Tom only needed food and water… even that was denied to him

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We live in a permanent state of emergency. Rare is the day when we are
not faced with awful cases of animal abuse, and more often that not,
total and absolute neglect, animal cruelty. The above picture is just an example of the life our rescues had before finally finding us. It’s a daily war against evil.

This is Tom. He has arrived to us practically unable to stand and barely able to keep his eyes focussed, such is his extreme state of weakness.

He has been found where most hunting dogs are found, in the fields, laying flat under a tree waiting for his time to die. His first reaction was to stand up and run away but he was too weak and he stumbled after a few steps. From that moment on he didn’t offer any resistance, he probably felt like giving up.

He is right now in intensive care, receiving all kinds of fluid therapy and support to try to keep him with us.

His blood results are horrid. Not bad, horrid. His albumin levels are, in the words of our vet, incompatible with life. Every single blood indicator is off the charts. To make it worst he has the dreaded Leishmania, one of the most feared off diseases in this part of the world. Dogs can recover, but only when caught in time and administered a costly treatment.

We are in the middle of a desperate fight save Tom´s life and help him out of the downward spiral he must have fallen into weeks, months ago. His deterioration didn´t happen overnight. This is the result of a lifetime of neglect, of living chained in a dirty hole with seldom any food and water.

And then it hits me. Tom didn´t ask for any luxury, he didn´t even ask for tenderness and love as he probably never experienced any. He just needed some food and water to stay alive and live the misery he called life. Even that was denied to him.

Tom is a good dog, I look at his eyes and I tell him he´s going to be ok, and as he falls asleep I promise him we are going to fight for him, and that he will never lack of anything for as long as he lives….

January 10…

Our hard work has paid off… Tom has returned from death.. he is a different dog now :-)

February 12

Tom will never know how lucky he was to find us… here he is.. ready to go home!

Tom has an absolutely wonderful character, shy at first, but once he knows you and understands you will never hurt him he´s all love and affection. He is great with all animals… submissive, the kind of character that will never create problems. A pacifist.

Have a look… this dog has gone through hell and back and now he´s ready to go HOME!!!


Update 17 March… 

Remember Tom´s condition when we found him?

It´s very difficult to put these images in words…  the transformation is so unbelievable… Here he is.. the new TOM!!


Please help us save other dogs like TomHelp us continue making possible the impossible, and achieve the unachievable..

For the animals


Many thanks!

P.S. Tom is going to have a long fight ahead of him, and we are going to fight with him every step of the way. Please get involved, and if you wish, please SHARE Tom’s story on Facebook and Twitter. It will really help. Many thanks!

As ever, please follow Tom’s evolution in our Facebook Page: Let’s Adopt Global


  1. Lourdes Millan

    Just donated a little bit to help get Tom and so many animals you guys help bless u guys for all you do for these animals that are abandoned or unloved, :(

  2. John Rowan

    I know I can’t give much but I try to give to every case I see like this one with Tom…Even though it’s just a bit, if everyone who cares about this type of abuse, neglect, or whatever you want to call it gives just a couple of dollars, we could win the war and make sure these beautiful animals get that second chance they’re looking for…all they want is love, compassion and the life they’re entitled too…and that ain’t much…forget that pack of cigarettes and send the money to LAG…it’ll make you feel much better, and dogs like Tom as well…

  3. Viktor Larkhill

    Many thanks John… thank you…

  4. Viktor Larkhill

    Many thanks Lourdes… thank you for your help.. Please follow our page, I promise you we are going to do everything possible to save his life. Viktor

  5. Zara Benton

    Please please stay with us TOM please don’t give up baby we want you to live so much, you deserve to live a good life, a happy life a life full of love beautiful boy. Thank you for all you are doing for this darling boy LAG – please give him a kiss from me and tell him we love him and want him to live. Sending many prayers for his recovery and holding him in my heart with love.

  6. Kristin

    Poor Tom. He’s got wolfish good looks. His crying is heartbreaking. I hope he will recover and get a loving family. xo

  7. Lorena Delgado

    Just donated what I can at this time, it’s not much but every penny helps… Gracias Viktor, asunque no es suficiente esa palabra para expresar el sentimiento por tu gran corazon.

  8. carmen jochum

    donation is on the way for Tom
    hope this sweet boy will run again and find a better place for living and a family which loves him …
    thank you all from lets adopt, your great <3
    all the best wishes from Germany

  9. Susan Englebry

    Thank you for this amazing work you do. Tipping the balance from such horrors back to kindness.

  10. Sue Swartz

    I just gave a small donation and posted this blog to my FB page. I try and support as many of your animals as I can….your work is wonderful and I thank God that you do not turn your back on “the least of these.” Thank you for giving them a chance at a better life, where they can experience love, warmth, better health and a full belly. <3

  11. Marina Brown (UK)

    I can donate a little, there are so many unfortunate babies out there, I just can’t ignore the cruelty, abuse and torture these poor dogs go through, thanks LAG and Viktor for all what you do, I’m praying for Tom, sending all the love, light and energy for this poor little fella xxxx (“”) (“”) xxxx

  12. Marina Brown (UK)

    Donated and shared….. xx (“”) (“”) xx

  13. Isabelle Bernhardt

    Going to send a donation for Tom
    Breaks my heart see how evil people let this poor souls suffer so much

  14. lori reinhard

    thank the lord 4 u, viktor. tom truly found an angel on earth. i will donate as soon as i get my paypal working. how do u adopt globally

  15. Cathy Hawkes

    I don’t have a lot, but I’ve donated what I can. Hope Tom gets better. Will be sharing on Twitter and Facebook too.

  16. anne lewis

    donated for tom please help him and try to save his life so he can get the love he never had

  17. Jane

    Oh tom ypu beauty, who died this to you? What a life to live. But you will fight to live because you are in the arms of earth angels now. Healing is being sent to you little I e <3

  18. Julie Guido

    I read these stories and can’t fathom what human is capable of being this cruel. It breaks my heart. To treat a living being this callously is unthinkable. Thank God for people like you and everyone else. who cares. I try to give a little bit to every case you post. Tom will be in my prayers. You are their angel :)

  19. Jen

    This breaks my heart but it is so reassuring to know that there are people in the world like those at LAG who care and make a difference. I donated, I wish I could afford more but as the above comments mention if many people donate just a little that could go a long way!

  20. joanna

    Have just made a small donation for Tom . It is so tragic that dogs like him are not valued at all by their ‘owners’. Am sending all my thoughts to him and willing him to pull through

  21. Michele

    So heartbreaking – I just donated a little something for sugar Tom. If evryone could just give a little it will be the whole world for some poor soul in need. Thank you Viktor and crew for saving God’s creatures <3

  22. Lee

    Please god help these people so that they can heal tom.. dios te benidga viktor.. ayudalos

  23. Jude

    Hi Victor, Just donated a little to the pool, hope for the best – what a beautiful dog, so sad but he’s in the best hands I’m sure. Keeping fingers crossed for him. Thank you for posting & looking after him,

  24. Sue Fry

    Good work Viktor. I can’t afford to donate much so I’ll do what I can ok
    Keep up the fantastic work you all do at LAG.

  25. Maureen Trant

    He is just so precious,praying for Tom’s life sending love and kiss’es for this precious boy.If anyone can save Tom I know you will,right now he’s in the best place he could ever me.You have saved so many life’s and know you all will fight for Tom,thank you for the love and care you are giving not only to Tom but for all you save,You all are their Angels!!!

  26. Anonymous

    I don’t smoke (Thank God!) so I am definetly going to donate what I can to help this handsome boy, our beloved Tom. He’s entitled to a second chance so my prayers and thoughts will be with him now hoping that another miracle happens to another beautiful dog. Please let’s give what we can so we can all help Tom. Thanks!

  27. Mark dent

    Please help him , it’s heartbreaking :(

  28. Ellen

    OMG!!!!!….I just read Tom’s story and watched the video….I am in tears over this sweet baby….how could someone do this to an animal and think that its ok……my heart and prayers go out to Tom in hopes that he will be able to recover and find his strength again….and I hope that he will eventually find his forever home….he truly deserves it after everything he has already gone through……Tom, know that God is blessing you and that the angels are watching over you and will protect you through your battle…you can fight this sweet boy. <3 <3 <3

  29. debbie

    Sent a donation with love from the UK

  30. Anonymous

    Sobbing now

  31. KimberlyFarraj

    This baby breaks my heart, I’m not in a position to donate but, I will, post, re-post as often as needed to get him some funds.

  32. Debbie Godio

    This poor scared little dog ! Thank God he was taken in and is now being cared for ! I’m sending prayers for his recovery ! Please get better Tom ! You never deserved any if this neglect ! They will make you better ! I love you little guy !

  33. Beryl Sanders

    I would so like to a lot of animal lovers together and hunt down this bastards and tie them all to a tree for 4 weeks with no food or water to make them experience the pain o thirst, f hunger and weakness that these poor dogs must have endured… God Bless you Tom…I know you are scared and weak but let Viktor and his wonderful staff help you… xoxo

  34. Kim Worthington

    Thank you Ivan and your wonderful people. Given a little. Hug Tom for me. I am praying for him. xxx

  35. kathy

    Please save this angel…….In this seasons of miracles hears hoping to see picture of tom frolicking in a big yard with people who truly love him….Get well soon Tom we are all praying for you……sending a donation so that you will get all the love nd treatment you need………


    Sent a small donation for Tom. Wish it could be a lot more, but with all that’s going on in Bosnia with their street dogs and cats being killed in such horrible ways, I have had to stretch the donations to help many animals. Is Tom a Spanish hunting dog? I wish something could be done about the way hunters treat their dogs. I’ve sent many petitions to the Spanish government and authorities, but to no avail. What can we expect when even the King of Spain has killed elephants. Sending my love to Tom for a speedy recovery. From Wales in the UK.

  37. Elizabeth Ann Ross

    Hi Victor, I sincerely hope Tom makes a full recovery. I myself have a dog with Leishmania and he is on medication now for the rest of his life. I have now set up monthly donations for Tom and the little dog that you informed me of 2 nights ago. I so wish I had thousands to give you but I am not in work myself and have big debts. God Bless You All for helping Gods beautiful creatures!

  38. Jackie G

    Viktor I know you’re the doctor but is it possible the IV needle is hurting? I say this because once I was in the hospital the IV needle was inserted possibly at an angle. All I know is it ached and hurt do bad I tried not to move because of the pain when I did. Just a thought. Well I will be donating what can. Bless you forever.

  39. Beverley Covert

    Lots of care and love to Tom. Shared, and donated.

  40. ADHD

    Donated a little bit ($5.00) – may it help at least a little bit!!! Poor animal: God Created him too – we humans are meant to be responsible and GOOD stewards of His Creation and everything He Made, not to be heartless, brutal “masters with dominion”!!!!!

    Thank you so very much for the work you’re doing – and have a Beautiful Christmas-time, both to Tom AND to you who’re trying to help him!!!

  41. rania

    I donated a small amount and i wish Tom to be healthy again very soon!!

  42. Carol Holdaway

    I would like to donate but don’t trust the internet how can I send money to you safely.

  43. Jean Stewart, Scotland

    Just speechless……poor, poor Tom. It’s so upsetting to see him distressed. He doesn’t realise they’re trying to help him and he hasn’t got the strength to fight or even stand. Heartbreaking. Thank you for helping him. Donation sent. x

  44. Tina Liedbergius

    Just transfered 15 US Dollars for Tom.

  45. His crying about broke my heart when the needle went in his leg. I wanted to be there telling little Tommy boy everything was going to be just fine. Dear God please let it be. I have six dogs and if one of them so much as gets a splinter …they are at the vet. My vet tells me now that they have a new system now where they check every dog once a year for heartworms (whether you have them on heartworn preventive or not) and it is 45.00 for each dog per year plus the 100 dollars a month I pay for all the preventive meds. Vets are sooo expensive but I will do with out before my dogs suffer. I mention the splinter in my Chihuahuas foot ( 320 dollars before it was all said and done). People when you get a dog its yours for life to love and take care of NO MATTER WHAT! Stiffer penaltys should be put in force for these scum that do these things to animals. Jeannie Beal

  46. gill

    bless you LAG. I respect that you don’t close your eyes, even though what you must see is beyond words. i donated only little, but i hope many will too. 1 tonne of feathers weighs the same as 1 tonne of steel

    “It does not require a majority to prevail, but rather an irate,
    tireless minority keen to set brush fires in people’s minds.”
    Samuel Adams

    “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress
    can be judged by the way its animals are treated

    “There will come a day when such men as myself will view the slaughter of innocent creatures as horrible a crime as the murder of his fellow man. Our task must be to free ourselves by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature and its beauty”
    Albert Einstein

    “He who is cruel to animals becomes hard also in his dealings with men.We can judge the heart of a man by his treatment of animals.”
    Immanuel Kant


  47. Have left a little something for Tom. Hunters all over the world are shit.

  48. Gia

    I have donated as I often do. and now Tom has a fighting chance with you to fix him…..he really did look as though he had suffered too much and I hope he manages to pull through…please stroke his face for me and give him my love…xx

  49. Patricia Wall

    I am utterly disgusted. No excuses. Those responsible are rotten to the core.

  50. Lotta Roti

    Poor animal! This is horrible, I cried a lot. Lord Shiva Shambo, everloving and compassionate put his loving hands on him and heal… and let his wrathful form deal some karma on those evil people who did this.


  51. yvonne

    ive only donated a small amount as i am not working but every little helps. hope he recovers soon

  52. Lee

    que pasa con este bebe aun nada nuevo Viktor?

  53. You have a donation from me, along with prayers for Tom and for you and the warriors of Let’s Adopt Global.

  54. Joëlle, from Brussels

    Donated yesterday (or was it today night?!)… for this baby… Hope he’ll pull through, Viktor! Let’s keep fingers crossed… Thanks for rescuing him and bless you all!

  55. Paul Stone

    You will be in my thoughts……..

  56. Sue Tait

    Just sent a little money for Tom, please help him and save him if you can. I can’t adopt him, but I hope you’ll find a family who will give him the love he Should have, and the life he deserves. Thank you for everything you do!
    Sue Tait

  57. Anonymous

    Please tell me you took the other dogs as well? My heart can barely take this sight…:(

  58. Selda

    My heart is always with you, donated for Tom. I am trying to do my best and donate time to time. Love from Istanbul..

  59. Lizet Bernburg

    Dear Viktor – I have just sent a donation for sweet little Tom. Sending lots of love and healing thoughts to him.

  60. Violetta Holland

    What’s about Tom?
    Does he feel better? He has looked terrible. I can not even call the atrocities that happened to him.

  61. Sammicat15

    just sent a small donation. all I can afford right now. will be keeping fingers crossed for this poor soul. thank goodness you found him.

  62. Hang in there Tom,please don’t give up. Would love to give by one of my cats is sick with her liver very hard to see sick animals. God bless Tom. Viktor please give him a hug and kiss for me.

  63. Anonymous

    donated as promised. my love to tom-tom. viktor and his angels will right what is wrong love u baby

  64. Anonymous

    i donated as promised tom-tom let viktor and his angels work their magic kisses

  65. Cindy

    hang in there lil boy, you are in the best hands & hoping you are better soon, sending you lots of love

  66. Villa From San Francisco

    I’ve just donated to help with Tom’s medical care. I hope he recovers!

  67. Robin Kerns

    I donated some and have been sharing on Facebook and Twitter. God bless you for helping this beautiful boy! My prayers are with you and with Tom.

  68. Janice Nolan

    Did you rescue all the dogs in the photo at the top of the page, l hope so, god speed on your recovery Tom and finding a forever home ……..

  69. Susan Mohler

    This is one of the saddest things I’ve ever seen! Absolutely heartbreaking and I cannot fathom the cruelty and evil of humans against innocent, helpless, loving animals. I am so grateful you have the heart and the courage to help these precious creatures. Donation of $50 towards his care. Thank you and please keep up the good fight!

  70. Sue Tait

    Hi Viktor,
    Is there a recent update on Tom? I hope this fellow is much better now… Thanks for all you do, I make a regular donation once a month to you to use wherever you see fit to do what you can for these poor animals you rescue. Bless you and everyone who works at LAG.
    Thank you!

  71. Terri

    Is there an update on Tom?

  72. Sue

    Hi Victor,

    Could you please give me an update on Tom? TY for everything you do.


  73. Viktor Larkhill

    Tom is very well, I was with him this morning. We are still dealing with an issue in his skin, we are not sure if it´s an environmental allergy or if it´s food related. Otherwise he´s great, Ill get new pics tomorrow.. bear with me. xx

  74. Vanessa Valles Mendoza

    What’s become of the rest of those dogs Tom was with??

  75. lee

    you really make me cry of happiness viktor

  76. Do you know what breed he is? Just wondering, looks like one I’ve seen before ! May God bless you & your team !

  77. Viktor Larkhill

    He is a Podenco… a spanish hunting breed..

  78. Jennifer Cassill

    Wow! what a miraculous recovery Tom has made thanks to you and your staff who helped him come back from death’s door! May God bless you and Tom and may Tom find a happy, safe, loving home with a family who will love and care for him for the rest of his life! Thank you ALL for everything you do to help save these poor animals! People like you is what makes this world a better place!

  79. Stephen

    My last comment hasn’t been approved?

  80. Lee

    Dios te bendiga Viktor

  81. Amazing transformation!!!! Thank you so much for all you do!!! Tom looks like a wonderful dog who deserves a loving home and a happy, safe future!!

  82. Amanda

    hes beautiful :) so glad hes healthy now and was adopted!

  83. Shahla

    I can not believe he is the same Tom , saw a few weeks ago! You guys are amazing and thank you so much for helping all these wonderful animals to have a second chance in life ! God Blwss you all!!!

  84. marion crist

    im so pleased this dog is ok now bless him how can people be do cruel as not to give him food and water and love and affection i have cats i would never ever do that to them i just give them food and water and cuddles and affection cause i love them so much i have even taken in cats that have been strays and treated them as my own i cant bear cruelty to animlas or see animals suffer and i would do the same if i saw an dog suffering to x

  85. Patricia Masters

    I have to say “I love you Victor” I am not able to donate any money yet, but I am planning on doing so as soon as possible. Just had to say that “I love you and all your helpers Victor” and the work you do for these animals.

  86. Viktor Larkhill

    Many thanks Patricia… loved received :-)

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