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Update 12 April:

What comes next will shock you, please share it.

Every once in a while this blog reports some shocking story involving a veterinarian. We have had quite a few, whose names and stories have now become infamous. Veterinarians like Onur Salih Karadag, the killer of Bella or Ismail Ay, the veterinarian cum potato farmer at the Hasdal Shelter, or the veterinarian at the shelter of Cerkezkoy. Today we are adding a new name to our Veterinarian Hall of Shame: Dr. Cemaliye Yegane, owner of Peteriner, Nisantasi, Istanbul.

Yesterday, after a day full of calls to her clinic and SMS’s to her public phone (available on the internet with a simple google search), Dr. Cemaliye Yegane confessed that she gave Kral away last week.

You may ask two questions, why? and to whom?. Here are the answers, both of them as incredible and absurdly surreal as they could possible be.

Why?: Apparently Dr. Cemaliye Yegane, a highly intelligent woman, was very concerned that Let’s Adopt!, a rescue network exclusively dedicated to rescue special needs, handicapped, paralyzed, blind animals, would be selling Kral, to a laboratory or a chinese restaurant. In a brilliant move worthy of her extraordinary intelligence, and to avoid such terrible fate for our poor paralyzed Kral Dr. Cemaliye Yegane gave the dog to…

to Whom?: In her own words, Dr. Yegane gave Kral to a man answering to the name of Ismail. Ismail is the person that found Kral and left him at the clinic over one year ago. Ismail is clearly someone that cares/cared for that dog, BUT, is he a suitable adoptant for Kral? You tell me.

Ismail is a 35 year old man, barely educated (it’s unclear whether he finished high-school), currently unemployed since his work as crew in a commercial ship ended, allegedly squatting at a friends living room. Ismail’s situation is what you could say, desperate, it’s so bad that last time we spoke to him he was making plans to emigrate to the United States on a tourist visa and work in the country illegally. Ismail has dogs… It’s unclear to whether he has four or five. What is he planning to do should his unlikely move to the USA come to fruition? His plan is to give one dog to his mother and abandon the others at a shelter in Yalova/Cinercik.

… and now he has Kral.

Based on our experience on similar situations Kral will be either left on the street where he was originally found (we presume with the wheelchair we bought for him), or he will be dumped at the shelter in Yalova/Cinercik within a matter of days.

Because of this, we have started a petition addressed to the Head of the Istanbul Veterinary Comission, Murat Arslan, demanding an investigation into Dr. Cemaliye Yegane professional handling of this case. Dr. Yegane was supposed to act on Kral’s best interest, she is a vet after all!

She didn’t….

We expect Dr. Yegane to start legal proceedings against Let’s Adopt!… each and every single vet in that list tried to. Unfortunately for them, in each and every single one of those cases the prosecutor rejected what were clearly documented cases.

We will continue looking for Kral, in the meantime, please sign the petition and SHARE…


Many of you will recognize this picture… it has been circulating around Facebook for more than a year.
This is Kral, a wonderful turkish dog that has been living trapped in a cage at a vet clinic in Istanbul.
Kral was a stray dog living in the city of Yalova. A loving and peaceful dog, trying to survive on the streets.
One tragic day, Kral found himself lying on the floor, bleeding. He had been shot in the back by a policeman who didn’t like to see him in the streets near his home.
The dog was rescued by a man, Ismail, who rushed him to the clinic. Unfortunately, there was nothing that could be done, Kral would remain paralyzed for life.
Ismail didn’t know what to do with the dog so he entrusted him to Dr. Cemaliye Yegane, owner of PETERINER a small veterinary clinic in Nisantasi, Istanbul and asked them to take care of the dog whilst a home was found…
Of course… no home was ever found.
Sadly, Turkey is not geared up for this kind of situations and noone stepped up to adopt Kral. Not a single person in Turkey offered to take care of paralyzed dog wasting his life inside a cage. NOBODY.
For over a year Kral has been living in the conditions you can see here. About a couple of months ago Le’ts Adopt members heard of this case and they stepped in. First they offer their help in rehoming the dog, their help was initially accepted, then they purchased a wheelchair for the dog so that he would regain mobility.
Our members then offered to get Kral out of the cage and take him as a foster whilst a final home was found.
At that point things turned complicated.
The veterinarian, Dr. Cemaliye Yegane clearly annoyed at the possibility of loosing his longest staying paying client turned completely uncooperative. She said Kral was under the supervision of one of her clients, a mentally deranged individual who didn’t wish for him to ever leave the clinic. She also expressed her fears of adoptants wanting to sell Kral to a laboratory or a chinese restaurant (!!!!)
For over two weeks we have been “negotiating” the release of Kral, to no avail.
Today we found out that the veterinarian, Dr. Cemaliye Yegane and her clients have taken a decision. Kral will never leave the clinic. He is good where he is, living in that cage.
At this point we are going to request the help of our entire community to solve this case.
Kral’s health is deteriorating quickly and he is developing horrible contact sores due to lack of exercise. If his condition continues deteriorating we believe he will die in a matter of months if not weeks.
We need your help, here is what to do:
1. Please share this post in your profiles. It doesn’t matter where you are. Just share it. Exposure is the only thing that is going to get Kral out of the cage where he is in. Be his voice. Share this story worldwide.
2. Call Dr. Cemaliye Yegane on +90 212 2463171 or if you are abroad send her an SMS on her mobile: +90 532 440 3940 and demand the immediate release of Kral into Let’s Adopt! custody. Tell Dr. Cemaliye Yegane  that as long as Kral is confined in that cage the world will know what goes on in that clinic.
If any of you wishes to adopt Kral, please get in touch with me on We would like Kral to go directly to a home the moment he is released…
The future of Kral is in your hands…. that dog has suffered for long enough  living in these conditions… it’s time to FREE KRAL.  We are counting on you to make it happen.
Call Dr. Cemaliye Yegane on +90 212 2463171   or if you are abroad send her an SMS on her mobile: +90 532 440 3940 and demand the immediate release of Kral into Let’s Adopt! custody
Please share this post in your profiles. FREE KRAL.

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169 comments on “Free Kral… UPDATE: KRAL IS GONEAdd yours →

  1. josephine skitt says:

    This is cruel & inhumane, Kral needs freeing now – someone should get a petition going or a multi email to be sent – this is just so so wrong on every level!!

  2. Anita Hagenlocher says:

    This is cruel & inhumane

  3. Gina Rangel says:

    What kind of a vet this “thing” is? Is there not a Vet Association or a “Order of Vets” that can step up to Help this poor Baby?
    Thank you Viktor for speaking up for KRAL.
    Please keep us posted… Gina

  4. Marie Dumas says:

    I can´t understand the turkish people??? dont they have hearts???…………….

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      This has nothing to do with the turkish people. The target of this post is an specific vet.
      Please read again the post… your comment makes no sense.

  5. Toni Rodel says:

    This is tragic that poor dog, he need to be in a loving home with space to get around, he must of lost any strength in the rest of his body with muscle waste, the vet must realise that so it must be to do with money. If he has a heart please look into it and see it from this poor innocent animals point see what his life is like and let him go to a loving home today, look into his soul and do the right thing please. He has suffered enough you saved his life now go and let him have the life he deserves with a family of his own Please.

  6. Ankita Roy Chowdhury says:

    What on earth is wrong with the vet? One cannot even trust vets these days.
    Okay, is there anyway i can mail that so-called ‘vet’ as i cannot call from here? She must be put behind the bars! :\

  7. Who is the Dr. Cemaliye? Is it a man or a woman?? Whatever, this dog needs to be released from it’s cage, this is cruel and inhumane and I personally think that vet needs to be locked in the cage for a year and see how he/she likes it!

    It’s always about money and this is why I hate Turkey. A vile country that rapes animals for its sick pleasure and now this treatment of a poor dog that has done no wrong except be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Shame on the policeman that shot him and shame on Dr. Cemaliye. I will post this out to worldwide newspapers and tv networks and let Dr. Cemaliye crawl back under the stone that he/she came from.

  8. The telephone number must be wrong. There is no area code. I think it must be:

    +90 212 2463171

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Yes… thanks Atilla, I corrected it.

  9. Kral needs to be freed NOW. Is there a petition or mass-mailing we can join that will demonstrate to these people that they are being watched and held accountable by a large group of us?

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      No petition.. just send an SMS to the doctor… this will work out better..

  10. Gabi Böttcher says:

    no compassion just greed for money , it is disgusting !! free poor Kral !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. This is wrong of that Dr to keep him like this, especially when he has a wheelchair and a chance of a forever home! SHAME on Dr CEMALIYE YEGANE!! SHAME! SHAME!!!

  12. I hope a solution will be quickly find to make this poor dog living a life with love and careness. It’s too cruel :( how humans being can have such those comportment !! i’m crying !!

  13. NUR AYKURT says:


    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Nah… a few calls to that doctor will make her see it’s better to release the dog that to risk the ruin of the clinic’s reputation.

  14. shared, this is so tragic. phoning the vet in the hopes that some good will come of this sad situation.

  15. This is so sad :( can they not at least get a bigger cage for him and allow him time out in a locked room?? I wouldn’t even put a staffordshire Bull Terrier in a cage that size!

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      No cage Andrea… he needs to go home. Kral is a dog, not a fish…

  16. Diane Symons says:

    WE can have a cart donated to him…and he can live in the vets office this dog must never go out in the streets again NEVER…Kind people out there can you help..I will contact someone who deals with carts for animals…He is so loving…an angel in his world. Please keep him where he is..he will not make it out in the streets…I will e mail you the link also speak to them. Hugs to this brave baby…there is always hope

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Diana… Kral has a cart already. We bought one for him.

    2. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Diana… what are you talking about? Living in the vet’s office? Why? Kral needs a home, not a cage in a vet… a real home, like yours and mine.

  17. Brenda Frey says:

    Msg sent from US. I do not understand why people blame Turkish people. This sort of thing happens everywhere!!!
    Hope my msg helps!!!

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Absolutely… 100% with you.

  18. this is unreal and totaly 1000% cruel if tis vet thinks tis is any way to treat ANY ANIMAL may that vet suffer the same fait he or she is inflicting on this dog many MANYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY OF US would take this dog and give it as much of a quality life as possible , shame on tis vet your NO ANIMAL LOVER TO BE SO DAMN CRUEL may god inflict u with same life

  19. catherine says:

    we need to flood this vet with calls and get this over with NOW!!!!!!

  20. Stéphanie LE MOIGNE says:

    I don’t get it. I’ll send the sms, obviously.. hope it will make a difference! But thinking that person’s a vet sends shivers down my spine…

  21. DEBZ POWER says:

    sms sent to vet

  22. Pat Goldberg says:

    Has anyone talked to the person paying to keep this beauty there. At one time they were trying to find a home or placement for this sweet dog. So they cange their mind when it can actually happen ?

  23. Raciel Fernandez says:

    I’ll take him the minute he’s out! Those eyes are pleading for help!! What can we do?

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      First we need to get him outta there…

  24. Raciel Fernandez says:

    Texted. I will text every hour until the Doctor listens.

  25. burçin gönülşen says:

    Why don’t we, good hearted and decent Turks pay a visit to Yalova? And talk to that so-called vet? I am an instructed at a university, may be preparing a brochure would help? Anything I could do? Tell me if there is anything except texting her, please.

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Hi Burcin.. no need to go to Yalova… Kral is in a cage in Nisantasi, Istanbul…

  26. Maria Koutentaki says:

    I sent an sms to the mobile number from my mobile! lets see if i get any response,,, she is a disgrace to her profession!!!!

  27. That vet needs PUT OUT OF BUSINESS.!! There must be something that can be done…..shared.

  28. burçin gönülşen says:

    Dear Mr/Ms Moderator
    Why haven’t you published my message? I want to do something.

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Sorry Burcin, I too have a life.. usually takes a while until I can read all messages. I also have to police some members that think this is some sort of kindergarten… :)

  29. Karin Simon says:

    This poor dog needs to be freed. He is not a thing to be kept in a cage. He deserves a loving home !!!!

  30. burçin gönülşen says:

    So Nişantaşı is even closer. why don’t we go there together, I could gather at least a hundred people, we could get the attention of the media, my brother is a photographer, he could give us a hand willingly. By the way, sorry for my rush, but seeing something and not being able to do anything is not easy. please, tell me what I can do.

  31. Kimberly Jones says:

    This is BEYOND CRUEL. Free this sweet soul <3

  32. Viktor…is there an email address for this vet or a fax number?

  33. The veterinarian sounds like a royal bitch. Maybe she should move into a line of work where she is unable to ruin the lives of animals.

  34. ELA KNIAZ says:


  35. Kathy MacMaster says:

    Let the dog go! Disgusting behavior on the part of the “vet”!

  36. I think you have to make an organisation like “animal cops” in USA
    If you find some volunteers (for the begining), classify it like no-commercial NGO and apply in the court for the rights to confiscate all bad treated animals.
    I am sure it wouldent be easy – probably it will be better if turkish activist applay for it coz I am sure if Victor do it they will reject the project.

  37. Claire Talltree says:

    What does the vet get paid for keeping this dog? Does he understand that the dog won’t last long, less than a year? If you offer two years of pay, would he then give it up? Let me know and perhaps I can help fundraise…

  38. LYNDA CHABANE says:

    For God’s sake…this is totally unnacceptable!!!! Kral needs to be out now!!! He needs physiotherapy, he needs wheels, he needs fresh air, companionship of other dogs and above all…. he needs a loving home that can bestow him with as much love as he could possibly ever need!!! I cannot believe any veterinarian would actually allow a disabled sweetheart like Kral to be doomed to spend the rest of his life crammed into a crate that is far too small for him. He will simply lose any muscle he has remaining if he is not able to move his limbs. Poor boy needs rehab NOW!!!!!! I jut cannot believe this treatment from a professional vet,,,it is deplorable!!!

  39. Michelle L. says:

    It sounds like part of the problem is the owner of the dog, the one who found him injured and brought him in, who is paying the vet to keep him there. What is the contact information for the owner, so we can also send him an SMS?

  40. maureen morse says:

    in USA we have American Veterinary Association, which would investigate or discipline a vet who did something like this. Who do the vets in Turkey answer to? This is extremely bizarre that a vet who takes an oath to protect and help animals would find this an acceptable way for any animal to live. It’s abuse, clear as day! Doesn’t matter if someone agrees to pay for this living arrangement, it’s still wrong and not in the best interest of any animal.

  41. Michelle L. says:

    Don’t get me wrong, it’s great that somebody did bring the dog in, wants to keep it, etc., but if there is a better life available for the dog, why would he not take it? Wouldn’t Let’s Adopt let him visit afterwards? We need to SMS this individual as well as the veterinarian. Please post that information. Thanks.


  43. Rohana Khan says:

    Why are humans so insensitive.? Definitely unacceptable. Free Kral. now. He deserves a loving home and family.

  44. Rohana Khan says:

    Free Kral now! Free Kral Now! Free Kral now! Free Kral now!

  45. Jan Barrington says:

    This is horrible!! There has to be something that we can do. This vet needs to be shut down. Please, lets get together and do something..

  46. Za sajelenie sveta e palen s jestoki sa6testva( ne moga da gi nare4a hora) za koito osven pari drugi cennosti ne sa6testvuvat. Dano s pomo6ta na vsi4ki nas uspeem da pomognem na tova prekrasno ku4e .Uspeh !!!

  47. Sharing this on facebook right now. How dare they mess with this dog’s life only for money. The human race sickens and embarrasses in equal measures me on a daily basis.

  48. I just sent a msg. i pray that kral gets realease and into a good home!
    thanks viktor!

  49. Genevieve Powell says:

    is this vet a member of a association with the other vets??
    this must be told and give this dog a good loving Life!!
    This is shameful!!!

  50. cavalli laffargue says:

    I think the person who put the dog at the vet’s place and is actually paying for her fees is not such an evil person…I mean guys, he could have thrown her on the street and not want to pay her vet fees ! This person, the one who is paying for the vet fees, can’t you try and meet him and explain him exactly what you can offer that dog Viktor ? Maybe once he knows better “Let’s adopt”, he will change his mind ? I am sure this case can be arranged if you meet the Ismael guy and present “Let’s adopt” ! maybe I am very naive ??

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Cavalli… noone said the person that put the dog there is evil. Where di you read that?
      We met him, we organize the adoption of the dog but he said Cemaliye and her friend Sete were in charge. The poor guy lives in Yalova, another city, is peniless and cannot take care of the dog, thats why he left him there.
      We have been in touch with him all this time…

  51. Kate Kilpiö says:

    SMS send, let Karl free, please!!!

  52. Paul Loader says:

    Disgusting. There would be a huge out cry if a baby was shut in a cage for a year why is this any different?
    Thanks for highlighting this Viktor I have shared on my wall & will of course call & text later when I get a chance :(
    I don’t know what’s worse the actions of the so called policeman or the so called vet? Both supposedly professional people with a duty of care.

  53. Ekin Ozel says:

    Hi Viktor,

    I just called Dr. Cemaliye’s clinic and I have been told that Kral was adopted a week ago to continue his treatment and therefore not staying at their clinic anymore. Not sure if I can trust this information. Do you have any information on Kral’s recent condition?

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Ekin, it’s not true… they are lying..



  55. elif kilic says:

    I know Dr Cemaliye, she is also my cat’s doctor. Last year i found i kitten in macka park, she was about to die. I brought her to Dr Cemaliye and she treated her for free. plus the kitten stayed over 2 months in her place. So I assure you she’s not after money. And another thing: last thursday when i was there for my cat’s routin shots. They told me about the dog. and he is not there and he’s not in a cage!!! so I’m a little confused, I really support you guys, but after this event, I can not believe the stories that you post here.

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Elif, they are lying, what would you expect.
      The pictures were taken at the clinic last week. I took them myself… I’m visible there with the dog, recognize me?
      Last week we organize to move the dog to one of our foster homes. Then, around midweek they started complicating things, Cemaliye is not really taken decisions, there is a crazy woman there called Sete who is in total control of the dog.
      On Saturday we were supposed to collect the dog but they cancelled the adoption.
      If you have been following us for a while you should know by now that this group never lies, and that we tackle problems head on. The fact that she neutered your kitty has nothing to do with this case.
      Here is the first picture I saw of Kral… read the text…

    2. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Elif, one last thing… as you know the clinic is moving to another location.
      If the dog was not there today he must have been moved to the new clinic. One thing is sure… the dog is with them…
      Right now is a mad scramble to damage control but it’s too late.
      We have a history of people rushing and getting rid of the animals… here is a case you may remember:
      Sounds familiar?

  56. Tracy Aplin says:

    If the dog can’t walk, then why does he need to be kept in a cage. Even without a wheel chair, he could be happier living there if he was out of the cage, such a tiny place, even for a dog with no mobility.

  57. I’m confused as well… The dog is not at the vet? Do you think they got rid of him just because they were annoyed with all those received texts?
    Elif Kilic, do you know where the dog is now? If not, could you please ask the vet so that we’re not confused anymore? Thanks!
    There was someone saying that he could get over 100 people to go there and help the dog, meybe he did it and took him away? (burçin gönülşen)

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      No… what they have possibly done is to move him to their new location or to the home of Sete, a mentally ill woman that is obsessed with the dog. She and the doctor were the ones that stopped the adoption. They wouldn’t get rid of the dog.
      Burcin is a student.. nobody went there.

  58. it should pick up strength…

  59. Kate Cassidy says:

    This is such a beautiful dog……no animal should be in a cage. I would love to see this dog being cared for in a home for disabled dogs where he would get the love & care he deserves…please let him go.

  60. Dympna Duffy says:

    this woman has the audacity to call herself a vet. The health and well being of this poor dog should be first and foremost. I’d like to confine her to a cage for over a year and see how she’d like it. They need to surrender the dog and put him in to the custody of someone who is willing to care for him

  61. tinajackson says:

    someone please help this lovely dog if i was over there ide break in and get him out of there

  62. Kral looks so sad and fed up. He deserves to be loved and cuddled. He looks like such a loving dog. Viktor, is it not possible to visit the vet again to ascertain exactly where he is? Also I agree with previous comments, why does he need to be kept in a cage if he is paralysed? The other thing, isn’t there some kind of law against shooting dogs? Especially as this particular incident was carried out by a ‘so called’ upholder of the law?

  63. Help this poor dog. I don’t understand the law in Turkey when it comes to animals, but as a vet you should know what to do. Giving good advice is one of them.

  64. maeshelle says:

    text sent……really hope it helps. such a sweet and loving baby deserves the best..he deserves love.

  65. Horrible,There are really people sectional is without heart, they would die a being without scruples…
    Shared Facebook and Twitter

  66. elif kilic says:

    Victor, yes i know about their new place. but when i was there they are talking about the dog with the gun wounds ‘now i know that his name is Kral’. had a wheelchair and Mr. someone ‘i didn’t remember his name’ took him for a walk. In fact they were talking each other so there is no reason to lie about it.
    I mentioned about the kitten because in your early post you are accusing Dr Cemaliye for keeping Kral in her clinic for money.
    Also I come up a few times the woman ‘Sete’ . Yes she’s a little strange I agree with you. I will call the clinic and ask Dr. Cemaliye what is going on.
    But for know i still do not believe your accusation of Dr Cemaliye.

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Elif.. I was there, I was with Kral, took those pictures.
      Where is the dog right now?
      Ismail, the rescuer, lives in Yalova, he is penniless, has no car, he is planning to emigrate to the USA shortly…
      Do you REALLY believe that after one year of having the dog in that cage he has now adopted him?
      Where is the dog? Find out please…
      You are of course free to believe me or not… I’ve been in this cause for far too long to really care.

  67. Stephen Lee says:

    “jane” – despite your passion, please refrain from castigating an entire country or ethnicity: I network in rescue here in the US, and received – literally – thousands of desperate pleas to assist these precious companion animals who have been savagely abused by people in THIS country!

    “Let he who is without sin, cast the first stone!”

    As you may readily observe in this discussion, there ARE indeed countless Turkish citizens who espouse compassionate consideration of companion animals… and (like their counterparts here in the USA) are trying desperately to change opinions and perceptions of abusers with respect to the value of companions and eradicate their mistreatment by ignorant, morally devoid “sub-humans” in their country.

    To issue such blanket disparagement and character assassination is tantamount to racial prejudice, and serves no constructive purpose but to inflame passions and invite further division…

    Please, try to concentrate your energies and efforts toward a positive solution for this precious boy… which will serve to inspire and encourage others to effect similarly positive outcomes for ALL animals in peril!

  68. judith wittels says:

    Is it possible to fit Kral with some wheels to at least make him mobile and reduce the chance of the pressure sores. I don’t know what to say except the are BAD people all over the world.

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Kral already has wheels… our volunteers bought them … they are not being used.. dog is kept on a cage.

  69. I have to agree with Stephen Lee, any negative comments against the nation as a whole and even this vet – is certainly not going to help this dog, as a matter of fact it only bring more harm or even death to him – Money talks and I think this is the only way of getting this dog out of that situation. There must be some one – some where who can take on this dear boy ! Please find out if this ‘vet’ will accept some kind of payment to release him to the care of a foster home until something full time can be found for him. If I were not so far away – and if I had the financial means I would take him in a heart beat – having just lost our dear old girl !

  70. Jan Pedersen says:

    I just sendt an SMS – can’t belive a vet can be so cruel. I have never expected it! – Jan Vidar

  71. This makes no sense; it defies everything a vet is supposed to be doing to ensure a pet’s health and safety. This dog MUST be released to an appropriate adoptor, or put out of his misery. This suffering is not humane in any stretch of the imagination.

  72. Viktor Larkhill says:

    Jane… one more comment like this and I will have to ban you from posting ever again. Sorry.

  73. irene barry says:

    this is so inhuman , i can never understand people who have no heart or soul




  76. sabine nowack says:

    Dr. Cemaliye .. where is Kral now , what have you done with him ?

  77. karen lyons kalmenson says:


    bet the people at the vet
    would be in some serious
    if they spent even a day
    locked up in a cage!!!!

  78. burçin gönülşen says:

    Well, not sure if it matters or not but me Burçin is a teacher at a university, which means she could gather many of her students for help. ı am still waiting for some advise. Lead me the way please.

  79. Dear burçin gönülşen, I have seen your comments, and seen that Viktor haven’t answered you. If you can get 100 people together – then DO IT – go to the new clinic, ask the female vet politely to give the dog free. If she do not have the dog there in the clinic, then tell her that you will not leave until she tells where Kral is. Go to where he is kept and demand him released, 1 penny from each of you – think this could do it. Bring your brither, the photografer, make a facebook site, make people join the case – shouldn’t take more than maximum a week – and then GO FOR IT. I wish you THE BEST OF LUCK and hope you find Kral an g that you can give him his freedom and a life! God bless you and the course! Regards Wendie, Denmark

  80. burçin gönülşen says:

    Dear Wendie;

    I totally agree. I will do my best. Gather my family members, friends, and students. And go there. :) I guess this is the way.

  81. ayşen ertür says:

    i am sharing, but obviously we also need answers to questions as to the whereabouts of the dog and the identity of the suppoesd new adopter in order to work out a feasible solution. please everyone keep calling/messaging the vet as she seems to be our primary source of information but kinldy refrain from accusations and name calling. this is not an avenue for venting off anger, but an attempt to save a dog unharmed.

  82. Nural AKTAŞ says:

    Hayvanlara işkence yapan OROSPU ÇOCUKLARINA en ağır cezaların verilmesi için elimizden geleni yapmalıyız. Elele verip, sesimizi yükseltmeliyiz. Başka çaremiz kalmadı.

  83. Nural AKTAŞ says:

    I like child and animal and living for their. They are my world. Çocukları ve hayvanları seven tüm dostlarımı sevgiyle selamlıyorum.

  84. Nural AKTAŞ says:

    Dear Viktor, Write me please.

  85. Ulla Viktorsdotter says:

    This is sooo painful to read and see.

    I live in Uppsala/sweden and I’ved just adopted a sweet little lady from Rumaine where there are alot of heartless people brutaly abusing animals. So it really pains me to see Krals beautiful face and eyes longing for some loving…My god my heart cries.. this is all he wants… to be loved..<3<3<3<3<3

    It's so unreal that some people can call themselfs vets. Vets are suppose to take care of sick,hurt and disable animals…Where in the name of god is their hearts…

    I also belive they might release him for money…can you find out viktor,if that is the case? ..I'll be happy to donate tor KRALS FREEDOM..

    My hearts breaks over and over again when I look at his eyes..there are such sadness …but his soul is still hoping SO LET'S NOT LET HIM DOWN!!!!

    You are in my heart Kral,you beautyful angel

    love peace and hugs

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Thanks Ulla… thanks…
      We will not accept blackmail from someone like that…. that is not the way we work…
      But we’ll get the dog… we won’t give up on him..

  86. i send the vet a message.i hope kral is released soon.its great that there are people ready
    to take care of a paralysed dog.
    please dont make nationalistic comments about tukey.
    we have two cops in my neighbourhood in greece who poison stray cats and dogs.
    i have been harassed by one of them because i sued him.

  87. Ulla Viktorsdotter says:

    Victor, Do you have an update about Kral and his whereabouts?
    what is the right nbr for texting?


  88. Victor can’t you get the daily newspapers and tv channels involved? Surely this will put pressure on the monster of a vet to free her! What can i do to help?

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Yes… press is getting on the case..

  89. Viktor, I hope you find this dog. Does the vet have an email address that I can contact? I’m unable to send text messages from Canada with my plan. If Kral has been moved in an effort to thwart your efforts to home him then that is clearly obstruction. Kral deserves the kind of home you can find for him, and the vet deserves to know that this story is all over the world now.

    Thank you for everything you do for the voiceless, Viktor.

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Thanks Kelly.. we won’t give up on that dog..

  90. Sher Lynn says:

    Viktor, bless you for all you are doing for Kral, I do hope you find him and Kral finds a good home to relax in and be loved and pampered… prayers for Kral…

  91. Josie allan says:

    So what now? Are you able to locate the jerk that’s got Kral? Are you in Turkey? You must be soooo heartbroken. My deepest sympathies. That ‘vet’ should be euthanised.

  92. Gulden Savut says:

    I’m so sorry to hear that Kral has gone. The Vet’s Clinic is so close to our office and yesterday I read your message. Today while passing by, I looked inside but couldn’t see anything. Do you have any information about where Ismail is? I hope you can find Kral… Thanks for all your struggle… I will inform all people around here about the vet and have them not send their animals to that woman…

  93. maeshelle says:

    if Ismael truly loves kral, he will surely release him to your care. i hope he understands this and will do so. how silly can this vet woman be? why would you go to the trouble and expense of getting him a wheelchair and then sell him to a chinese restaurant? ridiculous! i have signed the petition. i only hope they do something! poor kral…… innocent and helpless in the hands and at the hands of imbecilic humans :-(

    i sincerely hope you can find him and give him the loving and responsible home he deserves. strength kral, let’s adopt and its members are doing all they can.

  94. MeryeBeth Albert says:

    If you do not fear the Veterinarian Community or Public Opinion, Dr., then fear, for you will answer to Him. FREE KRAL!!!

  95. Judith Tubbesing says:

    i said it before and i said it again, bloody bitch.
    i hope you find this ismail or whats his name was, and get kral away from him.

  96. Desiree Bell says:

    I’ left shocked and wordless!!!!

  97. Desiree Bell says:

    I’m left horrified and speechless!!!

    I will build one of my “Special Posts” & it will he “hard hitting” & it will get noticed.
    This poor dog why does a so called “Vet” not want to see the dog “Happy & free”
    We all want to see “Kral” with his little wheel chair like dear “Mima”.
    I will build an “explosive” post that trust me Viktor it will get noticed.
    “Kral” was on my list of “To do posts”. I had so much cruelty abuse torture murders ones.
    I will place “Kral’s case” at top of my list & give it top priority.
    It will be up soon. . .I am devastated like the rest of you are not to mention “angry as hell”

  99. Jeanette Ulbl says:

    Where is he gone????

  100. I have just called Ismail Ay to say, give Kral freedom but he refused:(
    he did not listen me just blame us and also he has resorted to court about Let’s Adopt
    His number is +90 536 2073929
    he told that Kral is fine but i do not know how much is true. He started to explain how he looks after to Kral.
    I am afraid if they hurt Kral just to make us more chagrin.

    1. Viktor Larkhill says:

      Thanks Sevil… well… he can try to take us to court all he wants.
      There is nothing he can do… nothing in that site that could lead into a successful case. He’s just going to waste money that he doesn’t have in taking us to court.

  101. Louise Laidler says:

    This man (Ismail) will have a price – if he’s offered enough money he will give up the dog – he is just scum for leaving Kral to rot in that cage.

  102. Andrea Barlow says:

    ..and so this goes on…I have a case similar with a special dog amongst many..that suddenly no one knows where they go. This has to stop..these people are failing these creatures…and they get away with it…threatening legal actions,..I say bring it on…I will come to your country myself and stand by you!!.. Poor Kral..what confusion he must be going through..Keep strong are doing the right thing..

  103. @Mae, I dont think KRAL is with Ismail, in my opinion it is a cover up story. I believe the dog is either dumped, or taken to shelter or given to somebody to hide him until this text, sms, phone call frenzy go away.
    Petition signed Viktor, I will also post the petition to my wall.

  104. ahmed adam says:

    i hope she understands arabic, and above all understands and sympataises with me when i call her; Dr. Sharmoota!! with respect to sharmootas!!

  105. Petition signed. Is this so called vet a member of any national veterinary organization to which she can be reported to and have her license revoked? If so, Viktor, report her for the way in which she has kept Kral for the past year. Is it absolutely known that Kral went back to Ismail and this vet did not murder him (my word for euthanasia)? Please Viktor I know your computer time is severely limited but keep us updated on the newest most heinous development!

  106. Viktor, i am shocked and saddened hearing Kral is missing. What can we do. I already signed the petition. II have done all that was suggested, signed, emailed. I will contact the turkish embassy in my country, maybe get some results there!! I do so pray that Kral is alright, being taken care of and using the wheelchair LetsAdopt purchased!!!! Poor boy needs to get out and exercise, build up muscle again, enjoy his new found freedom to move about, but i am so afraid that is not happening. My question is-why do they want to keep all the strays in Turkey if they just want to dump them in the forest, maliciously kill them, wound them like Kral, poison them or worse!!!!! WHAT IS THE POINT, IF THEY DO NOT STERILIZE THEM TO STOP THEIR BREEDING CAPABILITIES, WHY DO THEY WANT TO KEEP THEM???? Please let us know what we can do about this situation. Thank you so much for being there for the poor animals in Turkey!!!

  107. Please someone give him a nice home he deserves !!

  108. If I were in Istanbul I will take him home,such a sweet looking dog :(

  109. indri lokasuryadi says:

    already text the vet..hope she came to her senses

  110. God …there needs to be something we can do !
    cant we take action and I mean really take action not only signing the petition ?
    maybe we should travel to turkey?
    there must be something? I d do anything!!

  111. I didn’t read all the previous comments, but would there be a chance that Ismail would give the dog to Let’s Adopt?

  112. Pia Søndergaard says:

    I am so sorry, that Kral is gone, and I hope You will find him. I have thinking the same as Jana – can we do more, than just signed and shared. Travel to Turkey……..I`am so READY.

  113. i dnt under stand they became a vet for the love of animals and the vets around here there in it for the money there is no help around here for low income families to have a pet we love r pets to we dnt have alot of money on hand no one has payment plans my cat became ill from a flea and tick product that cam from them they wanted money up front and i did not have it she was going to die if she didnt have have they woundnt even put her to sleep we need more vets with hearts i live in mason city iowa beware

  114. I was just wondering, since you are familiar with this Ismail guy can’t you talk to him and maybe convince him to let you have Kral? You can unsure him a good and loving home educated in caring for a dog like him will be found. Maybe he will be easier to convince of what is best for Kral and then you can work your majick for this poor baby! Prayers for Kral that something good will come to him he so deserves it!

  115. Miray Ateren says:

    I signed the petition yesterday and was really hopeful about him.. and still am actually. The guy called İsmail here seems not capable of looking after a dog like Kral, so probably and hopefully he will change his mind soon. Kral deserves the best like the other ones…

  116. Agustin verde salinas says:


  117. Ismail does not deserve to live in the United States. Unemployed and trying to sneak in with at tourist visa? Not welcome! I’m not paying taxes to benefit people like him.

  118. Elizabeth Patten says:

    This is not good for these dogs, what our these people thinking,dogs need room and to be walked and loved. Shame on bad people.

  119. I feel that the dog was not getting the care it needed from the vet if it were getting decubiti (bed sores). That poor guy needs a cart for mobility or it will die from infections and become septic. If so, the vet should lose her license and be prevented from working as a veterinarian. Kral needs to be with someone who can, and will provide the extra care he needs! And the officer who shot him should be fired!

  120. Please let us know the latest news, why don’t the turkish animal lovers and activists demonstrate outside her clinic and call in the Turkish press and tv?

  121. our pets give unconditional love in return it is our duty to care for them and and especially as a vet i would entrust in you to take care and find a good home. free this dog to a good loving home. now.

  122. Smaragda Louw says:

    Is there any news on Kral and his whereabouts yet?

  123. anna thomas says:

    Petition signed, and if my cell was handy i would text too. This is unbelievable. How can she call herself a vet and then hand the dog to the homeless? Yes I realize that homeless people have pets, and they sometimes eat better than the person does but come on! he already has dogs. If she was so worried about him being sold to a lab or to a chinese restaurant couldnt she have simply researched your organization??? Would it really have taken that much time??? I think not!

  124. Mr Dr Cmaliye Yegane

    Thank you for taking Karl off the streets & looking after him a following his injuries caused by a car accident . You have taken good care of him & made him better, I would like to ask you to now consider giving him up for adoption by meeting the people who would like to also care & look after him in a home enviroment.. He will never forget you and as he gets older & needs more care you will be free to rescue 7 help others like him need your care. Please let him go to a good home to live free after all hes been through. You have a good heart & care enough for him to do this.
    Thank you for all you have done for him..

  125. This is so sick, pathetic it has no words. May Allah give these people the punishment they deserve.

  126. Turkey is the only democracy basically in the middle east, iran and Turkey fight for the power, but unless thigs have changed Turkey is a member of nato. the people have more rights then other middle eastern countries but they have a long way to go. We just have to be patient. Trust in god pray to god. a petition and email would be a great idea. american airlines last year found a dead dog from a puppy mill, it was not marked live animal nothing. well she got a fine big deal 500 dollars and probation?
    Justice there is no such thing. Just the love and efforts of trying are appreciated by those who love animals and the animals themselves. this made world wide news people were outrages slam dunking the email servers and 2 days later they annouinced strickt legislation and inspections and fines for mistreated animals. the bill passed but get this they are fighting it. but the people have spoke. 3 mths, but that furr baby did not die in vain, he made a difference. and the one voice who spoke out started it. The sleigh dogs another example,. Canada same issue now they have some of the strongest abuse laws in the world!!! got a petition slamed dunk, here again one person started this and it worked. PEOPLE NEED TO GET ANGRY NOT BELIGERANT THOUGH! Viktor if you have time send me more information, emails , who tro contact etc. i will get a petition gonig, i also suggest a youtube video. i noticed you do that. but if you need assistance let me know. The vet is out of this issue, go to the govt. email them, then sign petition and when we get the amount they require in there country, show them.. this shows them the world is aware, Politicians do not like negative publicity and sometimes they do these things so they can have there email back w/o being flooded and in politics this is looked upon as a good thing. people remember that adn vote.. but not one person alone can do this, has to be a group effort, We can make a difference, and NOW is the time before it is to late for him! Ulcerations, bedsores, they kill people do you know animals die. Lets be democratic, professional, but slam dunk them in a kind way… =^..^=

  127. Kaye Glasson says:

    Text sent, petion signed and shared on Facebook page….Kaye from Australia
    I am absolutely horrified that human beings around the world can be so inhumane….
    I hope with all that is within me that this ends quickly and well for Kral, he has asked for nothing but love and deserves love and devotion from a forever home.
    I admire you greatly Viktor, and hope that you are able to continue in this battle for Kral and others like him…Thank you

  128. Sigo como mucho interés este caso desde España …. cualquier cosa en la que podamos ayudar desde aquí lo haremos…. en lo que organiseis estamos dispuestos a colaborar … todo lo necesario para conseguir una buena calidad de vida para Kral … gracias viktor por tu bondad y dedicación a este caso … no desfallescas… todos estamos tras de tí sosteniendote y levantandote y dandote aliento para seguir adelante.
    En nombre de todos los animales GRACIAS.

  129. Diane Symons says:

    I look into his eyes of suffering and I pray he is safe somewhere…

  130. Rachel Raza says:

    Have signed the petition and shared it and I think it is disgusting that a vet has allowed Kral to live like this. If anything the vet could have cared for Kral at home until a home was found not left him in a cage. Especially with such serious injuries. Hope things work out for this guy.

  131. Pleaseeee find Kral !!
    and please send his full name and information to the embassy so he won’t get the visa ;(

  132. How can this person even call itself a vet? Vet’s HELP animals. Vet’s DO WHAT THEY CAN.

    And what does this person do?

    It’s disgraceful.

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