donation from Germany , Carmen

  6. ali

    I know how sore this ill have been for rudy …. my little yorkie had bad knees … it was something she had from a puppy :( bless him … my heart goes out to him

  7. Maggie

    Poor guy, I will try to help. Wish I we could have him.

  8. Angela D Lentz

    Sorry baby ill pray for your health. Big giant Huggs

  9. Cat

    Thank you so much for rescuing Rudy and I hope he will be able to have some semblance of a normal doggy life once he has had his surgeries and with love and care. He’s such a handsome boy and it’s outrageous that anyone should be able to get away with treating any animal so inhumanely and callously. I will donate a little when I can and in the meantime am sharing this on Facebook.

  10. Troy Musson

    Hi managed to only donate 15 dollars wish i had more but i guess its better than nothing ,hope it helps in some way, please keep us posted on his condition. Thanks.

  11. Isabelle Bernhardt

    I can’t donate much,but happy to send something for Rudy!
    Hope that baby from now on have just love and care.
    Keep me posted Viktor and thank you for saving him.

  12. Carol Anne

    I am sorry, but I have to say today that this is why I can’t stand people. This doesn’t have to happen…I know you will help him. Thanks

  13. Malene Drost Rasmussen

    Knee problems isvery very painfull…Iwil send a bit of money,have big expences for straycat myself for the moment but please everybody,donate even if its just 5 dollar ! thats the way to go ! get better Rudy.

  14. Michael

    Thank you for rescuing Rudy. I don’t have much to give but I hope the little that a gave helps Rudy out. Viktor, you and your crew are a Christmas miracle.

  15. Isabelle Bernhardt

    Donated this morning.
    All my love and thought for Rudy!

  16. will donate in next couple of days;the people that had him neec to be put away

  17. Oksana Romalis

    Hay. God Bless you for helping him. Hope it will work. Good luck for Rudy. Just send $50.00. Hope it willk make a difference

  18. Jennifer Cassill

    Please help Rudy by donating. If you are not able to donate please share this with others on Facebook. Maybe there are others who will be able to donate. I hope Rudy gets his surgeries and is able to live a normal dog’s life afterwards. God bless this poor dog and the people who are taking care of him!

  19. sandy medina

    i have donated as much as i could ,i’ll be praying hard for that sweet precious Rudy….Viktor,i know you and your surgeons if at all possible will save him,i have all the faith in what you all do ,God bless you gentlemen and Rudy…will be waiting to hear how everythings going…much love from Colorado <3

  20. oksana romalis


  21. Beverley Covert

    Rudy looks so adorable, and you know he just wants to love someone. My prayers; that some one will love, and care for Rudy back. I hope there will be a healthy amount of donations given to his recovery.
    Hugs & xxx’s for Rudy.

  22. Helen

    I wish I could donate but I am sorry that I cannot, but please save Rudy. I have a Shar Pei he looks just like him. I am praying for him

  23. Faye

    May my tiny donation help to make a big difference x

  24. melissa

    praying for Rudy and for all of the care givers. He deserves to have a life free from pain. Praying the surgery goes well.

  25. Anonymous

    I’ve been without access to a computer and also have no bank card as lost in the post ! I am so sorry about Rudy and hope that you were able to operate last Friday . I’m following his blog and will send a contribution asap . Meanwhile keeping him in my thoughts and hoping he is beginning the road to recovery xxx

  26. deb

    your AMAZING, you save so many animals, keep up the good work xx

  27. joanna

    so happy his foster carers will keep him . Such a lovely boy ,pulling the heartstrings . Wish him a wonderful life from now on xoxox . You are wonderful, LAG .

  28. Jenny Cutforth

    That is fantastic to see Rudy’s legs now, they look perfect, thank you again to all & big Hugs to

  29. Alanna

    Amazing — he looks so great! That’s wonderful that his fosters decided to adopt him as well. (c:

  30. Terri

    Yayyyy! So happy for Rudy! Thank you LAG!

  31. Terry O

    Thank you for saving Rudy.

  32. Donna Harrison

    I love this! I’m trying to rescue a dog on a chain and neglected for life too! Hoping to get him this week. Training etc and flight is $285 US. I will donate when I can….going to for kitty with eye issue..thx for all you do! I started with the German Shepard that was in a horrible shed left to die!
    Love you guys. Keep it up!

  33. Nikki

    Bless you Viktor xxxxx

  34. Lulu

    I am so over the moon that Rudy is walking again — and he has been adopted by his caregivers! That is the best new year’s wish come true! You are special people to save these animals.

  35. Sue Fry

    Brilliant news for Rudy who found a loving permanent home with his foster family. Brilliant news! Go team LAG – FOR THE ANIMALS YAY!

  36. Dana

    God Bless You!!! And everyone else who helps in savings these animals!!!

  37. Rita Lamey

    Wonderful! what a joy to see Rudy walk like this now, it’s just fabulous.
    Well done everyone for all your hard work and well done Rudy for having the fight in you to keep going. You’re a brave brave boy and deserve a long and happy life, I pray everything continues to go well for you. Woof woof xx

  38. Beryl E. Sanders

    I am so happy that Rudy was operated on and now is a happy and healthy sweetheart. I am so grateful to you all for helping Rudy and finding him an excellent loving family…God Bless Rudy and all of you for helping him live a normal life once again.

  39. W LaBeaud

    Great work bro ! GOD bless you and your team richly

  40. Deborah

    What a remarkable man you are! You seek out the wounded, the sick and the neglected animals and fight for them and make sure they get the help they need. I rejoice with every success story I see and I will continue to donate whenever possible. And to those who cannot afford to donate you help just by loving these precious animals..

  41. Sammicat15

    Apathy is as bad as cruelty where things like this are concerned. Am so glad that somebody cared enough to turn Rudy’s life around so quickly. What a wonderful transformation. Thank you for restoring some balance to this wicked world.

  42. Susan Englebry

    This is the greatest story! Bless all those who helped this fine fellow get around without pain.

  43. Angela Proper

    Love it! Thanks so much for rescuing him! God Bless you and his supporters/fosters/adopters! Muah!!

  44. Debby Ledbetter

    THANK YOU! from my heart! This is one of the many, many reasons I love dogs! A dog will do anything to make us happy, no matter the cost! With the humans Rudy has had to rescue, love, & encourage, & pray for him, getting better is exactly what he’s done! He just knows! I believe to my very soul…animals just know! If anyone doubts this…what I’ve said here, then just re-read the story! Do you think he would have EVER walked without the humans, & making sure he got the surgeries? I have absolutely NO doubt that Rudy is walking because humans “willed” him to & wanted it for him! I love you, Rudy!

  45. Malene Drost Rasmussen

    you are the best ,thannk you for saving him !

  46. I donated towards getting Rudy the surgery he needs. This rescue has such a happy ending. I am glad he recovered and was rescued by his foster family. I hope he loves his forever home.

  47. Zara Benton

    So wonderful to see him walk almost normal again and without the pain he had before. Just as wonderful to see his fosters adopted him, there are some good people in this sad world, just not enough of them. Have a wonderful life Rudi you have more than deserved it sweetheart.

    Thank you for helping him LAG.

  48. sandy medina

    what wonderful news to see Rudy actually moving around,it made me cry..i’ve been praying and waiting for good news and i’m so so happy that hes found a forever home,God bless the people who just couldn’t give him up,how could anyone?hes just so precious!!!! thanks Viktor for letting us all know how hes doing now,much love to you and your team of surgeons and nurses who helped him be the doggy hes supposed to be YAY!!!!!!

  49. Norma Jones

    Another precious life given a chance, words will never convey how much I believe in you & this charity, I do donate by DD & will continue to as long as financially able, Thank you Viktor & team, share on facebook so friends can appreciate the work you do.

  50. Beverley Covert

    So glad to see the transformation of Rudy standing and walking so staight and without pain! Wonderful also, that his foster’s adopted him. God Bless you Viktor and everyone at LAG xo

  51. Ronnie Vincent

    What a difference. Thanks for saving Rudy from a life riddled with pain. Thanks for all you do. I have many causes I donate to and you’re one of them. You’re the best!

  52. Viktor Larkhill

    Thank you Ronnie!!!

  53. deb

    Adopt Global has to have some of the best doctors/surgeons and techs anywhere in the world…this video of Rudy is incredible…TY so much…

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