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Rescued animals: Expiry date

48 hours, that’s the life expectancy of a rescued kitty in the hands of your average turkish animal lover. If after 48 hours a solution is not found, the only alternative for a great number of animal lovers in this

Reflections on animal activism

This morning Claire Berlinski sent me a most insightful article by Malcom Gladwell. Twitter, Facebook and social Activism Gladwell has a knack for understanding how society fonctions, what makes us tick and take action, what defines our taste as society

Something for the Crossposters

Every crossposter should read this… before Crossposting it.. Facebook and social media are amazing tools for spreading ideas, that is clear, but, are we using the tools right? I say we don’t. Sharing is what Facebook is based on, not


This morning we received the following letter from TASSO, in Germany. As it is official and it will be of interest to all members of our community I will reproduce it in its entirety. Dear Ivan, Today we received the

When Mum says NO

Received an email from one of our members this morning. It was a desperate call for help. Story goes like this… Our friend sees one of those turkish Facebook rescuers advertising a kitten on the street in mortal danger. The

Marlon Rolls ON!!!

Because life is nothing but a coaster ride… If you only read one blog post today, if you only watch a video, let it be this one, the story is such a heartwarming one that you will find difficult not

The TASSO AWARD: Honesty pays

Sometimes, survival instincts tells us to follow a route, the shortest possible one, at no matter what price. This is why so many of us look for short term solutions to problems, this is why dieticians are making fortunes on

Sparky, a wonderful pointer looking for a home

Sparky is a liver (chocolate) German Shorthaired Pointer a wonderfully clever and affectionate dogie whose main goal in life is to play with dogs, cats and just about anyone. It takes you just a second to figure out her story.

Hope needs an angel in Germany

A few months ago we rescued a dog from Izmir, we named him Hope. We flew with him to Germany and left him in the hands of one of the best orthopedic surgeons in Europe. We were given a 30%

Two movies: foster appeal

One need: Foster homes One tool:  Social Media Two movies Contact: Sharin is caring… do you care? Share…