Lola, the kitty shaking in the dark

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We usually like to begin our rescue posts with a brief introduction of the scene, the background of the rescue, at times even a commentary of the context, the environment. This will be no exception, however it’s going to be brief, because there are times when words aren’t really necessary.

It’s happening in Turkey, in one of the worst shelters of Istanbul, a city of 14 million people. A shelter where hundreds of dogs compete for survival in the most abject conditions. And there, at the back of the darkest room, reserved for the occasional cat, we’ve found Lola.


We don’t know her history, where was she born, whether she always lived on the streets or she experienced the comforts of a human home. We are not even sure what’s the nature of her current condition. What we know if that she’s in urgent need of care, that judging by her emaciated state her condition is critical, and that unless we take action now, she won’t live long.

Now stop reading. Look at your animals, comfortably sitting next to you at home, or maybe playing in the garden barking at the bird on the trees and sleeping next to you at night, warm and in peace, free of worries and ghosts.

Imagine how different Lola’s life has been until now.

We have a unique opportunity to set things right, to get Lola out of that dark miserable hell where she’s crawling and bumping against walls in her efforts to find something to eat or drink.

No more words are necessary. Please help us get her out of there, fly her out of Turkey and bring her to our clinic where she will be treated and offered a totally new life in a wonderful family totally committed to her…

Update: A snowstorm rages but Lola is out of the shelter, safe, dry and warm in our clinic in Istanbul. Her condition is pretty bad though and it can´t be treated in Turkey. She must fly out of the country immediately.

Update 7 February…

LOTS of things happened since we updated Lola´s blog… Here are some of her news..

1. Lola flew out of Turkey. Our friend Rima Nur from He´Art of Rescue jumped on a plane and brought Lola to our clinic in Spain where she received emergency care and received treatment for a variety of illnesses that weren’t spotted in Turkey, among them Hemobartonella, a disease transmited by fleas.

2. We discovered Lola was not Lola but LOLO… the turkish vets didn´t realise that either. Anyway… no comment.  He was neutered last week.

3. Lolo found a beautiful family in the mediterranean coast. He is loved, and treasured, he is the center of their lives.. he finally has the life he deserved..


Please help us save other cats like Lola. Alone, we are nothing. Together we can make miracles happen...


Please help us increase Lola’s rescue chances by Sharing her blog on your Facebook Pages. Follow her rescue by liking our FB page, Let’s Adopt Global

P.S. After Lola is treated she is going to need a very special home, one that is willing to truly change her life. If you are that person please write to me:


  1. Ewa Skarin

    Ohh Poor angel..She must be rescued from that place.I’ll pray for you Lola
    .I wish i could donate some money but I’m broke.

  2. A. Collins

    OMG! I’m here with Tiger Lily and she asked me to send some help. Donated.
    Please let us know how she is doing. Please.

  3. angela

    please keep us updated, i’d love to see where she ends up and what angel takes her. if i wasnt so far away i would take her, but vegas is so bloody far….

  4. Sue Fry

    Awwww poor little baby. What a sweetie. I’ve sent a donation to LAG. Please save Lola from that hell hole

  5. Volpina bianca e nikka

    Donated…OMG, please help this poor baby!

  6. DK

    unfortunately this is just a very few of them in Turkey that we can discover, or know about. Donated. Please keep us posted.

  7. Judy

    Poor Lola,
    It certainly looks as if she has Cerebellar Hypoplasia with perhaps some muscle degeneration from dragging herself around for so long. This poor little girl is full of fight to have survived in that place for so long. I would very much like to give her a home here in the US. I have many cats, many rescues, and also fosters and have had a CH kitten before. She is very sweet and deserves a chance. Kisses for that baby!

  8. R Gensel

    Poor innocent soul. Get her out immediately, PLEASE!! Keep us updated on her status. I am praying for her right now & will continue until she is safe and healthy!

  9. Mah

    Donated; please help her to get out of there. Thanks.

  10. MC Koester

    My 10 are warm and well fed……they told me to help Lola (which wasn’t really necessary) and I sent what I could. Hope it helps….PLEASE get her out! Want to see rescue pics!

  11. selene

    Why are you not helping this poor cat to eat and not taking a picture ?Where is your heart ?

  12. Isabelle Bernhardt

    My heart breaks for this lil girl! I have 4 cats and I look at them and I just feel like crying.
    I will send donation Wednesday ….and please save her

  13. Jean Stewart, Scotland

    I lost my own cat in November. She had a tumour and I’ve been feeling so guilty about putting her to sleep but she was 16 and I know she had the best life ever and never knew a days fear or hunger. Just seeing this poor soul breaks my heart…… what fear must be going through her head. I’ve donated in memory of my companion Misty. Please get Lola out of this ‘shelter’ in Turkey as soon as you canand try to help her, please. x

  14. Darlene king

    Why don’t you do something. Your just standing there doing nothing. You guys are sick in the fucking head. Why can’t you get cage and put her in there and get her wormed up and some med’s. There has to be someone that can help her. This is so sad that there not even holding her to give some comfort.

  15. Elizabeth Anne Teeter Mench

    Poor baby has what they call Rolling symdrome. Serenity had a form of this. They need to be indoors because thier world is so distorted. But once they know thier surroundings and a routine they are really loveable babies.

  16. sarah

    my baby boy crackle was like this after both of his strokes. hes now absoloutely fine (all be it a bit wonky) i hope so much that you can find the problem with her and fix it. id have her here with me in a heart beat if i could have pets here. </3 utterly heart breaking. she must be so distressed :'(

  17. Darlene Baneky

    I can foster her no problem. Please keep us updated.

  18. bettina

    poor little girl, i’m so happy that you find her. it looks like a little “ataxie kitty”, she would have a big change… help her please <3 with a little help she will get out of there, i have donate!

  19. Nadine

    I made a donate of 5 $. I cannot donate more but i hope other people donate just a little bit so if many do, she can be fine again. Poor little baby.

  20. Lee

    please viktor help her and let us know what happened this hurts me so bad

  21. joanna

    I can give $5 some of my Xmas winter fuel money . Please get her now or she will die

  22. Viktor Larkhill

    If the person that found her hadn’t recorded her condition noone, including me, would know about her and she would remain there forever. Now she won’t.

  23. Viktor Larkhill

    Please read the blog and you will understand (hopefully) it’s more difficult than that. In any case don’t worry, we are rescuing her.

  24. april

    no offense but you say you have people going around looking for animals like this but you do nothing for them when you do but ask for money im almost certain this is a lie or a prank no person looks at this and asks to find help instead of giving it

  25. Catherine

    Donated. Poor baby. God bless her.

  26. Mark

    Lola looks to be a CH kitty. They can be very loving and independent cats with the right treatment and care. I will try to donate a little something soon. Being on disability with 4 of my own makes it hard to donate but I try to make donations to at least one place a month. Next month will be for Lola maybe even sooner. I’m also sharing where ever I can. Let’s get Lola out of there and worry about everything else later.

  27. Paula

    It really does look like this (Cerebellar Hypoplasia)…

    Bless you Viktor.

  28. Lilli

    Youre amazing! I admire you to the moon and back for taking care of the most lost souls… God bless you!

  29. Viktor Larkhill

    No offense but you obviously have never done anything of significance that aims to make change and requires the participation than more than one person? A Prank? Follow this post and in the mesntime read this and understand how to rescue:

  30. toni harrison-kahn

    Have made a small donation for Lola….please get her out of there Victor…she is beautiful, and it would be so good to see that beauty…and thank you for all you do.

  31. Therese

    I thank you for all the work you do to help these innocent, forgotten babies. I have just made a donation to help “Save Lola”. I will keep this precious little girl in me thoughts and I will continue to offer my financial support every chance I get. Thank you, And God Bless!

  32. Kathy Bigenho

    Praying for this sweet girl, and that she does not have any lasting effects from the severe abuse and neglect, bless you for going to her aid. I love cats and she breaks my heart.

  33. Cyndi

    Obviously u have not read or watched anything LAG has done. Doesn’t do anybody any bit of good to make rude remarks. Keep the bullshit to yourself.


  35. Heidemarie

    Where is your clinic? What kind of specialists are at that clinic? To which city will you fly her? Can you get her out of Turkey and into another country in the state she is in?

  36. Paula (WV)

    I sent 10$ but if you find you need more to rescue her, let me know. That poor baby!

  37. debera

    how do we know this is for real????

  38. Glen Gee

    Hi Viktor,
    I donated to Lola, please do your best to get her out of there & into a safe home. She looks like a CH kitty, as others have said. Bless little Lola & you all at LA for saving her.

  39. I will help with a donation. What a difference helping just one life can make! Do you have the ability to get the animals you rescue to other countries? I’m curious about how you place them after your rescue. Thanks for the work you are doing.

  40. With 2 kids and 2 cats and before Christmas I could only donate 10$…hope that helps a bit…this beauty MUST be treated!!!

  41. Beverley Covert

    Dear Viktor, Please help Lola recover and find a loving and happy family. I have donated and hope many others will as well. Every little bit(or big bit) helps!

  42. debbie

    omg this is atrocious get her out of there now!!!!

  43. Anneli Thorstrom


  44. donated

    please consider bitcoin as an alternative method of payment :)

  45. Colleen L. McDonald

    If you could get her home I would love this beautiful baby. I myself have had a hard time lately, my boyfriend committed suicide , had to put my dog of 10 years down, But when i saw this kitty, it made me ashamed of feeling sorry for myself!!!Maybe we could help each other!!!and my 2 boys would be extatic!!!My home phone is 413-346-4196. I live in north adams Massachusetts, at 34 Charles Street. I dont have any money to donate, but I could give her all the love i have. Please contact me!!!!!

  46. Colleen L. McDonald

    poor lola, i would like to give her a good home!!!!

  47. Viktor Larkhill

    Many thanks Beth… thank you. Yes.. we find them the best possible homes. Whenever they are. We select the families extremely careful but once we are sure they will be perfect for our animals the rest is just a matter of logistics … Please email me if you would like to offer a home to one of our rescues. Thank you!

  48. Viktor Larkhill

    Many thanks Therese.. check the blog, she´s out of the shelter already!

  49. Viktor Larkhill

    Muchisimas gracias Slendy!.. gracias..

  50. Viktor Larkhill

    We are publishing pictures, videos and regular updates. But here is how.. Please don´t donate. Follow the blog and our page and see how Lola is rescued, step by step, then, once she is in a family you may help her or any other animal… In short.. just follow our work. Thanks!

  51. Viktor Larkhill

    Right now she is in a clinic in Istanbul where she is receiving basic care to the full extent that is available in Turkey. From Turkey she will likely fly to the USA with a flight volunteer. It´s being arranged as we speak.

  52. Cathy Murphy

    Did I see another cat in the video footage? Can that cat be taken from that awful shelter too?

  53. Becky

    Viktor, have donated 20$ hope this helps get her a warm bed, meds, food and love. I think you guys are awesome – keep it up and can we get an update on Luna please :0) thanks

  54. Pattie

    Thank you so much for all you do for these suffering animals. I always share your posts on facebook to help get the word out about you and your wonderful organization.

  55. Elizabeth Nadler

    I find myself getting upset with those who post here that this is a scam or that you aren’t doing anything.

    This organization has helped countless animals who have been in absolutely dire shape. They start treatment before they even know if they have the funds. Viktor is always taking care of those who are rescued without reporting every step. Later, we will find out what has been accomplished.

    Please don’t trash these people when you clearly are not informed about what they do and how they do it. Every rescue asks for money. They need funds to survive. This one is marvelous. And they have made sure she is fed.

    Viktor – just curious as to why you removed the top three videos…

  56. Lee

    God bless you viktok.. thank you for helping her

  57. Jill

    I will donate when I get paid. For those who question this post, just follow the blog. I have donated before and will continue to do so. As a rescuer myself, there is not much we can offer in the way of proof. Hopefully, your heart will give you the answer.

    If this is CH, don’t let it deter you. I have had two CH kitties. Placing them with a gentle, playful cat, encouraging them with feather wands and laser pointers, and massaging them and helping them walk all can help their coordination improve. But she must have medical care, nutrition, rest, and love first and most of all.

    God bless you Viktor and friends.

  58. Sweet Lola
    I pray that she will get better and will find a home filled with love
    Do u have Paypal for donations
    I have rescued 3 kitties and love them dearly

  59. Selda

    Dear Viktor,

    I am living in Istanbul and in Istanbul there thousands of people who help cats, dogs which are in the streets, and, there are places for homeless people. You are exaggrating and playing with people’s feelings. Until today I have donated several times to lets adopt but now I understand that you are not purely in a good intention. People here now think that Istanbul and Turkey is a bad place. In fact it is not. This morning I saw many people in my street who help cats and dogs. Please lead people appropriately.

  60. Rob

    This is one of the reasons I signed up to your regular monthly donation service. I don’t have much to donate only $10 a month, but I hope this helps you keep up the marvellous work you do Viktor. I will be following your updates on Lola and I hope she finds a loving caring home, every animal deserves that.

  61. Nikki

    Well done Viktor! She looks a 1000 times happier already xxxx

  62. Zara Benton

    Bless you all once again Viktor. Lola is such a sweet girl and she must be feeling better just for being out of the shelter. To be surrounded by dogs like that must have been terrifying. I know you will do your very best for her and make her as well and as comfortable as you can. Then you will find her the best loving home she can ever have.

    To those who doubt……DON’T……LAG is a wonderful organisation who save animals all over the world and bring them back to health when they can. And when they can’t ~ they help them to cross over the Rainbow Bridge and give them Peace so they can be forever free. Thank you Viktor and LAG for ALL you do, Angels on Earth. <3

  63. Lena

    Thank you soooo much for giving this beautiful kitty a chance to a loving and safe life. You guys are the best! <3

  64. Ronda Borel

    Thank you all so very much and God Bless you.

  65. Anne - Maria

    Donated 5 $ , thats all i can give at the moment. Looking forward to donate more after christmas. Please keep us updated about Lola. Sending hugs & love <3 And thanks again Viktor (and team) for all your great work !

  66. Lilian

    Hi Debera, If you feel the need to ask if this is for real, do not even bother !! Are you for real? These babies need unconditional help and acceptance, if you cannot see that you are in the wrong Place !

  67. Colleen L. McDonald

    so glad Lola is out of there!!!!You are angels. Haven’t stopped thinking about Lola since I read about her yesterday.Hope she is doing better!!!!

  68. joanna

    She’s with you that is the important thing . Hope the long flight goes well . Sorry can’t give more till Jan.’14 xxxxxxxx Good luck – thoughts are with little Lola

  69. Kim Worthington

    Sorry you are still fighting non-believers who choose to make comments without researching your organisation at all Ivan. You must get sick of it.

    I wouldn’t accept donations from these un-believers either. It is a shame their world is coloured by so much distrust. I bet they think we are all naive too.

    Do Victor a favour, research before you add a critical comment.

  70. sheila

    Its hard to watch even the last video, where she looks a bit better :/ im so sorry for her…poor girl…hope she will recover as soon as possible and will find a loving warm home.

  71. Susan

    Thank you as always Viktor and Team. I have donated what I can at this time for the sweet Lola….I know you will do all you can to help her. I have Tweeted her story as well so hope she gets loads more help….bless you all….XX

  72. Colleen L. McDonald

    Victor for some reason I can’t seem to email you from my computer.I would like to offer lola a home please email me at I would really love to bring this kitty home!!!

  73. Kerry See

    Yes, she does look like a ch kitty. I have had three ch kitties: Beebop is now 14; his sister,Tumblina, passed at 8 and his housemate, Dizzy, is 10.
    I will donate for her care and would love to be considered a foster or forever home.

  74. Ahmet Tekelioglu

    >>>>>>> ATTENTION Turkish Airlines will let you fly a kitten weighing less than 5kg in the cabin providing she has a bill of good health from a clinic. IT IS DANGEROUS to transport this kitten in the cargo bay of a plane. Sometimes, they even forget the pressurise the cargo bay.

  75. Viktor Larkhill

    Turkey is a wonderful place full of wonderful people and those people have rescued this kitty.
    BUT they don’t have the means to treat her.
    You have been following our rescues around the world.. today is the turn of a turkish cat. You should be happy instead of angry.

  76. Viktor Larkhill

    Hi Elizabeth..
    The videos were hosted by the person that helped us find Lola.. she was harrassed and had to take them down. We uploaded them back in our account. Please check them out.

  77. Viktor Larkhill

    The other two cats have also been rescued.

  78. Cathy Murphy

    Viktor–so glad to hear the other cats were rescued too.

  79. So glad that she will be leaving that nightmare behind and to get the best care and get lots of love.

  80. Heidemarie

    Why all the way to the US? It is a very long and stressful journey for a cat which also is sick. There are very good specialists in for example Germany and it is only a two hour flight and costs around EUR 100 roundtrip.

  81. Send me stuff on fundrasien i will help you i am animal lover thank you

  82. Rima


    please instead of speaking out of your nationalist rage look around your-self today in the street , or in a turkish shelter.
    I am in Istanbul and I will tell you what I see : thousands of strays,malnourished , not properly cared for , thousands of dogs in the shelters kept in less than adequate confitions and millions of ”wonderful” people who would not even bother to foster one single animal.

    Turkey is wonderful place , hell …. Probably it is , for everyone else than the rescuer.

  83. Rose

    She looks so much better. With everything she has been through, you can still see she is a typical cat that wants affection and tries to play…

  84. Karen

    Well done again for your efforts to help more animals. Loved the photos of people feeding the abandoned dogs in Istanbul if my memory is correct. Like in all countries there are good and bad people. In the UK at the moment there is a massive problem with abandoned and starving horses. No country is free from people ready to let animals suffer. But hopefully in every country there is someone like Viktor and LAG.

    Maybe when you win your lawsuit your doubters will finally crawl into the dark corner they emerged from.

    Keep up your good work.

  85. Lee

    viktor is she gonna stay like that all shaky and scared? will she ever be a normal cat? ;-(

  86. katrina rodriguez


  87. Viktor Larkhill

    Hi Lee..
    Shaky, we don’t know yet, it will depend on her treatment.
    Scared? Absolutely not, ill update new pics shortly and you’ll see how much she has improved…

  88. Viktor Larkhill

    Hi Heidi.. It will depend on wether we can secure the necessary permits for her to enter the country.
    International animal rescue is not as easy and straightforward as we would like it to be..

  89. Viktor Larkhill

    Thank you Rob, thank you..

  90. Omer

    Next weekend’s night-out cancelled. Donated $ XX. Please keep us posted.

  91. maria

    I am so glad she found a home. Bless you and all your good works xxx

  92. Hank

    how is lole doing and will you be able to help her get better


    I believe God is doing a great work through you & we all must trust in the good of humanity…I will follow this cat & donate what I can. I also will find a way to contribute to your organization as well in the future,God willing !

  94. Darlene King LAG is doing something! Hence, why they shared this blog about Lola.Why don’t you do something. Your just standing there doing nothing. They were comforting her, the point of sharing the videos is NOT to sugar coat anything! Viktor and his amazing team at LAG, found her, saved her and now are asking for our help! They are a NON PROFIT organization, they rely on us to donate to help this adorable, scared kitty and others like her. Geez. You really are rude and have no clue. Your attempt to be negative only makes the rest of us feel sorry for you. Please take your meds. :)


  96. Kim Worthington

    I hope there is something that can help her live a better life xx

  97. Joan

    I’ve followed Viktor and LAG for a long time and now going to donate monthly. This is not a scam. Viktor is a caring,kind man.

  98. Ahmet, thank you. Yes, we NEVER transport cats that have special needs in cargo. Cats like Lola are only done (at a much higher cost) with a qualified flight volunteer. We were lucky to find someone who not only could ensure Lola’s safety during the trip, but we trusted and knew that she would lay down her life for Lola. Lola traveled in comfort in the cabin and arrived safely. She was immediately taken to our best vet clinic and is undergoing extensive testing.

  99. Dear “Donated”, We are seriously considering it. We are looking into the legalities of using bitcoin as we are a registered charity and are awaiting federal (US) non-profit designation. We want to make sure that Bitcoin keeps us compliant. Let’s Adopt believes in the democratization of power, including financial power. Bitcoin has some very interesting and appealing aspects with that.

  100. Anonymous

    Haven’t heard any about lola lately. How is she doing?

  101. Viktor Larkhill

    Lola is in hospital, leaving tomorrow and going to a foster home. News coming soon..

  102. Patti Bilinkas

    So glad I’ve been donating to these precious animals. Thank you for your fine, compassionate care and the updates. Been waiting to hear Lola’s outcome.

  103. Sarah

    Do you have any idea what causes her to be unable to control her body? I hope she gets better, thankgod you saved her x

  104. Sue

    Victor how is Lola doing? Please keep me updated. TY for everything you do.

  105. Racquel Ayers

    How is Lola doing? Did you find out what her neurological issue is? Can she treated?

  106. Carolina

    Hi, I just wanted to know if there is any update in Lola’s health. How is she?

  107. Viktor Larkhill

    Yes, she’s great. Update coming on Wednesday

  108. Patricia Bearer

    Viktor, once again I have sent a donation through PayPal, and I will continue to do so. My heart breaks when I see these poor animals in these hopeless situations, and my heart swells with joy when I see the work that you do to get them out, get them well, and get them a forever home. I will always support you. I live in a home with my rescued dog, and a rescued feral cat (who was living out in the ice and snow), and it is a house full of love. Thank you for everything that you do.

  109. sheila

    Thank you for this beautifull rescue!

  110. Kim Worthington

    You are either disinformed. Or you are a troll. Either may you will not succeed in spreading your doubts to others here. They know the truth – as do I as one of the adopters. Wait for photographs of Carpi on my own Facebook page – Kim Worthington. He is on the ferry between France and the UK at the moment. When he arrives from Let’s Adopt Global, I will give you pictures if you are woman enough to give me your Facebook ID. In the meantime look on their FAcebook page for his story. Then say sorry!

  111. Volpina bianca e nikka

    Happy! Thanks soooooo much boys and girls! <3

  112. I have been following Lola or Lolo ever since you first found him and to look at his before and after pictures, it is hard to realize that this is the same cat///Thank you so very much for taking care of Lolo and securing a good and loving home for him…after what he has endured, he so deserves a good home and to be spoiled…LAG is a most astounding organization and it makes my heart feel so good to know that your organization is out there protecting and taking care of so many needy animals. If I could, I would adopt all the homeless animals that I have found, as it is, I have adopted at least 25 cats and dogs in my lifetime and I will continue to do so….the hard thing ofr me is to foster animals because I become so attached to them that I just can’t part with them! God Bless you Viktor and all your staff in your wonderful orgainzation.

  113. Jennifer Cassill

    i am so happy that sweet kitty found a loving home! thank you and God bless you for everything you do to rescue and help these animals!

  114. Audrey

    Viktor, no need to defend yourself against the bigots who write terrible things about you. Those of us who have been following you, know your works. You are a true angel among us! I can now say that I too, have rescued animals. Last week, two dogs were put in my path, on separate days, one was dumped in the mountains. My family and I have found great homes for them. Just keep doing your work. We, the true humans with a heart and soul, know that not everyone is called to do this. Its very difficult, even with healthy animals, much less the ones you are called to help. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

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