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Pirata… осиновен!!! Adopted!!!

Нашият пръв успех в България: Пират Скъпи приятели от българската мрежа, За мен е удоволствие да обявя, че малкият Пират е осиновен във Варна от нашата приятелка Нася. Пират ще живее с три кучета и котка в чудесен дом. Осиновяването

Rock n Paw: “Biz varız, yapalım şu işi!”

Sevgili Arkadaşlar, Birkaç ay önce arkadaşımız Soner Akkaya bize muhteşem bir teklifle geldi. Mesajı şuna benzer bir şeydi: Dostlarım süpersiniz. Sizin için bir şey yapmak istiyorum. Grubunuzun masraflarını karşılamak için bir konser organize etmeme izin verin… Biz de, (şahsi idollerimden

Rock n Paw: Screw it… Let’s do it!

Dear Friends, A couple of months ago our friend Soner Akkaya wrote to us with a great offer. It pretty much read along the lines of: You guys are great. I want to do something for you. Let me organize

Networking for the animals: 3 essentials

Facebook offers and incredible potential to spread ideas and engage people in worthwhile causes. Unfortunately most activists have not fully managed to harness its amazing potential. At Let’s Adopt! we have been busy building a massive worldwide network but we

A bulgarian pirate

Our first success story in Bulgaria: Pirata Dear friends of the Bulgarian network, It is my pleasure to announce that our friend Pirata has been adopted in Vana. Pirata will live with a dog and a cat in a wonderful

A new kind of Circus

Want to see wild animals?  Check this amazing gallery by photographer Nick Brandt. This is what wild animals look like. A couple of days ago we reported on the campaign started in Bonavista against Cirque Estival. Well.. sometimes it takes

In memory of Keci

Keci was one of our very special dogs. She was brought to the Sariyer Shelter from the district of Beykoz in 2001… Thanks to our friend Lale, Keci became a new member of an amazing German family in 2002. That

Bonavista says NO!! to animal abuse

Most of the world’s greatest movements begin with a single person taking a single decision. A normal person that looks around her, doesn’t like what she sees and says NO. That  act of defiance is, in itself, more powerful and

Let’s Save These two cats!

A couple of days ago I received a telephone call. It was my friend Yasemin Baban, one of the greatest animal rescuers I ever met. She was calling from the Beykoz shelter. Her trembling voice could barely mask her tears.

You are the miracle

You found an injured animal: Now what? I receive such emails every day of the year. They always appear on my in-box first thing in the morning. They read like this:  Yesterday night when driving back home I found an