Hero cop saves dog with broken back. He needs our help.

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Every once in a while, not too often, powerful forces come into play shaping our destiny and the one of those around us. Instances when the unachievable can become the achievable allowing a common man to become an uncommon hero.

Monday morning in Boston. Dino, a 9 year old Mini Pinscher, finds the door of his yard open and is run over by a speeding car. The driver doesn’t stop, leaving behind Dino’s frozen body and a crying young boy screaming for help.

That was the scene Sergeant Joe Leeman, from Boston Police District 7 found when he arrived to the site, and it was at that precise moment when Leeman — himself an animal lover who lost his own dog in a traffic accident — did something that set him apart from others. Instead of taking Dino to Animal Control where he would no doubt have been euthanized, he took him to a vet clinic for emergency treatment. After leaving Dino in good hands, Leeman went back to Police Quarters, raised 200 USD among his fellow officers and handed the money at the clinic to cover for the initial expenses.

By pure coincidence, we were in that clinic at that time. There we had a dog in excruciating pain, a disabled kid crying his eyes out and a kind policeman taking into his hands to see that Dino would at least have a small chance to live.

A simple look at the injuries made us realize that Dino didn’t have any chance. The humble family, a widow and her three kids wouldn’t be able to take care of the expenses needed for a proper diagnosis, not to mention neurosurgery. After giving Dino an anti-inflammatory, the vet was ready to send him home to a slow and agonizing death.

We were moved to tears. A tragedy was unfolding in front of our eyes. We couldn’t let it happen.

A few minutes later we were all in the car, heading to Tuft’s, Boston Leading Animal Hospital, where Dino is currently being treated by some of the best veterinarians in America.

Dino has a broken back and he urgently needs an operation. We have been given a USD 5.000 estimate and we had to pay USD 3.000 on the spot for Dino to be admitted and to begin treatment.

This is not only a animal rescue story, it’s a very human story where the kind actions of a good man have given a helpless animal and with him, his humble and loving family.

Update November 20

Dino’s operation was totally successful!!! what an incredible outcome!!!

His spinal cord was realigned by the wonderful doctors at Tuft’s and fixed with a sophisticated system of pins and special surgical cement…

We are amazed at the results and the extraordinary will to live this little old dog is showing us. The moment we saw him in that clinic we knew he was special, we knew he was loved, and we knew there was absolutely no hope for him unless we stepped up and saved him.

We didn’t think twice about it. He was speaking at us with his eyes.

Help me, he said. And we helped him.

What an incredible dog he is… such strength… Don’t believe it? See it for yourself here…

Dino still has a long way ahead though. He still hasn’t recovered his bladder and anus reflexes. They may come back or they may not, in which case his needs will need very special rehabilitation and care, but that is not really worrying us. What matters now is that he is alive, that he is progressing wonderfully and that he knows the Let’s Adopt! Global community will always be there for him.

Because that’s who we are, and that’s what we do…

Help us honor the actions of Sergeant Leeman and provide a good ending to this heartbreaking story. Please join us and help us save Dino’s life.

For the animals


UPDATE  25 November

Dino, Dino, Dino… I will never forget his eyes meeting mine precisely a week ago. He was laying on his belly, grasping for air and I promise you, had he been a human he would have been crying bitter tears.

Instead he couldn´t do anything but breathing quickly and pulling his tongue out. He would occasionally yelp when touched or moved.

I will never forget the ride to Tuft´s, with his owner in the back comforting him and him shouting in pain with every twist and bump on the road.

I want you to try imagine how it was for him a week ago, only then you will fully appreciate THIS… (Scroll down)….

And THIS!!! the moving encounter between Dino and his family… That young man you see there is Carlos.. Dino has been with him since he was a young child, his best friend..


How wonderful!!!

Dino is obviously much better but he is moving on to a second phase on his treatment. He can walk now but he still has not recovered control over the nerves that controlled his ability to pee and poo. He must be helped manually to do his bodily functions. This evening he is leaving the Hospital and is moving moving to a medical foster, our friend Maggie, where we will be tending to his physical needs while he heals completely.

As you read in this blog last week we managed to cover Dino´s initial admitting fee of USD 3000. Without this initial payment Dino would have remained paralyzed for life. Dino´s final bill has been considerably higher, and we still need your help to cover it.

Dino is well on his way to a new life. But he still needs your help…

You may not know this, but as a rescue we are committed for life to the health of our animals. Even after adopted, we support our families whenever the need arises. Dino´s needs will be met, for life.  This commitment makes us, I believe, unique in the animal rescue group.

Please help us complete Dino´s rescue….  He´s our Dino now, we can´t let him down.


Many many thanks!




  1. Erica Martell

    You are a nut. I was hoping for some big impressive dog, with perhaps a broken leg. Instead I see a small unimpressive dog with a huge medical bill. You are like St Francis. No judgment, no relative value. The real value of this is as a lesson.

    The cops in Boston will never forget you because you slapped down a very large sum of money for a very unprepossessing little dog. These guys are used to seeing a lot of waste. Wasted lives, wasted children, wasted effort and resources. This is how we live here…. And you came and said No we are not going to count out the pennies and decide these lives are as valueless as you have come to believe they are.

    And the pay it forward effect of this is that you have created an outline for thinking, and the next time they snap to a typical judgment about the relative value of the people and animals they deal with they will remember that you drew a larger picture which created a new potential for elevation. This is not something you can even try to create in yourself.

    This is just who you are.

  2. Jude

    Couldn’t add a word to what Erica Martell wrote above – she says it all perfectly. Bravo Victor, way to go ! :) .

  3. Carol Allaire

    Erica Martell, you have said it all. I myself would do for this dog what I could..Every person, and animal deserves the right to life..God wants to save his creatures, and he is the only one to say what’s what..God teaches us to be nice and considerate when it comes down to doing the right thing, and what the Police Officer is trying to do, is what I would do..I am crying just like that little Boy is doing, because we have it in our Hearts to do what’s right, and to give this dog the right to live, and get better. We are on God’s side..As long as we try, we are doing the right thing..I hope for the Best that Dr. Viktor will make this dream come true, especially for Dino, and all his friends..God Bless, and my prayers will be said..Love to Dino , Dr. Viktor and everyone who is on this case..Much love to all of you..Miss Carol..xxoo

  4. Theresa Dufore

    Amen, ladies, there ARE still some wonderful, caring people in this shithole of a world!

  5. Karelle


    Your words move me. I have watched too many news reports about cops shooting dogs, often for no reason, other that they have a gun in their hands and as the old saw goes, if you are a hammer, then everything looks like a nail.

    This was an exception, and though ultimately it may be futile (I am a realist), there is a chance. And to further that chance, I just donated $10. Not much, but I have 2 elderly dogs whose care is expensive and getting more so, and they must remain my priority. One of them was run over by a truck 4+ years ago and we spent a lot of time and money and energy with the vet and then with months of recovery. It was worth it. He is such a special fellow and still enjoys his daily walks.

  6. Zara Benton

    I agree entirely, the only thing I would say is that Dino is not an unimpressive dog he is a very sweet little dog and the love of his human’s life. He is to me, a very impressive dog coping with what he has just been through, no human would cope the same, no way.

    Bless you Dino and thank God for LAG, without you the world would certainly be a lesser place. Please do your best for Dino who deserves to recover and be home again with his disabled boy. Love you Dino, we and the world are watching and waiting to see you walk again <3

  7. Judi Abbott

    Erica said it for all of us. I live just a short way north of where this happened and I am proud of the kind hearted people here who value the life of the smallest and care about the pain a young boy and his dog are feeling.

    I had a MinPin named Dyna (short for Dynamite) when I was young. This small donation is in memory of her.

    Thank you and the miracle that you were there to step in as you did.

  8. Patricia

    I’ve just seen the video… Dino is so cute… let’s help, that invoice is making me have nightmares!!

  9. kim gordon

    Amazing …..! Donated 20.00 to the cause .my prayers are with you both well said Erica

  10. Christina

    What a beautiful act of kindness. Bless you all…& many prayers to this loving animal. xo

  11. Caroline

    My English is not very good. Erica started her message by “You are a nut”. I though she was rude with Viktor. Then, I understood. :) She perfectly found the essence of Viktor’s work. Go, Viktor, Go! You can do miracles!

  12. Paula Standley

    OMG, look at that sweet face. How could anyone think he is not worth saving? If he were my dog, I would be hysterical that this had happened and so very grateful for anyone willing to help. I have 4 dogs of my own and each is so precious to me. I am really short on funds right now and I had decided out of necessity for my own family that I was going to have to suspend any donations for a while until my finances improve. But this really tugs at my heart strings and I can’t turn my back on him. I will donate a small amount to help. I will be praying for this sweet boy and hope that he will fully recover and be reunited with his family. They need him and deserve him as much as he needs and deserves them. What a sad holiday season it would be for them if they lost this sweet boy. Bless that policeman, his fellow officers, and you too, Viktor, for caring and stepping up to do what is needed. The world needs more caring souls like you.

  13. Nancy

    This sweet very much loved dog deserves a chance, regardless of human value judgement as “unprepossessing,unimpressive.” They all deserve a chance at life, just like humans, regardless of looks do as well.

  14. Joe Leeman

    Very impressed with Victar, and everyone at Let’s Adopt,,it’s amazing what they are doing for Dino,,,This is an organization I will definitley become involved in,,I believe in fate,,,thank you. sgt Joe Leeman

  15. Jessica and Ashlee

    I wish people like you could’ve gotten here sooner, my dog Oscar broke his back awhile ago, We had to get him put down… I would’ve wished you could have been here to help.

  16. Lotta Roti

    Donated. <3 God bless little Dino, the family, the sergeant and his colleagues. The lessons the sergeant has taught to this child are something we need in this world far more.

  17. Shelley

    Viktor, your heart is pure and good! Thank you for caring about all these animals you save! Thank you for seeing the value in little Dino and for giving him another chance at life! I am sending $20 and will be watching his progress and praying for his speedy recovery! Thank you a million times over!!!

  18. Marsha Novita

    What a sweet animal. Did my part to donate for his surgery. I hope he has a full recovery and is pain free.

  19. jeff and eye

    great story…we speak from experience it telling you Sgt. Joe Leeman is a special man with a big hart!

  20. becca

    good luck with the recovery, its great to know there are people willing to look beyond convenience and only see a sentient being in need of care. a great example and a wonderful 2nd chance for this family. thank you so much for all the work you do! b

  21. J Moore

    Hope this little dog makes it. Are you in US now Victor, I thought you were in Spain with another little dog, I expect you need a vacation.

  22. Vivien Prince

    I know it is not much – but I sent $10

  23. Viktor Larkhill

    Hi.. I happened to be in Boston when this happened … Pure chance, and very lucky for Dino we were there.

  24. Cherylin Clapp

    Viktor…you have certainly earned your wings into heaven for your tireless work to help animals in need. I applaud all that you and your associates do. I too sent a donation.

    Remember…dog spelled backwards is god. Thank about it.

  25. eric lavoie

    Hang in there Dino, you are in the hand of God’s greatest team of angels, bless that cop for doing the right thing bless all the great team at Lets adopt Global, Viktor i will be sending a donation ASAP, thank you for saving that little angel.

  26. eric lavoie

    Erica, strong words !!! you moved me,

  27. eric lavoie

    Hi Viktor, just sent 50$ via PayPal !!!

  28. Betsy

    Boy oh boy was Dino lucky to have you in Boston!! Donated and hoping/praying that he will get better quickly and his family will be whole again! He really is a cute little guy!!! BTW – Viktor – you guys are amazing!

  29. guendy

    guys i like to thank so much for donating for my dog’s operation….god bless you all! i really thought my dog was going to die…..but i see now how there’s still kind good hearted people out there. thank you!

  30. I just donated $20. - not much....but it will all add up! - In memory of my Precious Pixi who lived to be 15+ yrs.old loved that sweet old baby...miss her dearly...

    Wish I had lots and lots of money to help all these poor angels….until then I will help whenever I can….

  31. Joëlle, from Brussels

    Of course Dino’s life is worth saving, same as every life! And he was indeed quite lucky you Viktor were in the States when this happened… Sent a small amount as usual… And surely this little one will be saved and will continue to make the joy of his human family! And thanks Erica for your comment! Bless you all… Goodnight… <3

  32. Grace Canaday

    I agree with Zara 100%. The only thing I have to add is that NO DOG should be call unimpressive. If you are a dog lover, as I am, we know that all dogs have something special about them, no to count their unconditional love. To me, Dino is absolutely beautiful! He’s going through a lot, he’s a very impressive little angel!

  33. Beryl Sanders

    Viktor, you and your organization are akin to Angels….You always seem to be in the right place at the right time to save a beautiful animal . This definitely makes you one of God’s Angels with a heart full of love for animals that otherwise would not have their 2nd. chance to live. I am so very impressed with you and your organization …the world sure could use a lot more people like you. God Bless you always….

  34. Phyllis

    Thank you so much Viktor for operating on Dino’s back. I am sure it will be a success, he has lots of hopes & prayers coming his way. This is wonderful, he is adorable. Quick recovery for Dino ; ) God Bless You & Your Staff Viktor for the endless, kindles work you do!

  35. Susan

    I am so grateful there are still caring people in this cruel world! We should all do what we can to alleviate suffering. I just donated $40 and pray you will raise enough and that poor Dino will recover. Thank you so much for helping the helpless!!

  36. Zara Benton

    Guendy, God bless you sweetheart Viktor and LAG will do all they can for your precious Dino to save him and help him to walk with you again. Dino is a very very brave little man and a fighter I am sure. I am holding you and your Dino in my heart and I have shared your story on FB and Twitter with all my friends. I have sent a little, all I can afford at the moment, towards Dino’s treatment, I hope it helps.

    Stay strong Guendy and Dino, we are with you all the way. Thank you Viktor and LAG and to Sgt Leeman……you are an earth angel thank you for helping this sweet very brave little dog.

  37. Jackie

    Donated $10 for little Dino from the UK. Paws crossed for him……..

  38. Linda Komnenus McMaster

    There are a lot of special people in the world and for Dino an angel in disguise rescued him a truly decent human being Joe Leeman that’s just not Joe the police officer that is Joe the good natured man I know and grew up with. My cat got ran over 5 months ago and I’m still grieving her it happened in broad day light and the person responsible never stopped to help she died and still my heart is so broken. These animals are people too. Lets pray for Dino and all the other animals that this has happened to, and also lets pray more people will be as heroic as Joe Leeman to take out the time to stop and help a poor defensive animal that needs your help! My donation is being sent.

  39. Sue Fry

    Awwwwww what a awe inspiring story. Go Viktor & all the team at LAG ♥

  40. Omer

    Hi Viktor,
    I have seen your e-mail in my inbox and immediately donated $50. My prayers are with little Dino.

  41. Beryl Sanders

    Viktor, you are indeed an Angel of Mercy for all animals….this video of Dina made me cry because you can see in his face that he is so very grateful to you for a 2nd. chance at a good life. He certainly has to lose some weight if he is going to be able to walk without pain and run with his sweet young master…Thank you so very much for your heart of gold and your willingness to save every animal that needs your most generous help. God Bless you Viktor and also to Dino for being the strong and determined little guy that want so desperately to live. I really hope you and your friends have a safe trip home.

  42. Liesl Feldman

    I hope the plan is to foster Dino back to his family. They may need a little help from the vet to learn how to control the dog’s diet but I’m sure they love him very much. I sent my money in the hope we are helping to save Dino for his boy.

  43. Viktor Larkhill

    Of course Liesl… Dino has a family.
    When we take a case we request for the rescuer/owner to release ownership to us during the duration of the treatment. This allows us to take decisions in a much faster and efficient manner. BUT… Dino has been with them all his life, he loves them and they love him. You should have seen those kids crying the other day…
    They will have all our support during the rehab process… and afterwards. For example: Dino’s food will be covered by us for as long as he has to be on diet, and probably afterwards..

  44. Kristine Blanco-Hallman

    Let’s Adopt Global is in my mind the standard for these types of organizations. There are not the judgment calls for there is only one judgment, which is life at it’s fullest and best. I love you guys.

  45. Debbie

    You do such incredible work and you make such a positive difference for so many animals – Thank you!! With reading the story I would only hope that if the family was one of true compassion and love for Dino (knowing that you can help rehabilitate them with the weight of their beloved pet) that you would give them the opportunity to have their family member back. I’m sure it’s very difficult (especially for their child and dog) to lose a member of their family because they couldn’t afford to save him. The contributions others stepping up to make the right difference is the difference and those that can’t afford to do the same thing individually should lose a family member to a stranger, when literally there is no cost to them as well. If the family is a caring and responsible family, you should give Dino back to them (in the event that’s not your process) as they shouldn’t have to lose something so loved because of an unfortunate event so be surrenderred to someone else that additionally made no financial contribution other than an adoption and transport fee. Don’t get me wrong – you are so appreciated for saving animals lives and utilmately that is the difference, I just want to reinforce that we shouldn’t be penalizing those that are forced to make difficult choices to give up their pets when it’s truly the private contributions of others that really pay the bill. Thank you so much for all you do, so many lives are saved because of all you do and our gratitude is more than you can put a pricetag on……

  46. Zara Benton

    You guys are beyond amazing, beyond gratitude ~ somewhere up there with Saints. You are totally fantastic, thank you thank you thank you with all my heart for this, to see him trying so hard and so soon after an op on his broken back…..WOW.

    His family will be over the moon for him and so they should be. Long life Dino and please do loose some weight to help you move around better sweetheart. God bless you Viktor and LAG <3

  47. joanna

    Have today donated 10$ Sorry it is late but only now able to do so xx Hear that Dino is OK ! Great news

  48. joanna

    He needs to lose weight !!xx

  49. Dana Hardin

    It is hard to put in to words just how wonderful of a person you are. We honestly need more people that care as much as you do for the animals. God Bless you and your Staff!!! I am sorry to say, I wont be able to donate again to the first of the year. So happy that the children will be able to have their baby back!

  50. Theresa Dufore

    I see Joe Leeman commented and I just have to say something. Yes, Viktor and his group of heroes are just that and they do amazing things for the animals. I have donated in the past and will again. But in this instance, I have to say that Joe is the true hero. Joe, had you not been so compassionate, none of this would have even been necessary because Dino would have died. You took the initiative because of your good heart and you saved this boy. I just saw all the comments thanking Viktor (I do as well, Viktor, please don’t take this personally!), but not enough thanking you. On behalf of Dino, my pack and I thank you, and may the gods bless you! <3 And to Linda, you are very lucky to know this man personally, he ALMOST restores my faith in man(un)kind. ~ Theresa, Bear, Harley & Dora ~

  51. Debby Ledbetter

    Every time I see a story like this, I am always thinking about how much dogs want to please us! They will do anything in their power to make us happy, & if that means fighting this hard~~~like Dino has then that’s what they will do. I believe they know how much people want them to “be OK”! The lesson learned here is even a surprise to me; that I read about a man… a cop that rushed to save a dog, not shoot one! Someone else mentioned this & I agreed immediately! Best to ALL involved!

  52. Jude

    Very moving. Thank you for sharing the post op video, he looks a bit shaky & bewildered as you would expect but you can see he is doing well. This is a very special story.

  53. Adéla Dvorská

    He is so so amazing!

  54. Viktor Larkhill

    Dear Debbie,
    From moment one we could see Dino was very loved. The moment he’s ready to go back he will albeit with some clearly defined lifestyle changes…

  55. Julia Stalnaker

    So sweet and touching….every life counts and is important!!

  56. Melodye Demastus

    Bless you Viktor! Another life saved. I’ve contributed once but now that we know he’ll need rehab I’ll make another contribution. Good luck to Dino and his family! Would be nice to see a follow up once therapy is done!

  57. Lori Ann Cook

    Viktor — you’re a GOD-send. Thank you to you and your team for your kind heart and hard work for these animals. I wish we had more people like you in this world. Be safe….for the animals need you! Bless You! Lori from PA

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