What happened to Viktor Larkhill??

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1. Fundraiser Guide, Massachusetts Attorney General

The “Unfair or Deceptive Practices” section in the Fundraiser Guide of Massachusetts Attorney General, among others, classifies the following as unacceptable:

Using coercive tactics
to pressure donors to contribute quickly.

2. How Viktor Larkhill was Lying to Donors

The following screenshots come from Let’s Adopt executive committee Facebook group. It shows Ivan Jimenez, aka Viktor Larkhill, defending his deceptive and unethical fundraising practices to an ex-board member Debbie Hicks and to activist and adopter Katy Cohen.

This conversation is one of many that ensued every time a board member would attempt to work with Viktor on any of the multitude of issues that were being observed. Board opinions were always met with resistance, advice never heeded and toys often thrown on the floor.

(Viktor even resigned a few times through the years. He really did.
We have the screenshots.)

Image 1
“It’s therefore impossible to be totally truthful.”
“If I am truthful the posts lose their power.”
“I must able to say XYZ is going to be operated in 24 hours.”
“If I am not able to say that it just doesn’t work.”
“Fundraising is a different animal.”
“Comms in social media need to have a sense of urgency.”

Viktor Larkhill - lying to donors

Image 2
“If we do things the way [the board member] wants
we either raise as [the animals] enter the clinic,
or we’ll always be lying.”
“And it’s impossible to raise as they enter [the clinic].”

Viktor Larkhill - lying to donors

Image 3
“If I want to be totally truthful we could only rescue
three cases a month, because none of the others
could be used as fundraisers.”
“Every fundraiser would have to be handled LIVE
and that’s impossible.”
“There has to be a time delay.”
“I control everything, from tones of a picture
to dates of an Xray.”
“Don’t do that… and funds don’t come in.”

Viktor Larkhill - lying to donors

Image 4
“Rudolf for example.”
“He was operated many weeks ago.”
“I NEED to be able to say he needs an operation.”

Viktor Larkhill - lying to donors

Image 5
Viktor deems rescues that comply
with laws and regulations unsustainable.

He also seems to think legal requirements are “bla bla bla”.

Viktor Larkhill - lying to donors

3. What the Board of Directors Thought

We didn’t understand why Viktor NEEDED to lie. We didn’t understand why he thought he knew better than the Attorney General’s office. We sure did understand, however, that it was not acceptable for Let’s Adopt to lie to it’s trusting donors. This is only one of many issues discussed with Viktor Larkhill, which eventually lead to a major rift and his consequent resignation.

If you have heard that Let’s Adopt! Global has abandoned animals and is not paying vendors, please follow this link: Open Letter Regarding Suspended Payments.

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Ivan Jimenez, aka Viktor Larkhill – Lying and manipulating

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  1. Barefoot is best for me too :)

  2. MJ Murphy says:

    Where can I get the cool shoes in your graphic? 😉
    Seriously … I was about to kid you for launching a grenade into the mix when you asked the question this morning, but I had to dash off to work and didn’t have time to post.
    I totally agree it is an individual decision – for me personally, I was raised on a cattle ranch in Alberta but have been vegetarian for 25 years and vegan for 1. I feed my animals a raw diet as that is the healthiest option for them and I have the means/ability to do so. I personally detest fur and the leather industry, preferring to wear animal-friendly options when available and choose all my cosmetics and home care products from companies that do NO animal testing…
    Idealistic? Yes! Perfect? Far from it!
    We need to promote a better world for animals thru kindness – and that includes kindness to one another :)
    Far too many rescuers and rescue groups waste time fighting one another while animals die. Let’s focus our energies where they are most needed: saving the lives of animals!

  3. I personally choose not to wear any animal products.For me it is not ok.However I would rather have an animal rescued and safe than not due to footwear choice.I don’t feel it is being a hypocrite as it is not about me or you or the choices we make it is about the animals!

  4. irene barry says:

    have to admitt ime finding it hard to answer this quistion ,
    myself and my sister are vegatarian ,
    but ive never given the thought to leather shoes ,
    the only way i cn explain wot i meen is
    leather comes from animals
    that are slaughtered for food all over the world
    apart from the animals . that are slaughtered just for there skins or there fur . i never have and never will wear fur , .
    now ime in a differant frame of mind re my shoes and boots
    i dont own a leather jacket , or handbag .
    but do own leather shoes .
    oh wot to do now ?
    there was no point in me telling lies about this
    oh wot to do now
    advice needed please , xxxxxxx

  5. I am vegan, inside and outside. And, no, it is not ok.

  6. Marietta W.A. says:

    One does not have to be a vegan to rescue animals, but has to be one to honestly, deeply and unconditionally love them!

  7. Patricia Davis says:

    I refuse to buy anything that is leather or fur in any way! This just contributes to man’s insatiable need to murder helpless animals for the skin!! I would rather go bare foot as well!!

  8. Elvira Linazasoro says:

    One should be congruent with what you think, what you say and what you do. If you are into rescuing animals, adopted (or started adopting) a vegetarian / vegan lifestile…then you should not wear any leather or fur in your daily clothing…depends on each person. Complicated topic, though.

  9. Sue McGuey says:

    I do NOT wear any animal skins or fur…..therefore, my answer is NO!!!

  10. Interesting question. I do believe that so few people are involved in animal rescue that it might not be great for rescue as a whole if rules were set down about personal choices around clothing/animal products. Maybe once someone is involved in rescue, their rescue colleagues could broach the subject. I think it would be very sad for people to be put off rescue work because of issues like this. Once someone is involved in rescue it can be easier for them to see the other issues.

  11. Windy Mattive says:

    I remember going shoeless through my childhood, not to mention hunger, and wore the same dress just about everyday, and today I have plenty shoes, and clothes, but still go barefoot 98% of the time, and I also remember how at a young age I had the compassion for homeless abandoned animals, and was always sneaking them in the house, and hidding them in my room, and my mom of course would always find them, and put them outside, and punish me, but I would go and find them, and make a little bed with paper or cardboard, and would go each day to either leave bread, or part of my meals to share, and play with them,I was only 7 yrs.old!!!

  12. of course is NOT ok….how you can safe animals and then wear their dead parts…. specially that is not needed…. there are beautiful vegan shoes

  13. Depends not if the person is an animal rehabber, but if the person is a vegetarian or vegan. That is if you are looking for consistency in their lifestyle.
    For the record, I’m an omnivore, but one who wear sneakers all the time, or rubber wellies when in the field. barefoot at home. And own one leather pair of formal shoes for weddings, funerals and bar mitzvahs. And some leather belts. When working full-time had to wear suit with tie and shoes.
    Now when I shop I avoid anything leather if I can. But I find with enough research sneakers, artificial leather and fur, somewhere along the line, their production has caused some harm to the environment.
    It all falls into the “do your best, and it isn’t good enough category” of good intentions.

  14. no, i carefully buy clothes and shoes…
    also am searching for NON LEATHER case for my Kindle, and there are no good cases.
    Wahetevr. :)

  15. The shoe is a fantastic piece of design thanks for the link M.J Murphy.
    For me the task at hand is for rescuing animals from all backgrounds and circumstances,able bodied or handicapped and doing our utmost to STOP ANIMAL cruelty AND TO EDUCATE ON ANIMAL WELFARE also to get laws and legislation in place globally would be fantastic ,but definitely in the Developing Countries and the Countries within in the EU which involve imprisonment and hefty substantial finds which all the monies would be given directly to the Animal Charities.

  16. Dalile et Rebelle says:

    No people who loves animals should wear any products who comes from the suffering of any animals. They know all cruelty done to them for our pleasures;

  17. Lisa Shaw says:

    While there are many involved in rescue work who are not vegan, or even vegetarian (and I know and respect some of them) I personally find it hypocritical to save some animals while torturing and killing others. One is not a true animal lover if they cuddle one and eat/wear another – one could just as easily have a pet pig/cow and eat/wear cats/dogs – and we all know this happens. If one is looking to find loving adoptive homes, however, most of these people are carnists – they’ll love their pet but contribute the mass slaughter of every other animal on the planet.

  18. It’s better than a NON-ANIMAL RESCUER wearing leather shoes. As an animal activist, I know NOT ONE other animal activist who is PERFECT.

  19. Jo-Ann Sturko says:

    It doesn’t make sense to be compassionate about the welfare of some animals and not others, in my opinion.

  20. I believe that if one sees and injustice, one has a moral obligation to do something about it no matter what they are wearing. Not everyone or every situation is perfect. Although I do not eat meat, I feed it to my dogs and cats.

  21. A good set of Linemans or “Combat” Boots are great servicing and easily re-cobbled.
    While leather is an attractive chew-toy for most larger four-legged mammals,
    I bottle of Sour Apple Spray CAN go a long-long way.
    Ya dont want to utilize “Scram” as it may frighten your target even more and just make ones job a bit more difficult. (all that biting, growling and screaming can only make the animal more aggressive also) :-)

  22. Cancer,money, fire, destroy them until dust

  23. I think it’s OK. In a world where animals are skinned alive, whales killed barbarically in the name of a festival, myriads of animals raped and killed for nothing everyday, saving an animal’s life should not be so much questioned I think… In the nature, there are plant eaters, meat eaters and both and most doctors agree humans are omnivores. So I think we must get from the nature just the very essential part, not an inch more. and leather is one part of it in my opinion. The significance of this question is like… talking about a sprained finger in a place where thousands of people are killed in a war… thereby overlooking the core problem…

  24. As long that it’s from an animal who lived a good life and is being killed only for food then it’s ok to use the skin for shoes etc. I can fully respect for instance a greenlandish seal hunter who catches a seal – not an infant and not a mother animal – he uses every part of the animal – nothing goes to waste.

    I will never accept that an animal is killed for it’s fur only.

  25. Lisa Munkelt says:

    Probably or certainly – yes, it is for the majority.
    How many people do ask in the first place about an animal rescuer’s meal or clothing preferences before reading their rescuing stories ? Not too many, I guess.
    If leather shoes will keep the rescuers walking the rough path without giving up, we should consider to even provide them with some more….
    Not the shoes they are wearing will ever be stuck in anyone’s mind, but their shared success stories will…
    … and about meal preferences…. well, thanks God, a huge life-saver’s ravenous appetite for KFC made the driver pull around a car the very last second to a KFC drive-in… otherwise we would have gone to the dogs…life is good….

  26. Chaminda Fernando says:

    Animal rescue and wearing leather shoes are two different things. One can be a great animal rescuer and wear leather shoes with out giving a second thought about it. We can’t judge them by what they are wearing. But if the person has a full understanding of the suffering animals go through to provide leather for shoes, and still ignore it that is double stranded. I wouldn’t personally buy any product with animal fur or leather and go and tell the world I am against the sufffering of dogs or cats. Suffering is a suffering for all the living beings. If I rescue I will rescue all not just one kind.

  27. Yes i agree it is individual. it is about what each of us want to do & follow & believe in. i am a vegan as much as i can be but i ride my horse on a leather saddle because it was made for her long before i bought her & it has moulded like a glove & her back health is important to me. so when silly people ask me why im using a leather saddle i just think they are trying to cause a cake fight as you mentioned above. i dont wear leather shoes but i have done. i try to avoid all products which have anything to do with animal testing but its not always possible if you need something. also my cats have flea control which cant be vegan? Keep doing what you are doing everyone, cos we’re all helping animals which can only be good.

  28. NO………………………….it’s NOT OK!!!!!!!