Monthly Archives: October 2010

To our fosters: Thank you

Update 3 April: 5 months passed… Bonita went through a very difficult  treatment. She nearly didn’t make it but her will to live was stronger than any virus. Bonita won the battle against distemper and survived. She stayed with her

Turkish Airlines: World’s Worst Airline for Pets

Let’s Adopt! is presenting Turkish Airlines with the World’s Worst Airline for Pets Award. It’s a traveler’s nightmare, moving to another city with your pet, arriving to the Turkish Airlines Check-in desk at the airport and being forced to make

Clyde: A puppy terrified in the streets of Istanbul

His name is Clyde and he is one of the Let’s Adopt! rescues. Today, he was supposed to be playing in the garden of his beautiful new home in Pittsburgh, instead, and due to an unforgivable succession of bad decisions

The death of a cat: Change in Turkey

Last week Turkey was shocked by  the gruesome murder of a little stray cat in Bornova, Izmir. His name was Yamuk. Yamuk’s death was brutal,  painful in its randomness and, unlike the deaths of so many, it became public, for

Mia, the sounds of silence

Every puppy is cute Every puppy is unique. Some puppys, however, have something that makes them different. This is Mia. She is deaf. Deaf dogs present special challenges, they require patience and a deep understanding of dog psichology and of

Come on, admit it… you love us!

As most of you may have noticed, Facebook has been acting quite erratically lately. Some of our posts were banned as abusive, my FB account was cancelled, etc.. This is why we have been thinking about the best way to