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Sharon Yildiz: George Clooney must die!

Words from Sharon Yildiz, foster home of George Clooney and supposedly “animal behaviourist.

Please read:

- Georgie is so aggressive that he has only been lose in the house for about two hours during the 5 week period. (And even then, I had to put my pets in another part of the house).

- I cannot groom any part of Georgie. He growls, pulls his lips back, and lunges to bite me. He attacks if I approach with a muzzle.

- When Georgie lunges and tries to bite, I give a quick jerk on the leash. This makes him madder and he continues lunging at me, and often also attacks the leash.

– Because of these aggression issues, I have to make sure to keep anybody on the street away from him.

Outdoors, he cannot pass a car tire without trying to pee on it. I jerk him away from the car with the leash and say “no!” However, despite having gone on nearly 200 walks so far—and being corrected every time–he STILL tries to pee on most tires.

– Besides that, he is one of the very rare dogs that scent marks with poop. He doesn’t just poop like a normal dog. Instead, he saves his poops so he can place a small amount on every block of the walk.

- Training is going very slowly. Any other dog I’ve worked with (stray, rescue, friend’s dogs, my dogs) have mastered “sit and make eye-contact with Sharon if you want anything” in a couple of days.

I hate investing time and energy (and raw food) in a dog that I would have euthanized about 4 weeks ago.

- I would have zero qualms about euthanizing him, and would be fine taking him to my vet for that if you give the go-ahead. I figure he’s had 3 months now of being clean, well-groomed, with frequent daily walks, training, attention, and nice raw food. To me, I would not feel guilty euthanizing in this situation. Let me know how to proceed…

So there we go… Sharon Yildiz.. animal behaviourist for you. After reading this I can only wonder… how many perfectly nice animals have lost their lives at the hands of Sharon and trainers like her?  Well find out…

Have you had any bad experience with a trainer in Turkey or anywhere else? If so please feel free to leave your story here.

Also, please leave a comment addressed to Sharon Yildiz, the “trainer” that wished George Clooney to die. You can be sure she’ll read them.


P.S. Here are more videos of George… enjoy !

George the monster

George and the cat, a love story

George Clooney, love is all around

Hope in Bolu

Is not enough to be compassionate. You must act! . Amy Bartell

A week ago the world was shaken by the pictures taken at the shelter in Bolu, Turkey. They showed a situation far beyond the acceptable. Hundreds of neglected animals, crammed in an impossibly small space, waiting to die.

The pictures and the accompanying video went around the world and a massive direct-action campaign was launched. In a surprise move we published the personal mobile phone of the Mayor of Bolu and asked you to send him an SMS, urging to take action and take steps to take control of the situation.

The response was incredible. The Mayor received thousands of SMS’s a day. He was truly was shocked by the intensity of our feelings.

Then, he did something that very few mayors in Turkey had done before. He took positive action and opened a direct line of dialogue. We were given assurances that steps had been taken to improve the situation.

Then, on the weekend, three of us took a road trip to Bolu.

Here are some of the steps that have been taken in Bolu so far and a summary of steps to be taken from this moment on.

A massive new enclosure has been built. All animals that a week ago were crammed in one space are now in a large area running free.

New areas are currently being built for the quarantine and treatment of dogs affected with mange and infectious diseases.

Let’s Adopt! will work with the Bolu Municipality in coordinating the correct implementation of a Neuter and Release program. Healthy animals neutered during 2010 will be gradually returned to the location where they were originally collected. Small dogs and animals whose condition does not allow their return to the streets will be rehomed through a newly set up adoption program.

A comprehensive trainning/education program will be set up in Bolu. We will incorporate the youth of Bolu into a city-wide volunteer program.

– Let’s Adopt! will reach out to its international network if/when assistance is needed.

We are all presented with a unique opportunity here. A Mayor has shown political will and the wish to turn a bad situation around. Whilst the prevalent attitude in Turkey seems to be one of merely “managing” the problem Let’s Adopt! will work will work towards a solution.

There is much to be done. Many hours of hard work, success and dissapointments, but we are hopeful something will be achieved in Bolu.

Please get involved. We need you all, locals and foreigners, media, private citizens and corporations based in Bolu to help us this into a success story that opens a wave of change that extends along the entire nation.

You do not manage a social wrong. You should be ending it.

Viktor Larkhill

30 Days: Would you help us save millions of lives?

As most of you know, yesterday we started the voting race for the Grand Price at the Pepsi Refresh Project.
Only TWO projects will receive the 250.000 USD Award. The two leaders right now are two great projects, that, aim, in their way, to improve humans lives.

What makes the Let’s Adopt! project different is its scope and vision.

Over the next five posts I will tell you in detail what are our goals here, and the way we will achieve them if we win this competition.

1. Let’s Adopt USA will build the world largest animal rescue plattform. This will be designed in cooperation with the world’s leader in the design of political and social responsibility campaigns. Three years ago they surprised the world by designing the internet plattform that got Obama into the White House. This time we will design together the worlds largest internet plattform exclusively dedicated to rescue animals. It will intially be launched in the US and soon will be made available globally.

Let’s Adopt! started two years ago with the dream that, by building connections we would be able to make the world a better place, not only for the animals, but for the humans as well.

Two years later we have become an organization to be reckoned with. Our use of social media extends past the simple banner or ocassional post. Many organizations aim to use social media to achieve their goals.


I would like to ask you to please team with us during this month of August. How to do so? Two ways:

1. Please vote for Let’s Adopt! HERE :

2. Please join our Pepsi Refresh Team:

This group has been set up with the one and only purpose of voting and lobbying on behalf of Let’s Adopt during the month of August. I would ask you to join in and get involved.

We are counting on you to win this competition. Let’s Adopt! is, first and foremost, a community of alike-minded people. People for whom animals count, willing to go all the way to save an animal’s life

Today, this is your chance to make a difference. Please join us in our quest to make the world a better place.

Please watch this video, it will give you a glimpse on the things that, together, we can do… We ONLY have 30 days to make it happen!

For the animals.

Viktor Larkhill