From March 2009

Simba's babies…

Zeytin and Campare are two of the pups whose operations were financed by the Simba Fund. After their operations Let’s Adopt has taken full responsibility for the two pups and we have placed them on one of our ─░stanbul foster homes where they will remain until we find them a suitable home.

Here you can see some pictures of their new life away from the forest and the streets of ─░stanbul, enjoying their new life as members of a human family.

Campare’s personality shines in the pictures taken by our photographer, Edibe Ozler.

Campare quickly forgot about the ordeal that she went through. After her operation she has quickly adapted to her new life and is learning little by little that not all people are bad and that life with three legs is not that terrible when surrounded by kind people.

Campare is on a special diet of Raw Meaty Bones and organs. She is growing strong and healthy.

Campare loves to sit on the leopard printed couch. From that position of privilege she controls whatever happens in the house.

Here is Campare, enjoying the fresh air at the front terrace.

Zeytin was found with horrible injuries. Her leg had been brutally torn apart by a hunters trap. We suspect she was a hunters dog and was left behind when she was injured.

She absolutely loves to be touched and pampered.

Let's Adopt: Evolution. Simba's Fund

We started as a Facebook Experiment, an effort to connect Turkish animal lovers. Today we are moving onto the next level.

Let’s Adopt has applied for full fledged UK Charity status. The process will take its time but it has already begun. Over the following months we will be working on building our UK supporter base and start our lobbying work on behalf of Turkish strays.

There is a staggering number of animals suffering terrible injuries that die in the streets of Turkey due to lack of treatment.. Most animal welfare organizations are (with very few exceptions) too engrossed in internet bickering and slander will do absolutely nothing. At times, they will go as far as stopping any rescue operation or intervention harbouring ridiculous nationalistics reasons.

Last two weeks Let’s Adopt has financed a number of life-saving operations on a number of stray cats and dogs. We intend to continue fulfilling this role, offering a last golden chance to those who, simply, have no hope.

The very first project of Let’s Adopt UK will be the launch of the Simba Fund. The Fund’s exclusive goal will be to finance life-saving surgical procedures on Stray dogs in Turkey and the rehoming of those animals, from the streets to the adoptive family living room..

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you wish to be a part of this new initiative.