From November 2008

The Persian Queen Banu



Introducing Banu!

Banu is a beautiful, grey Persian cat. And there is a reason we named her that. Banu is a name used in Turkish as well. Originally, Banu comes from Persian. “Shah Banu” is the official title conferred upon the wife of the Iranian shah. It means the “queen of queens”.

And there she was, not the Iranian queen, but Let’s Adopt‘s queen. Banu was abandoned by someone that must have thought that the grey did not really go well with the colors in their living room. Believe it or not, there are many people like that. She was dropped inside a plastic bag at our vet. Poor Banu was in a state of shock.

Banu was immediately placed at a foster home in Istanbul where she stayed for about 2 weeks. She was later adopted by a true animal lover who has rescued several abandoned cats and dogs before. These are images from Banu’s new life… Her grey goes really well with the rest of the furniture in the apartment don’t you think?